Alias J.J. (2017) s01e48 Episode Script

Episode 48

I warned you, Serrano.
What happened with the shipment wasn't an accident.
Those people are on our tail.
They've been following our money for a while.
I think we should stop the business.
At least for a while.
No, bro.
That's not an option.
Making another trip is too risky.
It would have been if that photo had actually left the lab.
We don't know if there's other evidence out there.
If there was, we wouldn't be here.
's orders are clear.
I don't get him.
So many problems, and he acts like nothing happened.
He knows things like this happen.
But we're not talking about minor incidents.
Come on, Correa.
Scared? You're acting like a rookie, bro.
You know what, Serrano? I think the best thing you can do is get yourselves another pilot.
You want me to tell J.
that you're going to just abandon Alicia's shipment? Really, Correa.
Are you really going to risk your neck like that? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Colonel.
Agent Dixon, thank you for coming so soon.
We just received this.
Before he disappeared, our guy on the inside made a call.
We waited for them to call again from this number in order to trace it.
They just did.
My men are already prepared for the mission.
We just need you.
Great, let's go.
Attention, attention.
Hello? The job is done.
We got rid of Abel's son-in-law and took care of his daughter too.
That wasn't what we discussed.
Loose ends aren't good for anyone, Álvarez.
If we had let her live, the girl would've become one.
Watch your back.
We got rid of the snitch, but Galeno knows about you, so stay alert.
It's because of you, son of a bitch, that I'm in here! It's your fault that they beat me! Don't grab me! Don't grab me! COUR HEARING ROOM After reviewing the evidence and testimony presented by both sides, the court finds Miss Nena Ximena Escobar guilty of terrorism and treason.
And as such, she is sentenced to 18 years in prison.
Eighteen years? Yes, Ximena.
Eighteen years.
Miss How can you think of doing something so stupid, Commander? Remember that the Secretariat I don't give a damn what the Secretariat says, Correcha! Fuck off! I won't allow Ximena to rot in jail.
- There are a lot of things at stake.
- Not for me.
You're on the list of potential exchanges for hostages.
- If the peace agreement happens - Happens when, Correcha? In five, ten, 20 years, maybe.
It's all in motion.
They've agreed on a demilitarized zone.
And who can guarantee me things will turn out the way we want? Commander, please understand! Right now, my priority is Ximena.
Whatever happens to me is irrelevant.
Do you understand, Correcha? Well, at least everything's working out.
- How are you, man? - Counselor.
May I have a word? How are you? Yes, one moment.
Go ahead - I have a message for you from my client.
- I'm listening.
Right now, he's willing to make a deal with you.
A deal with you.
I know you're the one who got Ximena into this.
CAPITAL PRISON Commander, you give me too much credit.
More than I deserve.
Help her.
You and your friends were the ones who set her up.
Look, let me explain one thing to you.
Right now, accusations are being made against me that are very serious.
And what you're insinuating is impossible.
I have a deal for you.
You help me with Ximena, we'll forget about my fate, and I'll give you the heads of my commanders.
Dixon Here's the airstrip.
According to the people in the town, 15 or 20 minutes after the vans leave… the plane lands.
Do we have time? Yes.
Yes, we've got it.
There's enough time.
Speak with your men.
I don't want them to leave the base until the operation is finished.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- Hello.
La Alborada? - Hello.
Yes, ma'am.
Five kilometers, straight ahead.
Thank you.
Uh this is the key to the room.
If you need anything, just let us know.
Welcome to La Alborada.
It's a pleasure.
I don't know what you're doing here.
But you should leave now.
- I need to speak with you.
- I'm working.
I'll wait.
One must keep busy before their inevitable death.
- You're wasting your time here.
- I have all the time in the world.
Look I've spent five years, forgetting John Jairo.
Five years trying to start a life far away from that nightmare, and I'm not letting you ruin that, two minutes after showing up.
Listen to me.
I'm not going to ruin a thing.
Alexandra John Jairo doesn't know I'm here, right? I'm here because I need to speak with you.
I need you.
Give me five minutes, please.
I don't believe this You can't imagine the indignation I felt when I saw how John Jairo was selling his "newly reformed" act.
And who does he have to thank for that? You were the ones who opened doors so he could put on that clown show of his on television.
If you hadn't fallen for that, Ana María Yes, you're right.
I fell for it, and I did it for a reason, but… I'm taking responsibility.
That's why I'm here.
I need your help.
No Help, how? Did you not hear me say I spent five years without contacting anyone? I cut off contact with him, with everyone.
Including my mother, who's in another country, but look where we are.
No, I'm not here because I want your contacts.
I'm here because if there's anyone who knows Velásquez, it's you.
You know his demons, you know You know him very well, Alexandra.
One more reason to leave it alone.
No, one more reason for us to reveal who he really is.
Look, the last few years, I've been investigating everything about his life.
And you're a very important person.
But as important as you are, he also made you into nothing.
You're the only one who can help me expose who he really is.
And put him where he belongs, Alexandra.
Where he belongs - In an American prison? - In an American prison.
Oh, Ana María CAPITAL PRISON We're fucked, bro.
That director has more guards than a Republic General.
- And the head of the guards? - Not him, either.
We've tried to get to him from all sides, and it proved to be impossible.
The only thing impossible here is you actually doing your job.
You know in this country, anything can be fixed with money.
John, we've been following him everywhere.
All that guy does is work.
He doesn't pursue women or any other vices.
Nothing! Then start building my coffin, asshole.
- John, how can you say that? - You can't do your job.
You haven't been able to kill anyone or buy anyone.
So tell me then, how the hell will you get me out of this hell? RESPECT THE YELLOW LINE Well? Pick it up.
Put those trays inside.
No, what? Wait a minute.
I haven't eaten anything.
Lunch is over.
Rules are rules, and we don't make exceptions for anyone.
Come on.
Everything inside.
All right, bro.
Don't worry, okay? All right, not too much, bro.
All right, open the door to get it ready to load, bro.
This is so you don't even think about laying another fucking finger on a prison guard, got it? Let him go.
Take him out.
Understood? Put him in.
Take him out.
Understood? Let's get them, Dixon.
We may never have another opportunity like this.
We have men, drugs, an airstrip… a plane.
What more do we want? No, it's not the right time.
Besides, we have them all on video.
If not now, then when? They're going to get away.
Detective, we didn't come here to grab modest henchmen with measly drugs.
We want the ones on top, and these guys will lead us to them.
Let's see I'm scared shitless.
I mean it.
They're breathing down our neck.
Again with that bullshit? How about if you just get moving, and we do this quickly? I'll pay you double if you make it fast, come on.
Everyone down.
Let's go! Go on, go on! So she didn't give you any information? She watched every word she said.
Sounds like she's still in love, huh? No, she's scared.
Absolutely terrified.
I would be, too.
I told her to call me if she needed.
I could put her in contact with the DEA.
- She's not going to betray him.
- Well She knows what kind of a person Popeye is.
She knows what his people are like, and she also knows what those guys do to people who talk.
Why do you think she's been quiet this whole time? It's the only thing that guarantees her survival, no? Well, I still told her to call me.
- Would you? - Well, I'd try, no? - You want to know what I think? - Obviously.
She shouldn't be in that hotel anymore.
If I were in her shoes, I'd go far away.
I've spent five years, forgetting John Jairo.
Five years trying to start a life far away from that nightmare.
If there's anyone who knows Velásquez, it's you.
You're the only one who can help me expose who he really is.
And put him where he belongs, Alexandra.
- In an American prison? - In an American prison.
Oh, Ana María NATIONAL PROSECUTOR - He was leading the operation.
- Popeye's own lawyer.
That's right.
This is Oliver Correa.
He worked for Escobar.
He shared a cellblock with J.
It would've been a big win for us if we had caught them.
Yes, it would have been a big win, sir.
But I'm not interested in that win as much as I am in the entire war.
I want to have all the routes.
I want to know how far these people are going, and most importantly, I want to know who's in charge of all this.
Dixon, believe me when I tell you that we all want to win the war, and not just because we're the ones retrieving most of the dead bodies.
Agent, we're still betting on Popeye.
Well, that was Ramos's theory, and no one could ever prove anything.
That's why I'm asking prosecution and the police for help.
I want this operation to be a complete success.
If the agent had done things the way they should have been done, we'd be celebrating a victory, one that… that we've needed for a long time.
- It's just a matter of time.
- Time? How much time? A week? A month? A year? How much longer do we have to wait to get those criminals? Well, we're working to finish this as soon as possible.
"As soon as possible" means nothing to a country waiting for results, Agent.
Prosecutor, we just lost a golden opportunity.
I think it will be very hard for us to get an opportunity like that again.
What are you trying to say, Colonel? After making such a ridiculous decision, I don't think you're the right person to be heading up all this, Dixon.
Dixon, do you hear me? Yes, Dixon here.
Serrano is entering the airport.
Find out his flight and his destination.
- Who's he traveling with? - He's alone.
Don't lose him.
And definitely proceed with caution.
I know what I'm doing.
Then you know how vital this is.
If you lose him, we're fucked.
They'll kick you and me off this case like stray dogs.
Son of a bitch.
Bastards! Are you happy, son of a bitch? Are you happy, son of a bitch? And how long have you been living here? - Six months.
- No more than that? - No.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Bye.
- What happened? - Nothing.
Nothing new.
All right, get up, come on.
Quick, get up! Quick, quick! Here, gentlemen.
No! Let's go, quick! Hey, watch it! Quick, gentlemen.
Everything is ready.
Ximena is safe and sound.
- Where do you have her? - No, one moment, step by step.
I did my part, now it's your turn.
But I don't want low-ranked officers or anything like that.
I want three leaders.
Three commanders.
And you'll have them.
When will I have them? When I'm certain that Ximena is all right.
Look, Commander, you're trying your luck.
I did that the minute I started making deals with you.
What do you want? - To see her.
- No - For one of my men to see her.
- That's impossible.
We can't do that.
Of course you can.
This isn't a favor.
It's a trade.
And in a trade, either both sides contribute, or neither one does.
There's movement.
Who's she? I don't know.
I don't have her in the records.
Alicia Figueroa.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR She has no cases pending against her.
Thus, she has no arrest warrants.
However, our investigations tie her to various drug cartels.
Her low profile allows her to move however she pleases.
Just like Serrano, who uses his lawyer position for criminal activity.
He comes and goes, moving large quantities of money.
Now If we had arrested them, Colonel, we wouldn't be on the verge of nabbing the entire organization.
Gentlemen Serrano is on his way to the jail.
He has an appointment with Popeye.
All we need is some recording equipment.
Technically, this is still a meeting between a lawyer and his client.
But this is a drug trafficker.
Who has rights.
Rights that we can't violate.
We can be two steps ahead of Serrano with this recording.
He's a lawyer.
He knows full well that any evidence obtained illegally is invalid.
Yes, but he doesn't have to know.
Agent, what exactly are we talking about? I'm not saying that we should use the recordings as evidence.
All I need is more information, more contacts, more names.
Agent, if anyone outside of this office finds out that you want us to use the methods used in your country to apprehend criminals, we're screwed.
I agree with the colonel.
I want this operation to be a success, but I'm not going to put it at risk by cutting corners and obtaining illegal evidence.
The guard you attacked is still in the hospital.
- So? - What do you mean "so", bro? You can't keep playing with fire.
No, I was defending myself.
- I had no choice.
- Really? - The thing with the president is working.
- Like hell, it's working.
Since he came, things have gotten worse.
No, things have gotten worse because you busted a guard's head.
Why are you here? Bojacá is suing you for attempted murder.
Is he an idiot? If I had wanted him dead, he'd be dead.
I was just defending myself and making it very clear that he can't treat me like shit.
Well, that message is costing you, bro.
Not only will they keep treating you the way they are, but this will also add a couple years to your sentence.
That's why I have you to take care of it.
I can't do anything unless you do your part.
I will the day they stop treating me like an animal and start treating me like a person.
I'm not wasting anymore time with you.
Do your job, and do it well, or I'll replace you.
Understand? There she is.
Go check.
Yes, she's alive.
It's a simple question: is she okay, or not? - She's okay.
No injuries.
- Okay, thank you.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go! Happy, Commander? You have until Thursday to hold up your end of the deal.
I knew you were a man of your word.
I am.
Believe me, when these crime lords are in my custody, your girlfriend will be free.
I hope so.
Excessive use of force, intimidation, and torture.
- Who are we talking about? - Who else? J.
According to his lawyer, the guards are making his life unbearable.
- Poor guy, right? - Yes.
I already asked the director to order them to leave him alone.
You're helping Popeye? Well, I'm on board with your plan.
Let's make him think that because of his lawyer's interference, he can dictate his living conditions.
If we create a perfect atmosphere for him, he'll start trafficking again.
For a fish to take the bait, you have to release the line first, Dixon.
- This could work.
- It will work.
And the best part is we're not breaking any laws.
What do we know about them? They're all guards in Capital Prison.
This woman tails them, and days later, the ones who don't show up with a new car or house start to receive death threats.
The same model J.
used in his previous cellblock.
A model they're replicating here.
We have to use this to our own advantage.
- How? - With an inside man.
A guard who will find out what this woman's goal is with the blackmail.
Lots of very beautiful women, showing off their bodies.
Many of them doing it weekly.
And look.
Very satisfied clients.
CAPITAL PRISON GUARD What do you think about that? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- No? You know what? Let me show you some emails that you sent.
Check them out.
It's you who recommended the place.
Still don't understand? Not at all.
I thought so.
Look, Carrasco you covered your tracks well.
A business with a good cover, reserved, and exclusive.
Who would suspect a government worker in charge of it? And a guard, no less.
Carrasco, look.
Photos, videos, time and places of the appointments.
It's a well thought out business.
Unfortunately, that business has a name.
It's called "prostitution".
What do you want? I'm guessing that if you're sitting here, showing me this, there's something you want, right? Yes.
Do you know how glad I am we're finally speaking the same language? Of course I want something.
What is it? Everyone out.
Come on.
You wait.
This is bad.
I'm going to have to teach you how to make a bed.
- It's made.
- It was.
Make it again! Now! Do as I say, and we won't have any issues.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Here are the recordings from the cell phone we gave Popeye.
All right, let's check out this shit.
If you go by the house, say "hi" to my aunt.
And remember, don't go without an umbrella.
Remember to do the shopping.
We must stock up the fridge, okay? This is totally useless.
Obviously, Dixon.
Popeye won't say names, addresses, routes, and coordinates over the phone.
That's not going to happen.
He'll slip up somehow.
We know about his relationship with Serrano.
All in due time, Cifuentes.
All in due time.
Make it nice and pretty.
- With candles, flowers okay? - Buenas! How's it going? - Fine, sir.
- Good.
Ma'am, I'm looking for my cousin.
I heard she's working here.
I think you know her.
A very pretty girl.
Hello? Hey, who else knows I'm here? - Alexandra? - Tell me! Answer me! - No one - Stop lying.
Look, calm down.
I only told Janeth, but I trust her completely.
What happened? You okay? I knew your visit would cause trouble.
What's wrong, Alexandra? Tell me.
- You were followed! - No, that's impossible.
Impossible? Then tell me what that guy is doing here.
- What guy? - One of John's guys.
Are you sure? Ana María, of course I'm sure.
He's armed, and he has a photo of me.
Need any more proof? - Listen, calm down.
I'm going to - I'll tell you one thing.
I don't need your help, I'm not calling you for that.
If anything happens to me, it's your fault, understand? Dixon, Dixon Dixon! - Dixon.
- I need you go to get Alexandra, Dixon.
- Why? - She's in danger.
- They found her.
- Is she still at the hotel? Yes, she's still there.
She said one of Popeye's men found out her location.
- I need you to help her.
- I'll take care of it.
If anything happens to her, Dixon I said I'll take care of it.
Nothing will happen to her.
Alexandra! Go! Quickly, sir! Hey, stop.
Hello? It's done.
How did it go? I emptied the mag.
How did she react? Scared.
That was the order.
Right? - You weren't followed? - No, relax.
No one followed me.
Ditch the motorcycle, and disappear for awhile.
All right.
Let's go.