Alias J.J. (2017) s01e49 Episode Script

Episode 49

Attention, Bermúdez.
Confirm movement in the zone.
Bermúdez, confirm movement in the zone.
Attention, Bermúdez.
I need to confirm Freeze, son of a bitch.
Leave the gun there.
No, no! Don't worry.
Don't worry, stop.
We're here to rescue you.
Don't worry.
Okay? Let's go.
I'll help you.
Don't worry.
You're safe now.
So delicious, so delicious.
Let's see.
Look how hot! I'm drowning.
I'll rescue you.
No fucking way! Your business is doing very well, bro.
What business? What business? What do you mean "what business"? The business you have with Alicia.
And who is Alicia? Who is Alicia? You don't know what I'm talking about? You know what, Mr.
Lawyer? I think you know very well what I'm talking about, but you're acting like a jerk, hmm? No problem.
I'm a very easygoing guy.
Right? The problem here is that old bitch Alicia is sticking her nose in areas where she doesn't belong.
Whatever Alicia does is her problem.
No, no, no.
Fucking lawyer, don't give me that bullshit.
Fuck that! Fuck, your bullshit is making me sweat.
Look The real issue is what you just said.
That you think that this problem is only Alicia's.
And it's not.
This is everybody's problem.
Let me explain what's going to happen here.
One of two things: either I kill you, like I'm going to kill that hag, or you wipe that idiotic look off your face and start selling us the same merchandise you sold to Alicia.
What's it going to be, asshole? Really, it was a short visit.
They talked.
And they left ten minutes later.
We were about to go in.
We thought they were going to kill them.
Maybe they were Alicia's people? We're not sure.
Their actions do confirm that they were there to threaten them.
Men like Serrano have a thousand and one enemies.
The issue here is if Serrano is most useful dead or alive.
Because if it's the latter it's not a question of days.
They could kill him in hours.
Correa, last one, and then you retire.
No way.
I'll pay you double, idiot.
I'm not interested.
What do you want then? How much? Serrano, look.
I'm retired.
No, bro.
You know it doesn't work like that.
Don't forget who the boss is.
I made it clear to you And I'll make this clear to you.
Take the plane, fly it, land it, and that's it.
No, bro.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
No, dude.
You'll be sorry when J.
finds out that you abandoned us.
It's up to you.
What a stupid son of a bitch.
He thinks this is a store he can open whenever he wants? What are you doing, Manu? Leave it.
With all the money we've made for him, he's going to leave now? No, bro.
Look, my love.
I understand, but please calm down.
I'll fuck him up, Cindy.
If that asshole leaves now, I'll fuck him up.
What do you mean "I'll fuck him up"? You're talking about a colleague.
He's a son of a bitch! And the only thing he deserves is death! No.
You're not well.
Come on.
Leave that… Fuck off, Cindy.
Fuck off.
Don't stick your nose in any of this, whore! Cindy? Cindy! Cindy! CAPITAL PRISON "Massacre of government agents under strange circumstances.
" How did J.
find out about your meeting with Ana María? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR You forget whom we're talking about.
Guys like him have eyes everywhere.
The problem here is what happened.
What they tried to do to me.
What you know must be very important.
No, well, I don't know! You think? Do you want protection? I want a deal with the DEA.
I don't have any other choice.
This whole time I've stayed quiet, and for what? It hasn't done me any good.
So, in order to stay alive if I have to open my mouth then so be it.
Right? All right.
The stash that John Jairo had, the one that Potro found.
The one I was in where the explosion happened… It had guns.
All kinds of documents.
I ended up being involved because I was his girlfriend.
And when you're in love, you're an idiot, right? You can't see, you can't hear, you can't think, you can't… This wasn't the first or the last time John used me.
Some time afterward at his command, I snuck contraband into Capital Prison, including money guns.
Come on.
You think this was easy for me? One time, he wanted me to bring in drugs, but I didn't do it.
Marijuana and cocaine possession.
Ma'am, from this moment on, you belong to the Prosecution.
Vásquez, take her away.
Take her away.
They did things their way.
They did whatever they wanted.
And the guards helped.
That's nothing new, right? Can I have more water, please? John Jairo was involved in Gabriel's death.
That faggot.
The singer from the group Trópico.
I know he had people on the outside.
Caspa, his right hand gunman.
He did all the jobs for him.
He continued dealing drugs.
He continued dealing drugs from the inside.
Locked up.
Fabio Castillo.
Representing Mr.
Óliver Correa.
And why is Óliver sending his lawyer to speak with me? He doesn't want you to kill him.
Why would I kill him? He says that you know him too well.
You know that he's loyal.
- Grateful.
- Yes, I know that.
What about it? Well He wants to change his life.
To distance himself from the world where you operate.
Just say it already because I don't understand shit.
Óliver doesn't want to keep trafficking for you.
He thinks it's time for him to retire.
To stop.
And he assumes that since you have been a good boss you'll understand his flight last week… was his last.
His flight last week was his last.
Get in line, get in line.
Bro, how are you? I want to tell you something.
Don't move, faggot.
- What are you doing? - Don't move.
Give me your telephone.
Want to get in trouble? You'll be the one in trouble.
Give me your phone.
Give me your phone, faggot.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Good luck.
Get out of here, faggot.
Go take a shit, son of a bitch.
Door! Get out of there, man.
Give me your phone.
Hello? He's using my phone.
is calling from my phone.
Trace it.
Trace it.
Johncito, bro.
I swear I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know what I'm talking about? What were you thinking? That you were the boss? Calm down, don't be like that.
Calm down? You know that I don't like liars, traitors, or thieves.
Wait, John.
I'm not any of those things.
No, you're even worse.
You're an idiot.
Knowing that we had the law on top of us, you continued to move merchandise as you pleased.
Thought I wouldn't find out? Look, I didn't tell you because Because you're an imbecile.
And a damn traitor.
Because you took me for a fool.
I didn't want to worry you.
Oh, so you're considerate now? Answer me this: why don't you trust me? I know what I'm doing.
I'll tell you one thing.
You don't know shit.
No, I didn't keep a single peso, bro.
- I don't believe you.
- Believe me, bro.
Look We can't stop now because the time is ripe for business.
I'm in charge of the business and everyone involved.
And now you're doing whatever you want.
And threatening to kill whomever you want.
Stop being an idiot.
No, John.
Óliver is overreacting, bro.
You fucked up, dude.
You fucked up.
Look, the money is safely put away.
It's multiplying.
And you don't even know the rest of it.
We're partnering with a guy who, with the snap of his fingers, can get you out of that hole you're in.
What the fuck did you say? We're going to sell to the Lord of the Skies, dude! What do you think? Our new boss, bro! All right.
We have Alexandra's testimony.
And this call with Serrano.
I don't know about you, but I think we have him.
In my opinion, John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez just signed his extradition letter.
Don't shoot me.
I'm working undercover.
I'm Lieutenant Hugo Restrepo.
You can call Colonel Tello.
He's leading the operation.
Stay alert.
Are you sure it's safe here? No one will find you here, Boss.
Like they didn't find me back there, idiot? Now look.
How the hell did they find us? I don't know what happened, sir.
They must have been watching us for days.
I assure you that you'll be safe here.
We have a good perimeter set up with the guys.
- If anyone gets close, we'll know.
- I hope so, idiot.
I'm going to speak with the guys.
If you need anything, let me know.
- Go on.
- Excuse me.
What the hell? Let me go.
You can't get enough of me, can you? Gentlemen, how are you? Mr.
They're killing us.
The jail's new administration is doing whatever it wants to us.
Brutal punishment.
It's crazy.
We're not here to listen to your complaints.
Then, why? Your little network is finished.
Network? Don't know what you're talking about.
The mafia you were running from the inside.
I don't know what's so funny.
Once again, you're linking me to things I didn't do.
We have proof.
The same that Ramos has, right? Remember what you got from that? Nothing.
None of that incriminated me.
- He was just spewing pure bullshit.
- It's solid proof.
You'd better get a good lawyer.
- I have one.
- Serrano won't be helping you.
He's implicated in this more than you are.
You're dragging him into this? We know he's your man on the outside.
This is ridiculous.
No, you know it's the truth! Well, I want to speak with him.
No, you can ask for whatever else.
But we won't grant you that.
We're not going to sponsor a meeting between two thugs, so they can confirm their alibi.
Besides, your lawyer ended up doing what everyone does when they start getting questioned.
Right now, he's a fugitive of justice.
We have a warrant out for his arrest.
We sent a red alert to Interpol.
So you have two options: either you talk right now before he turns up, asking for a deal, now that your extradition will be activated, or you wait for us to capture him.
And as for him, to get out of the mess he's in, the shit's going to hit the fan.
I don't care how many men you need.
I want Serrano found.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR How is it possible that one day you know where he is, and the next, you don't? Find him.
Judging by the look on your face, things don't look good, do they? You promised you would protect Alexandra.
- That's what I'm doing.
- No! I called the hotel, and they told me she was attacked.
That's protecting her? I already knew that.
And? "And" what? You promised you would protect her.
I don't get how this is protecting her.
I'm doing exactly that.
I don't understand.
Come with me.
What is she doing here? Huh? You have some nerve.
Coming to see me after what you did to me? Do you realize you destroyed the little I had left, Ana María? I was living peacefully.
I had left all of this behind! Then you show up and ruin everything in two minutes flat.
All right, calm down.
No, it's because of her that I'm in this hell.
Well, you'll be able to get out of this hell soon.
Soon? When? How long have I been hiding? Look at me now.
Huh? No one ever gets out of this shit.
You will because you're working with us now, Alexandra.
Ana María, for God's sake.
Says who? You? From your cushy role as a reporter! No, I'm saying it from my role as a victim.
I became a victim the day I attacked John Jairo, thinking I would make him pay for my father's death.
I don't care what happens, understand? I don't care what I have to do.
I'll make sure he's locked up and pays for what he did to you and me.
Your little network is finished.
Network? Don't know what you're talking about.
The mafia you were running from the inside.
Serrano won't be helping you.
He's implicated in this more than you are.
You're dragging him into this? We know he's your man on the outside.
No, my former lawyer, well, we're no longer working together.
Let's just say we went our separate ways.
Call it "personal differences".
Just a case of force majeure.
No, money's no object.
You name a price, and you've got it.
I vetted you, and you're the ideal person for me.
Look, if you want an advance, you'll get it.
But look, why don't you look at the case first, analyze it? And then we'll talk about money.
No, money isn't a problem.
But look, I'm asking you to look over the job first, and… All right, no.
Don't worry.
We'll be in touch, okay? These lazy sons of bitches don't like work, do they? Yes.
There was negligence in security protocol.
Negligence or complicity? What are you implying, miss? Colonel Tello, do you believe that the guard who was protecting former deputy queen Ximena Escobar might have helped her escape? Well, that's highly unlikely.
There's another theory that Ximena Escobar was rescued by a guerrilla group.
What do you think? Well, we can't discount that possibility.
Her family fears that she may have been kidnapped by a paramilitary group.
Is that possible? Miss, as of yet, no armed illegal group has taken credit for this.
Of all the theories, which do you think is most likely, Colonel? Miss, I can't answer that question.
I've already shared with you the only info I can disclose right now.
As the investigations move forward, we will give more details to the public.
One last question, Colonel.
Do you think the former deputy queen is in danger? GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE Welcome, Ximena.
I know that the last few days have been somewhat hectic.
But don't worry.
You'll be able to rest here.
This is a safe place.
Where are we? All you need to know is that from now on, this will be your new home.
Ximena Escobar was arrested for collaborating with the guerrillas.
Yes, I heard that.
She had gotten into the habit of visiting this jail frequently, no? Well She was a generous woman.
Uh… "was"? Or "is".
I don't know what happened to her.
Look, Galeno.
She was seen talking to you several times.
Oh, of course.
She also spoke with many other prisoners.
If you want, I'll give you the names.
What I want is information from you.
Information that's useful, Galeno.
Ah okay.
But that's where we have a problem because I really don't know anything about that case.
No, I know that you do.
And about Ximena too.
You know why? Because she defended your organization, didn't she? Listen, no.
Wait a minute.
I mean, I don't know what's going through your head.
According to you, a person who sympathizes with just causes is a collaborator? That's a rather harsh accusation.
You were brainwashing her.
Weren't you? Listen, the guy works for the government, for the Department of Security.
Be serious.
Where do you get information like this? I don't want to be a soldier.
What other choice do you have? I don't know.
Go back to jail? Because right now, you should be in a cell, serving time for treasonous acts.
Yes, but I'm innocent.
But that's not how they made it look.
And because of that, you know we can't do anything.
You're a lawyer.
Help me.
How? Well Explain my side.
Say it was the Department of Security who gagged and tortured me.
They're the ones who publicly accused me of crimes I've never committed.
Of saying things I've never said.
I'm not who they say I am.
And what about the rest? What do you mean? Well, miss.
Tell me, how do you expect to justify men from the guerrilla killing members of the Department of Security just to rescue you? I don't know.
I didn't ask for that.
Yet, it's done.
And for that, you should be grateful.
If it weren't for them, you'd be dead.
Correcha, help me.
I don't want to be here.
Commander Galeno risked his neck to convince the Secretariat that you're an important component.
Don't cause him more trouble, okay? Yes, but I don't belong here.
In that woman's house, they found quite a bit of subversive material.
Oh, yeah? How did it get there? Magic? Why aren't you asking: who could have planted it at the house? Magic? And the flowers? - Look - Did I make that up too? Look, you're going about this all wrong.
I've only seen that woman a handful of times.
How curious that the card found with the flowers was signed with the letter "G".
"Güevón", "Genaro".
"Guillermo", "Gualberto".
You know things have changed here.
And whatever happened to that queen has nothing to do with me.
You know why? Because every time I take a shit, I have a guard standing next to me.
Now, if you continue to insist on your theory, I'm happy to keep talking to you.
That way I get a break from the other prisoners.
Or if you want, we can talk about something else.
Politics, economics.
Whatever you want.
Here is everything you need.
A towel.
Camouflage, t-shirt.
Toilet paper.
- Soap.
- Thanks, but that's not necessary.
Are you sure? They told me to bring you all this It's just that I won't be staying long.
Why don't you give it to one of your colleagues who needs it? Want to get in trouble with the Commander? If you don't accept it, it's the same as losing it.
And that warrants consequences.
You decide.
What were you thinking? That you were the boss? You know that I don't like liars, traitors, or thieves.
Wait, John.
I'm not any of those things.
No, you're even worse.
You're an idiot.
Because you're an imbecile.
And a damn traitor.
Because you took me for a fool.
Remember that all this is your fault.
If that fucking call wasn't recorded, I wouldn't be in this shit.
I'm in charge of the business and everyone involved.
And now you're doing whatever you want.
Stop being an idiot.
This is Sierra.
We've located the vehicle that Serrano used to escape.
See you.
Is that it? Yes.
Are you sure? You can still make out the numbers on the plate.
It's the model we saw in the video.
You found nothing else? Anything useful? Not yet.
But the interior is burned.
Doll, have you lost your baby teeth yet? CAPITAL PRISON How long ago did you graduate? I graduated a year ago.
Such a long time ago.
And you can eat solid food now? I guarantee you that my dedication makes up for my lack of experience.
Oh, good, princess.
Then, don't take this the wrong way.
I'd prefer someone with more experience.
Nothing personal.
I understand.
So then, what you need to do is submit an application to the Ministry of Justice, requesting a change of lawyers.
- All right.
- One suggestion? Don't say it's my lack of experience.
Say something else.
They won't accept that as an excuse.
We're talking about my future here.
Look, John Jairo.
If I weren't prepared, they wouldn't have sent me.
But go ahead and put in an application.
I recommend you do it quickly.
Because you have a complex case.
And don't forget every minute you waste, is one the other side is using against you.
Just how I like my women: direct, straightforward.
So you're saying you're good.
Haven't you even considered that a win for you is a win for me? That's been my goal, right? To do a good job and work hard.
All right.
I trust you then.
So let me explain how this works.
You're going to do what I tell you.
And in exchange, you'll be set for life.
You won't have to worry about a thing.
What do you mean? I mean that we need to move quickly.
The first thing you're going to do is find these men for me.
They've been arrested.
Here are the names.
We need to ensure they stay quiet and not spill anything they know.
Before we begin, let me make one thing clear, John Jairo: I'm your lawyer, not your accomplice.
Do you want us to win? Yes, that's the idea.
Well, then? Cases are won with honest work.
With substantial evidence and strong arguments.
Not with money and sleight of hand.
So? Many photos like this, Correa.
I also have the statements of several witnesses.
You're done for, Correa.
I didn't want to be part of this.
They were threatening me.
Serrano threatened me.
Just ask.
Talk to the people you nabbed.
They know I'm telling the truth.
Help me, Cifuentes.
I know you can.
It's one thing to appear before a judge as a guy who got too greedy and a different thing entirely to appear as a guy who was legitimately threatened by the mafia.
Let's say I can help you.
I'll ask the prosecutor to say you were forced to take drugs to the United States.
Thank you.
Don't thank me just yet.
Nothing's for free.
I want something in return.
Every single person who works against him matters.
A lot.
Do we have a deal? Caspa.
It's like I told you Everyone working for J.
ends up like this Dead.
But Agent you act as if J.
killed them himself.
- And he didn't.
- He did.
He may not have pulled the trigger, but he killed them.
You and I know perfectly well that to save himself, J.
is capable of anything.
So tell me How much do you care about Serrano? Because he's next.
What makes you think that I have any concern for what happens to the guy? I don't know.
You tell me.
Do you care? How would you prefer to see Serrano, Cindy? In a uniform like yours or with a bullet hole in his head? I don't care.
Either way, he gets crossed off my list.