Alias J.J. (2017) s01e50 Episode Script

Episode 50

Velásquez, what is your defense this time? What will you say? Any new arguments? That you're a remorseful man? Are you still writing memoirs or does trafficking keep you too busy? Are you confessing to any new crimes to reduce your sentence, Mr.
Velásquez? At this time John Jairo Velásquez, Pablo Escobar's infamous hitman, entered his hearing on criminal charges in which he is accused of trafficking arms and drugs.
Your Honor, in this folder you will find the confessions made by the members of the organization, the network, run by Mr.
John Jairo Velásquez.
I would also like you to listen to and consider the testimony recorded on this CD.
Certainly, we would have preferred to have in the courtroom today this particular witness, but for obvious reasons of security, we prefer to use this recorded testimony.
This wasn't the first, or the last time, that John used me.
On his orders, I've brought things to Capital Prison like money guns One time, he wanted me to bring drugs, but I didn't do it.
They did things the way they wanted.
They did whatever they wanted.
And the guards helped.
That's nothing new, right? John Jairo was involved in Gabriel's death.
What I'm saying, Your Honor, is that the evidence presented here should adhere to established forms.
And much of the evidence that the Prosecutor has just presented should be considered invalid, as it was obtained without due process.
What the Prosecutor is presenting are illegal recordings between my defendant and his lawyer.
One moment, Your Honor.
Excuse me.
The attorney of record for the accused, at this very moment, is a fugitive from justice.
Accused of the crime of drug trafficking.
You yourself said it.
" That means that as long as Mr.
Serrano has neither stood trial nor been sentenced, he should be described as the law demands: as my client's lawyer.
- Your Honor, this is ridiculous.
- Mr.
According to my argument, I not only want to request that the Prosecutor's evidence be declared invalid, as it pertains to conversations that came from illegal recordings of my defendant and his lawyer, but also request that an investigation of the Prosecutor's office be opened.
For God's sake! What is this? The Prosecutor and all those involved in this investigation.
It is clear that these illegally-recorded conversations violate my client's right to privacy and a vigorous defense.
Cindy decided to cooperate.
Really? Did she say where Serrano is? No.
But she gave us some addresses of possible hiding spots.
This time, we'll do things right.
Like we should have done from the beginning.
Hey, the first time You let Serrano escape.
And he was our objective.
So, I want you to visit all those addresses.
I want to know entrances, possible exits I want to know everything.
According to Cindy, Serrano has a very simple security plan because he's on the run.
So bear in mind that, on all these visits, you will be under surveillance.
And one more important thing: only the people in this room have access to this information.
So if we fail, there will be an investigation.
Is that clear? Okay, sir.
Let's go.
After having listened carefully to the arguments presented by both sides in this trial, and bearing in mind the legality of the evidence presented by the Prosecutor I hereby declare the accused guilty of all charges.
In this measure, Mr.
John Jairo Velásquez from this moment loses all of the benefits obtained by cooperating with the law during his time in prison.
And his sentence will be increased by an additional 20 years.
Court is adjourned.
- We have to do something.
- No, we have no options.
Unfortunately, there are no more appeals left.
And, in all likelihood, there is worse to come.
Yes, I know that.
These bastards want to extradite me.
I'm very sorry.
I did everything I could.
You didn't do everything.
If you'd listened to me, had done what I said, talked to the people I told you to talk to, this wouldn't be happening to me.
But your fucking punk arrogance, when you're too green to know how to wipe your own ass, is ruining me.
What's ruining you is that, despite the position that you're in, you still think that you're untouchable.
I wish you luck.
Wait, let's talk with the Prosecutor.
About what? - I know things that could interest them.
- What kind of things? - Things.
- About the Medellín Cartel? About Pablo Escobar? That's ancient history, John Jairo.
It's already been buried.
I have videos, I have names.
- I have routes.
- They already have all that.
The proof is the 20 years they just gave you.
I'm very sorry.
You don't look it.
You don't look it at all.
Ana María, I asked you to come here because I want to acknowledge you for your ability, your talent for not letting J.
trick you.
I'm surprised.
Thank you, Counselor.
I pay attention to my intuition, and it told me that he was continuing to commit crimes.
If only we all had an intuition as stubborn as yours.
Yes, that's part of a journalist's blood.
In any case, thanks to your investigations and reports, the Prosecution was more prepared today than we ever could have hoped.
I'm glad to hear that, Counselor.
What I am sorry about, though, is that we were unable to prove J.
's guilt in your father's murder.
Nothing is perfect.
In any case, I see this victory, which is yours as well, Ana María, as honoring the memory of Dr.
Bernardo Solozábal.
For now.
We have the report from the advance party.
What does it say? They found Serrano.
Do we have visual confirmation of the target? - No.
- Then what? The guy who's always with him.
The guy who escaped with Serrano when we did the raid.
It's up to you.
CAPITAL PRISON Will you be getting your visa for the United States soon? I hope we have enough time to convince you to spend the rest of your goddamn life in an American jail, and not here.
You dog.
What I need is your help to get me out of here.
I can help you pack your suitcase, pal, but that's about it.
No, I need you to speak with the Secretariat.
And why do you think that a guy like you will matter to the Secretariat? I could matter quite a lot, because I have a couple dollars to give to a noble cause.
Understand? Let them know they can have it.
We don't offer the type of services that you're looking for.
Don't give me that bullshit now.
With that money, you can do whatever you want.
You can buy guns, propaganda.
You can keep a nice share.
Really? And you think I'm going to help you? Well, I think you can help me.
Weren't you the one who told me that alliances in jail weren't worth shit when I asked you for help with Ximena? So, eat shit.
Bro, I know.
You caught me at a bad time, understand? What a son of a bitch.
GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE Beloved comrade, I know these are hard times for you.
But I ask you to stay strong.
You wanted to fight from Congress, but destiny decided that it would be from the underground.
These are the sacrifices that we must make for the changes we want in this country.
I'm yours, comrade.
There are a couple of men guarding the area.
Be very alert.
Abort, abort.
What's wrong? Some cars are approaching the target.
What's happening? They're the same guys as last time.
I want to know who they are, and what the hell they're doing here.
Hey, gentlemen.
So good that you're here.
- Serrano.
- What's up? How's everything? Fine? - Excellent.
- And you, you're well? I hope this little trip you made us take is worth it.
It is.
Come in.
What are you drinking? A nice whiskey, tequila? What are you offering? Whatever you want.
For the pleasure of having you here, gentlemen.
All right, I know that your partners in Colombia have had some big problems with the DEA, no? Problems as big as the ones you've had.
Or not? Well.
We know how the press is.
- They make a big deal out of nothing.
- Of course.
But right now our organization maintains 95% of the production.
Have him prove it, Boss.
It's true.
With us, you can get back your lost money like that, fast.
No, Counselor, you know what I think? I think that what you want is to find a life preserver.
Lately, things for your boss have become really fucked up.
Even more so, now that fucking Alicia got busted here in Miami.
The thing with Alicia was a setback.
What organization doesn't have setbacks? Of course! Who doesn't have setbacks, gentlemen? No, all of them do.
We understand perfectly well, Counselor.
We understand so well that maybe we stop this chat now and finish it when times are better? No, gentlemen.
Things can go well for all of us.
For you and for us, if we start working now.
You know what, Counselor? I don't like it when people pressure me in business.
Good, because I don't either.
But we know that in this business, time is money.
That's why I have a proposal for you.
Right now, I can send you a shipment at a very special price.
To celebrate this partnership.
And what would that special price be? You pay for the transport, you keep the earnings.
And we send you a shipment weekly.
Fuck! - Fucking great.
- Fuck.
- Fuck.
- Careful, Counselor.
Are you sure? If you're telling me the truth, we can make a deal right now.
Excellent, excellent.
I only have one condition.
Now the shit comes out.
What's your condition? Your help in getting J.
out of prison.
All good? Yes.
All good.
This is your new ID, and the key to your new apartment.
That's everything.
You're going to be a free woman.
You can get out and enjoy your new life.
You know something, Agent Dixon? A minute ago, I was thinking that I don't want the day to come when I wake up and realize that all of this was too good to be true.
No, but it really is true.
You fulfilled your part of the deal.
You gave us Serrano.
And this is the reward for everything you did.
Let me ask you a question.
Did you already capture Serrano? What happened to him? Well, he's no longer part of your life.
I wouldn't be asking about him.
And what's more, I would advise you not to risk your new identity, and especially not for a criminal like Serrano.
Yes, you're completely right.
It's better that way.
Cindy, I wanted to ask you a question.
- What is it? - Would you be interested in working for us as an informant? You have everything necessary to help us.
Agent, the thing is, I already did my part.
And you yourself told me just a minute ago, I I'm a free woman.
So please, I'd prefer this.
Well, and what do you plan to do now that you're free? What will you live on? What work will you do? I don't know.
I'll think of something.
Well, I assure you that whatever you find won't pay you the kind of money that we could pay you for some good information.
I don't know, Agent.
Really, this isn't your problem.
I'll figure out what I'm going to do.
The truth is that the jobs in the United States offered to us Latinos are the jobs that no one else wants to do.
How about if we start right away? What can you tell me about these people? I'll rescue you.
No fucking way! Your business is doing very well, bro.
What business? What do you mean, what business? The business you have with Alicia.
How much will you pay? It depends on the quality of the information you give us.
It must be pretty good if you're making me this offer.
Or else you wouldn't be doing it.
It's a good amount of money.
Now we understand each other.
Money in hand, ass on the ground.
That's it.
How much? This will be a good thing, Cindy.
This alliance is good for both of us.
How much money's in the safe? I have to pay an informant.
At this moment, entering into the offices of the National Prosecutor is Don Bernal, one of the most important members of Colombia's citizen self-defense forces.
I can remind you that Don Bernal was chief of the defunct criminal group, El Águila.
Arriving at this location are family members of his victims.
And in just a few moments, his preliminary hearing will begin, with the expectation that today Don Bernal will be transferred to Capital Prison.
Hey, there's our new boss.
Your replacement is here, Duván.
I'm going to tell you one thing, Ancízar.
On the outside that guy is used to doing whatever he wants.
But in here, things have a different price, bro.
With Commander Abel's death, I'm the one who's running this shit now.
So either Bernal accepts his new commander, or he's fucked.
It's that simple.
I think the one who's fucked is someone else.
If you want, I'll use you as an example.
Stop babbling bullshit.
This is José Jiménez.
This guy is Higuera.
And the tall one is Édgar.
I think he's the one in charge of them all.
Do they work for Alicia? No, not for Alicia.
They work for the Lord of the Skies.
Or at least, that's what they told us.
They wanted to pressure us, said they were going to kill Alicia.
And they were going to kill us too if If Serrano didn't make a deal with them.
They wanted us to sell them the drugs that we'd been selling to Alicia.
Well, not to them.
To the Lord of the Skies.
You are hereby notified by the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia of your extradition to the United States of America.
In all honesty, I can tell you that for us, this is a triumph.
A bitter one, but a victory nonetheless.
For the country, but most of all for the many many victims that your macabre passage through this life has left who've spent years praying that this day would finally come.
I also want to view it as a way to honor the memory of the soldiers, police officers and government agents such as Detective Durán who gave their lives courageously fighting against such horrifying rot.
Although, I understand that you are nothing more than a miserable tool in this perverse war against drugs that we have had to live through.
And that it needed a cynical and shameless son of a bitch like you.
Extradition Extradition to the United States of America.
Son of a bitch.
We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a press release just put out by the Prosecutor's office, confirming the extradition of John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez to the United States.
In the next few days, Popeye will be transferred to a maximum security prison.
For more news on this story, tune in to our broadcast this evening at 8:00 p.
, when we will have more details on the future of this controversial drug trafficker.
- How are you doing? - Fine, sir.
Oh, good.
How are you? A lot of changes around here, no? Yes, sir.
New guards.
New warden.
New rules.
But nothing that can't be fixed, right? All right, boys.
I'm going to put you to work right away.
I need you to get me people.
And two guys to stay with me day and night, watching my back.
Now that I think about it, you two would be good for that.
You think so? Of course, Duván.
Who better than you two? You know how everything works here.
And also, you know what? I need someone to taste my food.
What's worrying you, Bernal? That someone might poison you? What a stupid question, Duván.
Don't you know how enemies are, bro? What do you want? Someone to climb through a hole and kill me in here? Oh, of course.
Since you don't want to get killed, let some other jerk get fucked, right? What's the problem, bro? What's with that tone of voice you're using? It's the tone of the man who's been in charge since Abel's death.
What do you think of that? Who's been in charge? You? Yes, me.
A poor bastard errand boy? You didn't even go to school, Duván.
You only know how to follow orders.
Things have changed, Bernal.
The prison is not the same.
Neither are the guards.
Or the idiots that the Commander left locked up.
You know what? I've had to eat a lot of shit in here to get to where I am.
And I'm not gonna let some asshole cripple who just arrived, no matter who he is, try to claim what he doesn't deserve.
What he hasn't earned, bro.
How about this stupid son of a bitch? Don't try your luck, Duván.
Mistake, Bernal.
The one trying his luck is the guy talking to his new boss like this.
You don't even get to say shit to me.
Escort Mr.
Bernal to his cell.
So he won't say that we're not welcoming to new arrivals.
Look, Mr.
Duván is a poor idiot who wants to hang on to power he's never had before.
So? Look, you're the boss.
I'll do whatever you want.
But killing someone in this jail only brings problems.
Things here have changed a lot.
The guards aren't the same as before.
They're breathing down our necks.
They won't bend the rules.
And if someone gets out of line, he gets punished like a dog in church.
Don't tell me you're scared? Well, yes, sir.
They've given it to us hard.
Take him, for example.
That guy has gotten so many beatings since the new warden arrived, that, in my opinion, he won the lottery with that extradition.
Are you a complete idiot? How can you compare a gringo jail to this one? Comparable or not, that faggot couldn't last another month at the rate he was going.
Believe me, the shit they've done to him is terrifying, sir.
But it's up to you.
You're in charge.
The thing is, they don't want Bernal to gain power inside the jail.
They don't want him to gain more power inside and become the headache that Abel was.
That won't happen, Correcha.
First, because those two aren't anything alike.
And second, because we're blocked here.
These guards aren't like the ones before, when the paramilitary could take control of the jail.
Yes, but you know very well what the Secretariat thinks.
Tell the Secretariat not to worry.
I will take care of Bernal personally.
What can you tell me about Ximena? You know what life is like on the mountain.
It's good that Ximena is so determined and disciplined.
And in the end, that's what earns points with the Commander.
- Cheers, gentlemen.
- Cheers.
Go ahead.
I'm all ears.
Well, Counselor.
I spoke with my boss.
And let's say that my boss found your offer very tempting.
My boss will agree that in exchange for you giving us all of the drugs, he will finance an operation to get J.
out of jail.
- You like that? - Excellent.
It's just that now a little problem has come up.
Oh, fuck.
Fucking lawyer.
This asshole is too much.
That little problem wouldn't be an extradition? Oh, no.
Fuck that.
So it's true that the fucking gringos want your boss? Which side? - We're doing everything possible - Don't treat us like jerks, asshole.
If the fucking gringos have a hard-on for putting your boss in an American jail, they won't rest until they have him.
Look, the thing is that we not only need your help and your logistics to get J.
out of jail.
We need you to be part of the operation.
The thing is, J.
in jail is useless.
But outside, he's a gold mine.
For everyone.
- There's no more? That's all? - No.
After that, the Mexican left.
He made a call that we couldn't intercept.
And then he returned to shake Serrano's hand.
And what does that mean? That the Mexicans must be preparing a trip to Colombia.
- They're going to help? - Well They know that an alliance with someone like J.
is good for them, right? So then, what do we do? Do we give the order to arrest them before they get to Colombia? No.
No, let's let them go.
Let's let the Mexicans go for Popeye.
Look what you did, you big faggot.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to beat you.
The warden told me you've already been punished.
I'll tell you one thing.
You gotta have big balls to pull the stupid shit you did.
I know, bro.
I know.
I know I made a huge mistake.
I'm sorry, you hear? But I want to make it up to you.
I have a deal for you.
Get me out of here and you'll have a million dollars, okay? Wait for me outside, Cepeda.
You really have to be desperate if you think I'm going to accept a deal like that.
Even someone as straight as you has a price.
- Everything in this life can be bought.
- Yes, of course.
Including death.
That's what happens to anyone who does business with you.
They end up with a slug in the head.
Don't worry.
Sooner or later you'll get it.
And who's going to give it to me? You? - I'd love to, my friend.
- Well, that would be difficult.
Because your days in this country are numbered.
What you should do is go to hell.
Tell me something, Velásquez.
What scares you the most? That you'll never touch a woman again? Twenty-two hours a day in darkness? Or that you're going to be in solitary for the rest of your life? You know what I suggest? Shoot yourself.
Put a slug in your own head.
Of course the gringos won't let you.
They'll be on top of you.
Pray to have the strength to withstand all the shit that's coming to you.
Ambush the Lord of the Skies? That's it.
At what price? Well, we'd have to take a gamble.
Involving what? Using J.
as bait.
What are you proposing? Well, asking J.
for an exchange.
Benefits in exchange for bringing us to the Lord of the Skies.
is no longer a dangerous criminal.
He was a thug, yes.
He was Escobar's right-hand man, too.
But he's finished, whereas the Lord of the Skies isn't.
We would be taking a very big risk.
Yes, but it would be worth it.
What's worth more for our government, Agent? A criminal in decline? Or the man who's moving drugs throughout the United States? You are hereby notified by the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia of your extradition Extradition.
Pablo Escobar and J.
cruelly murdered many people trying to stop their own extradition.
Nevertheless, J.
was just a few hours from being extradited.
And most certainly he thought, as did Escobar, that he would prefer a grave in Colombia to a jail in the United States.
- Is it confirmed? - No.
They're not going to do it.
You know how they are.
It's an issue of national security.
It's Popeye's extradition.
I know.
Then why do you have so many doubts, Tito? Because it's just a rumor, Ana María.
All right, a rumor, but if it's true, can you imagine if we missed that story? No, I need to be there.
I want to be there for his transfer, please.
Look, if that will help you definitively close the chapter on this guy and work on something else, go ahead.
Excuse me.
- 5-13.
- There's the bastards.
Here, 5-13.
What's up? What news do you have? We see a police caravan.
It appears to be heading toward the jail.
Okay, don't lose sight of them, dude.
That's very important.
5-12, what do you have for me, bro? We see movement at the entrance of the jail.
They're increasing security.
5-7, what do you have for me, bro? There's a security operation underway in the vicinity of the military airport.
Be alert, asshole.
Well, gentlemen.
We're all set.
- You take care of the helicopter.
- Okay.
- Everything's ready to go.
- Yes, sir! Yes, sir! - Cheers.
- Counselor, don't worry, you asshole.
- This is all set.
- I know.
Bottoms up.
Have another.
Pour him another.
Stand up.
Come on.
Move it.
The time has come, J.
Tonight you'll have the pleasure of sleeping in your new cell.