Alias J.J. (2017) s01e51 Episode Script

Episode 51

The Lord of the Skies's men are leading the rescue.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Why weren't we informed before? Intelligence confirmed it only a few hours ago.
We knew they were plotting something, but we didn't know what.
And what is known about the operation? They want to intercept the caravan at some point between Capital Prison and the military airport.
We have to suspend J.
's transfer.
No, no.
We have to let them rescue him.
You're not serious, are you? My government wants to make a deal with John Jairo.
Your time has come, J.
This very night, you have the privilege of sleeping in your new cell.
What did you expect, Agent? That we would applaud this nonsense? - If things turn out well - You'd have to be very naïve to even think of making a deal with a criminal like that.
Well, we at least want to try.
- It's absurd.
- It's the Lord of the Skies.
Gentlemen, he's the most powerful drug trafficker in the world.
I never thought I'd see you get out of this place.
Now my hope, like many fellow Colombians, is to see you rot in jail in the United States.
will only tell you what you want to hear.
And then he'll slip right through your fingers, and you'll never see him again.
- We have a way to follow him.
- Really? What's that? Let me guess.
You'll put a bracelet on him and ask him to not take it off for the duration of the operation.
Huh? Is that it? Proceed.
John Jairo Velásquez from this moment on, you are in the custody of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
- This is serious, Colonel.
- You think? This proposal is serious? For years, our government has been looking for material to bury that criminal in jail, and now you come to us saying, “We have a deal with him.
We want to make a deal with him.
" - You're crazy.
Out of your fucking minds.
- Colonel, that's not necessary.
Forgive me, Mr.
Prosecutor, but really this doesn't make any sense.
Your government will be benefiting the most.
Not only will you get rid of the largest cocaine buyer in the world, but if we catch him, we would extol your collaboration.
Tell the world how big of a role you played in this operation.
- I'm not going to allow this.
- Mr.
Prosecutor I'm not going to let someone who has done so much harm to our people get away with murder to satisfy a deal with your government.
He won't be getting away with murder.
We're not going to reward him, but Colonel, suspend the transfer operation.
- Immediately.
- Mr.
Prosecutor Is everything ready? The camera? Enough battery? Yes, of course.
Ready to go.
They're coming out now.
Start recording.
Let's go.
We're going to lose them.
We have to follow them.
Go, Parra.
Yes, sir.
Have a nice day.
According to intelligence reports, the Mexicans are at these coordinates, waiting for J.
The caravan that's escorting him will stop here to avoid suspicion.
When they arrive at this intersection we will give the order for the caravan to change direction, and then we'll proceed to capture the criminals.
Colonel Tello.
We have to suspend the operation right away.
I can't believe you're giving into the gringos' demands like this.
Gentlemen, listen to me.
The operation will continue.
The authority of the Colombian police will be respected.
Colonel, it's a direct order from the President of the Republic.
- Please leave.
- Yes, Colonel.
It's here, right? Dude, I've explained it ten times already.
Give this guy another drink.
5-13 here.
What's up? Any news? The truck carrying our target is following the planned route, accompanied by a security caravan.
Perfect, bro.
Be alert.
This job is underway.
There you go, bro.
Don't worry, gentlemen.
Soon, I'll have you back in Mexico, celebrating with the boss.
- All right, sons of bitches.
- Yes, sir.
You and I work for the government, for the country.
And we are obligated to do what is best for them.
How will this help the country, Mr.
Prosecutor? What message are we sending to our people? You know quite well that, often in life, one has to make certain sacrifices for the greater good.
The government has the obligation to implement the Colombia Plan, to guarantee that it works, and that it has the resources.
And unfortunately, to do that, it has to make certain concessions.
That's why the president made this decision.
Well, the president needs some The president doesn't have any other choice, believe me.
Well, he may not have a choice, but I do.
I'm not going to let that criminal get away with murder.
Even if it costs me my career, I'm continuing with the operation.
Your anger and indignation are understandable.
However, all you'll accomplish is tossing aside your entire career.
Mario, pride is a dangerous adversary because it blinds us.
All right, let's go.
Come on, assholes.
Let's do what we came for.
We can't fail.
All right, come on, quick.
Güero, look sharp.
Negro, you know what to do.
We're ready and in position.
Hey! Get with the program, dude.
What the hell, dude? 5-13.
The caravan is on its way.
It'll arrive at the extradition point in a few minutes.
Perfect, dude.
Got it.
Start getting the payment ready for these dudes.
Attention, 5-10.
Attention, 5-10.
5-10, confirm your location.
- What's happening? - Relax, bro, nothing's happening.
5-10, confirm your location.
We're 12 minutes from the destination.
Change of plans.
Follow the vehicles.
Where are we going? Just follow the directions.
Okay, understood, 5-5.
Agent, what do you think's going on? Follow Wait, let me listen.
Hi, Tito, something's wrong.
What? - The caravan stopped.
- What's going on? I don't know.
They stopped.
Something's wrong.
- Hello, Ana? - Tito, I can't keep talking.
Ana, hello.
Parra, go.
We're losing them.
We're losing them.
Parra - Hello.
- Hello, Officer.
Show me your license and insurance, please.
Yes, one moment.
Parra, the documents.
Thank you.
Look, this my press card, Ana María Solozábal, my ID, and here are the documents.
Is something wrong? Don't waste your time, miss.
Photos and videos are prohibited in the area surrounding the airport.
- I'm just doing my job.
- So am I.
- I'm going to check the records.
- What? What do you mean? - Why check the records? - Why not? Your press card doesn't permit you to bypass the checkpoints.
Wait here a minute, please.
Falcon One to headquarters, do you read me? Ordínez, let's search the car.
Falcon to headquarters, do you read me? 5-12, do you hear me? 5-12, answer me, asshole.
Yes, yes, I hear you.
Go ahead, Boss.
The caravan changed direction.
The target won't pass you anymore.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure, asshole.
- Don't ask stupid questions.
- So do we move? Son of a bitch! - Cancel the operation, dude.
- Son of a bitch! We're canceling it? Yes, asshole.
Cancel it.
It's a fucking police raid.
Get the fuck out of there.
Shit! Son of a bitch! Let's go.
We're done here.
Let's go.
! - J.
! All right, are you going to tell me what's going on? We suspended the extradition operation.
What? You're no longer going to the United States.
The Lord of the Skies wanted to rescue you.
Me? Serrano knew how to make alliances.
We believe the Lord of the Skies wants you to be his partner and send him coke from Colombia.
You're fucking pulling my leg, right? The Colombian and American governments are allowing the rescue.
No, no.
Wait a minute.
I'm not understanding a fucking thing.
We're willing to let the Mexicans take you.
On one condition.
You sign an agreement with the DEA.
And so what's the agreement for? We want you to deliver the Lord of the Skies to us.
CAPITAL PRISON You on vacation? Get behind the yellow line.
Tell me.
In what hotel were you serving your sentence? Because I think that, here, your reign is over, sir.
You're going to experience life as a regular prisoner.
Murillo, hand me the clothes.
Get undressed, and put that on.
Hurry up! You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
Hurry up, come on.
Hurry, or I'll rip it off.
Bro, so good to see you.
You don't remember your own boss? Aren't you going to greet me? Is something wrong? You don't remember? Or are you just being an idiot? Don't bother me again, you old son of a bitch.
In here, you're not the boss anymore.
Don't be so bold, bro.
You don't know who you're messing with.
What are you looking at, faggots? The agreement allows you to reduce your sentence in half.
Better conditions, visitors, a more comfortable cell - Good terms, right? - Yeah, not so much.
You're asking me to risk my ass.
Right? And if they catch me, then what? They'll rip me to shreds.
In exchange for some crappy deal.
Totally ridiculous.
We're talking about the Lord of the Skies.
If I deliver him to you, that's worth my complete freedom at the very least.
- No, that's not possible.
- It is possible.
You can make it possible.
Look, I'm proposing unconditional freedom.
I'm not spending one more day in jail, and I want five million dollars to live off of for the rest of my days.
Don't screw this up, J.
You are proposing a deal, right? I'm giving you a chance to cooperate and help yourself at the same time.
No, my friend.
You're proposing a deal, and that's how they work.
Here, I set the conditions, and you accept them.
No, fuck that.
Then, no.
John Jairo, you're not in any position to negotiate for anything at all, especially the bullshit you're requesting.
I know what the Lord of the Skies is worth.
And you also know you're a condemned hitman about to be extradited.
I already told you.
My complete freedom and five million dollars.
I'm not budging.
As you wish.
You just fucked yourself over.
- Aren't we negotiating? - No.
I gave you a golden opportunity, and your bullshit threw it all to hell.
First thing tomorrow, you're on a plane to the United States.
All right, no problem.
I was already headed there.
He's the one who brought me here, son of a bitch.
With a criminal like him, you can't delay.
You have to extradite him immediately.
- I agree.
- Mr.
The Colombian government accepted the DEA's proposal under very specific conditions.
Conditions that do not include what Popeye's demanding.
Well, the proposal was made.
What we need to realize is that our offer isn't very tempting.
Just what we needed.
For you to be on the criminal's side.
No, I'm not on anyone's side, Colonel.
I just want us to understand that we won't have an opportunity like this again.
Do you think we're going to give him total immunity? Well, he already served part of his sentence, right? Answer one question, Agent Dixon.
What would happen if we came to your government with a proposal like this? What do you think they would say? You don't know? You don't have an idea? At the very least, they'd tell us to go to hell.
Gentlemen, this is a sensitive subject, and emotions are raw, but we can't lose focus.
We have to find a solution.
And soon.
With all due respect, sir, the solution is right in front of us.
It's called "prison".
We must return J.
to Capital Prison, so that he continues to serve his sentence.
And disregard any arrangement with the gringos.
You want to catch the Lord of the Skies? Go for it.
But not at our expense, letting a thug like that walk free.
Yes? Send him in.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Prosecutor Molina, but we need Agent Dixon right away.
Excuse me.
- Dixon, quick.
You have to listen to this.
- All right, take care of it.
- What is it? - Listen to this.
Look, idiot.
It's a direct order from your boss, faggot.
Attempting a second rescue is stupid.
- You have to understand.
- No, dude.
is a key player for your boss in Colombia.
You know what? We'll just have to find us someone else.
No, idiot, you serious? There's no one like J.
The operation is cancelled.
And then what, faggot? You're just gonna wipe your ass with your boss's orders? Listen to me, you fucking drug addict.
My boss isn't here.
I am.
And I'm the one calling the shots.
If I say that this went to shit, it went to shit.
Well, isn't that just great, faggot? Fucking asshole.
won't budge, and they already called off the rescue.
- Now it's all gone to shit, Mancipe.
- And what now? How do we proceed? - Huh? You're interfering, Colonel.
- There are security measures, miss.
That infringes on my right to inform.
We all have the right to know what happened to John Jairo Velásquez.
You don't know what's happening.
Colonel, explain something.
Why did they reroute the caravan? Why did they search me? They stopped me on the highway to ask for my papers with no explanation.
Because they didn't want me to cover this story.
Can you give me an explanation? For now, let's not mention the Mexicans to anyone.
- What do we do then? - Wait here.
I'll give you instructions soon.
Can you tell me what or who is preventing me from finding out what's going on? I already told you, miss.
We have our orders.
Orders to do what? To hide the truth? To twist it? Miss, are you aware that you're making an accusation against - a representative of the law? - No, hang on.
I'm not accusing anyone.
I'm just talking to a representative of the law.
Dixon, tell me what happened.
You're in charge of watching a hitman as dangerous as John Jairo.
What happened? Why did they reroute the caravan? Why can't you give me an explanation? This afternoon, we're going to hold a press conference.
The reporter is right, Colonel.
We have to inform the country about the situation.
Thank you.
Will you come with me? Twisting the truth.
CAPITAL PRISON Get back in line.
There's no royalty treatment here.
- Son of a bitch.
- Hurry up.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR The transfer of John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez was suspended due to a procedural problem.
Colonel Tello, could you be more specific with us, please? Well, various immigration documents weren't issued in time.
For this reason, we had no other choice but to postpone the extradition.
And exactly how long will it take to issue said documents in order to carry out the extradition of John Jairo Velásquez? Well, the paperwork is being processed.
We hope for things to move quickly from there to ensure J.
's removal from the country.
You have to understand that, for security reasons, we cannot disclose the date or time.
What I do want to emphasize is that the extradition process is still in motion.
Oh, bro.
You see? - It had nothing to do with you.
- Why don't you get it, bro? This is a political trap.
Look, idiot.
If they wanted to get you, they would have done so already.
Those people don't know anything, bro.
At any moment, they'll take J.
to the airport.
It's all on a silver platter.
We have to act fast.
- No, there's something peculiar here.
- Peculiar? "Peculiar" is you letting him go and refusing to work with him.
Look, bro, don't hurt your head thinking about this.
- Follow your boss's orders.
- Look.
Let's do this.
I'll do it, but if something, anything, goes wrong, I'll fucking behead you myself.
Is that clear? So go back and organize the whole mess again.
Gentlemen, we know J.
is at the prosecutor's office, so I want to know how the fuck he'll be transported out of here.
- Get to work.
- Let's go.
You heard him, assholes.
Get to work! Let's go, damn it! Gentlemen, we're going to set up everything once more.
The plan is still in effect.
Yes, but the issue is that J.
won't budge.
Oh, but he will.
Look, call this individual.
- Who is he? - A surgeon.
Surgeon? Tell him to come here as soon as possible.
Tell him that I want to speak with him.
You got it.
It's not just the guards, Dambón.
It's the inmates, the people who used to work with me.
I already warned you, Genaro.
I told you that things have changed radically here.
Get me out of here.
Have me transferred somewhere else.
Do it, Dambón.
I'll speak with the judge to see what can be done.
That gets me nowhere.
You have to convince the judge.
How you do it is your problem.
Look, I spoke with the Mexicans, the Lord of the Skies's people.
What happened? They say they want you to be their contact here.
To be in charge of providing the merchandise they will distribute to the gringos.
All they need to know is if you're interested or not.
Tell them they can count on me.
If they help me get out of this shit, I'll start working for them right away.
Where did you get that? Do you really care where the recording came from? Because your main concern should be what's on it.
You recognize the voices.
The Lord of the Skies already has his Plan B in motion.
I'm contemplating the same possibility.
Romero won't negotiate with you.
You know what it's like in Capital Prison right now, with the new warden and guards.
He's desperate.
He wants the same thing as everyone else.
With the noose around his neck, he won't be able to resist.
So you tell me.
You compromise, or we extend the offer to Romero.
What's the deal, then? Five years in the United States.
And the five million dollars.
- That's not possible.
- It is possible.
I need that money to protect myself from being killed.
We'll guarantee your protection.
By the way, no one can know about this negotiation, including Serrano.
- Four million dollars.
- Not possible.
Don't give me any money, then.
But I'm not doing time in the United States.
I'll do one more year, but here in Colombia.
And I'll deliver the Lord of the Skies to you.
All right, bro.
- My pleasure.
- Thank you.
It's very good.
Do you know how long it's been since I've had a decent meal? Since they shut down all the businesses in Capital Prison.
This is incredible.
God bless you.
That sedative is the strongest we have that fits your description.
What kind of reaction will it cause? - Dizziness, vomiting? - No, sleep.
John Jairo will feel like he fell asleep on his own.
These are the chips we'll implant in him to track him.
Where will you implant them, Doctor? One, with J.
's permission, in his right forearm.
The other, without his knowledge, at the base of his skull.
It's nearly impossible to discover.
We've used it in various operations, and it's fairly efficient.
- Will it leave any marks? - Not at all.
And even if it did, he wouldn't see because his hair would cover them.
It's the perfect spot to go unnoticed.
How long with the implantation take? Ten minutes.
But as soon as the effects of the sedative have passed, won't he be suspicious from the pain? We'll give him a large amount of analgesics.
When he wakes up, he won't remember a thing Come in.
We're ready, sir.
J, get up.
There's someone waiting for you, bro.
Hurry, dude.
Don't you want to be a patriot? Well? One moment.
Secure him there.
According to intelligence reports, the Lord of the Skies's men are located in this area, in route to the military airport.
We just need to minimize the risk to those accompanying J.
- And to civilians as well.
- Our people have everything under control.
All right, all that's left to do is wait for everything to fall into place.
All right.
If the rescue is done according to plan, the risk will be minimal.
And don't worry, Colonel, you and your country will be thanking us.
I've identified the contact.
You're clear to take J.
out whenever you'd like.
And done.
Don't scratch it, because it can get infected, okay? Remember that you have to take the analgesics and be careful with it.
All right, bro.
Thank you.
- All right, goodbye.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Are you sure this won't be noticeable? It's not going to start screeching or whistling when I open the refrigerator? Nobody will know unless you open your mouth about it.
With that chip, we will know your every move.
If you try to damage it or take it out, the authorities will immediately be on your tail and take you in.
Dead or alive, I'll see you again.
You can be certain of that.
One more thing you need to know.
If things go south, you don't have the slightest idea of who tried to rescue you.
You don't know who they are or what they wanted.
- Okay? - Got it.
If you manage to get physically close to the Lord of the Skies I'll have all his people on top of me.
That's true, but you won't be alone.
When the DEA has the exact location, they'll immediately launch an operation and send in undercover agents.
You won't know who they are, but they'll be watching your back.
All right, and what do I do when I have it all calibrated? You'll call a number that we'll give you.
You won't have to speak or say anything.
Just wait 20 seconds and hang up.
Agent Dixon, do you copy? Agent Dixon.
The reporter's car was here overnight.
Apparently, they slept here, waiting for the guy.
Do everything in your power to neutralize them.
Her and the other reporters.
You got it.
You know what's at stake.
One wrong move can jeopardize the entire operation.
Do whatever you need to do.
Let's go, J.
- All right.
- Guards.
I completely understand your frustration, Colonel.
You're about to lose twenty years' worth of work.
So many battles won.
So many enemies captured.
And for what? So the criminal can get his reward.
- Those are the sacrifices of the job.
- No, those aren't sacrifices, Colonel.
What you're planning to do is stupid.
I opposed it.
I confronted them, but I can't swim against the current alone.
- You can count on me, Colonel.
- I'm already resigned to it, Cifuentes.
I'm resigned.
It's odd, Colonel that an official like you would be familiar with the word "resignation".
The operation is in progress.
There's nothing to be done.
Something can be done.
We can recover the good name of the institution.
There's no time.
Colonel Tello you and I both know that these operations can change at the last minute.
- I gave them my word.
- And you're going to keep it.
No one is going to betray anyone here.
It's about being loyal to yourself.
Look, Colonel, let's do things the right way.
We have time to do what we've always wanted to do with Popeye's case.
And you know the best part of it? Neither you nor I will be exposed for it.
Think about it.
We'll be waiting to hear if we need to mobilize more men.
That will only happen in case things don't go well.
We know the principle objective is to deliver J.
So I don't need to remind you that all lives, including yours, John Jairo, are at stake.