Alias J.J. (2017) s01e53 Episode Script

Episode 53

Colonel, I think there are different ways to figure this out if you approach it from a different point of view.
Colonel, we just received a call from someone who says he's seen John Jairo Velásquez.
- Where? - The hotel where his ex-wife works.
Let's proceed with the recapture operation.
Have the SWAT team get ready immediately, and get me in touch with the police officers in charge of J.
's ex-wife's security.
You're doing what should be done, Colonel.
Look, you know that I've got a lot of problems.
So many people want me dead.
It could've been any of those bastards.
But I don't get it, because they had no way of finding you.
But they did find me.
And I'm lucky to be alive to tell the tale.
What? It's for you.
What the hell are you doing there? Who's this? Dixon.
What game are you playing, J.
? I want you out of there immediately, and I'm sorry to ruin your reunion with your ex-wife, but men are on their way right now to recapture you.
What? How did you know I'm with her? What, don't you know? I know this phone shows a location, but no more than that.
We're protecting your ex-wife.
Really? From whom? Who are you protecting her from? Because it's definitely not me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Get out of there.
You tricked me, Agent.
I already told you, I don't know what you're talking about.
The attack on Alexandra.
- Attack? - Yes, act like you don't know.
Someone came here to try and kill her, and she thinks I'm the one who ordered it.
, get out of there right now.
Tell me who ordered the attack.
Because whoever it was did a bad job.
What a stupid asshole.
And how the hell should I know? Look, I find it very curious that you asked her to make a statement against me.
Then they come and try to kill her.
She gets scared shitless and runs off to spill everything she knows.
Doesn't that seem odd? I don't know how you can be so stupid.
You're trading the paradise we're offering you for bullshit, damn it.
If you don't get out of there right now, it's over, understood? This time, even I won't be able to help you.
Let's go, let's go.
Hurry! Let's go, move it, move it! Let's go, hurry, hurry! This is a National Police operation! Everyone on the ground! Alcará, Cocora, secure the perimeter.
A woman called and said that some members of the Department of Security had planned everything so that the public would think that Ximena was a guerrilla.
And she's not? - She told me she isn't.
- No? Wait a minute.
According to what we know, the guerrillas rescued her, right? And according to the report we received, the guerrillas' northern command took out the agents who had recaptured her.
But this woman told me that Ximena was kidnapped by the guerrillas, that they're holding her against her will.
And how can we find out if it's true? - I asked Galeno.
- And what did he tell you? Nothing.
It's obvious he knows something, but he wouldn't say a word.
She wants someone to get her out of there.
Why didn't you tell me this before? Well, Commander, you know at the start it's rough for everyone, and then after a while, they end up adapting.
I thought it would be the same for Ximena.
- What does the Secretariat say? - That she has to stay in the camp.
She knows a lot of important information.
Then why the hell did you tell me she was doing well? Answer me.
Because I didn't want to bother you.
Not for something that I thought could be easily fixed.
Did you bring me what I want? I don't understand why they did this.
They took me out of one jail to put me in a worse one.
Galeno, you have to help me.
Help me, please.
I implore you, I'm begging you.
This is agony, do you hear? I can't do it anymore.
Please, I can't take it.
If you don't want to help me, then forget about me.
We have to find another source of information.
Obviously, the Department of Security is of no use.
Neither is any member of any government organization.
John Jairo.
Your J.
? How can we find him if the police don't even know where he is? Alexandra, his ex-wife? Maybe she knows where he is.
Well, J.
went back to hiding.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR What I don't get is why he would risk an important mission to go meet up with his ex-wife.
Well, this is Popeye.
He's capable of doing anything.
- I thought he was going to kill her.
- I wish he had.
I don't want to assume too much, Mancipe.
But I think this meeting he had with his ex-wife is going to cause us problems.
Serious problems.
So, do we look for more people we can trust? Yes, I think we'll have to.
We have to think about it because we need people who can support us, who can help us.
Bro, while I was managing the business, I met some guys who might work.
Here are their names, if you want to see.
No, you know what? I have the perfect person for this.
CAPITAL PRISON - Did you find them? - Yes.
Tell me, what happened? The Lord of the Skies has no interest in having an alliance with us.
But did you offer him everything I told you to? - Of course.
- And what happened? Nothing.
He said he already has a producer in Colombia.
No fucking way.
? That's right.
The worst part is the Mexicans rescued him in order to make him the boss here in Colombia.
I have the worst fucking luck! - Hello! - Hello! John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, alias Popeye.
Popeye! - Bro, Alirio.
- What are you doing here, man? - Hey, asshole.
- You got skinny.
And you got taller.
- This is a friend.
- Hello.
- How are you? Serrano.
- Welcome.
- Well, this is the ranch.
- Who are you hiding from? No one, no one.
So, why are you here? We both know that you're not here because of nostalgia.
You're right, my friend.
As usual.
Oh, really? So then what do you need from me? I need you to work with me.
- I'm already retired.
- This will be a vacation.
A man like you will always be very useful in an organization.
A man like me who survived what he had to survive in an organization.
Which is a miracle, bro.
Reaching 70 years old.
- Fifteen of them in jail.
- Because you're a fierce soldier.
No, because I know what to get involved in and when to do it.
Look, Popeye, at this point in my life, all I want is to live a peaceful life, bro, like the Egyptian camels.
You'll be peaceful with me, too, dude, and you'll have money for whatever you want.
Money always brings more problems, bro.
And all the money in the world can't buy the peace I feel now.
Well, if not for the cash, do it for me.
- Come on.
- Bro, what you taught me was incredible.
You were with us since the beginning.
Do it for old times' sake.
Do it for the boss.
When did you decide to be like him? Necessity, bro.
Getting out of jail, that didn't come free.
I have a debt, and I have to pay it off.
And I must produce coke, as much as you can get me.
You're the perfect person to help me with this.
Hey, Popeye.
Come look at this.
Surrounding the escape of John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez are situations which I've decided to call strange coincidences which I'd like to share with you, the public.
The first thing that happened to me was the day of John Jairo's transfer to the military airport, when the authorities detained me for no reason.
Apparently, they didn't want me to follow the caravan.
The following day, the day that John Jairo Velásquez escaped, when I tried to follow the caravan that was transporting him, a car appeared out of nowhere and blocked our way again.
These events made it impossible for us to be present at the moment of the escape.
Furthermore, the authorities involved still have not explained why they exchanged the first caravan for a smaller one, why there were no casualties where the confrontations occurred, why Colonel Tello, despite the gravity of the situation, was unable to give a satisfactory explanation to any of the questions I asked him.
All of these facts compel me to pose several questions.
Are you watching? Could it be that the authorities are involved in the escape of John Jairo Velásquez? Has corruption permeated the police and the Prosecutor's Office? What alliances might exist between the authorities and drug traffickers? That woman is going to fuck with you again.
What do you mean "again"? She discovered that our friend here was the guy who killed her father.
Ever since, all she's done is constantly try to fuck him over.
And who was her father? Some old faggot I had to take out when I started working for the Boss.
His name was Solozábal.
- He was a judge.
- A "faceless" judge? And how do you know that? I remember that guy.
What? You knew Ana María's father? When he called you, when the boss called you to give the order, I was there, bro.
You killed him for being a traitor.
That guy did the boss wrong on a job.
That guy worked for Pablo? If I remember correctly, it wasn't just one job, it was several.
Yes, sir, Solozábal.
We are currently standing in front of the National Prosecutor's Office, where a gathering of family members of John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez's victims is growing.
I am with Mrs.
Sofía de Ramírez, widow of General Jorge Ramírez.
Tell us, Sofía, what is this demonstration for? This is a peaceful protest by the families of the victims of John Jairo Velásquez, better known as Popeye, against a compromised government.
My husband was murdered by this criminal who escaped a week ago, and all of us here find it outrageous, frankly, that the authorities aren't doing anything to recapture him.
Well? Let's do what we came here for.
Well, how are you? - Hello.
How did it go? - The people I told you about.
Tell me.
- Mario, the guy with the routes.
- Mario.
This is Pedro, the chemist.
- How are you, bro? - And Heriberto.
He'll be in charge of the lab, kind of like a manager.
Good, if you trust them, all that's left to do is - Get started.
- Right away.
The first thing we need is someone to sell us the leaves, okay? - I have the guy for that.
- Who's that? A guy who takes care of some crops in Putumayo.
And you think he'll sell to us? Yes, I think if we make him a good offer, sure.
- And how much would that be? - Dig into your pocket.
Pay him more than what he's getting paid now.
All right then, okay.
Sure, okay.
All right, do that.
Okay? Get the job done.
Let's start right away.
Let's get started.
Let's not waste any time.
What's wrong? You're all charged up.
Well, dude, I am definitely nervous.
It's a lot of responsibility.
But why? Nothing's gonna happen.
Everything's fine.
It'll have to be fine, because if not, we're all dead, dude.
- Starting with you, son of a bitch.
- Why me? Because I got involved with you again, asshole? Negligence? Was there negligence in the operation to move Velásquez to the military airport? Forgive me, miss, but I don't have any knowledge of that operation.
That was something organized by the DEA and the Prosecutor's Office, not by us.
Fine, and according to you, what happened? How did Velásquez escape? Well, everyone knows that Velásquez is a criminal, a thug, to whom you can't give a single second of advantage.
- That means that the people - That doesn't mean anything, miss.
I'm simply referring to the fact that I'm not one to make value judgments.
We just have to create a bloc to capture him again.
After everything that happened, you think that's possible? To capture him again? We did it with Escobar, right? Of course.
We can't allow the Medellín cartel to rise up again.
That means That means that, with Velásquez on the lam, the country can once again be plunged into the violence and bloodshed that we had to live through for years.
And we're not going to allow that.
Thank you, Mayor Ortiz.
No more questions.
In addition to the national outrage due to the escape of John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, there are also statements by three witnesses who claim they've seen him in different parts of the country.
It appears that this thug is moving throughout the country as he pleases, and the authorities are the only ones who haven't seen him.
The most worrisome part of this situation is the lack of motivation in the mission to recapture him, since the authorities haven't even bothered to offer a reward for Velásquez.
How is it possible that the most wanted criminal in the entire country could manage to mock the authorities like this? Could John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez have corrupted the very institutions that should be pursuing him? Where are those responsible for this entire situation? Colonel Tello and those responsible refuse to respond to these questions, questions to which the whole country demands answers.
Look at this.
She's ruining my reputation.
She's dragging my name through the mud.
Look! And it's not just one magazine, or a story in the newspaper.
They're attacking me on all sides.
You're not the only one who looks bad here, Colonel.
That's not true, Agent Dixon, because your name isn't mentioned anywhere.
But the DEA's is, and the Prosecutor's Office The face I'm seeing here, sir, is mine.
I'm the only person that the press and the public want to condemn for the lack of results.
Colonel, you have the support of the president and the military high command.
Don't make me laugh, Counselor.
Don't insult my intelligence.
Until when? Until when? Because if things continue like this the moment will come when, in order to get out from under all this shit, they'll need to sacrifice someone.
And it won't take a genius to figure out which one of us it'll be.
But I'll tell you one thing, gentlemen, I'll tell you this.
If they fuck me, I'm taking everyone with me, believe me, everyone! I imagine that Heriberto already told you, he's working here with us, and he told us that you're the guy, that you can sell us coca leaves.
How many kilos are we talking about? - As many as you have.
- Oh, as many as I have.
- Right.
- Yes, if you have more, we'll take more.
What I mean is that, in Colombia, no one can move inventory that big.
You're right.
But it's all for export.
And there are more than enough nostrils outside.
The gringos are incredible cokeheads.
They fucking know how to snort, right? Yes, no need to say more.
All right.
We have to do something about Ana María.
She's putting the operation at risk.
And besides, she's riling up the press.
Any suggestions? Why don't you try talking to her? She respects you a great deal.
No, that's not enough.
Ana María is a very intelligent woman.
All right, but we lose nothing by trying.
She's a reporter, and what she's looking for are answers.
Why don't you meet with her and I don't know, say there's someone undercover, that we're doing an investigation and that we need time? Because, with the influence she has on public opinion, the last thing we have is time.
The cure could be worse than the disease.
If I try to persuade her and it doesn't work, the doubts she had before will turn into certainties.
It will be clear that J.
is out of jail because of us.
Well, if she keeps on cornering Tello, it won't go any better for us, believe me.
That man, as we just saw, is desperate.
- That's very clear.
- So then what? I don't want to pressure you, Counselor, but we have to find a way to shut up that reporter or we can expect that, sooner or later, Tello will hit us hard.
I prefer the first option.
I'm speaking in particular about Ana María Solozábal.
The problem, Dr.
Maldonado, is that, on the newscast, she's making accusations against the military high command, DEA officials, and the Prosecutor's Office.
And if she doesn't submit proof soon, we will be compelled to file charges against her.
And not just her, but everyone who, in one way or another, has permitted these public attacks, against anyone who hasn't given her the answers that she wants to hear.
The woman I spoke to on the street assured me that John Jairo got out of the red van to buy food.
That means that he's doing whatever he wants.
Are you all right? Your newscast has always been known for its high level of objectivity.
But do you think that, after what happened between Ana María and J.
, she's still objective? I don't think so.
- Is something wrong? - Yes.
Something's going on that affects you directly.
I just got out of a meeting with the board of directors and they want to reorganize the newscast.
Are they going to fire me? By starting a war with this criminal, she's forgotten that a journalist's job is to inform.
She's not doing that.
She's spending all her time attacking and making judgments left and right.
They're going to reassign you.
- "Reassign" me means - Don't worry.
- What do you mean, reassign me? - Don't worry.
Since Pilar is leaving, they want you to take over the entertainment division.
- The entertainment division? - Yes.
Ana María, I know that Look.
I'm in the middle of an investigation, Tito.
- Yes, but, look at it as a promotion.
- It's clear what's going on.
It's not a promotion! They want to shut me up because I'm raising doubts about Colonel Tello, the DEA, and the Prosecutor's Office! - Come on! - Just a second.
Forgive me, but we have never censored you here.
What are you doing then? It's just a staff reorganization.
We very much appreciate your work, but the station wants you in the entertainment division.
It'll be temporary, and could be very good for you.
And then, when you return to the legal division, you'll be refreshed.
I hope you're not behind all this.
Ana María the decision came from above, and I couldn't do anything.
I'm sorry.
Ana María.
All right, we have the goods and we have the men.
But no way to get them to Mexico.
The DEA kept your plane, they kept your pilot and they're watching all the routes.
The man they were working with sold it all for a lighter sentence.
What do you propose? I propose that we start over.
New plane, new pilot, new routes.
- No, that takes a long time.
- Well, then what do you propose? - Buenaventura.
- By boat? Look, with the way things are, it's a lot easier to send it by water than by air.
You know how fucking hard it is to get into that port? And that's not counting the transport time.
All right.
Let's suppose we don't send it either by air or by boat.
Then what? Bro, do you think it's very hard to round up a submarine? Hello.
How are you? They said you needed me, that there's a problem with the room.
Thank you, come in.
Excuse me.
Tell me how I can help you.
I work for J.
I'm here to take you with me.
I have a car waiting outside.
And if I decide not to go, what then? You're going to take me by force? He said "Bring her.
" - I carry out whatever orders I get, ma'am.
- No, sir.
Here, talk to him.
You met Alirio? Nice guy, right? What's this? You having me kidnapped, or what? - No, how could you think that? - Well, what then? No, if you don't want to come, you just tell him that, and he'll leave.
Why did you send him, John? Because I need to talk to you.
Because we didn't finish our last conversation.
- I don't have anything more to say.
- Ah, but I do.
Look, I want to talk with you peacefully.
Without police, without anyone breathing down my neck.
But I'm working.
I'm sure you can find someone to cover for you.
Look, I promise.
And you know I mean it when I say that.
You come, we talk, and whenever you want to go, I'll take you back to the hotel.
I'm very happy you came.
You can't imagine what I feel every time I see you.
Alexandra, I've fucked up a lot in my life, I know.
And in jail, I kept fucking up.
I kept extorting, robbing, killing but I've never felt for any woman what I felt for you, I want you to know that.
And is that supposed to be a compliment? I can't forget you.
And what separated us was jail.
It wasn't jail, John.
It was you.
You tried to use me like one of your workers.
Do you remember the day you tried to get me to bring drugs into the jail? When you didn't tell me anything? You didn't care what might have happened to me.
You manipulate everyone.
And you think saying two words to me will make me forget all the fucking damage you did to me? No, not with two words.
But if you give me time, I can show you.
You don't feel anything for me anymore? Not anymore.
At one point in my life, of course you know how much I loved you.
And I was willing to do anything.
You were going to be the father of my child, John.
But with what you did, you put an end to all of it.
And I was tired.
And I came because I needed to talk to you.
Because I don't want hostility between us.
Because I had a knot here, a bellyache from the stress.
And if tomorrow something happens to me or to you, at least we've said what needed to be said.
I'm going to go.
Or are you not going to keep your word? You don't know how much I wish that things between us could have turned out differently.
I love you.
And you'll always be my wife.
All right? Alirio.
Take her to the hotel.
Take care.
CAPITAL PRISON Dear Ximena, I know that the life of a revolutionary soldier isn't easy, but it strengthens character and builds spirit.
The only way I can help you is by accompanying you on this path, not taking you off of it.
I'm accompanying you from here, my beloved comrade.
Even so, if you don't want to have anything more to do with me, I'll have to accept it.
Commander Tulio Galeno.
Having a good time, huh? We didn't set you free so that you could win back your ex.
- You have a deal with me.
- Yes, I know.
Well? Look, it takes time.
Catching a narco is insane.
It's not easy.
Look, what we don't have is time.
I have people above me and they want to see results now.
Don't worry, bro, I'm on it.
Look, J.
, I'm not going to get my throat cut because of you.
So you get me something now, or this shit is fucking over.
I'll give your location to Tello and he'll do whatever the fuck he wants with you.
I don't know what happened to Ximena and I was investigating Ricardo Álvarez.
In the Department of Security? Yes, the guy she says set up all the evidence against her.
And? And nothing.
No one wants to talk about what's happening inside there.
Ana María, a little while ago, you told me that Popeye had information about that.
Yes, he told me about the link between the paramilitary and the Department of Security.
Do you think he can help us? It depends on how long it takes you to find him and ask him.
Could you ask him? If you could, I don't know, find out - something about that - Look, I would love to help you.
What's this? Ana María.
- You're really resigning? - Yes.
- I know nothing about show business.
- But it's only temporary.
Temporary? The reorganization is an excuse.
That's all, Tito.
If the board's new policy is that they dictate what we can cover, I'm not interested in staying.
I'm continuing with my investigation.
Ana María.
Did she quit or was she fired? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR No, Ana María resigned.
Do you know why? Supposedly, the directors of the newscast had had it with her.
They reassigned her.
And removed her from the Popeye investigation.
What's wrong, Colonel? I thought you'd be happy to hear that.
With the reporter out of the way, the pressure eases up a bit, no? Don't kid yourself.
If she decides to work on her own, she can publish whatever she wants.
And that's not good for us.
Aside from the crew and everything we need to operate in the warehouse there, I've calculated it's about ten tons.
How long will it take? Since you're in a hurry, bro, at least a month.
- No.
- No, don't make it so top shelf.
We don't have that much time.
Look, I know you don't have much time, Popeye.
But I can't promise anything more.
With the people, the tools I have right now, that's all I can offer you.
So if I pay you double, can you have it for me in 15 days? Mathematics, right? Pure mathematics, bro.
- It's just that - In 15 days, my friend, in 15 days.
You can do it, okay? And let's not put in ten.
- Let's put in twelve tons.
- A nice dozen, Mario.
In 15 days we get that little fish in the water, got it? Don't worry, it will go great.
I'll wait for you today at 3:00 in La Primavera Park.
Who is this? Go there if you want to know the truth about Popeye.
What do you mean 3:00 in La Primavera Park? Who is this? Hello? Well, what do you think, Popeye? Fantastic, bro.
Really wonderful, you hear? No, it's nothing.
With the engine that we put in this, we can easily reach 35, 45 knots.
No, speak Spanish.
How far can it get us in one shot? Well, this can go as far as some 2,000 miles.
More than enough to get to the coast of Tehuantepec.
- Yes.
- More than enough.
So, we're ready, right? Well, look, Popeye.
We made this little weapon with the best materials, we put in the latest technology, but like everything, it needs to be tested.
Look, let me explain.
It's better to make sure that it's working the way we need it to, before we load it up and lose all the merchandise in the ocean.
No, let's do whatever we have to do.
Let's not get cheap now.
Go for it, bro.
It's fantastic, you hear.
Really great.
Go for it, great.
- And what about Alexandra? - She hasn't left the hotel.
- And she hasn't spoken with anyone? - No.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure.
- Okay, keep an eye on her.
- Until you tell me not to, Popeye.
It's incredible, right? Fantastic.
What do you want? To keep you from making a grave mistake, Colonel.
Get out of the car.
I'm going to have you arrested for this, assholes.
Colonel, I started to investigate you when I found out you wanted to sabotage J.
's escape.
And we weren't mistaken, look.
All the info about our mission, the coordinates of J.
's location.
Recordings, photos.
I'll keep this, Colonel.
Thank you.
You see? Get out of the car.
Go ahead.
Go on, as soon as you can.
Keep quiet, okay? And I'll take care of it.
Just be cool, dude.
Stay still, don't move, quiet.
- Hello.
How are you? - Documents, please.
Yes, of course.
- Something wrong? - What are you carrying? Just some machinery for some research.
Is there a problem on the road? - Ballero, search that truck.
- Yes, Lieutenant.
What do you see there? This is pretty strange, Lieutenant.
It's a kind of ship.
Yes, we're transporting a submarine.
- Ah, a submarine.
- Yes, to go to the bottom of the sea.
The owner of this truck likes scientific research and boats Scientific.
On your knees, sir! - I said on your knees! - Okay, don't worry.
Down! Secure the truck! - Okay, don't worry.
- Yes, Lieutenant.
- Okay, why don't we call the owner - Shut up! - Help me out, Lieutenant.
Help me out.
- Shut up, I said!