Alias J.J. (2017) s01e54 Episode Script

Episode 54

Authorities have seized a submarine at a military checkpoint over 600 miles from the ocean.
The individuals transporting it had no documents or shipping license, and were unable to explain their reason for having it.
Nevertheless, it is believed to belong to traffickers who were planning on using it to export drugs out of the country.
- I told you it wasn't a good idea.
- Shut up, asshole! Don't say anything! Don't say anything! We just lost a lot of money, and one of your men.
You told me they were good.
That they knew how to do things right.
If we don't get that shipment to the Mexican, we're going to have a big fucking problem.
We have to figure out what to do.
Hey, man.
If I were you, I'd accept the offer, Colonel.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Your other option is a prolonged internal investigation that will inevitably result in your termination, and incarceration.
I agree with the President of the Republic.
Your services to this country have been exemplary, and your career doesn't deserve a shameful end.
Prosecutor, all I wanted was To divulge classified information.
You know perfectly well what the consequences are for treason.
This is a situation in which you must choose the lesser of two evils.
And when do I leave the country, Mr.
Prosecutor? Today.
We'll stash the merchandise in a fruit shipment.
Once it's in the port, our men will take care of loading it and getting it to sea.
From there, our ship will pick it up and take it to the unloading zone.
Will it work? Yes, the route is good, boss.
If everything goes as planned, it shouldn't fail.
Look, you get the merchandise on the truck, and we'll take care of the rest.
Don't worry.
All right.
Come here.
A little gift from your friend.
The reporter Ana María Solozábal.
THE TRUTH ABOUT "JJ" And what's this shit? Didn't she leave the newscast? Yes, she left.
So then, who is she writing this for? The whole world, bro, because she's publishing all her investigations on the internet.
- Hello.
- Ana María.
- John Jairo? - Oh, you still remember me.
I've been thinking a lot about you, too, doll.
You can't imagine how much.
I was reading your work on the internet.
Did you like it? Very much.
It's very well written.
Well done.
But you neglected to mention a few things, and you're mistaken about others.
Excuse me? Well, considering who your father was, you should be careful with what you say.
What about my father? Would you believe that he and I were actually colleagues? Oh, stop spouting such nonsense, Popeye.
No, it's not nonsense.
I was doing some research, asking around, and thanks to a friend, I discovered the truth.
What truth? Your father and I worked for the same boss: Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.
All my father did was try to catch criminals like you.
No, don't believe me.
It's fine.
But if you're curious, check with the guerrillas.
The ones involved with the Palace of Justice siege.
And ask them if your father helped get some of them out of jail by order of Pablo Escobar.
Look, I don't have to ask anything, okay? Stop with the nonsense, Popeye.
You wanted a good headline.
There you have it.
"Reporter attacking Popeye turns out to be daughter of a mafia judge.
" That's a good one, right? Shouldn't he be here already? Let's wait, bro.
We have to wait.
No, it's already been a long time.
Nothing, no one's answering, bro.
MIRACLE ESTATE Here's what I promised.
GENARO ROMERO'S LAWYER A pleasure doing business with you.
I imagine it's all there, right? Don't be surprised if you find a little extra.
- Well, what? - Nothing, bro.
Where the hell is Trujillo? Well if what you promise is true, it'll be a pleasure for me as well.
- What a start, right? - I know.
Take it to the office.
Don't let it out of your sight.
I'll be right there.
Very good, Dangón.
Very good.
Are you sure? All right.
All right, see you back here.
Why is the friend you recommended me selling coca leaf to someone else? No, Pope, I assure you No, you don't assure anything, asshole.
We fucked up from the start.
I need you to find out who is doing business with him.
All right? And we have to start producing coke right away.
If we don't come through for that Mexican, you know what'll happen to us.
Genaro Romero Orjuela has fifteen tons ready and can send them to you today.
- Are you interested? - Very.
If that's true, this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.
- Cheers.
- Sounds perfect, sir.
No good? Nothing that you've provided matches the quality we need, sir.
CAPITAL PRISON I know that you're one of the most important men in the organization.
And you have important information on many confidential issues.
And you think I'm going to give you that information for your newscast? I'm not working for the newscast.
This is personal, Mr.
It's about my family.
All right.
But you can't record or write anything.
I don't have anything.
What do you want to know? There have always been rumors about the relationship between the guerrillas and Pablo Escobar.
How much truth is there in that? A lot.
Escobar and the guerrillas had some business together a while ago.
The Palace of Justice? Not sure what you're getting at.
Why don't you just get to the point? Did you ever hear about Escobar bribing judges to get some guerrillas involved in that operation out of jail? I know of a couple comrades were able to get out, thanks to a judge named Solozábal.
Solozábal, yes.
Bernardo Solozábal? I don't know his first name, but I'm sure the last name was "Solozábal".
Why? Thank you.
Can you tell me where the rest is, asshole? Look, Edgar, forgive me, but I had some logistical problems.
No, bro.
You need to understand something.
I don't give a fuck about your fucking problems, dude.
What I do care about is you making good on your promise.
No, you'll have it, but I need you to give me a few days.
Have you forgotten us getting you out of jail, bro? Us saving you from the gringos? - I know.
- Well, it doesn't seem like it, asshole.
Look, I promise you that I'll make sure the next delivery is complete.
I'll give you a special price.
See, there's your problem, dude.
You think my boss is looking for discounts.
- No, bro, it's to make up for it.
- Let me tell you something.
We risked our men, and a lot of money, to get you out of jail because you promised you would deliver all the coke in the world to us.
Don't worry.
I'll start right away, okay? No, not "I'll start", asshole.
We needed it yesterday.
Fuck you, asshole.
What's the news, bro? Tell me.
CAPITAL PRISON They told me that they're in.
- They accepted.
- No way.
You are now partners with the Lord of the Skies.
No fucking way.
Bunch of faggots! Have you forgotten us getting you out of jail, bro? Us saving you from the gringos? - I know.
- Well, it doesn't seem like it, asshole.
Look, I promise you that I'll make sure the next delivery is complete.
I'll give you a special price.
We risked our men and a lot of money to get you out of jail because you promised you would deliver all the coke in the world to us.
Don't worry.
I'll start right away, okay? No, not "I'll start", asshole.
We needed it yesterday.
Fuck you, asshole.
That's all of it.
The Mexicans cancelled the deal.
Now Popeye won't be able to get close to the Lord of the Skies.
That's the only communication we have? Yes.
That's the last of it.
He hasn't communicated with anyone else.
What do we do? Do we take him in again, go for it, or what? It doesn't make sense for him to be free if he can't get close to the Lord of the Skies anymore.
Your work as a drug lord didn't pan out for us.
- What happened? - What happened with what? With the Mexicans.
I'm working on it.
Well, apparently not very well because I heard them tell you to go to hell.
- And how do you know that? - Because it's my job to know.
To be three steps ahead of you.
Look, things aren't panning out like we planned.
But that's just business.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
But we have a deal.
You said you'd deliver the Lord of the Skies to me.
- And I will deliver him to you.
- When? I don't know.
I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.
It benefits me too if this all works out, you know.
You want me to give you the Mexican? Stop calling me every five minutes.
Let me work.
Well, bro, this isn't the end of the world.
You're free, and you don't have to fulfill your deal with the Mexicans.
Stop talking bullshit, man.
After what they did to get me out of jail, you don't think they'll make me pay for coming up empty? Those guys have more important things to worry about.
They can worry about thousands of things.
That doesn't make them any less fierce.
They'll get me sooner or later.
And? You're in your country.
You have your people.
What's the problem? The problem is I have a tombstone with my name on it.
We can't wage war against them.
Do me a favor and find Alirio.
I need to talk to him.
Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it.
"I'll do it.
" Since you started doing coke, the only thing you've done is screw up.
So go find Alirio for me right now.
Right away.
Believe me.
I'm serious.
Popeye is done.
We knocked him out.
That dog is dangerous, Dangón.
- Even more so when he's injured.
- Injured? The old J.
is done for, Genaro.
- We only dealt him a hard blow.
- A blow he can't recover from.
You're a rookie.
You don't know what these people are like.
Don't you remember Escobar? Popeye is cut from the same cloth.
He won't rest until he finds out who screwed him over.
Well, he'll only hit a wall then.
He can't beat us.
And if he tries to attack, we'll be waiting for him.
And who told you we'll be waiting for him? If we want to finish him off we have to take advantage, now that we have him on the ground.
Listen to me.
This is what you're going to do.
If the Mexicans blew me off, it's because they already had someone else lined up.
Someone else is selling to them.
The Bolivians? They produce a lot, but I don't think they know how to transport it.
What do you think then? It has to be someone from here.
Oh, damn it.
It could be the same guy who worked with the Putumayo people.
And what did Heriberto find out? Nothing.
He couldn't get the information you asked for.
And nobody is giving him any leads.
He asked everyone we know, and no one has a clue.
Who could've bought all the coca leaf that Trujillo promised us? We're going to have to work to find out.
It's because of him we're in this fucking mess.
It's quite simple.
If your old boss has the information, you find him, and you get it out of him.
He won't tell me anything.
I know he won't.
Especially now that he knows I'm working for you.
Well, tell him I told you to fuck off because you screwed me over, and I'm on the hunt to kill you.
He'll kill me.
He'll definitely kill me.
He won't hesitate to blow my brains out.
It's your fault that I'm in this fucking mess.
You're the one who recommended that asshole.
- I know, boss - No, it seems like you don't.
Because you would've already fixed this if you did.
J, calm down.
What will you achieve by killing him? We need him alive, J.
Not dead.
- Because he's your friend, asshole.
- J, you can trust him.
That's why I brought him to you.
Are you looking for answers? He's the only one who can help us get them.
If he betrays us, I'll chop off his head and bring it to you myself, J.
- How did it go? - Good.
It's done.
- Do you need anything else? - No.
- If you want, bro - Go do what I told you to do.
Right away.
All right, my friend.
How are we going to resolve this? Considering who your father was, you should be more careful with what you say.
All my father did was try to catch criminals like you.
Your father and I worked for the same boss: Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.
managed to completely throw me.
He plunged me into a hell of not knowing who my father really was.
From one moment to the next, the man I had loved and idolized turned into a stranger.
I needed to find out the truth.
The guy works with a lot of people around here.
That's why he's so powerful.
The thing is he doesn't go anywhere alone.
He always has one of his best men with him.
That's not a problem.
At some point, he'll drop his guard, and we'll get him.
I know someone, a girl, who's close to him.
The maid? No, she's like a nanny who takes care of his kids.
Here, take this.
Stay out here.
I don't want the kids to see a gun in the house.
- Surprise.
Turn around.
- Hello, boss.
Listen to me.
Your kids face two immediate futures.
One that'll be very, very bad, or one that'll be good.
Decide which one right now.
Well, bro? You're a dead man, John Jairo.
I swear you don't know who you're messing with.
Are you done? Why are you acting like this? Remember our deal? What the hell do you think you're doing? You and I had a deal.
And I never got the merchandise.
Give me a week, and I'll get it to you.
That won't work now.
You made me look bad.
What I need is for you to tell me who you sold it to, who you're doing business with.
Talk, son of a bitch.
It's in your best interest.
You and I can be very good friends, we can keep doing business, we can be partners.
But first, tell me who's sabotaging me.
If you don't want to tell me, fine.
I'll kill your family right in front of you, and then chop you up.
So you decide.
Can you believe Trujillo told me that Genaro Romero was the one who bought the merchandise we were going to sell to the Mexicans? No, that's not possible.
Romero is screwed.
- Oh, that's a bunch of lies.
- Well, that's what he told me.
He paid double what I offered.
That's a lot of money.
I'm sure he offered it because he had nothing to lose, you know? So you really think that he's the one selling merchandise to the Mexicans? I don't know.
You tell me.
You're the one who knows them.
Would they trust a rat like him? Bro, it's just this simple.
They showed up because they wanted drugs.
That's why they got Alicia out of the way.
When I told them we could send all the drugs they wanted, they were happy.
It's simple.
You couldn't do it, so they found someone else who could supply them.
You think that the Mexicans already had a Plan B while they were doing business with me? Genaro would never be the Plan B.
Tell them they can count on me.
If they can help me get out of this shithole I'm in, I'll start right away.
Where did you get that? Do you really care about where the recording came from? Because what should really concern you is what it says.
The Lord of the Skies already has his Plan B ready.
I'm contemplating the same thing.
Romero won't negotiate with you.
Genaro realized that you were selling to the Mexicans.
He had someone find out who was selling the cheaper coca leaf to you.
He screwed you out of it and made the Mexicans a better offer.
It all makes sense.
The issue is who told him about the deal you made with them.
Because to make them a better offer, he had to know the original.
Why are you looking at me like that? Don't be ridiculous.
I'd never do that.
How could you think that? I have a job for you.
I need you to spy on Romero's lawyer, okay? Follow him everywhere.
I'll do whatever you ask, bro.
But remember that the police are looking for me too.
And if they catch me, what then? That's not my problem.
You still owe me a debt.
Do you intend to make me pay for the rest of my life? That's not your concern, either.
1 MONTH LATER It's been more than a month, Dixon.
How much more time does J.
need? Not much.
Well, John Jairo has been making significant progress.
Significant? How close is Velásquez to delivering the Lord of the Skies to us? Dixon.
You know that everything you said in there was a lie.
You know that J.
lost contact with the Lord of the Skies.
- But he'll get it back.
- Oh, really? How? - I spoke with him - Oh, yeah? And what did he promise you? Dixon, I don't understand how you can keep trusting a liar like J.
- We don't have any other choice, Mancipe.
- Yes, we do.
We can choose to accept that this operation has failed.
- It hasn't failed.
- Oh, no? - Well, then? - Look, when I got into this, I knew that it wouldn't be easy to get to the Lord of the Skies, but I still risked it.
Now, among all the options that we have, this is the only one that can work.
I don't believe that.
I don't give a damn what you do or don't believe.
You're not here to judge my work.
You're here to help me.
And if you can't, go find something else to do.
If I can get rid of a colonel, I can get rid of a fucking detective.
Well, this is when things get complicated.
Right now, the jail is incredibly secure.
Ever since the incident with Abel, there's been more rules and surveillance.
It's insane, you understand? Well, that's better for us, J.
They must be thinking exactly the same thing as us.
"There are more rules and surveillance.
" They start falling asleep, they start relaxing, and then we Bam! It's perfect.
Yes, you're right about that.
It's good to have a lot of enemies because you're always on your guard.
Otherwise, you let your guard down, and that's when they kill you.
And if we get that to work? You get the rat who sabotaged our deal with the Mexicans off your back.
And you want to guess why they'll come back? For you.
It's simple.
We need double what you sold us.
- Double? - That's right.
Of course.
You got it.
What a great decision you made in switching buyers, choosing us instead of John Jairo.
Serrano, can you hear me? What's going on? Serrano.
What's going on? If you wanted to know what I was up to, all you had to do was ask.
How are you, Counselor Serrano? Or should I call you "boss"? My men told me you were spying on me.
I suppose it must've been John Jairo's orders, no? I think that's good.
I think it's good that a criminal like J.
views Romero Orjuela as a danger, a threat.
Because he is.
NURSING HOME This is good, thank you.
Ana María.
- It's good to see you, Marta.
How are you? - How's it going? - Fine.
- So long since I've seen you.
- Yes, well, I've been working a lot.
- Yes, I've seen you a lot on the news.
- Yes.
My mother? - Waiting for you.
Come in.
Thank you.
You have to be patient.
She's had some very difficult weeks.
What happened? She's had some very severe episodes of depression.
Why didn't you tell me, Marta? - Because she asked us not to.
- I don't believe it.
There she is.
- Do you want me to bring you anything? - No, thank you.
- Hi.
- Is it my birthday? No.
Yours? No.
Then what? I needed to see you and spend some time with you.
All right, I'll tell him.
What? Did you tell him what I asked you to? Because I'm of more use to you alive.
Really? Ramírez.
Give me your gun.
How how does this work again? I stand I aim It feels strange, doesn't it? Especially for men like us, who are used to doing everything by the books.
Rules, decrees, the Constitution.
The code, cajoling, tricks, loopholes, bribery, blackmail, greased palms, payoffs.
I've never had to kill anyone.
And I would have liked to give you the honor of being my first.
But Genaro has other plans for you.
Although knowing him like I do, my dear Counselor Serrano, I'm certain you will regret not being my first.
You will wish I had killed you today instead.
He pardoned you, but you're not going to like what he has planned for you.
Believe me.
- How are you? - Good.
They told me you've been having a difficult time.
No, that's not true.
Are you taking your medication, Mom? I always take it.
Forgive me for not coming so often.
I know you're very busy.
I've seen you on the newscast.
I don't work there anymore.
That's great to hear.
Mom, I've been thinking a lot about Dad recently.
And I need for us to talk about him.
Hello, my friend.
- Sir.
- I'm here for Carrillo's order.
Oh, you're Mr.
Jorge Sandoval Apóstol.
Well, hell.
It doesn't look fake at all.
- Here's your money.
- Thank you, sir.
- Who are you? - You're Monedas.
I don't know you.
Calm down, bro.
You know the only people who visit you in prison are your friends.
I don't have any friends.
Look, bro, I've heard good things about you and your abilities.
I heard that you're very skilled at what I need you to do.
- And who told you that? - Popeye.
He told me that he met you here and that you're a good man who can be trusted.
What does he want? He wants to help you.
He knows you have money problems.
You know, the first thing he did? Pay half of the debt you owe the bank.
And he'll pay the other half when you do what we ask.
Who's the guy? Look, bro, we have a problem with someone here.
Genaro considers you a very valuable man, Counselor Serrano.
He knows that you're the one who helped multiply John Jairo's fortune.
You're the one who found a way to launder the money and move the merchandise.
And he wants you.
But on one condition.
You give us J.
It's simple.
You deliver John Jairo's corpse to us, and I'm sure that Genaro will repay you handsomely.
He'll give you a position that a man like you deserves, Counselor Serrano.
Well? How did it go? Alirio was trying to call you.
You had us worried.
Why didn't you answer? Well? Were you successful? Tell me what you found out.