Alias J.J. (2017) s01e55 Episode Script

Episode 55

CAPITAL PRISON What the hell? Get out! Son of a bitch! Help! Guzmán, open the door! Call the infirmary.
Hold him tight.
Come on.
Son of a bitch.
- It was simply bad luck.
- Bad luck my ass.
Bad luck my ass.
The guy’s guardian angel showed up.
A guard showed up at that precise moment.
Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I? That we wouldn't be able to harm him inside the prison.
It wasn’t a good idea to go there.
We were so close Close, fucker? Close isn't good enough.
This will start a war.
This guy won’t sit still.
We have to warn everyone.
Where’s Serrano? I don’t know.
All set.
Are you sure? Positive.
Whenever you say.
NURSING HOME I’ve been going through really difficult times at the newscast, mom.
And that reminded me of dad.
What for? It’s best not to think about that.
I want to know why they killed him.
Don’t you remember? No.
They killed him because they couldn’t buy him.
They killed him because he didn’t bow down to the drug lords.
Have you ever considered another possibility? Why do you think they killed your father, then? What was he up to before they killed him? Who was he working for? I don’t know.
I never asked questions.
But I knew him well, Ana.
I knew your father.
He was a wonderful man a man who didn’t deserve to die that way.
- Ana María.
- I need to speak with you, Tito.
What is it? Have a seat.
Ana María, enough, please.
Stop digging into the past.
Look at you.
I need to know the truth, Tito.
What truth? What truth? I need to know if my father was who I thought he was.
You knew very well who your father was.
Your father was just as you remember him.
What others say are only rumors, and only you can decide whether to believe them or not.
Then, what do we make of what John Jairo told us? Oh, come on.
- Not John Jairo again.
- I went to the prison.
I spoke with Galeno.
He said he remembered a Judge Solozábal who freed members of the guerrillas from jail.
Did you believe him? Why do you need to do this? Why? Because I chose this career for him.
Because I looked up to him.
So Tito, do you know if this means that I will lose my anchor position? That everything I believed to be right and fair, isn’t? That’s what it means.
Very good.
Cover it, now.
Put this in.
Help me.
Come on.
The shipment is ready.
Excellent, son.
How are the ceramics? Good, very good.
This is good, Dangón.
And, what about the other issue? That’s all set.
All right, what’s left? Nothing.
Just your authorization.
Of course, son.
Sure, right away.
Wait a minute, Dangón.
One more thing.
All right.
I want proof pictures, anything, all right? They won’t fool me.
I want to make sure that what the attorney promised is true.
Understood? You almost didn’t make it.
I’m glad you called.
That shows me that you are as smart as I thought.
I spoke with Genaro.
Really? What did he say? That you can start whenever you want.
All right, let’s do it now.
Now? I suppose he asked for some proof of what I'm about to do.
- Yes, he wants proof.
- All right.
I don’t have a problem with killing J.
But, you have to come with me.
I am a man of my word.
One more thing.
Only the two of us will go.
All right.
He’s there.
Is he really there? That’s right.
- Is he there now? - Yes, dude.
What about security? What about it? I’m in charge, so it doesn’t matter.
So? What’s the plan? Handy, huh? Wait a minute.
How can I be sure that he's in there? How can I be sure? What do you mean? Where the fuck is Serrano? There.
There he is.
Listen, I need a favor.
Find him, please.
Don’t come back without him.
So? What are you waiting for? Go ahead.
- Do I have to do it myself? - I’m doing it.
Are you sure? We have to check.
What for? What do you mean what for? I can’t go to Romero without proof that we finished the job.
Look, man.
Do you really think that you will find anything there? I need to find something.
You can’t put us at risk now.
The explosion will attract a lot of people.
Then let’s go before they get here.
- I don’t agree.
- What? Don’t tell me you're scared now after killing the guy.
Are you sure he's dead? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Was he in the explosion? Shit.
The transmitters picked up a signal.
Come here.
Wait a minute, Ortega.
That’s J.
He’s moving, sir.
Get close to the site of the blast.
It looks like J.
is alive.
Come on, Alirio.
Come on.
We are on the right path.
We're good.
It all worked out, Alirio.
This is the right way.
If I fall, don’t wait for me, motherfucker.
- Come on, faggot.
- Don’t wait for me.
Come on.
Come on.
We’re in good shape.
Dangón, are you sure that dog is dead? CAPITAL PRISON Please, confirm it.
I don’t want any surprises.
Great job, son.
Give the attorney my congratulations.
Sure, treat him like a king, son.
The man earned it.
Yes, okay.
One more thing.
Tell him that I am very happy, and welcome him to the team.
All right? Yes.
It has to be somewhere.
Son of a bitch! What are you doing here? They were going to kill me.
Who? Does it matter? Everybody in this country wants to kill me.
You can’t stay here.
You have to go.
- Are you serious? - I am serious.
Go away.
I said, they almost killed me.
Are you really telling me this? Look! Didn’t I make myself clear the last time we spoke? Yes, but I didn’t come here to propose marriage, did I? I came here because I trust you.
Who are you calling? - Who? Make your call.
- That’s what I’m doing.
Make your call.
I want to see the look on your face when the pigs answer and tell you they already know that I’m here.
What are you talking about? The police helped me to escape.
Go ahead, call them.
They must already know that I’m here.
Genaro is happy.
Really? What did he say about the proof? He understood.
I told him about the explosion.
I told him we made a lot of noise with that bomb and that we attracted a lot of attention.
He agreed that it was a good idea for us to stay here.
Besides, he knows that it isn’t good if we are seen together because that might link us to the attack.
What matters here, bro, is that - J.
is dead, right? - That’s right.
I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Congratulations, Serrano.
Killing J.
will guarantee you and important place within the organization.
Look, Dangón Anybody could’ve killed J.
I know that I am important to the organization because I launder money for them.
Otherwise, I'd already be dead just like J.
Am I right? Serrano.
Be grateful that most of the covers we used to launder money fell through.
However, a word of advice don’t get cocky.
Don’t get too full of yourself.
Come on, my friend, admit it.
I’m very important to the organization.
Therefore, I demand special treatment.
Aren’t you demanding! What, haven’t I earned it? Look, Serrano, Genaro always finds a way to launder money.
You’re not the only one.
But he isn’t as good as me, bro.
It's simple.
I’m not only important to you for what I know, but also for what I have.
Who do you think got J.
’s money? That being said, my dear friend, I don’t want to be Genaro’s employee.
I want to be his partner.
Go ahead, laugh.
You are the one who will end up with two bosses instead of one.
You know what, bro? You should stop using the shit we sell, bro.
You are delusional.
Yes, I should, shouldn’t I? Boss.
Your order just arrived.
Look how delusional I am.
What’s happening, baby? How’s it going, baby? Take care of the boy.
He isn’t feeling well.
- He’s delirious.
- This is real, just like the dollars I'll give you.
Hello Should I pick the brunette or the blond? And that was the deal I made with them.
The DEA and I agreed to cancel the extradition order, if I turned in the Lord of The Skies.
Will you be able to do it? Not anymore.
Everything went to hell after the business with the Mexicans fell through.
What happens now? I don’t know.
I don’t know.
One thing I know is that I won’t grow old in a Gringo prison.
Maybe, but to remain a fugitive isn’t an option, John.
The rifle is always an option.
For God’s sake.
Don’t you see that you are complicating things? What do I do, then? Well, speak with the Mexican.
Tell him that you can’t turn in The Lord of The Skies.
And since you want do things right, turn yourself in.
Throw myself at the Gringos' mercy.
Why not? Because those sons of bitches have no mercy.
All they care about is the cocaine and everything related to it.
Once I’m no longer of use to them, they won’t care what happens to me.
I have the money and I have the contacts.
I can escape.
- Come with me.
- Oh, shut up.
- Escape with me.
- This is bullshit.
Honey, escape with me.
Pick a place.
We’ll go wherever you want.
Let’s get the hell out of here, where no one can find us.
- They’d find us even in hell.
- You don’t know that.
John! I was at peace, convinced that you wouldn’t find me, and look at me now.
Why don’t you leave me out of this, please? I have all my stuff here.
I'm doing well.
I have a life here.
You came here to mess with my head.
I don’t want to run anymore.
I don’t want to hide.
I’m so sorry, but I haven’t been able to forget you.
Baby, you are, and will always be, my woman.
Understand that.
You are the worst.
Come on.
So did you make sure Trujillo gave you everything he promised? Yes, boss.
I checked it myself.
Everything is there, boss.
All the kilos we ordered? Yes, sir.
You know what? The guys that did the job, let them go to bed.
The rest stay here.
Good job.
As you wish, sir.
All right.
The ones that will be standing guard, stay here.
The rest, go to sleep.
Yes, sir.
The trip will be quick.
We’ll ask Alirio to handle it.
We can travel by land, or have him get passports and plane tickets.
- Whatever works.
- Wait a minute.
Are you still planning a life with me? What do you mean? After we just fucked our brains out? I haven’t changed my mind, John.
You haven’t? If things were different but you haven’t changed.
You are still a criminal, hiding all the time.
I want a peaceful life.
That’s right.
I don’t want to get involved in this shit.
You have another thing coming, baby.
From now on, wherever I go, you go.
Is that clear? Is that clear? Pack your stuff.
We’re leaving.
Come on.
Do you realize what you’re doing? You’re proving my point.
Say something.
Go ahead, keep fucking up.
Who cares what happens to me, what happens with my life.
Right? - Or my job, my things - Shut up.
- I won’t shut up.
- Shut up.
Start the car and turn on the radio.
Turn the volume all the way up.
I'll scream louder.
I don’t care! When my mother finds out, John Jairo I'll jump out of the car.
I don’t care.
What are you thinking? Who do you think you are? Bravo, Dixon.
Another successful operation.
This is not the right moment.
On the contrary This is the perfect moment to talk about the shit you dragged us into.
What will we tell the media when they ask about the explosion and the dead? Do you know what will happen when we get out of this mess, if we get out? Listen to me.
We’re going to get into a bigger mess.
This won’t be the last bomb we will have to protect John Jairo from.
There will be more.
And guess what? The ones that planted this bomb won’t rest once they realize the operation failed.
And the thug you let out: Popeye won’t rest either.
- That won’t happen.
- Yes.
Yes, it will happen.
Years ago we dealt with a nut case just like this one.
He planted bombs everywhere.
and Escobar are not the same.
You’re right.
Popeye is worse.
Do you know why? Because he’s a zealot.
A fanatic who kills people because he plays God, Dixon.
Why don’t we put an end to this shit now that we know where he is? If that man escapes again, the shit will hit the fan.
What? - Mancipe.
- Yes, sir.
We need a special forces team.
- We have work to do.
- What happened? Believe it or not, this operation is beginning to produce results.
So, you remain in charge, Cifuentes.
Enjoy it.
Show up before the media, and justify what happened here.
The reports came from a path near the main municipality.
They talked about an explosion, the police, several deaths.
But despite having the information, the newscast’s board of directors don’t want us to cover the story.
They want to hide the truth.
Can you believe it? Why are you telling me this? Because if you want your internet project to work, you will need material.
And, I think this is a worthwhile investigation.
Well, I can’t.
Why can’t you? Because I'm busy, Tito.
Excuse me, Ana María.
Did you hear what I said? The witnesses say that this is connected to Popeye.
Yes, I heard you.
That is precisely why I don’t want to follow this investigation.
At least for now.
I want nothing to do with that man.
But you left the newscast because of that investigation.
Yes, and I don’t regret it.
I know.
I want to focus my energy on putting my life back together.
All right? But there’s nothing wrong with your life.
The matter with your father threw you off.
Don’t patronize me.
Come on! Get down! Freeze! Get down! Boss! We’ve been busted! We’ve been busted! Boss, wake up! We have to get out of here! Freeze! Get down! Quickly.
Upstairs! Three right here.
Five upstairs.
Three here.
Come on! Hurry up, boss! Get down.
Freeze! Get down.
Everyone freeze! You're under arrest, Mr.
Gentlemen, let’s check the place out.
Two upstairs.
You come with me.
Hurry! Thanks.
Good morning, Prosecutor.
Not now, Ana María.
I didn’t come to talk about Popeye.
Hear me out, please.
I want to talk about my father.
I didn’t remember this.
Did you know my father well? Professor Solozábal was an excellent teacher.
He was the kind of attorney I hoped to become.
Prosecutor, I am here because I’m looking for information, and I think you can help me.
How so? There are rumors.
Those rumors say that my father had a direct relationship with Escobar.
That’s false.
Anybody who worked with him will tell you the same.
Nobody fought the drug dealers as fiercely and directly as he did, Especially against Escobar.
Some people didn’t agree with some of your father’s ideas, but he never had any relationship with the drug lords.
Your father was a great lawyer and a great human being.
Don’t ever doubt that.
CARIBBEAN COAST OF COLOMBIA What did you find out? They caught me, bro.
What do you mean? They got me.
They caught me.
So, how come you’re here? Did you escape? That man wants me to work for him.
Go ahead.
Alirio, come here.
Come, help me, friend.
Thanks, my friend.
Look at this, baby.
This paradise is at the end of the earth.
Not even the Holy Ghost can get here.
Here, you can scream all you want.
No worries.
No one will hear you.
- Relax.
Look who’s here.
- What’s up? The famous Alexandra.
Manuel Serrano at your service.
- So? - So, what? - Welcome, bro.
- Guess what? That bomb almost killed me.
Really, Bro? Forewarned is forearmed, man.
Welcome! You will have to infiltrate.
And you must do it well so you can learn what they’re planning, so we can find a crack.
All right? How can I do that? What do I propose to them? Tell them you have what they asked for my head.
Can you do it or not? Is he really there? That’s right.
- Is he there now? - Yes, dude.
Handy, huh? Where the fuck is Serrano? Please find him.
Don’t come back without him.
Let’s go.
Right now.
So? What are you waiting for? Go ahead.
- Am I supposed to do it myself? - All right.
Don’t worry, bro.
There are men everywhere.
This is a secured area.
Besides, nobody ever comes here.
Hey, do you remember the phone number you gave me? Well, I called and told them everything I know about Dangón.
He got busted.
Finally, you did something right.
Don’t fuck with me, asshole.
Do you know what I want? A hit? Come on, don’t be an asshole.
I quit that shit.
I would love to see Genaro’s face when he realizes that he doesn’t have the Mexican’s merchandise.
Can you imagine, fucker? Oh, man.
That’s so cool.
In other news, authorities just dealt a strong blow to drug trafficking.
A few hours ago, they raided a property in which they found large quantities of drugs and money.
Among those arrested at the location was a prestigious lawyer.
Investigations indicate there is a connection between the seized shipment and the drug trafficker Genaro Romero.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR I can make this as easy or as difficult as you'd like.
You know the law, Dangón.
You know that you are trapped.
We caught you in a place full of drugs and illegal money.
What do you say to that? Don’t try to tell me how to defend myself.
You have no defense.
You are out of luck.
- Well, unless you - I won’t tell you anything.
Don’t get ahead of yourself.
The others already confirmed that the shipment belongs to Romero Orjuela.
So you think that I will also confirm that, right? No.
You will say whatever is convenient for you.
You're a smart person, Dangón.
You know perfectly well the difference between helping the cause of justice and protecting a criminal.
Aren’t you going to say anything? Your silence might cost you several years in jail, including extradition.
Can you imagine the honorable attorney Dangón wearing an orange suit, with handcuffs and shackles, in a prison in the U.
? So? I’m sorry, sir.
You have a phone call.
Now? It’s urgent.
Hello? Agent Dixon, how are you? John Jairo? You looked good during the operation.
You even looked pretty on the news.
Did you call to mock me? Are you in a bad mood? I'll be in good mood when you give me something.
Don’t be ungrateful, man.
I gave you Dangón.
And I will give you the Mexican, but first I need a favor.
I need you to extradite Romero.
You’re mistaken, John Jairo.
I don’t work for you.
My friend.
You and I are like a married couple: together to the end, like it or not.
I need to see results.
Extradite that dog and you will have them.
If you don’t, we’ll go back to square one.
I was told that it was a done deal.
They accepted Now you are the Lord of The Skies’ partner.
Baby, come here.
Eat this, otherwise, you’ll starve to death.
What do you care if I live or die? Have a taste.
I said no.
You taste it.
It came out good.
Yeah right.
Since when do you cook? Would you like something else, then? No, don’t fuck with me, John.
Come on.
The food is ready.
DAYS LATER Genaro Romero Orjuela.
Go back to your cell and pack your belongings.
We’re leaving.
All right? Why would I bother to pack my stuff, son? The Gringos won’t let me keep anything.
Do your job and I’ll do mine.
You can keep your shitty prison.
I’m going on a trip.
Motherfuckers! Let’s go.
Open the doors! Come on, get in.
Hurry up.
This shitty prison, as you call it, is a palace compared to what those Gringos have in store for you.
Have a nice trip.
Close the doors! Attention.
We are broadcasting live from Capital Prison in Bogotá city.
Right now we are looking at the convoy that is carrying, under strict security measures, drug trafficker Genaro Romero Orjuela to the military airport, to be extradited.
The authorities want to prevent an escape, like the one performed by John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez a couple of months ago.
We will continue our coverage from the airport.
This is Fernando Lara, N News.
Every dog has its day.