Alias J.J. (2017) s01e56 Episode Script

Episode 56

"Appointment at the Palace of Justice, 3:00 pm.
Reservation at El Cabestrante Restaurant for anniversary.
Buy flowers.
Appointment at the Palace.
" If you like, talk to the guerrillas.
Ask them if your father helped people get out of prison, on Pablo Escobar’s orders.
May I speak with Mrs.
Beatriz Camargo? I am so sorry.
This is Ana María Solozábal.
I’m the daughter of Bernardo Solozábal.
Yes, she was his secretary for several years.
Ah No.
I apologize for disturbing you.
Come on, my friend.
You're too slow.
Let's go, let's go! Come on, squeeze them in.
Hey! Squeeze them in.
Hurry, we need it today.
Come on.
Move them now! Come on.
A gift for your boss.
Look, pal.
This isn’t about gifts.
This is about you keeping your promises.
We’ll keep our promises.
We’ll keep them.
It’s just an apology for what happened.
The phone.
Call your boss.
It was just a little gift to show you my good intentions.
Look, pal.
I already told your flunkey, but I’ll repeat it to you Your little gift won’t fix a fucking thing.
Yes, I know that I dropped the ball.
Yes, you dropped the ball.
Let me tell you this, John Jairo.
We expect our business partners to hold up their end of the bargain, fag.
Relax, we won’t have any more problems.
I hope not.
Because if you fuck up again, I'll have to bring my boss a gift.
Your balls on a plate, fucker.
We need more merchandise.
Those Mexicans are buying it like candy.
And they are more annoying than a laxative.
I will get more, Popeye.
We'll have to buy it from the paramilitary and the guerrillas.
Neither of them alone can get the amount we need.
But if any of them find out we’ll be in deep shit.
No, relax.
Make the deal.
As long as there's money, they'll go along.
And those mariachis have more than enough money.
All right, so let’s do it.
What’s this? "Verify the information about John Jairo’s death.
" CAPITAL PRISON I’ve come to do business.
Do tell.
We have a deal for your organization.
And we want you to be the middleman.
We know that you have control over some of the areas that produce what we need.
According to this article, GLYPHOSATE VS.
ILLICIT CROPS which, by the way, is very well written, there's a lot of trouble on the way, Galeno.
And we have the staff and the resources.
And, most importantly, Galeno, people willing to buy from us.
We are not interested in that kind of business.
Wait a minute, Galeno.
How do you finance the war? With a lot of money.
We want to help.
What’s wrong with wanting to help the cause, bro? Nothing.
The problem is that I have no say in the movement’s finances.
I’m just an idealist.
Idealist? Don’t you give advice to the Secretariat on how to make good deals? Galeno, convince them to sell us all your products.
Do you know what the best part is? Your cut is 5%.
If you only knew how much affection this man has for you.
Do you know what he told me? Prison is harsh.
A talk with him will do you good.
A lot of good.
Tell my friend J.
that I want ten.
I’ll tell him.
We already have a buyer for our products, bro.
We know.
That’s very clear.
But what’s in it for you? Nothing, right? I came to offer you another type of benefit.
Really? What kind of benefit? Money? Yes, among other things.
We are talking about an increase in the price.
But also about perks inside the prison.
Look, before John Jairo left, he loosened all the security systems here.
He left good contacts inside.
We can use those contacts for you.
For example, would you like to… let’s say bring in weapons? Alcohol? Drugs? Women? Whatever.
Don’t bullshit me, man.
I assure you, this is not bullshit.
I wouldn’t have come all this way with a proposal if it wasn’t real.
Let’s do this, Mr.
Think about it.
But, just so you know, if your answer is no, I’ll have to offer this deal to the guerrillas’ leader.
I think he would love to regain control of this place.
- I see.
- Think about it.
Think about it.
I'll be back soon.
Okay? Wait.
How much product are we talking about? All of it.
As much as you can produce.
"At this moment, I'm being forced to take a break from an investigation that, until recently, has consumed all my energy.
I must report a couple of extremely delicate matters.
According to one of our sources, a bomb went off at the hideout of John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, who is currently a fugitive from justice.
This criminal survived.
But two of his alleged employees, whose identities remain unknown, were not so lucky.
What's even more outrageous is that the media didn't inform the public about these facts.
It is as if someone put a lid on everything relating to John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
But this silence isn’t imposed solely on the media.
Colonel Tello, who was aware of the facts that surrounded the escape of J.
, has also been silenced.
His assignment to a far-flung diplomatic post seems like an excuse to isolate him from what's happening in our country.
It's as if someone has forbidden him from making a statement, because Tello refuses to answer any calls from journalists.
The silence surrounding John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez's escape has prompted me to ask several questions that must be answered.
Why do the authorities refuse to answer questions about what happened the day J.
escaped? Why aren't the authorities interested in catching one of the most wanted criminals in this country? Is there an agreement between this criminal and the authorities? "We must answer these questions if we want to discover the truth about this case.
However, it is unlikely that anyone will come forward to answer them, because it appears J.
has been able to silence justice.
Justice has been cornered, threatened and neutralized.
That’s why this article’s goal, although it might seem pointless, is to elicit a reaction from our institutions until they finally put a stop to John Jairo Velásquez.
" What do you think? How did Ana María know about the bomb? Isn’t it clear that someone in here is leaking information? Let me do some research, Counselor.
Do you really think that I care about knowing the snitch's name right now? What bothers me is the lack of results.
You and I have already spoken about this.
Yes! And nothing has changed.
Everything is the same.
You’re giving me the runaround.
And I’m still here waiting for an outcome! I spoke with J.
, and he's promised results.
And you believed that rat’s promises? I spoke with the president.
He's ordered the mission to be canceled.
And I must capture John Jairo Velásquez immediately.
And this time, it doesn't matter if he's dead or alive.
The woman I spoke with confirmed that J.
got out of a red truck and bought food from her.
So he's doing whatever the hell he wants.
I’m here to find out where John Jairo Velásquez is.
- Give me the coordinates.
- That’s not possible.
Dixon, I’m not asking you for a favor.
The order is from upstairs.
What country do you think you're in? I work for the DEA, Cifuentes.
And the DEA answers only to the president of the U.
Popeye is a Colombian criminal who kills Colombians in Colombian territory.
So, I need the damn coordinates.
You’ll get them as soon as you bring me a court order signed by my government.
You may have them then, not before.
Come in.
What happened? Nothing.
What are we going to do? - Wait.
- Wait? This case isn't based on a whim.
Like it or not, it's coordinated with Washington, and we’ll have to resolve it through diplomatic means.
With all due respect, sir I can’t believe Dixon will get away with this.
That won’t happen.
He's just buying time.
He's hoping for a miracle.
- Did you see what your friend did? - What friend? - The journalist.
- What do you mean? What happened? Her attempts to fight you have finally succeeded.
I don’t understand.
Due to this woman’s pressure, the Prosecution has ordered your capture.
What, motherfucker? What about our deal? What deal, John Jairo? The one you never fulfilled? I’m working on it.
We extradited Romero Orjuela.
- What's your excuse now? - I don't have any.
I'm negotiating with the Mexicans.
It's not that easy.
It's not like just sticking it in and making a baby.
I need more time.
You don’t have time, John Jairo.
These people are demanding your location.
I have no more excuses to give them.
Your time's up.
Got it? - Did you hear all that? - Yes.
I need to silence the journalist.
She's becoming a pain in my ass.
You wanna kill her? Why ask for more trouble? Did I say kill her? I just said "silence" her.
There's a difference.
Why don't you just kill her once and for all? It's the only thing you do well.
Why don’t you get us three strong coffees? Get them yourself.
- Don’t fuck with me.
- Shut up.
Go fuck yourself.
- When will you get over that woman? - Yes, Popeye.
Come on.
What’s that snake doing here, bro, besides constantly bitching? The bitching's the least of it.
She hears everything, knows everything now.
If she gets caught and talks, we're fucked.
She won’t talk and she won't get caught.
We do business together.
That's one thing.
But my private life is another.
I handle that, okay? Okay? Okay.
These were in an envelope.
Was there a note? Yes, there was a note.
They slipped it under my door, look.
Here's the evidence that J.
was there.
These pictures are from the same location, and nothing was left.
The police took everything.
Ana María.
Do you still think that the police were involved with what happened to Popeye? - Don’t you? - Not really.
Look, this is exactly what happened with Escobar.
He bribed the police.
Escobar had all the money and power in the world to do whatever he wanted.
But Popeye No comparison.
Do you think I’m making it up? Well if you present this evidence to a judge, they will think you made it up.
That’s why you must continue.
We must investigate.
"We"? Unless you want to do it alone.
JOURNALIS That’s right.
Here are the documents.
- Are they all here? - Yes, sir.
And here’s the money.
- Consider it done.
- Great, bro.
All right.
Yes, what? What radio station? Wait.
Wait a minute.
No matter how you see it, Ana María Solozábal is the daughter of a drug dealer.
That’s why it's so hypocritical that she's lecturing Colombia about morality.
This journalist belongs to a family which obtained its wealth from drugs and blood.
It's a paradox that she's the one randomly accusing people, claiming that they have links to drug trafficking.
I want to clarify that, unlike her, I am not launching reckless accusations.
I have proof of what I am saying.
Right in front of me on my desk.
I have documents that prove that Prosecutor Bernardo Solozábal worked for Pablo Escobar Gaviria.
These documents contain a list of frontmen who worked for Escobar, and whom this journalist's father helped to free.
There is also a list of Escobar's enemies whom the journalist's father helped to convict.
These documents are available to the authorities and also to Ana María, in case she hasn’t seen them.
Feel free to request them.
Coming up I hope this will finally silence that bitch.
She won’t show her face in public again.
GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE The deal John Jairo is proposing is really good.
How good is it? He’s willing to pay you 20% more than he pays the people in the Gulf.
That money could be very useful, Commander.
Particularly now that you’re about to start the negotiations.
Think about it.
You need to raise funds by any means possible.
You know that J.
was always closer to the paramilitary groups than to us.
I know.
But you know how war works.
Alliances change with the direction of the wind.
That’s what worries me.
He might turn against us at any moment.
He will, sir.
He will.
As soon as you stop selling him drugs, he’ll buy them from the paramilitary.
Selling to him isn’t just about money.
It is about making sure that the enemy doesn’t get the money that should go to your organization.
Think about that.
Please make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the speech I'm about to give, which will inform you about our history.
Where we came from and where we're going.
The voice of working class resistance.
The voice of student and peasant resistance.
Good choice.
Do you think so? I'm talking about you.
I like the fact that you found your place here.
Yes, it was a matter of time.
You were right.
The Commander is very pleased.
He loves the line of work you have chosen.
I love it too.
This is for you.
Tell him I miss him a lot.
I need them to listen to me.
They won't listen.
This country enjoys crucifying people, both the good and the bad.
They love drama.
And this journalist has given them tons of the stuff.
What do I do now? Forget about it and continue with your work.
Forgetting about it is like forgetting my dad, Tito.
Continuing with my work means dealing with Velásquez, and I don’t know how to handle it.
Are you sure? This journalist having that information was no accident.
Someone wants to hurt you and they're messing with your head so you'll stop investigating.
The question is, are you going to fall for it? Will you stop sharing what you learn because of what happened to your dad? Here with me is Mrs.
Sofía de Ramírez, one of J.
’s countless victims.
Fausto, thanks so much for having me.
Hello, everyone.
How do you feel about the rumors regarding Ana María, Sofía? Completely deceived.
It's outrageous to learn that the reporter who interviewed you, who offered her support and also claimed to be a victim, is linked to the criminals and murderers that killed your husband.
Ana María Solozábal mocked me.
And, not only me, but also the other victims.
I understand now why she dedicated so much time on her show to the murderer that we all know as J.
Why do you think her motive was, Sofía? Well, she comes from a drug dealers’ family, so it's easy for her to take the side of that criminal.
What else could it be? Hello.
Ana María.
Who’s this? This is Marta with San Silvestre nursing home.
Is my mother all right? Unfortunately, your mother has had a nervous breakdown.
We think the cause was something she heard on the radio.
The doctor gave her some medication.
You really should come visit her.
The work is done.
Was there any issue? The merchandise was delivered to J.
without a problem.
What’s up, soldier? Are you almost at the party? We’re very close, sir.
We’ll be there in about five minutes.
All right, I’ll let them know so they open the door for you.
I just checked the mules, Commander.
- And everything is in order.
- Of course, as promised.
Just like this, look.
Here’s everything as promised.
Good, that’s the way I like it.
A deal is a deal, right? - A deal is a deal.
- Sir.
Count it and make sure it matches the amount I have in my head.
- Yes, sir.
- Of course, Commander.
Don't be suspicious.
I'm not suspicious, just counting.
This is the beginning of a very profitable alliance.
I hope so.
What’s up, my friend? Did you hear? The girls have arrived.
Yes, sir.
We can see them.
Oh, great.
Treat them well.
Here are the orders from your government.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Washington and Bogotá have discussed the matter, and they arrived at the conclusion that this operation is a failure.
And that we must capture John Jairo Velásquez immediately.
I need you to give me the coordinates of his location right now.
No more games, Agent Dixon.
GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE - If you see anything, tell me.
- Okay.
Make it quick.
Good morning.
- Tito? - Yes, this is he.
This is Ximena Escobar.
The beauty queen? How are you? I’m well, and you? Are you all right? Yes, I’m fine.
Don’t worry.
But where are you calling from? From a pay phone, in a small village.
Did you escape? No.
I wish, but no.
Besides the radio broadcast, I also help with the groceries.
We're given leave to take care of it.
Run away, find someone.
Tell them what's happening.
No, what for? If a police officer or a soldier sees me, I'll go back to jail.
Look, Tito, I'm calling you because I need your help.
For what? - I need to make a public accusation.
- An accusation? About what? I want to accuse the guerrilla group that kidnapped me of doing business with traffickers.
They're sending them drugs.
Trucks full of cocaine are leaving the campsite.
Hello? Did you hear me? Yes, of course.
Tito, please.
You have to help me.
I'd love to, but to be taken seriously I'll need more than your testimony.
We are about to begin the peace agreement.
I can’t spread this information without proof.
Yes, I understand.
Can you get proof of what you're saying? I’ll see what I can find.
However, I have one condition.
What is it? I need you to be my witness.
The day this blows up, I'll need to prove that I was your source for the info.
I see.
I want everyone to know that I’m being held here against my will.
Here are the coordinates.
You'll find him there.
Do you know how happy I am, Agent, that your operation is over? And guess what I like the most? That Colonel Tello's words are coming true.
He said that this operation would be your downfall.
And look at you now.
He was right.
- Enjoy this moment.
- Yes, I’ll enjoy it.
Attention, Cárdenas.
We need to plan the operation to capture Popeye.
NURSING HOME The doctor said that as long as she takes her medication and stays away from what affected her, she'll be fine.
Wouldn't it be best if you took her with you? Why? Because Bogotá has facilities that are better equipped, with specialists that can keep her under observation.
My mother chose this place, so it's right for her.
She's comfortable here, so I don't understand.
Yes, she is.
Anyway, think about it.
Are you telling me this for her or yourself? I’m just delivering the message the board of directors asked me to give you.
Are they kicking her out? It’s nothing against her.
Please understand.
The board of directors feels that it's not convenient to house the wife of someone who was linked to Pablo Escobar.
Because we help relatives of the victims She had nothing to do with that.
You are a good person.
So is your mother.
- It’s just that - I’ll take her.
CARIBBEAN COAST OF COLOMBIA Come on, come on, hurry, hurry.
Let’s go.
This is the place, gentlemen.
Buddy, please squeeze them in.
I need them all in, all right? Come on! Alirio! Come on! Bring them! - Clear.
- Clear.
This is shit.
Either that fucker Dixon knows nothing or he’s lying.
Dixon didn’t give a fuck that the order came from his own government.
He fooled us all.
Mancipe, I hope you had nothing to do with this.
I didn't, sir.
Call him.
Don’t warn him, tell him I need to see him.
I can’t.
Why not? Because he took a plane to the U.
We are here.
- Do you need help with your bag? - No.
Everything will be fine, you’ll see.
We’ll be fine.
I know.
We had some problems with this operation, but that’s no reason to surrender.
We can’t give up when we’re so close.
Dixon, I don’t agree with the decision either, but an order is an order.
Yes, Agent, but But nothing.
Either you change your attitude or I will suspend you.
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
We lost this time.
All we can do is accept it.
The DEA just gave us the access we needed to monitor the transmitters that J.
has on him.
So, proceed.
Counselor, I have a question.
What punishment will Dixon face for what he did? Forget about Agent Dixon and focus on bringing J.
to justice.
That's your goal.
Sir, with all due respect I don't trust Agent Mancipe.
In fact, I don't think he should be part of this operation.
I was following orders.
They assigned me to work with Dixon and I did.
I don't understand your concern.
You know what worries me? That neither you nor your DEA friend made any effort to capture J.
That worries me.
I was following the Prosecutor’s orders.
That's right, and you did your job very well.
And now you'll help us bring J.
to justice.
If you agree, we're fine.
But, if you don't, let me know.
Yes, sir.
Dixon, I don’t agree with the decision either, but an order is an order.
But nothing.
Either you change your attitude or I will suspend you.
We lost this time.
All we can do is accept it.
Remember what the doctor said, please.
- You have to take your pills.
- Yes, I know.
Do you want something to eat? - Are you hungry? - No, no.
No, I want I want to rest.
Rest, okay? Okay.
Everything will be okay.
- Hello.
Ana María Solozábal? - Yes.
- An invitation.