Alias J.J. (2017) s01e57 Episode Script

Episode 57

- Good Afternoon.
- Hello.
Ana María Solozábal? - Yes.
- An invitation.
Why are you anxious, Pope? You look like you have ants in your pants.
Ana María.
Please forgive me for bringing you here this way, but I need to speak with you, and your phone must be tapped.
Listen to me.
I know what you’ve been up to and all you’ve been through.
What do you mean? I learned of the scandal they created around your father.
Why did you bring me here, Tello? What do you want from me? I want you to see this.
These are threats, notes.
They started coming just after your father was assigned to handle drug trafficking cases.
Your father didn’t have a moment of peace since.
He was threatening him.
He told him to do his bidding, otherwise he was going to harm him.
No matter where you and your mother hid, or how guarded you were, he was going to find you.
Ana María, your father didn’t want to betray his principles.
He did it because he had to.
Because Escobar didn’t leave him any choice.
Why do you have this? Why do you have this information? Your father worked for me.
I don’t understand.
Look Since your father couldn’t refuse Pablo Escobar, he turned the tables in our favor.
He went in, undercover? That’s right.
Thanks to his work with drug trafficking, your father could infiltrate places that, for us, were impossible to access at that time.
When he found the information, he gave us names, routes, international contacts.
So, Escobar killed my father because of you.
He found him out.
He found him out.
I want you to know that your father wasn’t a criminal.
He hit Escobar’s foundation better than anybody else.
Just a few of us are privy to this information.
Nobody can know about this.
If this gets out, a lot of cases your father helped us to solve would go to hell.
Why? I want you to help me.
Me? I need you to help me to get rid of a stigma that I don’t deserve.
You're here, Ana María, because I want you to know the truth about what happened with J.
CARIBBEAN COAST OF COLOMBIA This is it, gentlemen, the location of the criminal known as Popeye.
This shows that you can do things right when you apply yourself.
We are just unloading the little plane.
This is crazy! I told you, didn’t I? I told you I was going to deliver.
Yes, you delivered.
In fact, we should start coordinating the next shipment.
What do you think? Count on it.
We’re moving forward.
There’s something I need to tell you.
My boss wants to meet you in person.
So, get ready, John Jairo.
You are about to meet the Lord of the Skies.
I didn’t agree with it.
But I was following orders.
You know, when you belong to an organization like that, you have no choice but to obey.
There are chains of command.
Speaking of which, what was the order? Let John Jairo go free.
We had to plan everything in a way so that when the Mexicans came to rescue him, they succeeded.
The Mexicans rescued Popeye? The rumors were true.
That’s why there were no casualties.
That’s why you changed the subject when I asked you about it.
I couldn’t tell you, Ana María.
I had specific orders.
From whom, Colonel? I can’t tell you.
Why not? You can get this information if you investigate, if you ask.
If I tell you who is in charge, the blame will fall upon me.
They will know right away that I’m the informant.
You need to understand, I want to help.
I want everything that happened with John Jairo Velásquez to go public.
I don’t care if they threaten my life.
But, I care about my family.
I don’t want them to pay To be held responsible.
Don’t give me names.
It’s okay.
Just tell me why they let him escape.
I’m pretty sure you’ll find out soon.
- Colonel? - Gaona, Rodríguez! Please.
Take the lady back to her house.
Are you serious, Colonel? Let’s go.
I don’t need help, thanks.
I’m waiting for your orders, sir.
What happened with Cárdenas? He asked for two minutes to take up his position.
We could kill J.
in the crossfire.
I don’t care if that criminal gets out dead or alive.
The order is to proceed.
- Come on, keep walking.
- Move.
And when is the visit? If you like, we’ll happily make sure he is comfortable here.
We’ll spend time with him.
What do you think? Don’t fuck with me, asshole.
That’s impossible.
You know perfectly well what a mess it would be to transport someone as important as my boss.
No, of course, I know.
But think about it because things are very quiet here.
Who would think a man like him would spend his vacation here? Just consider the pros and cons.
No problem.
It’s okay, I can go there instead.
The idea is to get together and meet.
So things can keep working the way they are.
We’ll keep in touch, okay? Sir.
Judging by this phone call, we are very close to capturing the Lord of the Skies.
If you authorize it, I will call Cifuentes, - to cancel - No.
No, the Lord of the Skies is not one of our priorities.
If we're in this mess, it's due to the DEA’s pressure.
What were you thinking when you invited the Lord of the Skies to come here? That man is wanted by half of the world.
If he comes here, the ones that are after him will follow and we’ll be fucked.
So, now you’re going to die of fright? We will die of a gunshot and not because we’re frightened.
The idea is that he comes here, we make him feel comfortable, have him explore the Colombian coast, let him have a taste.
We’ll throw a party with beautiful girls.
We’ll have him try the Colombian cocaine.
We’ll win his trust.
And then we’ll lead the police right to us.
You too? Pope.
Sometimes I don’t understand you, man.
Sir, we're busted! Sir, we're busted! Fuck, we're busted! Move forward! Shit.
They killed two.
Where are the sons of bitches? There’re some upstairs.
What do we do, fucker? Let’s try to get to the boat.
What about Pope, faggot? - He is trying to save Alexandra’s ass.
- All right.
Honey, get down! - Get down! - I won’t get down, asshole! Get down! Shut up! I’m telling you to get down.
I knew this was going to happen.
Didn’t I tell you that they were going to find us? Fuck! - Pope, what do we do? - It’s okay! Hold on! John, what are we going to do? What are we going to do? John, don’t! Fuck.
Hold your fire! Hold your fire! INCOMING CALL JJ Fuck.
- Who are you calling? - Quiet, let me think.
You are surrounded.
Drop your weapons.
Come out with your hands in the air.
If you don’t, we’ll go in.
We got busted and they’re slaughtering us! Whatever you’re going through, I can’t help you.
I’m off the case.
I have an appointment with the Lord of the Skies.
It’s true, I’m meeting with him.
Good for you.
What do you mean? I told you.
I’m off the case.
Speak with your superiors and convey my message.
They don’t care.
We’ve been promising things for months without results.
Son of a bitch, show them the recording! Show them the phone call recording! Show them! I don’t have access to it.
If you still want the Mexican, stop this shit.
If not, I’ll see you in hell, son of a bitch.
Pope, what do we do, asshole? Hold on! We’ll get out in one piece! You have 30 seconds to get out, or we’ll enter by force.
John, turn yourself in.
Don’t you realize these people won’t help you? - Turn yourself in! - Shut up! Fuck.
Yes, Mr.
It’s been confirmed.
If you need proof of what I’m saying, please contact the Prosecution agents in charge of the operation.
They have the recording of the phone call that confirms John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez and the Lord of the Skies meeting.
Popeye and his men are surrounded.
This time he can’t escape, sir.
Find a way, then.
With all due respect, Prosecutor, we can’t keep dancing to the tune the DEA plays.
It’s not about wanting to do it, it's about having to do it.
There is an agreement between the Americans and the Colombians to help each other in this war against drug trafficking.
Considering that this is about catching the most wanted drug lord in the world, we are out of options.
Do whatever you can to ensure that J.
gets out alive.
That’s a mistake, sir.
It might be, Cifuentes.
But as of right know, we have no choice.
As you wish, sir.
YOU CAN LEAVE Hey! Alirio! Let’s go! To the boat! Let’s go! Attention all units.
Put your guns down.
Put your guns down.
Let Popeye go.
Hey, Dude! Manotas! Let’s go, to the boat! - Let’s go.
- No, leave me here.
Come on, let’s go! Let me go, asshole! Either you come with me or you don’t get out of here alive.
We are leaving.
Come on.
Let’s go.
Get down.
Cifuentes, is this for real? It’s an order from the President.
Let’s go! Hurry! Help her.
Come on.
Come on.
Why are they letting us go? I made a deal with the operation’s commander.
I gave him the location of one of our drug hideouts.
That seems strange, asshole.
- You’re not trustworthy, Pope.
- Then, don’t trust me.
But, thank me for saving your life, asshole.
Come on, let’s go! Your intelligence is nonexistent.
- Come on! - We’re leaving.
What are you doing, Mancipe? I’m filing all the paperwork related to J.
’s case.
Let me ask you something.
How did the recording you told me about, the one where J.
scheduled an appointment with the Mexicans, make its way to the DEA? And who asked the President to stop the operation in order to capture the Lord of the Skies? Who leaked that information? I had nothing to do with it, Prosecutor.
Surely, J.
called Dixon, to ask him to stop the operation in exchange for the Lord of the Skies.
For sure.
It’s the logical conclusion.
INTRODUCTION TO LAW BERNARDO SOLOZÁBAL My father, Judge Bernardo Solozábal, was murdered twice.
The first time, he died from a Mini Uzi shot.
Ana María, stay still! The second time, he died due to the lies of some men that still work for his executioners, the same men that keep linking him to Escobar.
What do you think about Ana María’s statements? Bernardo Solozábal was a real hero who, from the shadows from anonymity, gave his life to destroy the demon of drug trafficking.
"Despite the unfair accusations made against my father, I won’t keep quiet.
I will follow his example, and I will continue to do what he did from behind the scenes.
I will find the truth".
We need to speak with the guys, to find out who was left behind.
I’ll start working on it as soon as this is over, Pope.
All right.
Is it safe here? This is the best place for us to hide.
At least it looks better than the other one.
I got this house with you in mind, to make you comfortable.
I’ll get some water.
Where’s the kitchen? Find it.
And take your time.
Ana María, I’m not questioning the facts, but the evidence.
Are you sure that what Colonel Tello told you is true? - He gave me his word, Tito.
- His word! Considering the situation, that isn't worth anything.
If you make this information public based just on what he told you, two things may happen.
One, he might not support your allegations.
And two, he might use them to his advantage.
Haven’t you thought that he probably made this up in order to clear his name? I don’t think so.
Remember that he let Popeye escape.
And before he was sent to live overseas, he was unable to catch him again.
Popeye didn’t escape.
- They let him go.
- Ana María, please.
It’s a fact, Tito.
Remember what happened the day he was transferred? - They didn’t let me in.
- That doesn’t prove anything.
- Doesn’t it? - No.
What about the things I saw at the rescue location? There was crossfire.
That’s a fact.
But what happened besides that? There were no casualties.
No one was injured.
Tito, how many times have we covered this type of news story? Right.
This is the first time there is a confrontation between Police and drug dealers and nothing happened.
I understand what you’re saying.
I can’t go to the media and throw such accusations without proof.
That’s true, but I won’t stay here doing nothing.
I feel I’m after something big, Tito, and I won’t let it go.
I won’t stop until I find out why Tello and his superiors let Popeye escape.
I don’t understand how we got busted.
We've been careful.
We haven’t aroused suspicion.
Somehow they found us.
You know there’s technology for everything nowadays.
I just spoke with Gutiérrez.
He escaped by a hairsbreadth.
The ones they didn’t capture, they filled with bullets.
We will have to recruit more people.
If they found us once, they’ll find us again.
If we get caught with only these three cats, they'll totally wipe us out.
We can’t let that happen.
We have to recruit more people.
We won’t be so lucky next time.
Agent, how are you? Ana María Solozábal.
Remember me? This isn’t a good time.
Just five minutes.
A couple of questions.
- Ms - The day of the escape, I asked you what was going on.
You didn’t answer, I suppose, because at the time you had no information.
- It’s been a while.
- I’m not at liberty to talk about that.
Then, when, agent? - I need to keep going.
- There are very serious rumors.
The rumors say that you are involved with J.
Velásquez’ escape.
Is that true? Excuse me.
What will you do about those rumors? Will you allow these rumors to soil the reputation of this institution, agent? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Dixon.
- Mancipe.
- Welcome.
- Have a seat.
- Cifuentes.
It’s clear to everyone why we’re here, isn’t it? To brag about our accomplishments, Prosecutor? Cifuentes I’m sorry Prosecutor, but I would.
It's not every day one sabotages an operation the way you and your agent did, Dixon.
No, Prosecutor.
Cifuentes is right.
The DEA and my government put a lot of pressure on this case.
If I was in the agent’s shoes, I would be frustrated too.
I assure you, Dixon, that what I feel is beyond frustration.
I understand.
And I don’t judge.
The problem, Prosecutor, is that what is at stake here is more important than us.
In fact, it is more important than J.
Gentlemen, we are talking about the most dangerous man in the world.
A drug dealer that fucked over both our countries.
The Lord of the Skies is forcing you to produce drugs at higher levels than Pablo Escobar.
And he has our country drowning in cocaine.
There’s no college, or neighborhood, that hasn’t been plagued by the drugs this man has introduced to the U.
Hence, what I’ve come to propose is that we leave our feuds behind and start working together.
I understand that the Lord of the Skies will come to Colombia.
Can you imagine, Prosecutor, if he gets caught here? Even better, sir.
Can you imagine if we manage to capture both the Lord of the Skies and J.
? It would be the strongest blow delivered to the drug trade since the death of Pablo Escobar.
- Sir.
Bring me the girl, the new one.
- Get her.
- Yes, Commander.
Yes? Come here, love.
Come here, baby, the commander wants you.
I understand that you speak fluent English, correct? Yes, what can I do for you? Review this document.
Edit it as needed.
How long will it take? It depends.
May I see? Of course.
One or two hours? The entire document? No, the first five pages.
About two hours.
In that case, you'd better start now.
- Alirio.
- Sir.
- Keep an eye on her.
- Sure.
- If you need anything, let me know.
- Yes, sir.
Can I ask you a favor? Absolutely.
What? This will take a while and this computer doesn’t have any charge.
Can you bring me a power cord? Of course.
Anything for you.
What kind of information? This computer has all the information.
Do you have access? The commander noticed that I speak fluent English.
So once in a while he asks me to translate documents for him.
Yesterday, while I was translating, I found a couple of things about Popeye.
What things? The guerrillas from the camp are sending him a lot of cocaine.
A lot.
Ana María, have a seat, please.
- Thanks.
- Would you like something to drink? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR I’m fine, thanks.
I asked you to come because I have a proposal for you.
I learned that you’re no longer at the newscast, and that you are doing freelance work on certain cases.
A talent like yours shouldn’t be wasted.
I spoke with my head of press, and we agreed that it would be a smart move - to have you - No.
I beg your pardon? Unfortunately, I can’t accept.
Let me at least tell you what we are proposing.
Prosecutor, you are very professional and it would be an honor to work by your side.
But right now I’m working on cases that I can’t put aside.
You wouldn’t have to.
I know I would.
It would be a conflict of interest.
That’s exactly why I quit the newscast.
We can still go out for a coffee, though.
I understand.
It was obvious what the prosecutor wanted to propose to me.
He wanted my silence.
He thought that by having me on his payroll, he would control my tongue.
I made it clear that I wasn’t interested.
I have a great case in my hands, and I won’t stop until I’ve reached the conclusion.
Do you know what I think? After all is done The prosecutor knows exactly what happened with John Jairo.
He knows why they let that criminal escape.
Excuse me for changing the subject, but Ximena called me to my office.
Ximena Escobar? - What did she say? - It looks like she discovered very important information about Popeye in the commander’s computer.
What information? It looks like our tormentor isn’t a simple fugitive anymore.
He’s one of the largest exporters of drugs in this country.
What’s the matter? You can’t have that attitude for the rest of your life.
Can’t I? If you keep behaving the same, Why can’t I? All right, honey.
Relax, just relax.
I would’ve preferred that the police wouldn’t have stopped the operation.
I wish they would’ve killed us all.
Believe me.
I want to do things right.
I want very much for this to be over, to go back to normal.
You and I at peace, without anyone bothering us.
To be able to go out without fear.
To go to a bar and have a couple of beers like we used to.
I’m doing this for you.
Let me out of this.
You know it’s true.
I’m risking my ass for both of us for our future.
All I want is to be with you in peace.
I’m doing things right.
You’ve never done anything right.
All you do is hurt others.
Why don’t you turn yourself in? Leave us all alone.
DAYS LATER Do it slowly.
Unload and come back.
That’s it.
Here you go, my friend.
Good job.
Thank you very much.
Is it all here? Yes? Very good.
Come on.
Load up fast because we have to go now.
Come on, let’s go.
Hurry up, hurry.
That’s it.
Serrano! Store it well! Good, nice and tidy.
GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE Sir, how are you? Where’s the rest room? - Over there.
To the left.
- Thanks.
Are you sure of this? If the Commander finds you with this I know.
Keep guard, please.
I don’t have any other option.
When I get out I’ll need proof to show that I don’t want to be in here, and that I don’t agree with what they do here.
You look flustered.
Relax, everything will be all right.
My friends! - How are you? - What’s up? Welcome.
We’re fine.
How are you, my friend? Let me introduce you.
Alirio, my right hand.
- I trust him unconditionally.
- Chaparrito.
- This way, please.
- Nice to meet you.
Look who’s here.
- The damn lawyer.
- What’s up, México? Is everything all right? - Dolls, hello - Look at this, finally.
It isn’t much, but with all our affection.
Here you go.
This way, look, we have a gym.
We have these little machines in case you want some exercise.
The house is crazy.
It's incredible.
You’ll be comfortable.
It has everything you need.
We are just waiting for your boss.
When will he arrive? When will the man be here? Easy, motherfucker.
Be patient.
Easy, faggot.
You’ll meet him this week.
All right.
In México, everything is fucked up.
Everybody is after us, faggot the feds, the damn DEA, everybody.
That’s why my boss thought that your proposal to come here was a good idea.
- Good.
- We need to get away.
That’s good.
I just need to tell you one thing.
I need you to introduce me to your head of security.
I need him to step down so I can take over.
I understand your people must be very good and efficient, but Just understand my position.
We are on a different level.
I do understand.
Don’t worry.
Talk to him, the one you called "chaparrito".
- This faggot? - He’ll handle everything.
Go ahead.
I’ll catch up with you later.
I need to take a leak.
That’s all right.
Damn, Chicky.
John Jairo? Hello.
I’m with the Mexicans.
They are here to prepare their boss’ arrival.
When is he arriving? I don’t know.
They haven’t given me a date.
They said it will be this week, though.
Listen to me.
Starting tonight, they’ll be in charge of the security.
I’ll be unable to communicate for a couple of days, okay? Okay.
Remember that I don’t want your men hanging around here.
If these damn Mexicans find out, they’ll kill everyone.
All right, understood.
When the boss gets here, I’ll call you back, all right? Keep your phone close and your people ready.