Alias J.J. (2017) s01e58 Episode Script

Episode 58

Is that everything? It's everything.
Are you sure? Hey, don't look at him.
I'm asking you.
- Are you sure that's everything? - I'm sure, bro.
Okay, because I don't want any little surprises later, or find something that I'm asking you to bring out now.
Are you clean? Are you clean, too? - Did you turn them all in? - Okay, stop, it's all right.
Relax, buddy.
It's fine, okay? One last thing, although it's obvious.
Nobody leaves, nobody comes in, and nobody has contact with anyone on the outside while the Lord of the Skies is here.
Questions? - Everything is clear.
- Of course.
Right? All right then, assholes, go get cleaned up, because the Boss is on his way.
- Perfect.
- Take a bath, assholes.
Go on.
Doll, where are you going? Yes, I've been thinking about ways to improve the lives of the hostages.
Come here.
Look, a movement like ours… is based almost exclusively on the degree of trust that exists among each of its members.
Unfortunately for you, that degree of trust isn't very apparent.
You were given access to all of the group's information.
It's very obvious that you're not happy here with us.
And you were given access to see if it was possible to trust you or not.
From what we've seen you can't be trusted.
Take her flash drive and camera.
No, stop.
Let me go! No, please, no! Don't move.
No! Commander, I swear I can explain that! - Please! - Give me that gun.
Let me go.
Please! So, Adela, I need answers and I need them now.
Who was Ximena going to give that information to? Or do you want to join her in there? Look how pretty the beauty queen looks.
Look at her.
- You bastard, do whatever you want.
- Oh, yeah? Really? I need an answer first.
Look at her.
Do you want to join her in there? Huh? I'm listening.
Come, have a beer with me.
You don't know me, but I think we're going to find something to talk about don't you? It's good, have some.
Well? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR No, there's no way to get close.
They've got lookouts everywhere.
What do we do? Wait.
Have everyone stand by for J.
's call.
Yes, sir.
I feel this isn't going to turn out well, John.
Perfect, get ready.
The helicopter is waiting for us.
- And the Special Forces? - Awaiting orders.
- Do they know what this is? - No.
They think it's a routine exercise.
We can't fail, Dixon.
We're covered.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Everything's quiet here.
Two advance parties and over a hundred men watching.
Tell him he can come ashore.
No problem.
All right, let's do what we agreed on.
- No mistakes.
- Bro.
Let's stay positive and it will all work out.
Let me do my job.
I know very well what I'm doing.
You relax, asshole.
All right, assholes.
That's it.
All good? Sir, how are you? Like everything, all good.
The trip all good? Jose.
Sir, John Jairo.
Boss, what a pleasure to have you here.
Don't call me "Boss.
" I'm your partner.
- Let's go.
- All right, partner.
Welcome to Colombia! Look, Serrano.
- Alirio.
- A pleasure.
A privilege, sir.
- Nice to meet you.
- This way, come with me.
I want to tell you that I'm incredibly grateful to you for helping me escape from jail.
Don't worry.
Don't thank me.
It wasn't a favor.
It was an investment.
- Which I hope will pay big dividends.
- Count on it.
Although I must admit that at first, I felt a bit cheated when you didn't send me what you'd promised.
- I can imagine.
- I'd already put a price on your head.
Yes, I know.
That's how these things go.
The thing is, when I got out of jail, after the escape, the law was on my heels.
Things were incredibly complicated.
It was insane.
But what's important is I came through, right? What's important is that it never happens again.
You can trust in me, boss.
That's why I'm here, so we can continue our work and to enjoy your country.
Cheers, then.
Thank you.
- What is it? Could I speak with Ximena? Of course.
If she were here.
What do you mean? She's not in the camp? Have a seat.
Listen, man.
You're a very well known reporter.
I've seen you on television many times.
What were you doing in the place where we found you? Huh? Can you explain that? I don't understand.
I understand you were in communication with Ximena.
What did she tell you that made you come out here? This is all a misunderstanding.
Really? You don't say.
When I spoke with Ximena, she was very frightened.
And she begged me to come… to ask you to free her.
That's all.
Do you believe the ridiculous story you're telling me? It may seem ridiculous, but it's true.
I just want to help her.
Have some chicha.
- Chicha? - Yes, chicha.
It's very good.
Have some.
Yes, it's good.
- Gentlemen.
- Hello.
From now on, I'm leading this operation.
Our principal objective: to capture the Lord of the Skies.
According to our informants, he's the person they're expecting.
I don't want any leaks, so no one enters or exits until the mission's over.
Any order that I give will be transmitted to you by Agent Mancipe.
Understood? - Understood? - Yes, sir.
Well, get to work.
Things are underway.
What's up, baby? What's up? Did you see the number of people that guy has with him? Yes, the same as any narco at that level.
What the hell will you do with so many people here, John? And not even a phone.
I have my tricks.
Don't you know we're all gonna die? Don't worry.
It's not gonna happen.
We're gonna wait 'til they let down their guard.
John Jairo.
- Well? - Ready, bro? Let's go.
Come in.
Excuse me, sir.
- John Jairo.
- Let him in.
Excuse me, sir.
All this is yours.
Sir, thank you.
This is great.
Look, Alirio, look.
I hope you're not going to count it now.
I'm not going to be in Colombia that long.
No, of course not.
We should spend it.
Let's have a little party, some food, invite some girls.
Arrange it with Édgar.
Of course, sir.
Give me a hand.
Excuse us, sir.
Thank you so much.
- Something simple, Édgar.
- Yes, boss.
Some boats arrived, sir.
How many men? This far away, no way to tell.
We must act now.
All those men can only mean that the Lord of the Skies is there.
Or they're ready for his arrival.
And why are you so sure they're not there? Because J.
hasn't called.
It's incredible, isn't it? That you still trust that rat.
That rat is why we're so close to catching the Lord of the Skies.
Don't you get that? No, I don't get it.
You know why? Because we're about to lose the only opportunity we have, Dixon.
That's why.
The mission will proceed according to plan.
And no discussion.
Until Popeye calls, no one makes a move.
Is that clear? - Nacho.
- Yes, bro? I need you.
Autograph or photo? Do that later, Nacho.
A job came up.
For when? For now, Nacho.
No, bro.
I can't today.
I'm working here, bro.
- Please.
- They'll pay you double.
I can't, bro.
I'm doing a job here, I have a show.
Nacho, these people are very sensitive.
No one ever tells them no.
And you won't either, asshole.
Help me out here.
Put this little bag over your head.
And why do I need to put that on my head? It's nothing, Nacho.
These people are very sensitive.
They don't want to reveal where they are.
That's all.
What you have to do for twenty million pesos.
So, I'll put it on.
Pain in the ass.
Let's do it, then.
All right.
Look, Dixon.
Have you considered that if that call never comes, it's because the rat couldn't call? If the operation we're seeing is half of what they have at that ranch, Popeye will never make that call.
You know why? Because he's got a thousand eyes on him.
Don't you think Cifuentes is right? I fell in love with your beautiful eyes I fell in love with your beautiful mouth I fell in love with your beautiful body - Alirio.
- I fell in love with all of you Alirio, bro.
Don't worry.
- How are you? - Fine.
And you? - Nice to meet you.
- Same here.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Can we talk a bit? - This guy is hilarious, bro.
Why did you bring this guy? What do you mean? This foreigner told me to bring entertainment.
Yes, but this is a comedian.
This isn't a piñata.
With all due respect, wouldn't you prefer some girls for some real fun? We're fine like this, John Jairo, thank you.
I want the boys to stay alert.
I need them focused.
- Then we'll bring 'em to you.
- He said no, asshole.
What's your problem? Édgar.
John Jairo only wants the best for us.
Thank you.
We're fine.
My pleasure.
What was that? I'm sorry, sir.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, boss.
GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE You gonna tell me what I wanna know? Talk, damn it! Hello? Sara, it's Ana María.
How are you? Fine, Sara.
Have you by any chance heard anything from Tito? Has he called you? He didn't say where he was going? All right, do me a favor, okay? If he turns up or if he calls, please, tell him to call me.
Okay, thank you.
Talk! We're singing We're Come on, clap.
We're singing We're on the coast Oh, it's delicious So incredibly fine One Mexican says to another: "Last night I dreamed about the Virgin of Guadalupe.
" The other guy says: "Hey, pray to her.
" We're singing We're happy We're singing We're happy A guy with a cleft lip walks along singing: What you want is for the tiger to eat me The other guy says: "He already ate half your face.
" We're singing We're happy Talk, come on.
I met Ximena when she was the queen.
And I followed what she was doing when she started to work with the inmates at Capital Prison.
What else? What else? And she contacted me to help her get out of here.
And to give me some info.
What kind of info? She knew that I was doing an investigation on Popeye.
Popeye? What does that bastard have to do with this? Ximena told me you could help me get in touch with him because you did business together.
Did business together! Commander, that's what she told me.
I'm not saying it's true.
I only want to know if the Colombian authorities helped Popeye escape.
That's it.
The rest, I don't care.
Oh? And why do you wanna know that? Tell me.
Journalistic information.
Help me.
Help me and I'm an important journalist in Colombia.
You know that.
If you help me, I can help you.
Listen to this idiot.
He says he can help us.
How? Come on, tell me.
You're going to initiate a peace process with the government, right? So, it's important for them to hear you, listen to you.
I can give you all the air time that you need.
In exchange I want you to let me get out of here.
And Ximena, too.
All right.
CAPITAL PRISON But how is that possible? You told me that Ximena was fine in the camp.
Then, what's going on? Well, that's what she wanted to make everyone believe.
They caught her red-handed, Galeno.
She was giving info to the press.
About what? About John Jairo.
She talked about the deals the guerrillas had with him.
And who can guarantee this deal for me? No one.
Right? On the other hand, what I'm asking you is very easy.
Who else knows about our deals with John Jairo? No one.
No one at the newscast knows that I'm here.
Believe me.
We are A little boy says to his dad: "Daddy, when you married Mom, did you take me on your honeymoon? And the dad says: "I brought you, and your mom took you".
All right, thank you, thank you.
- Bravo, my friend.
- Thank you.
Édgar, please.
- Take him to the hotel.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
- Let's go.
Boys, get some rest.
Put that revolver away, there.
Have a good night.
I'd like a minute with you.
Babe, see you soon, okay? John Jairo.
Times have changed.
Now it's not just about selling drugs in the United States.
There's Europe, there's China.
And I can get the drugs there.
I can sell them.
But producing such amounts requires someone like you.
We have the Colombian drugs.
They're ours.
But they're not enough.
Let's make a deal right now.
Bring me all the drugs in Latin America, and I'll make you a rich man.
And not just rich, but the most disgustingly rich man on earth.
What do you say? Five years in the States.
Plus the five million bucks I asked you for.
It must happen.
I need that money.
I must protect myself.
I'm gonna leave jail and be killed.
We'll guarantee your protection.
By the way, no one can know about our agreement.
Not even Serrano.
Four million dollars.
Not possible.
All right.
Let's do it, okay? That's the spirit, partner.
Cheers, then.
When the top guy arrives, I'll contact you again, okay? So keep the telephone close by and your people ready.
What are you doing here? Why are you here? You scared me shitless.
Did you call the DEA guy? - Did you call? - No, not yet.
Why not? Call them now.
- Shut up.
- Call now! Then give it to me.
- I'll call.
- Go back to the house.
Are you having second thoughts? That mariachi changed your mind, didn't he? - Go back to the house, go on.
- No.
- Can't you do it? - Stop fucking with me.
No, I'm not fucking leaving.
Why don't you call? Call.
Let me go.
Yes, sir.
I liked your jokes very much.
- Really? - Wanna know which one especially? - Which? - The Virgin of Guadalupe.
Oh, good, I like that one.
Pay me.
You're leaving me here? Go on.
Go fuck yourself.
I like this place, John Jairo.
But to live.
- You like it? - Uh-huh.
This place is fantastic.
But don't worry about it.
Let's talk with Alirio.
He'll call the owner.
Get him to sell it to us.
So anytime you need to talk to me, you come here.
You're safe here.
No problems with anything.
Good evening.
Sir, I think it's time for you to get some rest.
The police have come for me, John Jairo.
As you can see.
I'm going to bed.
Yes, sir.
Get some rest.
Have a good night.
What an honor to deal with people like you.
You sleep well, too.
Let's go.
Good night.
See you later, piece of shit.
I'll call.
Oh, answer.
One more.
Ana María? Alexandra? Yes, yes.
Listen to me.
We're on the coast.
John forced me to come with him.
- I told him to go straight, but he… - Where? I don't have any idea.
We're not alone.
The Lord of the Skies is here.
I don't know what to do.
And I've tried to tell John Who are you talking to? Hello, Alexandra? Alex? Did you call the DEA guys? I should have.
Will you? What's the excuse now? No excuse.
- So? - I'm waiting for the right time.
Right time? You've had 50,000 chances.
Why don't you do it? Call.
Show me you've changed, that you want a different life.
- Call.
- Who's there? Son of a bitch.
I'll do the talking.
Hello, kids.
What are you up to? No, what are you doing here? You're fucking joking, man.
Really, dude? You're fucking your wife here? Why don't you go to your room, dude? Now you're going to tell me where I can screw my wife? Fuck that.
You just take care of your boss.
Don't interfere with my life.
Don't mess with me.
Relax, dude, relax.
All right, this fucking chick and this asshole.
Let me go.
Where did the fucking phone go? - Son of a bitch.
- Where's the phone? Okay, perfect, thanks.
What did they say? There's no news.
But why are they waiting? Tell Alicia that if Ana María Solozábal calls, to tell her I'm with the president, anything.
I'm not in the mood, especially not for her.
Yes, sir.
No, it's not the call we're waiting for.
You know what I think, Dixon? We're wasting our time waiting for a phone call.
Right now we should be storming into that house.
Check the time.
We're not going to put the Lord of the Skies' capture at risk.
I was waiting for you.
Quique, Jose.
He'll be ready in five minutes.
Get the vans ready.
Go on.
- Go.
- Let's go, dudes.
Thank you so much for your hospitality.
We had… a great time.
- It was my pleasure.
- Thank you.
One moment.
I hope there won't be any problems with the delivery of the shipments.
No need for the warning, bro.
Here, you'll always need a warning, bro.
Because one mistake, and I will personally come fuck you up, asshole.
I'll call you, babe.
Go on.
Ana María Solozábal.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR I'm very sorry, but the Prosecutor can't talk to you right now.
For God's sake, Alicia.
Tell him it's urgent.
Look, tell him I have confidential information to give him, please.
He's busy right now.
Ma'am, boys, John Jairo, thank you for the hospitality.
I hope everything continues smoothly.
You can count on it.
I'll wait for you at my ranch in México.
- All right.
- See you.
Let's do it, okay? All right.
Let's go, assholes.
What are we supposed to do now? You let him go! He left! Why didn't you fulfill your deal with the DEA? I'm talking to you! Huh! What are we going to do? What DEA? Tell them.
Tell them what DEA.
Aren't you going to? Talk, faggot! How do you think he got out of jail? Because of the Mexicans? Tell them, John.
Don't be such a wimp.
- Wait.
- Wait, no! No waiting! Talk, faggot.
I made a deal with the DEA.
They would get me out of jail, and I would give them that dog.
- And you didn't do shit.
- No, I didn't.
And we're your friends? I'm your daddy, faggot! I taught you everything! We eat and we shit together! What else are you plotting? What else are you plotting? You sold me out, faggot.
You sold me out.
Talk, faggot! You wanna kill me, do it.
Shoot! Blow me away! Blow me away, asshole! Wait, dude! Calm down! The one thing we must do is talk, dude.
There are no friends here.
What matters here is business, right, dude? And business is great.
That's why I didn't give him up.
And I didn't want to you to get caught.
Are you nuts? You're rich, asshole.
Get your bag and go.
Take your money and go! The only thing left to do here is for us to do the job.
The business is fine.
The boat is waiting.
You decide.
The Lord of the Skies is at the ranch.
- What? - Alexandra called Ana María to say that J.
is with the Mexicans.
Let's go now.
The Lord of the Skies is there.
Let's go.
Let's go, move it.
We're out of time.
Move it.
Come on, get that ready.
Come on, move it, Alirio.
Let's go.
Bro, help me with this.
Pick it up.
Let's go.
Come on, get on, they found us.
I'm not going.
Are you sure? Look, enough.
Stop this bullshit right now.
I'm not gonna beg you forever.
If you don't come right now, I'll never come for you again.
I don't ever want to see you again.
I went to the cemetery with you, John, but I won't get in the grave.
Hurry up.
, bro, come on.
Leave her! Come on, let's go.
Let's go! Go, go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
There's no one, Dixon.
They left.
What's wrong? He took it out.
These are the chips we'll implant in him to track him.
Where will you implant them, Doctor? One, the one with J.
's permission, in the right forearm.
The other, which he won't know about, at the base of his neck.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go! - Let's go! - Let's go, hurry.
What is their location, Mancipe? Sir, the signal's coming from the sea.
They're headed to the beach.
Send an alert, we're on the way.
Yes, sir.
Be alert, men.
We're headed to the beach.
We'll get them there.
Everyone alert.
Come on, bro.
Go faster, step on it.
Let's go.
Let's do it, boys.
Got it? - Heads up, boys.
- Let's go.
Let's unload this stuff and keep it dry.
Grab onto that.
If not, you'll fall.
Let's go.
- Hold on, asshole.
- This side down.
Get off.
All right, come here.
Let's do it.
Good, bro.
Got it? Careful there, let's do it.
Let's do it.
Careful with the bags.
What time are they coming? At ten.
- We're good, then.
- Yes.
Yes, we're good.
Boys, let's do it.
Let's get the job done, boys.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Alicia.
You're welcome.
The body of the journalist was found this morning by members of the army in the foothills of the Buena Vista mountains.
Tito, as we, his colleagues and friends used to call him, was one of Colombia's most beloved and well-known journalists.
We join in support of his family and we send our most profound condolences.
May he rest in peace.
Is that them? Yes.
Fuck, it's the cops.
- Sons of bitches.
- Run! Fuck! Fuck, Dixon! I told you! I told you that rat was going to escape!