Alias J.J. (2017) s01e59 Episode Script

Episode 59

Fuck, Dixon! I told you! I told you that rat was going to get away.
Don't lose the tracker's signal.
- Gentlemen, let's go back.
- Let's go! What happened, Pope? Didn't you take that thing out? Yes, asshole.
Look, I took that shit out.
I don't understand how they found us.
We must have a snitch.
What snitch, faggot? You must have another one in there.
How would I know? Bro, all good.
- I brought you some food.
- Thank you.
Do you know how long it's been since I've had any decent food? Since they closed all our businesses in Capital Prison.
This is a godsend.
It's fantastic.
God bless you.
Come on, J.
Get up.
Hurry, bro.
Don't you want to be a patriot? There's a plane waiting for you, bro.
Come on.
Sons of bitches, those dogs must have put another one in without my knowing it.
- No fucking way, asshole.
- Really? - Look for it.
- What? Don't move.
Let's look.
You know what, asshole? Don't fuck around.
I'll take it out.
- Find it! - I'll take it out.
Don't move.
I'll take it out, or else they'll kill us! What do you want to do? - They're going to kill us! - Don't move.
- Put that away.
- And then what? Put that away! Where's he going, Mancipe? We're losing the signal.
What do you mean, losing the signal? We're in a dead zone.
Until we leave it, we can't pick up the signal again.
CAPITAL PRISON The Secretariat, in order to negotiate, asked for 100 of their men to be freed.
And you're on the list.
We're just a few formalities away from you being a free man again.
That's good news, Correcha.
I should be happy, but You know what I'm worried about.
Man, Galeno, I'm not going to lie to you.
The situation isn't the best, thanks to the mistake that our friend, the Commander, made.
He shouldn't have killed Ximena or the reporter.
If the public finds out that it was us, the peace accords and your release will be fucked.
- He's a surgeon? - Doctor Ospina.
Very kind, thank you.
- Doctor Ospina.
- How are you? My friend, don't you remember me? No, I'm sorry.
What a mistake, man.
After what's going to happen today, you'll never forget me.
The issue is money or bullets.
Come with me, Doctor.
Just smile and move your ass.
How's it going, man? All good? - That's great.
- Yes.
is moving around very strangely, sir.
I think he's making it up as he goes.
Dixon, do you copy? What do we do? Dixon, do you copy? What do we do? We're two kilometers from town, sir.
Two kilometers.
Cifuentes, they're going to the town.
Okay, bro.
Speed up, let's go to the town.
He's here.
All right.
All ready.
Alirio is inside.
Hey, leave the van in the area behind the hospital.
There in the corner.
At the end.
How is that going, Mancipe? They're stopping.
They're at a building near the entrance to town.
In town? Get there quickly! Hurry! Come on, step on it.
Thorax and abdomen, Yamileth.
All right, doll.
Come on, quick.
- Doctor, check my neck.
- All right.
- Stay like that.
- My neck.
Come on, doll, I don't have all day.
Check my neck.
Stay still.
Don't move.
Come on, step on it.
There's nothing here.
This is of the thorax.
Nothing here.
What's that there, Doctor? - No, no - That's nothing? - That's part of the vertebra.
- All right, doctor.
Some of you go down the other corridor.
Now, the side.
- My neck.
- Yes, your neck.
Here it is.
There's something here.
Let's do it.
- Doctor, take it out.
Hurry, asshole! - No, but No, but We have to go to the operating room.
- I don't have time for an operation.
- I can't take that out here.
Come on, take it out! Let's go.
- We don't have the right conditions - I don't care about the conditions.
Take it out now.
Cut my neck and take it out.
Yes, all right.
Please, a scalpel.
Doctor, we don't have one here.
- Here, take this.
It cuts better.
- Yes, all right.
Come on, son of a bitch, they're here.
Go on.
Go ahead and cut.
- Cover me.
- Two, okay.
Go on! - I can't like this! - Cut! Relax.
Go ahead and cut.
Clear! Let's go, it's clear.
Don't move, bitches.
Don't move.
Let's go.
Don't move! - What happened here, Doctor? - Nothing.
What's that in your hand? Son of a bitch.
I knew it.
They made me do it.
This is the third time we've searched the area, and there's no trace.
If you have to search it again, do it.
And if I tell you to search it a thousand more times, do it, damn it! Calm down, Dixon.
I'm sick of the bullshit of all this incompetence.
You're all a bunch of fucking idiots! Look, Dixon.
What's all the noise? What's going on? What's all the racket? If we had done this operation the way I said from the beginning, it would have turned out differently.
Dixon, if the police officers who'd risked their necks had been yours, not ours, what would have happened? We would have caught J.
! And the Lord of the Skies, too.
Yes, of course.
You still believe that? You know what your problem is? Neither you nor your people can follow orders.
Don't touch me.
Look, I'll forgive you for being the worst agent in the world the worst strategist.
For turning the name of my institution into shit.
But do you know what I can't forgive? That you mess with my people.
That I do not forgive.
If this operation was a failure, it's your fault for being incompetent.
Don't worry.
4 DAYS LATER There arrives a moment in the life of a journalist in which you think that nothing can surprise you anymore.
That the injustices you've had to document because of your job are so big, that nothing could surpass them.
This isn't true.
The level of thoughtlessness and evil of those who enjoy doing evil is so great, that every day they surpass themselves.
This time the victim was my friend, my mentor, a man who had decided to pursue the truth because of his calling and his conviction.
And whom that truth, that damned truth, the same one that today surely puts my own life in danger, ended up killing him.
"Tito's death is related to several investigations that were being carried out.
Today, so these deeds don't go unpunished, I will dare to make them public knowledge.
First, the case of Ximena Escobar, former beauty queen who, after being unjustly charged with the crime of rebellion, was kidnapped by the guerrillas.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
Kidnapped, even though everyone believes that she was a member of the organization.
" That lady is messing with everyone.
"Second, the escape of John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez was not an escape at all.
The truth, and this is something that at some point I will be able to prove, is that the people who were in charge of his custody allowed him to escape.
" But how can she say that? That's not true.
It's what we all suspected.
Didn't you realize all the inconsistencies that operation had? Of the amount of things that the DEA changed on us at the last minute? Sir, so you believe that… No, it doesn't make sense.
Why would they let him escape? That's the question I would like an answer to.
"Was there any participation by the Prosecutor's office, the DEA, the Colombian military forces?" And she goes on and on.
In every paragraph that Ana María wrote in this column, and that she's now put out on the internet, she's making us look bad.
She doesn't have any proof of what she's saying.
Because if she did, we wouldn't be here, we'd be in a cell.
Which, one way or another, we deserve, for our own stupidity.
Do you know what the mistake was in all of this? Do you know why things turned out badly? Because you could never see beyond your own noses.
You're absolutely right.
The proof of that is that right now, J.
is out of jail working with the most dangerous drug trafficker on the planet.
Take Mr.
Dixon so he can gather up his things.
And take him to the airport, so that he can go meet with his bosses, who are asking for a detailed report of this disaster of an operation.
And who better than him to deliver it personally? I'll follow your orders with pleasure, Mr.
Come with us, Dixon.
CAPITAL PRISON That woman and the reporter they killed have been on John Jairo's trail for a while.
If they're saying what they're saying If they're saying it, it's because they must have some proof.
What do you mean by that, sir? Simple.
Those stories about the deals between John Jairo and the guerrillas are true.
Of course.
That's why he was so confident the day of the negotiation.
The guy already had the merchandise that he needed.
Look, Bernal.
I'm going to tell you something.
I'm sure that, by that time, he had made some sort of deal with Galeno.
You can bet on it.
The question is this What are we going to do? We just let this guy make a fool out of us? No, of course not, sir, no.
No fucking way.
We have to do something, bro.
- And now.
- Of course.
Please, come in.
Thank you for coming.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you.
Would you like anything? No, I'm fine.
Did you read Ana María's latest article? She pointed a finger at us.
Yes, I read it.
She's a very wise reporter.
She always has been.
And, well If she hadn't published it, someone else would have.
It was a matter of time.
I always felt that in this whole thing with J.
, we bit off more than we could chew.
You tried to warn me several times, and I didn't listen to you.
Let me take this opportunity to apologize for my mistake.
I hope you can accept it.
Don't worry.
But in addition to the apology I owed you, I asked you to come because right now I think that the best person to be in charge of recapturing J.
is you.
Bro, this is the list of things we need to buy.
CARIBBEAN COAST OF COLOMBIA Besides what's there, buy me two cases of beer.
Okay? And stop at Mocho's and buy ammunition.
Careful you don't get killed on the way back.
All right? All good, bro.
Let's do it, okay? Look, John.
The truth is, since we got here I haven't slept a wink, bro.
The fact that we're hiding in the same place, I don't like it.
You, too You're a total chicken.
Give me a break.
They're not coming back here, bro.
Let me explain why.
They were already here.
They chased us out with guns.
They almost killed us.
Why would they even think we'd come back here? Okay, my friend, look Even if they realize that we're hiding in this hole again and they come here to bust us, it'll take them a while.
Remember, we're in the middle of fucking nowhere.
But in that case, yes, we will need to move.
If we want to get in good with the Mexican again, we have to hold up our end of the deal we made.
So, how are we going to get the drugs from the Bolivians? Good question.
There it is.
It was one of the conditions that I gave in order to accept the job he offered me.
Thank you.
Total anonymity.
No tracking, censoring, or any kind of intervention.
They want me to recapture that criminal? I'll do it.
But my own way.
With total independence and freedom to make the decisions they didn't let me make before.
Colonel Tello, don't you think they suspect that you gave me that information, based what I published online? No, of course not.
Besides, that's why I'm here, Miss Ana María.
Like I told you before, nobody can find out.
At the same time, I highly respect the decision you made, the fact that you published that.
Well, I did it for Tito.
I don't want his death to be in vain.
That won't happen.
If we succeed in capturing John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez If we succeed? That's the second reason I'm here.
I want you to help me.
There's no one else in this country who knows that criminal like you do.
In my opinion, this is very important.
Alexandra is his ex-wife, right? I feel that she's his weak spot.
Here are photos of the ex-beauty queen, of Nena Ximena together with Galeno in the jail.
And here are photos of the guerrilla camp where she was held.
And these are photos of some men.
A contact told me that they had been in the Capital Prison meeting with guerrilla leaders and paramilitary leaders.
And from this receipt we know what city Tito was in before he went into guerrilla territory.
- To meet with the ex-queen? - To meet with the ex-queen.
She had information on a relationship that existed between the guerrilla group and Velásquez.
Relationship? What kind of relationship? The guerrillas are selling drugs to Velásquez.
CAPITAL PRISON It's always darkest before the dawn.
The important thing here is the movement.
And when you make the decision to belong to a movement Galeno.
Come here.
I'm sorry to come here and break your heart, Commander, but you're going to have to unpack your things.
Your release order has been cancelled.
Follow me to the director's office.
There's someone who wants to speak with you.
Come on, now.
Anything else? Leave.
Excuse me.
From your face, I gather that Bojaca already told you about the problems that came up with your release.
Of course.
All right, look, if tomorrow at this time I'm not in a meeting with the Secretariat, the peace process that we initiated with the government will go down the drain.
I can assure you of one thing, Commander.
If the investigation I'm doing blows up, the fact that you may or may not meet with the Secretariat will be completely irrelevant.
Your comrades will be so busy explaining the stupid thing they decided to do, they won't give a damn about what does or doesn't happen to you.
What are you talking about? You know very well what I'm talking about.
Do you recognize him? One of J.
's men was here in the jail talking with you negotiating the drugs that John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez is sending to the United States.
Well, that's just pure speculation, right? Really? Be serious.
You're trafficking, kidnapping and killing people.
I know that you and your people are the ones responsible for Ximena Escobar's disappearance and of the vile murder of Tito Rodríguez, one of the best journalists in this country.
You keep making assumptions.
I know you're an intelligent man.
And you know that you've lost that you have no way out.
Unless you decide to collaborate to help me recapture John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
If not I don't think you'll leave this hole for the rest of your life.
What do you say? Are you out of your mind, or what? The organization will never turn in John Jairo.
They won't because they're making a lot of money, thanks to him.
And with that money they can negotiate with the government.
What's wrong with you, Correcha? Tello's threat was very clear.
If we don't give them J.
, we're fucked.
So let's give him to them.
Galeno! Order! The negotiations are well under way.
And one colonel's threats aren't going to bring a halt to everything.
The deal is this Tell Tello that I'll give him J.
, as long as he lets me out of here before the scandal that's going to ruin the negotiations explodes.
Yes, Mr.
I'm arriving at Capital Prison to speak with Galeno, who has decided to cooperate.
Yes, sir.
Kill me, you bastard! Bernal, door.
Someone found out he was going to give information about J.
It's started, Tello.
This is the first death of my administration.
And I assure you that it won't be the last before we get him.
If we thought that capturing that… that dog was going to be easy, we were mistaken.
Acosta! Sir? Get all the prisoners together in the courtyard.
Yes, sir.
Let's find out what the hell happened.
CARIBBEAN COAST OF COLOMBIA Dude, I saw it with my own eyes.
The shipment was ready.
But no, those assholes aren't sending anything until we stop doing business with the guerrillas.
Alirio told you, dude, if one of the groups knew we were working with the other, this would get complicated, and look.
Yes, but that's no reason to get so worked up.
They're drug traffickers, too.
We're not talking about ideals here.
We're talking about business.
They should stop with the show and behave like what they are.
Why don't you call Bernal's lawyer? John Jairo isn't going to stop doing business with the guerrillas? Can you believe it? He said that if he had to choose between one group and the other, he'd prefer to go with the guerrillas.
Because unlike you, they don't pull a lot of bullshit.
And he knows that no one is paying for drugs, not at the prices or in the quantities that he was selling them.
I discussed this with the Commander.
He asked me about the delays in the deliveries, and said either you fix this with J.
, or tomorrow, despite whatever security exists in this jail, you'll wake up dead.
WEEKS LATER All right, dude.
That's ready.
The Bolivian one arrives tomorrow, and I already spoke with the paramilitary again.
What did they say? That we take Bernal out of the equation.
That our deals shouldn't get fucked up because of some asshole who's locked up and spouting bullshit, and that from now on, we're going to deal directly with the Commanders.
Stupid faggots.
They made me lose money there.
Why are you saying that? They were supposed to pay me money.
Of course, idiot.
They're aware of that.
They know they fucked up, that business is business, - that they'll make it up to you.
- All right.
Mission accomplished, Pope.
I brought the doctor.
He's there.
All right, let's go.
- Stay sharp, let's do it.
- Go on.
Doctor, how are you? No, that's not necessary.
Sit down, please.
Listen, it's great to have you here.
Thank you for coming.
Doctor, look, I had you brought here first, because I want to pay you for your work.
- Because you did it very well.
- No.
That's not necessary.
No, you did it well, you deserve the money.
Don't worry.
And I want to give you an advance for another little job I need you for.
No, but Why don't you find another doctor? - I have a lot of work - You have what I need.
You have a lot of talent.
We can't waste that.
Don't worry.
With the money I'm going to pay you, you'll be in great shape.
You won't have to worry about anything, okay? Or tell me now that you don't want to, and you won't leave here alive.
I'm pulling your leg.
Did you see his face? Would you like a drink? Shall we have a beer? Alirio.
Bring two beers.
This will work out incredibly well for us.
Don't worry.
Excuse me.
Hello? My friend, how are you? Do me a favor.
Put the Boss on, I need to talk to him.
Listen, dude.
Anything you have to say to my Boss, you can say to me.
What do you want to talk about? Relax, bro.
He'll tell you later.
Put him on, I have to talk to him about something important.
It's John Jairo.
He says he can't tell me anything, that he has to speak with you.
John Jairo.
Boss, how are you? Fine.
What happened with the Brazilians? No, that's going great.
I'm calling about something else.
I have the solution to your problems.
Which problems? The trap that the law is laying for you.
I know how you can get free of them.
How? Look, I've been talking to the best surgeon in Colombia.
He's incredibly talented.
And you know Colombians are experts in redoing asses, tits, faces Giving dolls a total makeover.
So, he's willing to do a procedure on you that will change your face.
Not even your mother will recognize you.
What do you think? I think I want to take advantage of the fact that they've got that guy in Mexico by the balls, and they're about to get him.
So, if he accepts my invitation to come here and get operated on, he's as good as dead, because we'll kill him in the operating room.
Come on, bro.
Killing him would be like killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
That's exactly why.
We'll kill the goose and keep the golden eggs for ourselves.
We'll take charge of the business.
That's what we have to aim for.
This is crazy, bro.
Like the Three Stooges.
Everyone to the cemetery.
Stop it.
Now you're going to chicken out on me? We have the doctor on our side.
The way is already paved.
The rest we have to brainstorm so that it all works out.
All right? Do you still have your contacts in the United States? Yes, bro.
They're all ready.
All we need to do is call, say we have the merchandise, and they'll buy it.
For now we're not doing anything.
When we kill the head, then we'll make the leap.
Gentlemen, those of us here are the nucleus of the search bloc formed by the national government, with the objective of recapturing John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
As you can tell, we're all working together police, army, the Prosecutor's office, and the government.
To begin our work, I want the Prosecutor's office to tell us about the investigations he's been working on that'll help us get into the heart of the network in which J.
is operating.
Hurry, boys, you have to go.
That's the truck.
Stop it.
Turn off the engine and get out of the truck.
Here, Captain.
Here are all the papers the forms, the papers for the vehicle.
It's all there, understand? Search him.
Search the truck.
All right, Captain.
Where are they? Gentlemen.
Where was this shipment headed and who's waiting for it? Oh, you don't want to talk? Simple.
We have two options.
Either you stay quiet and you rot in jail, or you tell us what we want to know, and we sign an agreement with the Prosecutor's office.
No? Well, if you're going to talk, do it now.
There's no time to think about it.
Take it or leave it.
Go on.
All right, gentlemen.
You know the routine.
Check and make sure it's all good.
Nice and easy, make it all nice.
Go on.
Son of a bitch.
Everyone on the ground.
On the ground.
- Serrano? Where? - Over there.
Okay! Don't shoot me.
Don't kill me, bro.
All good.
Drop the gun.
All good.
All good, bro.
If we do things right, we have the possibility of catching J.
Keep me informed.
Yes, sir.
What? What happened? Alirio! All right, if you hear anything, let me know, all right? Fuck, they got Serrano.
Those dogs are hitting us hard.
Hey, Pope.
He's gonna throw us under the bus.
That faggot, he's such a coward.
Well then, shut his mouth before he starts to vomit.