All Hail King Julien (2014) s05e07 Episode Script

There Will Be Juice

1 I'm okay! If you make me late, Maurice, so help me, I will hurt Mort! - Yay! - Judy the Goddess of Seafood leaves her sea harvest at midday.
It is not midday! What if maybe the world sped up? What then, huh? You want me to speed up? Hey! Come on, that's cheating, Maurice! I told you it's not midday.
When it's midday This is amazing! Thanks, Judy! Appreciate it.
Eh, got to say, Judy kind of dropped the ball this year on the harvest.
I haven't even found something that burns my skin when I touch it.
My King, look at this! Hmm? Now we're talking! First sip, I called it! Me second! Whoa, whoa, shouldn't we have an idea about what this is before you drink it? I don't understand the question.
It's like he's speaking a different language.
I don't get it.
Why don't we have Timo look at this first? Come on, come on, let's go! Timo, I am working up a powerful thirst for something that may or may not mutate my body.
Let's go.
I wouldn't recommend drinking this, Your Majesty.
Far as I can tell, this is plant food.
Plants eat food? Wow.
How do they hold their forks? The leaves, maybe? I always thought that jungle was a little handsy.
Not that kind of food.
Liquid nutrients.
See this writing? "Pure organic impossibly safe organic nutrients.
" Yep, definitely plant food.
You know, I've been making my own compost for years using only my Stop right there, Timo.
There could be children watching.
So this, uh, plant food What exactly does it, uh, do? Well, I guess you could say it supercharges them.
It makes them stronger so they produce more.
Oh! Oh! I'm getting an idea! Ta-da! This plant food is gonna give me the most mango-rich kingdom in all of Madagascar.
You already have the most mango-rich kingdom in all of Madagascar.
Exactly! Which is why I need more.
Greatness is all about how much you have when you're dead, Maurice.
Mango King right here, y'all! Right here! Well, I thought greatness was about good deeds and kindness and such.
You know, uh, if this works, we're finally gonna have enough surplus mangos to trade for some real weapons.
I heard the crocodiles have gotten their hands on a drone.
You drone-t say.
You two are crazy! Timo, tell them they're crazy.
What are you doing? I'm calling the company that made the plant food Sunshine Farm Place.
I figure they might be able to tell us if the plant food is safe.
And? What did they say? They put me on hold.
Hmm? Don't worry, Maurice.
I told them to only put a quarter of the plant food in the water supply, just to be safe.
Sure Timo said the whole barrel? Yep! That's what I heard.
Okay! Oh! You may sprinkle when ready.
Bring it! - Whoo-hoo! - Spray it on me! Spray it in my mouth! What's the matter, Maurice? A little scared of toxic chemicals? We're getting soaked in glowing green plant food, Mort! Oh, I know.
Isn't it refreshing? Oh! So luxurious.
So how long we talking till this mang-splosion happens? I got my eye on a rice cooker that seats 12, and I'm a little short on fruit to seal the deal.
Hard to say, Your Majesty.
These things don't happen overnight.
I can assure you, madame, this booty is 100% tax deductible.
Get behind me, Your Majesty! I think we're under some kind of attack.
Mangos? We're all gonna die My beverage! Oh, yeah.
Right there, sister.
Your Majesty, what's happening? The plant food.
It finally worked! I knew you could do it, my king! Mort, stop standing so close to me.
You smell like a hermit crab with gingivitis.
- Oh, sorry.
- Zora? I no bath this year.
But I heard Mort.
I'm right here, Your Majesty.
It was only a matter of time before she ate him.
All right, well, I'll put her down.
No, I'm okay! Zora has an armpit pouch from an old wound, and I just love to sleep in it.
It also doubles as a change purse.
Your Majesty, this is incredible.
I hoped there'd be a spike in mango production, but not like this! Where are we gonna put it all? Aha! Lemurs of Madagascar! Find anything you can to store the mangos.
Buckets, carts, Willie's hut.
What the heck, man? Whatever it takes.
We're gonna go to our graves with more mangos than anyone's ever had in the history of the world! You want it fast 'Cause you don't have time Phosphorous trichloride.
- Iminodiacetic calcium hydroxide.
- Triethylamine dimethyl phosphite.
Glyphosate surfactant polyethoxylated tallow amine.
Sunshine Farm Place LLC not responsible for any injury.
Please spray responsibly.
On it Just keep singin' this song Yeah! Uh, Your Majesty, we have a prob Oh, wow.
Uh, Your Majesty, that rice cooker looks dangerously close to the edge.
What, are you a contractor now? Relax, Timo.
We are the most mango-rich Kingdom in all the land.
And everyone knows that being rich means nothing ever goes wrong.
It's, like, a historical fact.
- What was that? - Yeah, that's why I'm here.
Oh, nurse.
Eh, keep the bubbles going, ladies.
I'll be right back.
The mangos are growing out of control! Aah! Where are they all coming from? We're all gonna Aah! Mangos killed my family! It must be the plant food! Uh, you think? We need to get everyone to safety, Your Majesty! Zora! Where's Zora? My love I tried to fight them off, but the mangos they invaded my armpit pouch.
No! That's my wife, you mango scum! We can't stay down here! The mangos are rising too fast! Oi! Stop your blabbering and get on the plane! Timo, there there must be some antidote, some highly toxic spray whose ingredients will alter our DNA.
I'll alter your DNA, Your Majesty.
Oh! Who would have thought this glorious booty, which has escaped death countless times, would be felled by mangos? It's not fair, Frank! It's not Uh Where did all the mangos go? We got them on the run, King J! I say we capture those fruits and pulp every one of them.
Make a protein shake out of their innards.
None of this makes any sense.
Where are they going? Uh, what's that, Maurice? You you want to lead us and face any danger that might be waiting? What? I didn't say Aah! Mo-Mo? Mo-Mo? Yeah, he's dead.
Dibs on his hut.
King Julien! You need to see this! Where am I? Oh, my Yes! Ah! What's better than having the most mangos? Having one giant mango, y'all.
Ah! That talks! Ah! Scientifically, Your Majesty, this is impossible.
Fruit do not talk.
Oh, uh, pretty serious fruit profiling there, Timo.
FYI, I know a pineapple who would disagree with you.
He's right, kids.
Fruit profiling is no joke.
Educate yourself, uh and stay in school.
We have no idea what this Giant Mango is capable of.
We have to destroy it.
You want the Giant Mango taken out, Your Majesty, just say the word.
I got a van full of these blenders.
Mango can scream all he wants.
Ain't no one gonna hear.
Destroy it? Never! I have created life! Forget Mango King.
We're talking Mango God here! I don't understand.
We used exactly the right amount of plant food.
Plus, the barrel King Julien and I dumped in the sprayer machine.
You used the whole barrel? I think we can all admit mistakes were made and that Maurice is sorry.
I'm sorry? But don't you see the gift we have been given? Precisely! Lives! Changing! I, for one, feel really good about that, which is why there's no time to waste.
We need to exploit that mango for profit right away! Ted, you have a degree in marketing.
I do not, sir.
I want to blanket Madagascar with Giant Mango promotional materials.
I'm talking Giant Mango branded rides, Giant Mango branded clothing, Giant Mango branded hair extensions.
Hey, where's Mort? Oh, I sent him ahead to do a little pre-interview with the Giant Mango before we got there.
Speak up, you! What are you hiding? Spill it! Mort, you indignant toilet brush, what are you doing? I am so sorry.
How's my superstar today? Hmm? Are you my father? Father, mother, agent, realtor, spiritual advisor.
Whatever you need, buddy.
Your Majesty, if I may.
What's your purpose here, big fella? Give the fruit a break, Clover.
He was just born.
- Don't worry, buddy.
We got big plans.
- Hmm? Big plans! Anything I can get you right now, though? I am hungry, Father.
Hey, no problem! Ted, get our cash cow Eh, guest something to nosh on.
Well, Dorothy was just mixing up a batch of mango smoothies.
Really, Ted? One of those mangos could be a relative.
My mistake.
I'll see what else I can whip up.
There we go, food is on the way.
Man, I feel good about this.
Bring it in, you mensch.
Yeah, get the right angle.
Okay, let's table that hug.
Buddy, why don't you take a Hollywood five whilst me and the boys discuss some deets? Yes, Father.
Uh, Your Majesty, don't you think it's a little odd he keeps calling you his father? No.
Fruit have always seen me as a father figure.
Don't make it weird, Maurice.
King Julien, I would really love to run some tests.
We still have no idea how it became like this.
Totally get that.
Choosing to ignore it.
Mo-Mo, you're with me.
We got work to do.
Clover, guard the Giant Mango and make sure no one gets in to see him without my approval.
On it.
Pancho, tag along with Maurice and I.
We may need those blenders if things go, uh, sideways.
Hoo-ah! Time for Madagascar to meet its newest superstar.
Are you sure this is a good idea? King Julien and I didn't exactly end on good terms after the whole "betraying him to Koto" incident.
Sir, I am told this will be the do-not-miss event of the season.
Oh, here's our seats.
Let my body be your pillow, sir! Oh, my! Big crowd out there, buddy.
Feeling good? Feeling pumped? I am hungry, Father.
Uh, uh, M-Maurice, what's with the food situation? - We got a growing boy here.
- I'll say.
Uh, dude? You did not just come out of his wa No, Your Majesty.
Fruit do not have the same digestive system as us.
I was just inserting a probe to examine its core to see if I could find the source of the Giant Mango's extreme growth.
You were inserting what, now? Well, it's actually quite fascinating.
It appears the Giant Mango has not finished growing.
The seeds at its core are still replicating at a ferocious pace.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, b-but g-go back to that probe thing, now.
Good evening, Madagascar, and welcome to the christening of little Cory Taylor.
Somebody's gonna get wet today.
Ted, what you doing? This isn't a christening! It isn't? Oh, that is it! I warned Banana! You need to find me a breakout role before I age out of being a young ingénue.
Are you even hearing what I'm saying? Banana! Uh, King Julien? Ted is fear tinkling all over the stage.
You better get out there.
Do I have to do everything myself? Fine.
Your Majesty, what about what Timo said? - If this thing is still growing - I am hungry, Father.
I do not have time for this, Maurice! We'll figure it out after the show.
Good evening, Madagascar.
I know what you're thinking.
How does it feel to create life? In a word It feels great! You guys are totally gonna freak when you see what I made! Right? Amazing! Say something.
They're all waiting.
Uh, just give him it a moment.
A little shy.
You know, just born and all.
Rip-off! Make it talk, or I'm gonna eat that thing, okay? Uh While we're waiting, don't forget We're selling commemorative diapers at the swag kiosk.
No one wants your stinking diaper! - Lemur power! Lemur power! - Stop.
It spoke.
Yeah, it did! Told you! Freakin' amazing, right? In your face! More! Make it say more, King Julien! Way to drama it up with the silent act, Mango.
They love you, man! Show them what you got.
I was a mango who dreamed of life.
Whoo-hoo! The dream came true.
Testify! Mother! Did that thing just vomit on us? Yes.
Isn't it wonderful? Encore! Let go of me, you surprisingly strong fruit! Don't worry, everyone.
It's all part of the show.
What are you doing? I'm hungry, Father.
Uh Giant Mango, when you said you were hungry, what kind of meal were you looking for? My meal is the knowledge of this world.
My meal is your brain.
King Julien, run! Save your brain! Mo-Mo! Huh? Ah! Ah! I don't know about you, King J, but I think it's blender time! More, Father.
The brains of your friends are too small.
You're telling me! Hey, what do you say you, uh you put my people's brains back and get yourself a real meal? Huh? There's plenty of well-educated big brains on the mainland.
Main land.
Is that close? Oh! Close? Is it close? You you just, uh Uh, you hit the ocean, and then you just you just keeping going.
Thank you, Father.
Pancho, it worked! He let my peoples go.
Where is it going? Don't worry.
It's headed for the mainland and away from Madagascar.
We're all good.
You're welcome.
Oh, no! If that thing reaches the mainland, it could absorb every brain in the world.
Okay, hadn't thought it through that far yet.
If that thing absorbs every brain in the world, that would make us, like, the last intelligent creatures on the planet.
Gods, really.
Maybe we should just let that Giant Mango do its thing.
This is my fault.
We need to stop that fruit.
Saddle up.
Timo, isn't there any way to make it listen? Have you gotten through to the corporation? Not yet, Your Majesty.
Although the recorded voice has been very apologetic for the wait and promises my business is important.
I am not giving up on my dream yet.
Pancho, punch it! Get me up close! Hey, Django.
Hey, bud.
Where you going in such a hurry? Uh, look, I don't want to make this all about me, but, uh, kind of messing up my plans for greatness here.
Because I am a fruit, I should just relinquish the life I have always dreamed of to fulfill your selfish need to be adored? Exactly.
You get it.
I do.
Thank you for clarifying, Father.
It will make it so much easier when I absorb your brains.
Aah! Pancho, back up! Back up! Ah, sheesh! It's got us! Aah! Help! Don't let it eat my brain! The feet! Hold on, My King! Brains! Brains! - Brains! Brains! - Aah! Ah, sheesh again! It's got King J! Do something, milquetoast! - What can I do? I'm still on hold! Did you trying pressing zero? Does that work? Good afternoon, Sunshine Farm Place.
My name is Kimberly.
To who am I speaking today? Your plant food has created a brain-eating mango, and it's headed for the mainland right now! I am so sorry, sir.
Help is on the way.
Have I been able to answer all your questions today, sir? Uh-huh.
Guys, where's King Julien? What's happening? Well, I think we've learned a valuable lesson.
Fruit doesn't need our help.
From now on, we will only pour chemicals on ourselves as the sky gods intended.
If you'll excuse me, I'd like to see Dr.
, as I believe much of my body is broken.
Father? You want it fast 'Cause you don't have time Phosphorous trichloride.
- Iminodiacetic calcium hydroxide.
- Triethylamine dimethyl phosphite.