All Hail King Julien (2014) s05e09 Episode Script

Lord of the Fruit Flies

1 I'm okay! Uh-oh.
- What's going on? - Aah! Aah! Calm down, everyone.
I'm sure this is perfectly normal.
This is normal, right, Mo-Mo? Like, the world's not ending, is it? Aah! Good evening, Madagascar.
- Karl? - Yes, it is I, the great and powerful Karl here to announce my biggest, most exuberant plan of all time: I'm retiring! What? Oh! Chauncey and I are moving - to Florida! - Huh? We hear it's quite nice all year-round.
Uh, sweet.
Nice knowing you, pal.
Oh, but that's why I'm here, Julien.
I am searching for my replacement! The basement something in the basement? Listen up: There are five golden mangoes hidden in the jungle, and the five citizens who claim them will win a private tour of my lair, - with a guest of their choice - Oh! and a chance to compete and become King Julien's next evil nemesis.
Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Karl-Con! Let the games begin.
Get me that golden mango, Dad! Todd! Aah! Hey, what? Hoo-ah! Hmm, if I'm my own nemesis, then can't nobody take me down.
I'm invincible, baby.
I hate to say it, but that's actually not a bad idea.
No enemies, no threat.
Can't believe this, but I think all three of us are on the same page.
- Clover? - On it! Rah! Stupid golden mango.
Why would I ever win anything to ow! Huh? Huh? Ah! Huh? I got the last one! Ha! Yah! What the heck, man? Aah! Clover! Booyakit! Evil nemesis right here! Your Majesty, if I may.
You're going to need a fierce competitor in there with you as your partner.
Hmm Someone who can, uh, you know, keep her king safe.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! - Hmm? Oh, for me! You should bring me, Your Majesty.
Duh! You know what? Just say what you mean next time, Clover.
It would save us all a lot of time.
And while I'm off becoming my own villain, Mo-Mo, I've got a job for you.
All right, everyone, don't forget to cheer for your favorite players with the provided poster boards.
Well, Ted, Karl's looking for his replacement, and also, I'm thrilled with how things are going in my life.
We're doing good.
Uh, how's it looking down there, Maurice? Who's everybody rooting for? Make some noise, people! And use the posters! King Julien! Huh? Go away! I'm not decent! I said go a Who are you? The name's Grandpa, Grandpa Mort.
That's me there with you baby Mort.
- Hmm? - Hmm! Hmm.
- Oh - Oh.
Uh hmm? Sorry, old guy.
I don't see it.
Think, Mort.
Think very hard.
Just like that bum to miss presents.
Happy Hanukkah, kids.
Ah Oh, Pop-Pop! I missed you! I know I missed a few Hanukkahs, so I brought you a little something.
Oh, I hope it's a pencil! But but how? Anything is possible if you don't mind breaking a few rules and parole.
Pack your bags, kid.
We are going to Karl-Con.
Everyone, stay alert.
This could all be a ruse.
Uh Am I right, guys? So glad you all could make it.
Are we ready? Yes.
In we go.
Welcome to my laboratory.
The first and only rule at this stage of Karl-Con is no touching.
Look around you: My fabulous team of cockroach henchmen spent countless hours helping me construct some of the world's most deadly weaponry.
- Aah! - Yes? Young buck in the back? Thanks for having me.
Big fan.
Question: Once given the title of King Julien's evil nemesis, does one have a license to kill? Great question.
The answer, of course, is No! Uh, my bad, y'all.
I was told there'd be a snack situation.
What have you done, you bloated pork rind? Oh, he didn't mean any harm, Karl.
Butterfish is a big boy, ain't you, baby? Belly full of grits and love.
Aah No! I'm being sucked up, y'all.
Aah! - Aah! - Whoa! Butterfish! I did say no touching, didn't I? Ah, I can't wait to be my own nemesis so I can eat like this all the time.
Hold it! In order to be a true evil villain, you must learn to savor the moment! Come on, man! We're all starving! Savor it, Pancho! Now a little test.
The first contestant to buckle down and eat - Mmm.
- loses.
- Ah! - Uh, loses what, exactly? You'll just have to wait and see.
Savor it.
All right, kids.
This is a pretty simple test.
We all pick up our food and eat it at the same time.
- That way, nobody - No, Amy! The bad man said to wait! Leave me alone, Dad.
I'm starving.
What are you all looking at? Stop judging me! Oh, Daddy, what's happening? I don't know, dearest.
- No! - Dad! Don't just sit there on your stupid butt, Dad! Ooh, you're the worst Dad ever! Ah! Dad! Mort, you're gonna make a great evil villain, unlike your old fart of a grandpa, who spent his whole dang life in prison.
Uh, I'm not sure, Pop-Pop.
Aren't evil villains mean? I'm only mean when the voices in my head accuse me of crimes I don't remember committing.
- Oh, boy.
- Yeah.
It's inside you, Mort, just like it's inside me.
Now, think about it: If you win, you'll be able to have more one-on-one time with the royal feet than you could ever imagine! Yeah, DJ Glitterbunz turning it down a notch with a smooth summer jam.
You're right, Grandpa.
This is totally worth it.
Nighty-night, my sweet little grandchild.
I should have known Karl was up to something.
Four contestants gone already.
He's picking us off one by one.
Clover, I need you to relax.
I say that because you're freaking me out, man! - What are we gonna do? - We escape, Your Majesty, before we are cockroach kibble.
Hurry up, Fairfax.
I can feel it tingling in my bones.
- We're next.
- You don't gotta tell me twice.
Uh Freeze! Hold it right there! - See you, pal! - Oh, that's just great.
Oh, no! Mother! Ooh.
That can't smell good.
Aah aah Oh, that smarts! So we're gonna escape a different way, right? Right, Clover? Oh, would you look at that? It's morning already.
Uh Good morning, friends.
Congratulations on becoming Karl-Con's final four contestants.
Just a quick FYI.
The only way to win Karl-Con is to survive the Karl-Brynth.
"Karl-Brynth"? Look at this place.
It's actually kind of nice.
Yeah, I don't know.
Something seems off.
There it is.
Aah! Here we go, kid.
Time to shine.
Now, you get this gig, you'll get all the Hanukkah pencils you ever dreamed of! Yay! I hope I get some of those erasers you used to give us that make the paper all pink and smudgy.
I don't know any other kind.
Huh? Time for round two.
Aah! Oh, gosh.
Oh, Chauncey.
We've got Julien right where we want him.
All I have to do is get rid of that stumpy little mouse lemur and his Pop-Pop.
It's perfect.
Um, is the field trip almost over yet? This is all Karl's world.
It's fake.
Which means the ocean's fake.
We just need to find a way out.
We could just drink it.
S says extra sodium might help my near-fatal levels of water retention.
That's it, kid! - Start drinking.
- Okay.
Yes, keep drinking.
It's working.
Ah Come on, kid! Help me! Aah! Ah, it's over, Clover! But, you know, even though we're out here, all alone, about to die, something deep down inside tells me, I don't know, this is all Maurice's fault.
Oh, come on, man! - Aah! - There has got to be a way out.
Karl built everything in here in his lab.
It's all mechanical.
- It's death, Clover.
- Huh? Just accept it.
Karl was always gonna win.
No, we just have to find a way to defuse the situation.
- Lucky for us - Hey, watch the face.
I don't like to lose.
Incoming! King Julien, look.
You smell that? It's victory, kid.
It is? Yes, it's close.
But I bet King Julien smells it too.
And we can't let him win.
But I love King Julien.
But you need to win, Mort.
- I do? - Yes! For our family.
Us Morts were always meant to be villains.
Why do you think we know how to inhale essences? Evil is in our blood, Mort.
I should have had Karl's job.
I should be the one passing you the torch.
All right, we need to find a deadly weapon in case we run into King Julien.
You mean hurt my king? Oh, no, no, no, no.
We're going to, uh, protect him.
Ooh! Got it, Grandpa.
Go ahead, kid.
I got to take care of something.
Clover? Where are you? - I'm over here, Your - Aah! Ugh.
Trying to find a light switch.
But I can't see a thing.
Um Are you kidding me, Clover? Sorry.
Let me out of here! Please, it reeks! Oh! King Julien! Whoa.
Aha! Uh Aah! King Julien, it's a It's a room of mirrors.
"Oh, King Julien, it's a room of mirrors.
" Yeah, thanks, Sherlock.
King Julien? Ow! Where are you? I'm right here, Clover.
I can't tell which is which.
Mort? Oh! Uh, why does Mort have a gun? - Ow! - Huh? I see you ow! Yeah.
Ha! Ha! Hey, Clo-Clo.
Can I interest you in a tasty deadly burrito? Rah! Huh? Oh, blimey.
Wah! Ah, went down smoother than I expected.
Oh! Grandpa, you hurt my friend.
No one in here is your friend.
Can't you get that through your stupid head? Hey! Nobody talks to Mort that way but me.
Now, put the laser down and forfeit the games, Gramps.
Or else.
Or else what? Don't you understand, Julien? Everyone gets hurt.
Everyone! For years, I rotted in that prison cell.
Years! Yeah, so what's that got to do with me? It's got everything to do with you.
Your great-great-great- great-great-great-great-grandfather locked me in there.
Say what? Plot twist! I lost everything because of him.
Because of your family! I didn't even know that dude.
I'm all about freedom, peace, and tasty jams, man.
You're too late.
And now it's time to say good-bye.
- Finish him, Mort.
- What? No, I can't.
We're best friends.
Uh, his words, not mine.
Think of all the holidays without your Pop-Pop.
It's his fault! Our family's evil is in your blood.
Kill him and inhale my essence.
Become the villain I could never become.
But Immortalize our family.
- Kill him.
- Ah Ah, they're so beautiful.
Nobody hurts my King Julien.
I knew you were too weak, Mort.
But, you know, the weak always end up getting absorbed, don't they? Aah! Your turn.
What was that? Aah! Oh, what's happening? No! Oh! Ugh, that guy's insides were icky.
Mort! You saved me! Yay, I oh! Mort! - Speak to me, Mort.
- Aah! Mort.
No! I won't let you go.
Who will I kick? No! Please! He he's just a child! Well, not really, but you know what I mean! - You're alive.
- Oh No! Come on, Karl.
We already reached the climax.
Mort just died, like, a lot of times.
No, I didn't.
I'm afraid it's not over, Julien.
Not yet, at least.
Whoa! Recognize this? Yeah, that's my kingdom.
So what? So what? So this.
Karl-Con, the Karl-Brynth, it was all just a setup, Julien.
A distraction.
Soon I will wipe out all of Madagascar while you sit here and watch.
Everything's gonna be okay I hope.
- Aah! - On it.
Just close your eyes and let it all go.
Close them.
Any last words, my dear foe? Yeah, I guess I would just say now, Maurice! Now! Now, Maurice! - Now, now, now! - That's our cue, people! This truly is the greatest retirement party I could have ever asked for.
No! How did you foil my most ingenious plan of all time? Easy.
You know how you've been trying to destroy me for, like, forevs? Don't worry.
You see, Julien It's going to be my last Ingenious Backup plan Of all time.
A giant laser.
You're a laser guy, Karl.
Everybody knows that.
So I had my peeps help "mirror" your biggest backup plan of all time with my biggest backup plan of all times.
It wasn't supposed to end like this.
Hurry up, Your Majesty.
I guess this is it, Karl.
You're really retiring.
Heading to the humidity and mosquito-free beaches of Florida.
I guess I just got to say barackadooya! I win! I won.
I beat you.
Oh, Chauncey.
Get over here, you big crybaby.
I'm afraid not, my beloved.
It is over.
No more "Not yet, at leasts.
" It's time for us to go.
You know, I'm actually gonna miss that guy.
I kind of am too, Your Majesty.
Ha! Psych! I totally got you! What a baby!