All Hail King Julien: Exiled (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

From Whom the Bell Gods Toll

1 - [MORT CHUCKLES] - [GROWLS] - [MORT] I'm okay! - [LAUGHS] [THEME SONG PLAYING] Party! [JULIEN] So this is the haps.
Julien and Maurice fought Thrax As the crowd held their breath Although they were victorious Maurice may have fallen to his death Sage and Clover found A lunch box of time To save Koto from his life of crime Smart Mort learned To accept his big brain And journeyed to a new Dimensional plane And Sugarbottoms freed some snails! [TED] Hit the snail trail, little buddies.
[JULIEN] Chapter Dix.
You heard me correctly, Julien.
I'm going to help you defeat Koto and get back on your throne.
[CHUCKLES] Help me? You hate me, Karl.
Yes, I do.
But I need you on the throne.
You see, Julien, from the time you began this adventure, I have been in control.
I arranged for you to save Koto.
[HISSES] [CHOMPS] [GROWLS] [GROANS] I did this to set up Koto taking over your kingdom and your ultimate death at his hand.
At which point I would step in, destroy Koto, and take over Madagascar.
But you had to ruin everything by running away! Uh, I call bogus there furball.
I know how to yank some strings, I've done that in my day, but even I'm not that good.
Believe what you want, the mission is the same.
Disguise ourselves as Foosa gladiators to gain access to kingdom during the wedding so Julien can destroy Koto.
Too bad there's one problem with that plan, Karl.
I don't want my kingdom back without Maurice.
Maurice! Maurice! Come back to me.
If you're up in Frank-ri La, send me a sign, buddy.
I need you back! I can't do this without you.
Maurice! [SIGHS] Where am I? Uh-oh.
Uh, Maurice? - [BELL RINGING] - [GROANS] Henrietta, turn off the alarm.
Oh, come on, woman, you know I like to sleep in on the weekends.
Ooh, your face is like ice.
That's not a face! [SCREAMS] Hi, Maurice, did we startle you? [SCREAMS] Ringo, I told you we shouldn't wake him.
Go back to sleep, Maurice.
I'll burn calming lavender.
There's no time, Dingbert.
We have waited decades for the Chosen One to return.
"The Chosen One?" No.
No! - The Chosen One - Stop saying that! [SCREAMS] Huh? - Behold, the great Jingle-Jangle.
- [SHUDDERS] It is he who brought you to us, Maurice.
Why? So you could sacrifice me because I'm gorgeous? I will not let you eat me! Eat you? Don't be ridiculous.
Why would we eat the Chosen One when he's come to rescue us? What you say what, what chose a who? [GRUNTS] Hi.
I have waited a millennia for this moment.
Really? I would have come sooner if I knew that.
[LAUGHS] The great Mort.
You can no longer hide from me in the multiverse.
You were lookin' for Mort? Quiet you porcine sand chigger.
You are not an immortal.
You have no place here.
[LAUGHS] Is it possible you don't know what you are? Could you be that clueless? Definitely.
[GIGGLING] I'm sorry, porcine sand chigger again, are you saying you and Mort are some kind of immortal being destined to roam the multiverse and I said can it! Um, did I miss the first act of this movie or something? Make your peace with the life you've had, Mort.
Once I absorb your essence, that life is mine! I think this guy's palm tree is missing a few coconuts.
Knowledge of interdimensional travel is still in its infancy.
It, it, it, it is possible your memories were wiped as you traveled the multiverse absorbing other versions of yourself.
Would explain why I constantly feel so bloated.
Does this mean that to beat Morticus, I have to absorb his life essence, whatever that means? Yes.
Or Morticus is nuts.
Either way, if we want his army, you have to defeat him.
Don't worry, bubalah, I won't let that little pisher hurt you.
- [SCREAMS] - Listen here you [YELLS] [SPITS] There can only be one.
Maurice! [PANTING] Maurice, where are you? Maurice! [PINEY] Okay, we get it, you're looking for Maurice.
[GASPS] That voice.
Could it be Yes, Julien.
It is I, Pineapple.
Piney, your side.
[GRUNTS] What happened? Owed a couple of yards of cheddar to some Jackfruit.
Don't worry.
I got me a line on something that will make me whole again.
Well, I'm glad you're here.
I need to find Maurice.
Maurice isn't here.
What? He has to be in Frank-ri La.
Unless he went to the other place.
Maurice isn't here because he isn't dead, Julien.
- What? - He's alive and well in Madagascar.
[LAUGHING] That's great! Check you later, Piney.
[JULIEN LAUGHING] Hey Where's the exit? There is no exit, Julien.
This is Frank-ri La.
Once you're here, there's no going back.
But, I have to go back.
I don't mean to go over your head, Piney, but I need to speak to the fruit in charge! It doesn't work that way, Julien.
You can only go back if you are still needed in Madagascar.
My kingdom is under siege, pretty sure I need to stop that.
That can be decided at trial.
Uh A trial will determine if you have been an unselfish leader.
If you are worthy of being re-lemured.
"Worthy?" [LAUGHS] My peeps love me.
Bring on this trial.
So, the Chosen One isn't a sacrifice? Oh, heavens, no.
[LAUGHING] We could never sacrifice anyone.
- Especially after what happened.
- W-What happened? We need to tell him.
But, Ringo, we have never told our secret to any outsider.
He's not an outsider.
He's the Chosen One.
[ALL] Chosen One! We are not actually bells.
Oh, man, I'm starting to get the heebie-jeebies.
[STUTTERS] What are you? - [CLANGING] - Uh? Snails? Seriously? Snails? But, why are you pretending to be bells and hiding underground? Well, it was the only way to survive.
We were once a proud race living off the land and hurting no one.
Then one day in France a horrible accident changed everything.
Once the French had tasted us cooked in garlic butter [EXCLAIMS IN FRENCH] That was it.
We became their "it" food.
We were driven to near extinction.
Fortunately no one else in the world liked snails, so many of us were able to hide out underground.
Our leader Jingle-Jangle led us to these caves.
It was his idea to don bells which were both stronger and more attractive than shells.
Jingle-Jangle foretold that one day a Chosen One from above would come to bring us back to the light.
[ALL] Chosen one Chosen one I'm sorry about what happened to your people, but I can't help.
I need to find my way back to King Julien.
But the prophecy Must be about some other super gorgeous child caught up in a ritual sacrifice.
'Cause me, I ain't no Chosen One.
I never was.
Please, don't-don't come after me.
I can't help you.
I'm sorry.
- We're here.
- Eh I don't know your decorator is but it looks like a courtroom threw up in this place.
It is a courtroom, Julien.
You're on trial for your life.
Remember? Yeah, I'm not a details guy.
First thing I learned as King, plausible denial.
[SIGHS] The jury is here.
Add croutons to that jury it's a salad.
[LAUGHS] What? Sheesh, Pineapple, why so uptight? I will be acting judge.
This is your prosecutor, Julien, Watermelon Bawkings.
Hello, former King Julien.
Uh, he-hello, [SNICKERS] Watermelon.
And your court appointed attorney, Shrimp Cocktail.
Hold up, did that Shrimp Cocktail even go to law school? Yes, it was a state school but it still counts.
Look, I need to get back to Madagascar, so if you've got trumped up evidence to stop me, go ahead.
I believe the evidence has arrived.
Eh? Oh, thank Frank you guys are Uh Oh, no! [GRUNTS] [SHUDDERS] Uh, where am I? Willie? Prepare to defend yourself, Julien.
Or you'll never see Madagascar again.
I was willing to give up my life for King Julien.
My life! But did he care? No.
He only cares about himself.
You pushed me off a cliff, soy sauce! That is not my name.
It's Magic Steve.
He let me get eaten by a crocodile! [ALL GASP] Hey! Shrimp up! He's making me look bad.
Thank you, Magic Steve, you can step down.
- Magic Steve! - Yeah, yeah, whatever, soy sauce.
Your Honor, if it pleases the court, I'd like to show the jury how many others were eaten as a direct result of Julien's actions.
I'll allow it.
Piney, whose side are you on, man? Ooh I object! Only two were actually "eaten.
" Ethan and Wigman fell into pits.
I'm Shrimp Cocktails and based on this new evidence, I call for a mistrial.
- Overruled.
- [GROANS] Your Honor, I'd like to call King Julien: The terrible, to the stand.
Okay, here we go.
There is no way they can make King Julien: The terrible look like a victim.
Bow before me! [LAUGHING] Hey! [BELL TOLLING] [WHISTLES] He's gettin' tired, Mort.
I need some real advice here, Poindexter.
Any luck with Mom-Bot? I just wanted a grandchild.
Huh [SCREAMING] [LAUGHS] [SNIFFS] I smell your essence, Mort.
Yeah, sorry.
I've been eating a lot of grains and you know the fiber really gets I'm not talking of your foul excretions, I'm talking of your life force.
Soon all the other Morts you have absorbed throughout the multiverse will be mine! Other Morts? Okay, weirdo.
Of course! Your other personalities like smart Mort are inter-dimensional Morts you've consumed.
[LAUGHS] - Hoo-hoo! Maybe.
I need more data.
- Cork-it, nerd! Fighting me is useless.
[GRUNTS] The feet No Mort has ever defeated The Khan! There's always a first time, sister.
- Ah! - Ooh! It's over, Khan.
No Mort can resist the feet.
Hand over your army or [LAUGHS] Foolish Earthling.
I broke the feet's hold on me years ago.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] [ALL] Ooh! - Time to end this! - [SPEAKS GIBBERISH] Gotta find my way out of here.
I'm comin', King Julien! I'm - [SOBBING] - What was that? [SHUDDERING GRUNTS] [SOBS] Hmm.
Please, don't hurt me.
Oh, no, no, no, I'm not gonna hurt you.
What are you doing out here all alone? I was looking for my bell but I got lost.
- Where are your parents? - They're gone.
My parents were eaten by French people! [SOBBING] Oh, hey now.
Oh, don't do that.
You're gonna make me [CRYING] Did they eat your parents, too? No, nobody ate my I'm just sensitive.
Don't judge me.
You're him, aren't you? The Chosen One.
You've come to take us to the above place where the sun can once again warm our mucus glands.
I'm sorry, little guy, but I'm not your Chosen One.
Truth is, I'm just as lost as you are.
Fortunately the great Jingle-Jangle says we only live half as long underground so that's a plus.
Don't worry.
I won't judge you when I die.
[GRUNTS] Shrimp Cocktail, you may call your first witness.
Shrimp Cocktail? - Mm.
[SIPS] - [ALL GASPING] - What? I didn't have lunch.
- [ALL GASP] Don't worry.
I no longer require Shrimp Cocktail's council because my new lawyer is here.
Chair Lemur Table Attorney at Law.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I say I say, my client has been bamboozled and bedazzled, lambasted and licorice whipped by lies! - [GASPS] - He killed Tomato! This here now is a caring former King, I say, I say.
But like any celebrity, oh, he's under the constant pressures of fame.
Now can King Julien come off as uncaring, self-obsessed, and devoid of empathy I say, I say? Sure, but that's not the real King Julien.
This is the real King Julien right here, y'all! I was wearing a disguise.
[LAUGHS] Wha-cha! This real King Julien wants you to know I care about my peeps.
Just look at Mort.
Ch No! No.
No! - [GRUNTS] - Whee.
Imp! - Hey! - Come on! Right now! I mean, why would I ever let that little weirdo anywhere near me if I didn't care about him? And Clover? [SCOFFS] Biggest supporter right here.
Clover! No.
No, no.
No, no, no.
No, Clover.
No, no.
Don't be a total buzzkill.
We've heard enough.
I believe it's time to render a decision.
A decision? But, I haven't even called my character witnesses.
They will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the real killer, uh, is Willie! What? I still don't even know why I'm here.
This is not a murder trial, Julien.
Fruit and vegetable jury, it's in your hands now.
Take all the time you need to make your decision.
Quick decision is good, right? Fore-vegetable, have you reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
We find the defendant, former King Julien guilty! [SCREAMING] Uh You know, you guys might like me when you get to know me.
Your time is over, Mort.
Give yourself to me willingly and I will let your friends go in peace.
- Really? - No! Of course not, you idiot.
As soon as I've consumed your essence, I will return to Madagascar and destroy everything you have ever loved.
Starting with the feet of your beloved King Julien.
My King Julien? No! [WHIMPERING] Oh! [WHIMPERING] - [GROWLS] - [WHIMPERING] Huh? Pathetic! [CROWD] Destroy Mort.
Destroy Mort.
Destroy Mort.
Mort! What are you doi what are you doing? This is no time to be hungry.
- Have you nothing to say for yourself? - [BURPS] [SCREAMING] [GROANING] Ooh.
- [ALL GASP] - [SCREAMING] [WHIMPERING] - Mort! - No! Oh, I think I consumed a little too much of Morticus' life essence.
You did it! I never had any doubts! [ALL] Mort.
What are they doing? They're bowing to their new leader.
They're your army now, Mort.
Then let's go home and save my King Julien! Uh You can fix that, right? [SIGHS] [GASPS] What are you doing? You abandoned us, Maurice.
Without the hope of the Chosen One returning us to the above, we have no choice but to heat the sacred garlic butter and prepare our true selves for the great feasting.
Put that delicious butter and garlic away.
No one is preparing for any feasting.
We don't understand.
You left us.
[SIGHS] Look, I may not be the Chosen One, and I'm definitely no hero, but I'm also not the kind of lemur who abandons those in need.
If you snails believe in me, then it's my duty to believe in myself.
What are you saying, Maurice? [CHUCKLES] I'm saying that as the great Jingle-Jangle proclaimed, I will help bring you into the light.
[ALL] Hurrah Not so close to the garlic butter! Julien, having been found guilty, it is the decision of this court that you will not be re-lemured and allowed to return home.
What'ev, Pineapple.
You know what? Do what you gotta do.
I'm sorry, Julien, but you were simply unable to show us how Madagascar would benefit by your return.
Well, maybe if I didn't have a shrimp cocktail for an attorney I would have.
Madagascar needs heroes who think not about themselves but about those around them.
And although, you say you care about your people, we found no indication of this being true.
But that's just it, Pineapple, I do care about my peeps.
Heck, I wouldn't have been in that minefield if I hadn't been looking for Maurice.
I blew-up for him, dude.
That's some pretty righteous peep caring wouldn't you say? And you know what, despite how it all turned out, if it meant saving Maurice or any of my people besides Willie What the heck, man? I'd do it all again right now.
That's all I've got to say.
You can pass sentence now.
Huh? Pineapple? Sometimes juries get it wrong.
Fortunately for you in Frank-ri La, it's the Judge who has the final say.
Madagascar needs someone who would sacrifice their life for a friend.
What are you saying? You're getting a second chance, Julien.
Don't blow it.
[LAUGHS] I'm back.
I'm back! Thank you, Pineapple! Thank you, Frank-ri La, - I will not let you down! - Nephew, who are you talking to? Oh, man, you guys wouldn't believe where I've been.
"Been?" You've been standing here the whole time.
We're wasting time.
I need an answer, Julien.
We're sneaking into Koto's wedding to destroy him.
Are you in, or are you out? [LAUGHS] I am in, baby.
Let's do this thing.