Ally Mcbeal s03e20 Episode Script

Hope and Glory

There are the legal considerations, but there are also the practical ones.
Like what? Are your phone lines up? Do you have copying machines, toner, legal pads, supplies, an assistant? Setting up your own law practice, if you don't hit the ground in a sprint, you're stillborn.
The office, the phones, the supplies, I have all of them.
The files? If the clients decide to come with me, I'll get them.
What? I know this isn't the case, but allow me to speak for a minute as if you were an idiot.
When you leave, the clients, the, the would-be clients, they will be very nervous, insecure about whether you can handle the workload alone.
Richard Fish will prey upon these insecurities.
As long as he still has the files, he's in the game.
Well, most of them are on disk.
I don't have the passwords to access them.
Who does? Well, the responsible attorneys.
And there's one secretary, Elaine, who's figured them all out, but ---- Hire her.
Not in a million years.
I don't like her.
If she has the passwords, you'll love her.
Oh, she's very loyal to this other attorney.
She'll ---- Give her more money and a better title.
Now, one other thing: I've actually met Richard Fish.
We're not exactly friends, but I, I did have sex with him once.
You slept with Richard Fish? It wasn't intimate.
You don't think there's a conflict here? What I'm about to do is very dastardly.
I have no problem being dastardly with men I slept with.
I'm dastardly during.
Final thought: the clients.
You've indicated that you're going to leave? Yes.
And they've indicated they'll follow? Yes.
But at no time, have you actually solicited them to leave? Correct.
All right.
We're set.
Tomorrow, you'll recruit Elaine, then you'll get the files.
By Wednesday you're solo, Thursday you'll be sued.
Isn't that exciting? ¡¡ Ally McBeal Season 3 Á¦ 20È­ Hope And Glory ³×ÀÌÆ® µå ó¸ 24 Ŭ·´ ÀÌ¿ÜÀÇ ¹«´Ü ¼öÁ¤ ¹× ¹èÆ÷¸¦ ±ÝÇÕ´Ï´Ù!! ¾Ù¸®¿Í ÁÁÀº ½Ã°£ µÇ¼¼¿ä~ ¼­ÀºÀÌ ¾ö¸ ~ µ¿¿µ»óÁ¤º¸ : 340MB/DVDrip ¸¸µç ³¯Â¥ : 2003/11/22 ¢Ü Games, changes and fears ¢Ü When will they go from here? ¢Ü When will they stop? ¢Ü I believe that fate has brought us here Is this the only bar you ever come to? Well, my friends come here, though I don't see any of them now.
You're hoping to? Y-yeah, a little.
I'm not very good at evaluating a man one-on-one.
So, it helps to see him in context with my friends, and I get to observe more.
I know what you mean.
The little things: how he treats others, how he treats you in a group, whether your friends will give you one of these.
Well, the truth is, I wasn't sure how this drink would go, I thought I might need an escape hatch.
You're a little angry, I didn't call up for two days? Yeah.
Ally, you strike me as a type, when everythig's right, something must be wrong.
If he's too interested, then I didn't want to scare you off because I am so interested.
Oh, that's, uh that's very nice to hear.
Wh-wh-what are you, what? Are you leaving? ¢ÜThough I try to hide it, it's clear ¢Ü My world crumbles when you are not near ¢ÜGoodbye and I choke ¢Ü Try to walk away, and I stumble ¢ÜThough I try to hide it, it's clear ¢Ü My world crumbles when you are not near ¢ÜI may appear be free ¢ÜI'm just a prisoner of your love John.
Dance floor.
¢Ü I may seem all right ¢Ü And smile when you leave ¢Ü But my smiles are just a front ¢Ü Just a front, hey ¢Ü I play it off, but I'm dreaming of you ¢Ü I'll keep my cool, but I'm fiendin' What are you doing? My therapist said to go right into a smile upon seeing you, instead of waiting for you to engage in your typically horrendous behavior.
Elaine, can I see you a second? Sure.
Tell all of your little friends to stay hidden.
I'm a bad witch! That was an obscure reference to me as Mayor of Munchkin City.
Yes, I caught that.
I'm sure you're not interested, Elaine, but I'm looking to hire a paralegal.
You're the most qualified person in the office, so I feel obligated to offer it to you.
But I understand you wouldn't want to leave Ally.
Well, I asked anyway.
W-w-wait, uh, wait a second.
Were you required to officially ask me or something? Not at all.
Just for my own conscience, I guess.
wouldn't be fair of me to go to anybody else before you.
You've got the most experience, seniority.
If somebody junior was suddenly making twice your salary, you'd flip out.
Probably start wearing underwear.
Twice my salary? What do you care, really? You've got that Face Bra thing.
Aren't you rich? Well, sales have cooled a little.
Twice my salary? It's a tougher job, Elaine.
Uh, you don't just do other people's bidding all day long.
You become your own decision maker.
And with autonomy comes pressure.
I'm not sure you'd want this.
M-more money? More autonomy? But it would mean that I'd have to work for you? Look.
You're never going to leave Ally.
She'd never let you leave.
It isn't just her decision.
If you say so Tell you what.
Think about it if you want.
I'll hold off offering the position to anybody else.
Nelle, why would you ever want me? Purely selfish.
I need the best person for the job.
I'm offering a job only, Elaine.
Not a friendship.
Yuck! ¢Ü "L" is for the way you look at me ¢Ü "O" is for the only one I see ¢Ü "V" is very, very Mark, hi Hi.
Ally? Uh, this Brian guy, it could be serious? Uh, tha-that's kind of a private question, Mark.
I mean, the reason why I was Never mind.
Mark? What? Well I was thinking, if it wasn't serious, of asking you to dinner.
But if it is serious and/or going that way, then, us having dinner would be a lousy idea.
Well, i-it it would be not, not lousy, but, um inappropriate.
That's fine.
That's great.
I suddenly feel stupid.
Hey, Mark.
-How's it going? -Not bad.
-Excuse me.
Ready? -All set.
What? Close the door, please.
I'm afraid I have to rescind my offer.
Why? I just do, that's all.
I'm sorry.
But Nelle? You can't just offer a person a position, dangle a big salary and then, pull it back without an explanation.
It just wouldn't work out.
Can we leave it at that? No, w-we cannot.
But you have to swear yourself to secrecy.
If Richard or John ever found out I told you ---- I promise.
I mean it, Elaine.
I give you my word Okay.
They're okay with me hiring a paralegal, they're not okay with it being you.
Why? They don't think you're capable of handling that much responsibility.
For whatever reason, they think you're just some horny, dumb blonde and nothing more.
What? I don't agree with them.
Elaine, if you're really interested, I'll try to work on them.
But ---- That's okay.
Thank you.
¢Ü What would I have to do ¢Ü To get you to notice me, too? ¢Ü Do I stand in line ¢Ü One of a million admiring eyes? ¢Ü Walk a tightrope way up high ¢Ü Write your name across the sky ¢Ü I'm going crazy just to let you know ¢Ü You'd be amazed how much I love you so, baby ¢Ü When I get my hands on you, I won't let go ¢Ü This time I know it's for real ! Hi, bitch! Hey, bitch! I haven't seen you around lately.
What have you been up to? Oh, work.
Want to get lunch? Well, today is tough.
Maybe tomorrow? Sure.
Everything okay? Fine -Elaine, could I steal you a second? -Okay Twerp! Again, I need your word.
You'll keep this secret? Okay.
I've decided to leave Cage and Fish.
What?? I've been having philosophical differences with the way to do things.
You mean with the "philosophical," the way they woudn't make you partner? That was one of them, yes.
Anyway, I'd like you to come with me.
Me?? You'll be a full paralegal.
I'll start you off at 85,000.
As we grow, I'll make you my chief operating officer in three years.
I'd be COO in three years!? It's a risk, Elaine.
If I fall flat on my face, there'll be nothing to be COO of.
You would be walking a plank.
It's much safer, I guess, to stay a secretary.
Though here, that's all you'll ever be.
Well, it's just so I don't even like you ? Nor I you! At least not much.
Well then, why? I don't get it.
Purely selfish.
The best way to build a business is to surround yourself with talent.
And I admire your ability.
Well, can I think about it? Not for long.
Since I've made my decision, I feel I owe it to Richard and John to leave quickly.
I don't want to be taking their money if I'm not committed here.
That's very honorable And I'd need my paralegal in place when I go.
I've thought about it.
I'm in.
-Uh, don't rush this decision, Elaine.
-What's to think about? You're offering me a future, Nelle.
Why would I stay in a place where they don't think I'm qualified? You're sure? Yes.
But I need to tell Ally.
Oh, you can't.
This has to stay quiet.
Well, if she gives me her word? Well then, you'd be risking her job.
If she stayed quiet and Richard ever found out she knew, well, you'd be doing her a huge disservice by telling her before, Elaine.
You can talk to her after.
You really sure you want to do this? Well yes.
I'll secure our office space.
Oh, uh, once we leave, we'll be contacting clients I've had -- ask them to come with us.
Uh, here's a list of everyone I've worked with here.
If you could download the case files.
Probably good to have them.
Is that okay to do? Well, I'm just concerned if the client chooses to come with us,Richard might become petty and not release the file.
If the client doesn't come with us, there's no consequence.
I guess that's true.
I see you're a little uncomfortable.
Tell you what.
Give me the passwords and I'll do it myself.
Then, I won't be putting you in an awkward position.
That might be better.
We're going to have fun, Elaine.
We're going to build something from a scratch, you and me! you and me! You got all the files? The ones I wanted.
Before you can legally solicit the clients, you have to officially leave.
Well, does that mean I have to notify Fish? Because as soon as I ---- No.
But your new office has to essentially be open.
Make the calls from there, Nelle.
What's left in your old office that you need? Uh, nothing.
Then, go now.
Start calling now.
The secret doesn't stay a secret for long.
Uh, what about Elaine? She can join you whenever she wants.
You got the files.
Do not wait.
Move! Oh, Nelle? Above all, don't forget to enjoy yourself.
This is nasty fun! Yeah yeah That's the thing about women.
They're all lovely and, and sweet and funny right up to the point when they reveal theirselves as utter monsters.
Is that right? Mm.
I'm sure there are exceptions, just no documented cases yet.
Which is why I, I try to date monsters.
It allows me to make an informed choice should I decide to get married.
And how am I doing so far? Maybe we should order.
-By the way, I should quite like to have sex tonight.
-Oh! I quite suppose I deserve that.
What a nice surprise.
I was, I was actually planning to, uh, call you today.
Well, I really thought I owed it to you to come in in person.
What's up? Nothing.
I just wanted you to know I'm appreciative of all the work you've done for me.
Y-you came, you came in to say that? And I hope, even though we're not doing business together anymore,we can be friends.
Well, Milton, uh, my friendship has always come What do you mean, not doing business together? Didn't she tell you? Who? Nelle Porter.
What about Nelle Porter? I've given my account to her.
Uh Milton, I, uh Uh, Nelle is a fine lawyer, but certainly, at a minimum, you, you'd want me overseeing things.
Overseeing? Richard, she doesn't work here anymore.
How could you oversee things? Uh, of, of course she works here.
Oh my goodness.
Richard, Nelle Porter called me an hour ago to tell me she left Cage and Fish and she started a firm of her own.
What? Lock down our computers! I want Nelle's office seached! I want her phone records checked! I'm I'm talking to myself.
Whe-whe-where the hell is Ling? What's the matter!? Nelle left and stole clients! Did you know about this? No! -I don't believe you! -Richard!? Nelle'raiding clients! She left, she's gone! She started her own firm! Can you turn the alarm off? For everyone's attention! Nelle Porter is not allowed in here! I want her office door locked! If she shows up, I am to be notified at once! Talk about dishonest! I hired her to steal from her old firm, she ends up stealing from me! Richard, John, I just came by to tell you I was leaving.
A little late for that! Milton Meyers is in my office.
You lying, conniving, sinister, backstabbing bitch! Well, I bet you'd really like to spank me now, John.
Anyway, I enjoyed myself here.
I hope we can work together one day.
You think you'll get away with this? You think you'll get away with this? Yes.
Want to ask again? Go three-out-of-five? Come on, Elaine.
E-Elaine?? I'm going too.
What? Elaine? It's better for me to be where I'm appreciated.
What? There she is! This will be difficult, but it's really important that you not say anything.
I know they're your friends, but ---- You lying thief! I'm sorry, I cannot allow my clients to communicate with you.
Hope? I had sex with you.
Yes, Richard.
Thank you for raising the relevant issues.
You her lawyer? Elaine, could I speak with you? I'm afraid I cannot advise that.
I didn't ask what you would advise! This woman is a friend of mine.
I think we'd better get inside.
Elaine? I had sex with her! She wouldn't talk to me! It is the equivalent of stealing, Your Honor.
It's as simple as that.
Nothing is as simple as Mr.
Albert appears to be, Your Honor.
There's case law on this, and [when.]
when a person steals files ---- The case law indicates that the court look at the situations in their totality.
She did not solicit clients ---- She stole files! My client was promised partnership.
Fish then announced a little over a month ago, he doesn't keep his promises.
Your Honor, my client was subjected to corporal punishment by the other senior partner.
She has suffered retaliation since ending her relationship ---- Balls, balls, balls! Which brings me to my next point.
We have a lot of stuff going on here, a lot of which doesn't serve anybody to be aired out in a big public forum.
I would suggest binding arbitration.
The court has a list of arbiters, you can simply pick one.
That's probably a good idea.
Albert? That sounds like a great idea.
-Fine by me.
-We don't need the personal allegations.
-John, if we can deal with this privately Okay.
Okay, okay.
Go, go.
We agree, Your Honor.
I'll pick a name out of a hat, you'll have an arbiter.
Elaine! I'm sorry ---- No no no.
She is my friend and I will talk to her! Elaine? Richard refused to let me become a paralegal.
He said I was unqualified.
How could I stay there? Well, how could you at least not talk to me? -Because I didn't want you to get fired.
If you knew ---- -Let's go! I got to go.
You refused to make Elaine a paralegal or something? What?? Well well, did you even discuss this? I didn't.
John? Balls! Bad news, folks.
Walsh just drew the name.
Julia Brattle.
Ugh Bulldog Brattle? Who's Bulldog Brattle? The biggest man-hating lawyer in town.
She's cute, though.
I was at the point, I was just I felt I had no esteem left.
I was so humiliated.
Could you tell us why, Ms.
Porter? Well, can you imagine being in a relationship where you're so controlled? He had a clicker to make me shorter or taller, depending on his wishes.
I, uh had to wear these shoes for him.
And even my hair, he had another clicker built into my hairpins! Did he ever physically abuse you? Once he took a hairbrush to me.
He said it was to sexually excite.
So, what did you do? Well, I just knew I had to get out.
It was like bondage there.
Like I was a slave.
I had to get out.
So, I planned to leave.
Uh, uh, I'm sorry.
Um can I take a break? I, I'd like to use the ladies' room.
Five minutes.
Could somebody come with me? That's another thing.
There's a unisex here.
I don't feel safe.
The men, they follow you into the bathroom here.
You lying, manipulative, conniving bitch! Mr.
Cage! Friends tell each other what's going on.
Oh please.
If you had knowledge, Ling, Richard would have fired you in a second.
It was for your own protection.
You know, Richard, I can't tell you how many nights I lie in bed, thinking about that night.
Regretting it.
Does, uh, Nelle know about your little secert, Hope? What would she think about that? All Nelle wants is to win this dispute.
Which she appears to be doing.
Well, I'll tell you something.
When this is over ---- When this is over, I was hoping you could maybe give me a little something to regret again.
Nice place.
If I told you, you would have felt obligated to tell John and Richard.
As far as I can figure, Nelle came to you offering some paralegal postion, and then she said that Richard nixed it.
Well, John and Richard never knew anything about any paralegal job.
Nelle never discussed it with them.
Wh-what did she need from you? Maybe I'm just a very good assistant.
Maybe I'm more than just a horny, dumb blonde.
Of course you are.
But what did she need from you that only you could give her? Elaine? Did she need something from you? The passwords to the client files.
She needed to download them before ---- She didn't just download them.
She deleted them off our computers.
She stole them, Elaine.
Nelle, you indicated Richard indicated he would not make you partner a month ago.
Was that what you indicated he indicated? Yes.
But you'd started talking to clients as long as three months ago, indicating to them you might leave.
And that was long before Richard indicated what you indicated that he indicated three months.
Because I could see it coming.
Oh, well, you could see it coming.
Between thwacks of the hairbrush, I could see this place wasn't good for me.
His nose.
It whistles when it's without merit.
And tell me, John, how easy do you think it was for me to stay here -- with you, the senior partner walking around, declaring me to be a rich, bitch, elitist, snob, cold-hearted witch? Because that is exactly what you are.
John Arrogant, unfeeling John.
I was stuck in an elavator ---- Mr.
Oh, pipe down, Bulldog!!! Grrrr! I think we're done, Your Honor.
Grrrr! Grrr Do you have anybody else? Yes.
We would like you to hear from Elaine Vassal.
We would like you to hear from Elaine Vassal.
This woman is represented by counsel.
I hope you haven't been communicating with her.
She decided to switch lawyers.
I was the only one who had all the passwords.
Then, why didn't she just ask you for the passwords? Because I wouldn't have given them to her.
I don't like her.
Then, why did you go to work for her? Well, that's where she was clever.
She offered me this job here first, and then said Richard and John wouldn't let her give me the job here, supposedly because they considered me unqualified.
She told me this confidentially, by the way, so I couldn't confront Richard or John on it.
And then, she comes to me and says that she is leaving, after turning me sour on Richard and John.
And she offers me this incredible position at her new firm, plus a huge salary.
And I'm thinking, "Well, they don't hold me in much regard here.
I'd be a fool not to take it.
" And then, she comes to me and she says, "Oh, by the way, we need those client files.
" And since she's sensitive to how awkward I might be about downloading them, she says to give her the passwords and she'll do it.
Which I do.
But instead of downloading them, she steals them.
Uh, so, so you felt deceived? Totally.
I was totally duped.
And I can't believe I fell for it, because I know she doesn't like me.
Thank you, Elaine.
So, what you're saying -- you were in the dark about everything? Completely.
I had no idea what was really going on.
So, why should we have any confidence that you do now? Mm, poor Elaine.
Although Nelle was deceptive about the paralegal job being offered here, it was only to help lure you away because she truly believed you to be the most gifted assistant.
Really? Elaine.
I think I've heard enough.
I'll take twenty minutes, then make my ruling.
Wow! Haven't seen the big dismount for a while.
John, it's a little late now, but should she call us back in for more testimony, I don't want you in the room.
I beg your pardon? Well, no offense, but you've kind of blown our case.
What with the "Balls, balls, balls" oh, and the "Pipe down, Bulldog!" -- that was helpful.
I am senior partner, and I almost certainly will be in that room.
You will not! I have to decide what's in the best interest of this firm.
-You're personalizing ---- -This is not an autocracy! We are co-senior partners! -And when one becomes incapacitated, the other ---- -I'm not incapacitated! John, we're in this mess because of you! -Don't you think that ---- -Me?? Yes.
You! The, the, the hairbrush, the clicker, the walking around calling her a witch! -You then ---- You're the one who promised her partnership! And you're the one who revoked that promise! John, John,I don't want to discuss this! Look.
Go home, get some rest! You go home.
John? I, I, I don't, I don't know your problem.
But don't ever, ever push me again.
Huh? Now.
All right.
That's not what I'm ! You're coming back here? Yes, Nelle.
I am.
You're not a nice person.
You do know that.
Let me ask you something, Elaine.
If you hear about a woman, she's a really nice person, or you heard she's a tough bitch -- deep down, which do you admire more? Truthfully? I admire honesty.
What do you know? I know that rich, successful people like you often end up with no friends.
Say uncle! I won't! Say it, John! I won't! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Richard! Come on! Break it up! He started it! Did not! You pushed me first! Did not! All right! And you! I was afraid to come out.
Richard, I hope you're not taking this personally.
Oh! No, Hope.
Why should I? An associate's trying to ruin my firm, a woman I slept with is helping her.
Remember how you loved it when I ran my fingers through your hair? You had more then.
You know, you should be flattered by all this, Richard.
Flattered? Explain that one.
This is all about money.
And that's your influence.
In a way, Nelle wants to be you.
She sees how attractive wealth is on you, how sexy power can be.
I'll tell you this, Richard.
Win or lose, I plan on reliving that night we had, you're going to be sucking my toes again and if you're really, really good, I'll let you tongue my button.
You're the enemy, Hope.
Try to get that.
I don't fight fair.
The judge is calling us, douche bag! Tell her to pipe down, ass-wipe! All right.
I find there's no evidence of Ms.
Porter unlawfully soliciting clients while she was still employed here.
But the client files, they were taken in bad faith.
I can't order the clients to come back here, if they don't choose to.
Nor can I order Ms.
Porter to return.
So, I'm denying the injunctive relief.
But I'm ordering Ms.
Porter to pay liquidated damages in the amount of $300,000.
What? Not enough! That's my ruling.
I'll appeal.
You can't appeal.
I'm binding! Yo-Your Honor! Uh, uh, I wanted to just say I thought you conducted a fair hearing with a fair result.
Thank you.
If I may? I, I'm doing a study on triceps wattle.
It excites me a little bit, but that's not the point.
It's a gravitational pendulum I won't bore you with all the data.
If I could just Please.
take just a second.
What are you doing? Uh, it's for science.
Will you settle down? Huh! Settle down? In effect, I'll still be working for them! In order to pay off this judgment, my earings ---- Nelle, you're really not being attractive.
Three hundred thousand dollars! You have clients, you have a practice.
You can walk into any bank and get a loan right now.
I'll talk to Richard and get the judgment structured.
It'll be like a mortgage payment, nothing more.
You're a winner here.
Now, I want you to go back to your new office.
Here, the '78 Latour, it's like silk.
Open it, pour yourself a glass and toast yourself.
You have your very own law firm.
I have a lot of debt! No friends! You've made it! Enjoy this moment! ¢Ü If you want something to play with ¢Ü Go and find yourself a toy We're going to stay here all night, if we have to, until you two shake.
He assaulted me.
I pushed you.
You twisted my ligaments.
Because you wouldn't say uncle! Shake hands.
You know I love you, John.
I love you, too.
Are we having a party? What do you want? Richard, a few details, we can finalize the settlement.
I love what you're trying to do with your hair! Come on, Hope.
There's a rumor about Hope Marson.
What? Well, uh, supposedly ---- Are we ever going to dance? Let's go.
I wanted to hear the rumor! Mmm.
Ally, thank you for allowing me to come back.
I never really lost you, did I, Elaine? Never.
Present-day values is exactly the same.
The interest has been computed.
By who? Me.
Now I'm supposed to trust you? When there's something in it for you, yes.
Like what? My button.
Hey, Hope, I, uh The case is settled, Richard.
We're not enemies anymore.
Besides, you know you can't stay mad at me for long.
Come on, tongue my little innie.
Hope, I have scruples.
I've got some for Christmas, so H-Hope Hope And quick, before it's an outie.
¢Ü Deep down inside, I believe that you love me ¢Ü Just forget your foolish pride, no no ¢Ü But if you, if you are serious ¢Ü Don't go play with my heart, it makes me furious ¢Ü And if you, you want me to love you ¢Ü Baby, I will, oh yes, I will ¢Ü Tell it like it is, oh yeah ¢Ü Let you conscience be your guide, yeah, baby baby baby ¢Ü Tell it like it is ¢Ü I believe you'll love me, forget your foolish pride ÀÌ ÀÚ¸·À» ¼­ÀºÀÌ ¾ö¸ ¿¡°Ô ¹ÙĨ´Ï´Ù ³×ÀÌÆ® µå ó¸ 24 Ŭ·´ ÀÌ¿ÜÀÇ ¼öÁ¤ ¹× ¹«´Ü ¹èÆ÷ ºÒ°¡ÀÔ´Ï´Ù!!!
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