Alpha Males (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

The Other Way Around

[upbeat music playing]
[panting] Raúl?
- Raúl!
- What?
What's going on?
This place looks like crap!
You've got too many plates.
Trick is to just have one for each of us.
Then we wash 'em after we use 'em.
We need a new maid. This is ridiculous.
But isn't getting a maid sexist for us?
I'm texting you the agency
where we got Patricia. Call them.
- I gotta get to work.
- No, no, wait, let's choose one.
No photos?
Why would there be photos?
She's not an escort. Ask for whoever.
They need to start today!
You're so demanding.
Santiago, for me,
there's nothing worse than a liar.
I feel like lying insults my intelligence.
And I always catch those who do.
- I have a sixth sense.
- Oh.
Sorry, Román, uh,
it's been nice to meet you. Hmm.
Where are you going?
You are hired.
Oh, okay, uh, sorry.
- Uh
- Your project.
- I love it.
- Mm-hmm.
But this is your warning.
You're here to work for me.
No flings or affairs, nothing.
The company ends up
facing the consequences.
No breakups,
depressions or pregnancies, hmm?
No problem, Román.
I've opted for asexuality.
It's more convenient.
I'm over dealing with women.
"Certificate of the Deconstruction
of Masculinity."
- Yes.
- Hmm. Hey.
Hello. Yes, it's a a course that I did
to help with toxic masculinity.
- Mm-hmm.
- Very cool.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm Paula.
Uh, hmm.
Uh, yes, yeah, uh, I'm Santi.
I've just been hired.
- Mm. Well, welcome.
- [sighs]
Hmm? See you around here?
- Okay.
- Deconstructed dude.
[both laugh]
I don't get why the hell
they wouldn't let us do the pitch.
Who else is supposed
to sell the series if not us?
Fucking male chauvinist.
Girls, I have two pieces of good news.
The first, we can
finally drink coffee properly.
What happened with our project, Pedro?
It was rejected.
They have enough series about women.
Screw that.
So, we make up
over half the world's population,
but we're considered less to you?
Why do they never say that they
have too many series "for men"?
Calm down.
Here's the second piece of good news.
They're interested
in another project for you.
"Alpha Males"? You serious?
The title is ironic.
So, we're putting our feminist series
on hold to be apologists for patriarchy?
No, it's the opposite.
It's a series about men in crisis.
Right, sure. Poor things.
You three will be great at writing this,
because you have a pathological aversion
to men, you know.
I'm taking the boss a coffee.
- Oh! Oh, gosh.
- [coffee sloshes]
- Oh! [groans]
- Ah, ah, ah! You're burning.
- Sorry.
- [Pedro] Shit. Damn!
- It's karma.
- [Ángela] It's hot. Take it off.
"Richard Quintana, Armando Greco."
"Miki Sanz, Víctor Alejandro,
Andrea Bianco." Is that a woman?
Hmm. Depends on how
they're feeling that day.
Taco with Iberian ham, avocado,
sriracha, cilantro and mango-mole.
It looks fantastic.
Did you invite any girls?
[Josean] I told my mom.
Mmm. Call your lady friends.
Don't you have a bunch of 'em?
Not really, no.
- Delicious.
- You like it?
[Raúl] Are you coming to the opening?
You have to be there.
Raúl, I have a boyfriend.
He can come. No problem, right?
We're friends, no? What's his name again?
I don't think so. It'd be too weird.
You know I've been rebuilding my life.
I can't wait for you for forever, Luz.
Okay, well, I'll ask him.
Gotta go. My heart rate's going up.
So, you're coming?
- Hey. Don't you have an influencer friend?
- Hmm.
Yeah, my friend's ex-girl.
- But he's over her.
- [knock on door]
[Patricia] Ma'am?
[gasps] My gosh! She killed herself!
- Daniela!
- Fuck!
Oh, you scared me.
Patri, I'm just sleeping.
I accidentally took ten ZzzQuil.
What's wrong?
Jonás and I are done.
He says I can't be represented.
Oh, and I lost the campaign
for that organic lotion.
It was my only one left.
- [groans]
- Look at this.
No one fell for the spiking thing.
- But why on earth did you post that?
- Mm.
[gasps] I'm gonna delete all my accounts.
I'm done with "Lifestylebydaniela."
No, no, no, no, no.
- Stop being crazy.
- I wanna be a flight attendant again.
When my only problem was asking,
"Do you want pasta or chicken?"
- [cell phone rings]
- [sighs] Daniela Galván, who's speaking?
Yes, she's interested.
It's work for you.
The opening of a restaurant.
Plates to Devour.
Asian Food?
So, our boy is supposedly a bully,
and you wanna teach him how
to throw a better punch?
No, here, he'll learn discipline.
They teach them that hitting is wrong.
Okay, so they teach them all
of this stuff,
then they say that it's all for nothing.
It's a total waste of money.
But it's your fault he hit someone.
- You encouraged him to use violence.
- We should sign Iris up.
So she can throw a good punch.
Iris in Judo?
Didn't you wanna do away
with gender roles?
I prefer ballet
because you can wear makeup.
- Look, martial arts improve concentration.
- [instructor] Let's go. Ulises, come on.
It's very helpful
for kids with hyperactivity.
They learn self-control,
how to respect others.
I'm gonna kill you! [grunts]
- Hey, hey, hey!
- [Luis] Uh
- [Ulises] Come on!
- [instructor] Stop!
Take it easy. Stop!
Uh, what? It's only the first day.
[cell phone chimes]
Oh! My friend needs me.
- [exhales] See you later.
- [splutters] Esther, this is important!
She ignored you.
Yeah, she did.
Ever since he did that stupid course,
I get so annoyed
with his deconstructed shit.
That I'm a sexist pig and now our kid is.
At least I've got you, so I can
drool over your sexy executive life.
No kids, no annoying husband to bug you
- I have endometriosis.
- Huh?
My doctor said I should
have my uterus removed.
Of course you should.
Get the surgery, come on.
Wow, you'll be liberated.
- Hey, come on.
- And you'll lose a bit.
- How heavy is the uterus?
- Esther.
Do you know how irregular my periods are?
Why do they even call it that?
It's ironic.
But, girl, I'm too young to
But you're sure
you don't want kids, so [scoffs]
You don't, right?
You're having second thoughts?
[sighs] Because my idol is dying.
[snaps fingers] Two tequilas.
Girls, once again I'm an architect!
- Congratulations.
- How much are you getting paid?
Since we're separated now, I don't
think you need to know that information.
I'm asking because
we have to celebrate her birthday.
Hmm, there's no need.
Can you two just go out?
Um, you want us to go out? Uh, where?
I don't know, for dinner.
It'd be way chiller.
You can stay out until one
or even later than that, yeah?
Well, who's coming here?
Now that I'm about to turn 18,
I don't think you need
to know that information.
Oh. Can you believe this?
Uh, 18-years-old already.
Oh, my gosh.
Just yesterday, you started
to walk and holding my fingers.
I'm going to get my driver's license
tomorrow with Esther.
Thanks. I love my present.
Pedro, did you try what I sent you?
Roberto, come on.
Be quick with the Russian. She wants
to open a store that sells phone cases.
Look, okay, I don't need to pay someone.
Yeah, no, neither do I.
Yesterday, I was with an Argentinian.
Argentinian's meat is delicious.
I'm a one-shot guy, but I don't
know what happened yesterday.
Why don't you just get
with someone normal?
I'm a numbers guy. This is way cheaper.
You wanna see my Excel file?
- Mm, no.
- [knock on door]
Pedro, a package.
- I didn't order anything.
- Ooh, can I open it?
- [sighs]
- I love opening presents.
- Roberto, don't you have a job to do?
- Yes.
- Damn, Hugo Boss. And there's a card.
- [sighs] Hey.
- What does it say?
- [knock on door]
Yeah, come in.
Yeah, well, send it
to me as soon as you can.
Hey, Ángela, you didn't have to bother.
You should try it on.
Let's see if it fits.
Right here?
Yes, here. Or in the bathroom
if that's more comfortable.
[Pedro exhales]
- [Raúl] Well, it's a very cool shirt.
- And she even got you the right size.
[Pedro] It was really weird.
I felt like Pretty Woman or something.
- [chuckles]
- [Santi] Don't you guys realize?
Our friend Pedro's is being harassed.
- [Luis] Oh, come on.
- [Santi] Turn the tables.
Imagine that Pedro puts his hands
on a female employee.
Hmm? Or or he says to her,
"Does a hot chick like you
really need to pay for sex?"
[Luis] Did she mean
to spill the coffee on you?
- No, no. It wasn't on purpose.
- Well, you see?
Oh, so, buying him a new shirt is normal?
And making him try it on in front of her?
But she said you could use the bathroom.
Why did you stay?
I don't know. I didn't want to offend.
My mother-in-law bought me some socks
for my birthday. That's harassment too?
No, because there's
no power dynamic there.
- Tell me about it. [chuckles]
- Mm. What's the problem?
Your boss has a crush on you,
so screw her and then ask for a raise.
Oh, that's gross. Come on. No, report her.
Every company has protocols for this.
Why would I report being
harassed by her? It's pathetic.
Turn it around. What would she do?
[Luis] As a police officer,
I'd say you have no evidence.
Quite the opposite.
You took your shirt off in front of her.
Who's in the wrong, huh?
- Excuse me.
- [Raúl] You showed her your hairy chest.
You were provoking her. [laughing]
No, no, no. It isn't funny.
Raúl, this is very serious.
[Luis] Maybe she's just trying to be nice.
Look, let it go.
This is someone who hired you.
You know, I'd report her.
I'd fuck her.
[Héctor] Princess, how was your day?
Long. Oh, my God.
Open some wine. Let's fuck.
- Ah.
- The wine is already here.
But the sex is up to my father.
- [chuckles] Álvaro, right? How are you?
- Yes.
Doing good. I'm here.
- To meet the boss's new cutie.
- [exhales]
Here's to love. Right?
[Héctor] Hey, hey, what's going on?
You didn't wait for me to toast us?
Dad, congratulations.
I never thought you would
find a replacement for mom so fast.
- And one so cute.
- Replacement?
Huh. You owe your stepmom some respect.
Okay, I'll grab a shower,
We can have dinner together.
- All right.
- [Héctor] Right.
- I'll set the table.
- So you know where everything is?
- I'm smart, you know?
- Mm.
Don't let the hair trick you.
Hey, you're the one
who handled his divorce, right?
- Why?
- No. N nothing.
Álvaro, you wanna know what I earn?
Do you know how much my dad earns?
Ha, who cares? You already know.
- [exhales]
- We have a problem.
- Who's that?
- He's the maid.
The agency sent us a guy.
- Why didn't you send him away?
- Well, I don't know. I froze.
So, this man is gonna
wash all our underwear?
- Don't worry, I told him we're straight.
- Why'd you say that?
I'll introduce you.
Stefan, this is Pedro,
the owner of this house.
[Pedro] Hi, how are you?
- [Stefan] Mm.
- [Pedro exhales]
- He's Bulgarian.
- Oh.
- Do you bring your Tinder dates here?
- Look. [chuckles]
What's this?
[Santi] A camera in the living room. Hmm.
Hidden in a plant pot.
Absolutely undetectable.
[chuckles] How much did this cost?
[exhales] My girl's so smart.
[laughs] Eighteen years old already.
Just yesterday started to walk, you know?
- She'd hold onto my fingers.
- I'm going.
Just like this. Where?
Body number two.
Hey, I kind of like this Tinder.
Hey, no, don't take the car.
No, Blanca, don't!
[alarm beeping]
- [Esther groans]
- [panting]
- Again, CrossFit?
- [groans]
If I wanna change my body,
I gotta persevere. It's key.
- [groans]
- You spend eight hours together.
Aren't you done with her?
I can't train without Rocío.
She pushes me hard. Just go back to sleep.
Well, why don't you invite her
to the opening, with her boyfriend?
Uh, I don't know if she has one.
She's cute, athletic.
She's got a job, and she's single? Hmm.
Look, I don't know her very well.
And what do you talk
about in the car all day?
- What, are you jealous?
- Me? [chuckles]
I never get involved
with someone from work. [groans]
Would you get involved
with a driving instructor?
Yes, yes. Should I choose
Cornelius or Waldo?
Exactly. [groans]
It's not my job
to take the kids to school every day.
I'm not the nanny here!
Don't wake them.
[Stefan] Breakfast?
No, I'll just pour myself some cereal.
You can go now.
- Breakfast?
- No, thank you.
Dude, why are you
in your underwear around other people?
It's a test for him.
I'll take a shower with the bathroom
door open next. To see if he looks.
[chuckles] You're paranoid, dude.
They're all around.
It's not bad. There is some good stuff.
No, it's all shit.
[Ali] Bea, please,
we have to rip it to shreds.
I refuse to be involved
with a series with that title.
Morning. So did you like my bible?
[Ali] Pedro,
we're not writing Alpha Males.
Do you get to decide that?
Well, I'll just pack up
my laptop and head out.
No, hold on. Wait, wait.
Let me sell the show to you a bit.
Inside, deep, deep, down,
Alpha Males is a very feminist series.
It's about four sexist pigs
who deconstruct their toxic masculinity.
What do you know about that?
Actually, I did a course with
Patrick Garay. I have the certificate.
- Wow, look, another ally.
- Huh?
So now you're a hero for
deconstructing yourself with your buddies?
That's better than nothing.
Patriarchy is a problem within society.
Think you can change
the world by yourself?
[Olga] Now you want us to applaud you.
Masculinity doesn't need deconstructing.
It needs to be destroyed.
You mutate like a virus
to keep the system patriarchal.
Well, uh, no.
I never thought of it like that.
What's wrong with the course?
You know, for me, I got congratulated
when she saw the certificate. Mm-hmm.
Seriously, you took it to work?
That we shouldn't act like heroes.
Masculinity needs to be destroyed,
not deconstructed.
- I knew it was a waste of money.
- Where are they? Can I speak to them?
They're working now
or ripping me a new one.
Hey, could you invite them to my opening?
We're short on women.
[Pedro] You sure?
[Santi] Yes, yes, invite them.
I wanna talk to them.
Well, I'll ask them, but, come on hmm.
- What are we doing with Stefan?
- And who is that?
- Our new maid.
- The agency sent us a guy.
I I mean, is that even legal?
I mean, isn't that cultural appropriation
or something like that?
It's terrible that you guys assume
that the housekeeper should be a woman.
It's not sexist. It's just statistics.
And I'm not comfortable having some
guy in my house. I really miss Patricia.
- [Raúl] So get rid of him.
- Because he's gay?
You too? We don't know he's gay.
- What would Patrick think if he heard you?
- I'm surrounded.
Diego's inviting his whole lobby.
It's gonna be a sausage-fest.
Raúl, it's time to burn your certificate.
I need to find
a hot girl as soon as I can.
Luz won't believe I fixed my life.
You invited Luz?
Weren't you gonna get over her?
- I'm on it. I'm meeting a new girl.
- Oh, the scooter.
From Tinder. Wait. Here.
"Hello, Montse. Do you have a disability?"
[chuckles] Man,
how could you just ask that?
So I am not ableist.
I think I'm lost
on what we're talking about right now.
So, all of you assume
that everyone can walk? Ha!
- [cell phone rings]
- Uh, my boss. I gotta go.
- Report her.
- Fuck her.
Ángela, I've got the budget.
I'll come see you in your office.
[Ángela] No, no, I'm not in the office.
The nanny canceled.
Come to my house. We can chat here.
- Uh, to your house?
- I'll share my location.
[cell phone chimes]
[Ángela] Hey, thanks. I'm sorry.
- Nah, no worries.
- Come in, come in.
Oliver, come here, please.
Hey. [laughing]
This is Pedro, a friend of mine.
Hi. Welcome home.
- Adorable. Hello.
- [Oliver] Do you wanna play with me?
No, we have to work.
You can watch TV for a while.
[Oliver hums]
- I didn't know you had a kid.
- Yeah, I like to keep things private.
Are you divorced?
I'm not. I had him on my own.
Couldn't find someone good enough for me.
- [laughs]
- [toy plays tune]
Yes, the dating scene sucks.
[sighs] Yeah, well, let's get to it.
- Hmm, to what?
- The budget, Pedro.
Ah, yes. It's right here. [chuckles]
- [toy squeaks]
- [Pedro] Hmm.
- Oh, sh [grunts, exhales]
- [toy squeaks]
- [Román] Santiago.
- Yes.
I have a client
that's interested in your project.
- Do you have the specifications?
- Ah, yes, I have everything.
- I'll send it to you.
- Great.
- [Paula] Santi.
- Hey!
Wanna grab a drink today after we're done?
Uh, well, uh, yes, I would love to.
Yes, but, um,
I have to go to the opening
for my friend's restaurant.
- And so I can't go today.
- Sounds like a plan to me.
- Hmm? If you want some company.
- Mm.
No, yes, it's just that
that would be great, but
It's just that
Román seems very traditional.
- So, I don't want him to think that
- Right.
well, something's going on.
- And
- What's going on?
- Nothing's going on.
- No.
No, but, you know,
from a distance, you might think
Can't two colleagues
go out for a drink after work?
Yes. Yeah. I mean, well, it's after work.
Just a drink, right?
- Hmm? Mm-hmm.
- See you there, I hope.
[Esther] Accelerator, brake and clutch.
Your indicators,
they're not just for show.
Adjust the rearview mirror to your height
and your seat.
You're sitting too far back.
You love your job, huh?
You ever seen a flight attendant happy
to show you the emergency exits?
- Go! Follow that car. Go!
- Have you lost your mind?
- It's an exercise.
- But it's only my first day!
Hold the steering wheel.
I'll do the pedals. Come on!
- [radio beeps]
- [man speaks indistinctly]
[Esther] Come on, come on, come on.
[Álex] So, why are we
following the police exactly?
That's my husband and his lover.
Press the clutch and go to fourth.
- What's the fourth one?
- I got it!
We're being followed by a driving school.
Uh, what did you say?
It's been behind us
for the last three turns.
- Um
- I can pull them over.
Uh, no, don't worry about it.
It's just a coincidence.
[Rocío] I'll see what happens
when I change direction.
[Luis] Hey, listen, I was just wondering,
what, uh, what are you doing tonight, hmm?
Uh, because my friend Raúl
is opening his restaurant,
and uh, well, I just
thought to myself, you know,
"Maybe Rocío would like
to come with her boyfriend."
- [chuckles]
- You assume I'm dating a boy?
Or a girl. Or alone, because, well,
there's nothing wrong with coming alone.
Look. They're following us.
Ugh, ignore them. It's just my wife.
She's always joking around
like that. [chuckles]
- She loves messing around with me.
- Oh. Hmm.
That woman.
Are we not going to hit any red lights?
- If you don't like your job, why do it?
- 'Cause I get paid.
[Álex] Having a job you don't like
is like being dead while you're alive?
[clicks tongue] Yeah, basically, I guess.
Lots of people don't know
what they like and what they don't.
That's true, yep.
Like, the other day,
I saw a post on Instagram
with a girl and old lady
looking through a window and it said,
"Enjoy the journey.
It's shorter than you think."
All right, pull over here, come on.
- [Álex] Here? We're parking?
- [Esther] Yeah, here.
Look, Álex, life isn't
that easy, you know?
At your age, everything looks amazing,
but, well, you know.
Lots of stuff happens.
When you were young, what was your dream?
Well [exhales]
I don't even know.
- Hey, honey.
- Luis.
I wanna try acting.
- What's wrong?
- What?
- It was my dream.
- [grunts] But, my love, at your age?
What age? I said actress, not model.
[laughing] Get dressed.
Come on, we're gonna be late.
Hey, Mom, we're leaving.
No video games after nine o'clock, okay?
Or they'll turn into gremlins.
- [chattering]
- [dance music playing]
Just like I said, it's a sausage fest.
- Not one single waitress.
- [laughing]
Guys, this is my partner Raúl.
And this is Richard, Miki,
and Andrea.
This is nice. You're all so handsome.
And you smell great.
[Raúl] Mom, please.
[laughs] Um
Fuck, I can't get anything right. [grunts]
- [laughing]
- [woman] Raúl?
I'm Montse, from Tinder.
- Oh, hey. [chuckles]
- [exhales]
Uh, go grab a drink.
I'll be right with you.
- Diego, get her a drink. Anything.
- [Diego] Yep.
- Sure. How's it going?
- [Montse chuckles] How are you?
Hey, she's hot.
How can I introduce Luz
to that tall chick?
She's an Amazonian warrior.
- [laughing]
- That's a sexist complex, Raúl, come on.
In nature, there are lots of species
where the male is smaller than the female.
- So?
- [Paula] What's wrong?
Have you never been
with a woman taller than you?
It's not the same.
And she's wearing heels?
- That's rude.
- [Luis] They make her legs look thinner.
[Santi] Eagle, praying mantis.
- Green spoon worm
- What?
It's a sea worm. This one's up
to 200 times smaller than the woman.
Apologies to the worm,
but I can't do it. Not for me.
- What are you doing?
- Inviting someone else from Tinder.
"Hello, Raquel. Do you have a disability?"
- "And how tall"
- Dude.
- I'm gonna grab something.
- No, it's
Didn't you say you shouldn't
get involved with someone from work?
- She's just my friend.
- Oh, yeah?
- [Santi] Mm-hmm.
- [Nagore] Sebas!
- [Santi] Holy shit.
- [whistles]
- What's that?
- What the hell is she doing here?
It's fine.
- You know each other?
- Sure, from Tinder.
- [Luis chuckles]
- That hurts.
- He was really nice. [chuckles]
- Wait, that's my
He was mwah!
I can't remember if we slept together.
- So, you're the one with the dog.
- [Nagore] Yeah, Patxaran, he's a good boy.
- Oops.
- Got this, bro.
[Raúl exhales]
Are you alone?
No, my girlfriend's here.
She's over at the bar.
Oh, thought she was just a friend.
Would you shut it?
- Hello, Raúl. Hey.
- Hi.
- Meet Héctor.
- Hi, how are you?
Well, I'm so glad you're here.
What are you doing?
Uh, grab a drink, Héctor.
Uh, well, wine or gin-tonic?
- Whatever you like, honey. Thank you.
- [Raúl chuckles]
So, where's your girl?
I would love to meet her.
Uh, well, she's in the bathroom.
I mean, I don't see her.
I'll see if I can find her.
Look, Raúl, if you're busy,
we can hang out later.
Well, yeah, that'd be great.
- Yeah? Oh.
- Thanks so much. [chuckles]
- [Montse] Okay.
- [exhales]
- That's not her.
- [exhales]
Okay, he's finally asleep. [exhales]
He gets really rowdy
when strangers are here.
Don't worry. Just two things left.
I'm calling the working day over.
- Is it okay if I take off my shoes?
- No.
My feet are killing me.
Do you give massages?
- Eh, not really.
- Let's see.
[Ángela] Mm.
[exhales, chuckles]
- [sighs]
- Wow. [chuckles]
You're a liar. You're good at this.
[clears throat]
- [cell phone rings]
- Well, then oh, excuse me.
[clears throat]
- Want some wine?
- Okay.
- Red's good?
- Yeah, perfect.
- What's up, man?
- [Santi] Where are you, dude?
- We're all here.
- At my boss's house. She made me come.
I gave her a foot massage,
and now she's getting us some wine.
[Raúl] Is he coming?
- [Santi] He's at his boss's house.
- [Raúl] Does he have to screw her today?
[Pedro] I'm not gonna
- [Santi] Get out of there, man. Get out!
- [Raúl] Asshole!
- Are you okay? What happened?
- [Pedro] No.
[snaps fingers] My boiler is broken.
Uh, the house is flooded,
and my maid Stefan ía just called.
- Oh, right, that's too bad.
- Well, I gotta go.
I have to call the insurance before
it leaks to the neighbors downstairs.
It's not a house?
- See you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow is Saturday.
Monday. Uh, Monday, right.
I'll see you on Monday.
That's what I meant.
So, I found stats
on the unemployment rate for actors.
It's 90 percent, hmm? Yeah.
And only two percent earn
more than 30,000 a year.
Luis, when you show courage,
life will support you. Hmm?
Don't talk to me about courage.
I'm a police officer.
When I was young,
I wanted to be Julia Roberts.
And I wanted to be Bon Jovi.
But please don't quit your job, when you
have two kids and a mortgage to handle.
- But I don't wanna quit my job, no.
- Oh, but
I just wanna take an acting course.
- Oh, fine, fine, okay.
- [exhales]
You scared me there.
- And how much is the class?
- It's cheaper than testosterone.
Is the CrossFitter here?
No, she texted that she's not coming.
Oh, well.
Yeah. Oh, well.
It's too bad.
[Santi] Yes, I feel like a hero.
You know, I've worked hard
to deconstruct myself.
Yeah. Do you want a gold star?
Another problem with sexism
is that you're very individualist.
I'm a sexist. Is that what you're saying?
The patriarchy is a pact between men
that uses women as a bargaining chip
to reaffirm yourselves
and perpetuate androcentricity, period.
- I'm completely lost.
- [Paula] Uh, come with me.
- Ladies. This way.
- But, well
- That was very strange.
- Yeah, thank me later.
I think she likes Luis
and didn't wanna come here.
- She didn't wanna find me here.
- Change how you see it.
Imagine them together.
- Does it turn you on even a little?
- Gross, ugh!
Look, what a good boyfriend.
Always thinking ahead.
Two Moscow mules for the ladies.
- What's that?
- [Héctor] I'm going to the bathroom.
Hey, he's kind of cute for a guy his age.
- Thank you.
- What about naked?
Is his butt all sunken in?
Are his balls hanging real low?
- Girl!
- It's so I know what to expect with Luis.
I'm the one with the age problem now.
Did you tell him about the endome
what's it called?
I was gonna tell him last night.
- But his son showed up to meet me.
- [gasps] The silver fox has a kid?
Introduce us!
- Uh-uh.
- Is he cute?
He's a prick.
Daniela, how are you? You look divine.
Fine. Hi, I'm not with my manager,
so I don't know anything.
Raúl didn't tell you? You're friends.
Raúl? Which Raúl?
Hey, here's that trending influencer.
- [laughing]
- No. No way. Uh, what is this, a setup?
Was this all Pedro?
No, Pedro said he's over you.
In fact, he's screwing his boss now.
- Remember. Three stories and one post.
- Yes.
Totally over me? Mm.
He came to my book signing,
apparently, because he missed me.
You serious? What an asshole.
- I'm leaving.
- No, no, I've already sent you the money.
And you can take a selfie
and get a margarita.
One margarita.
I'm Raquel.
You sure?
You touched up your photos.
I mean, everyone uses filters.
Get a drink.
I'll meet you in a second. Two margaritas.
No, she's no good. Next.
But what's wrong with her?
"Hi, Candela. Do you have a disability?"
- Oh, God.
- "How tall are you?"
- "Do you use filters?"
- You're objectifying them.
Ha. Says the guy
who had sex with ten bodies.
Because of Álex. Hmm.
Oh, hey, your friend is really hot.
- Let me borrow her.
- Uh, Raúl, she's not a bike.
She's a woman.
I'll tell Luz she's my girlfriend
to annoy her.
No, I like her, man.
You're gonna get involved
with someone from work?
- Don't know. Ugh! Leave me alone.
- Oh, no.
- Oh.
- I'm gonna tell Patrick.
[camera shutter clicks]
Why are you here?
[exhales] Working.
Yeah, I really have stooped this low.
[laughing] All right.
- You really screwed up that spiking story.
- Ah.
You got cocaine? I've never tried it.
Why do you hate me so much?
Uh, well, because you're young,
pretty, slim, all that. The usual reasons.
Sorry for being honest,
this Moscow mule. [chuckles]
Got any coke?
You know, I think you're fun.
Mm, are you saying I'm ugly?
- Raúl, I'm heading out now.
- No way. Why are you here?
And you? Where's your new boss now?
You asshole. I thought you two were done.
Yes, I'm doing fucking great. I told her.
- You're really fucked up. I know you well.
- Yeah.
Look who's talking, the meme in the flesh.
And this time you can't blame me.
Aha! You're my number one stalker.
- What? No. He shows me stuff.
- [Daniela laughs]
[Luz] Raúl, we're gonna get going.
- Yeah?
- [Héctor] My pleasure.
No, my pleasure, Héctor.
- Uh, well, uh, I'll go get the car.
- [Luz] Mm.
[Raúl] Uh-huh.
So, where's your girl?
She didn't feel well and had to head out.
- Mm.
- Right.
So wanna grab a coffee sometime,
uh, just us?
More relaxed, just just as friends?
I don't wanna upset Héctor.
- I thought your relationship was open?
- Uh-uh.
Luz, I don't understand.
Me neither.
Hello. I'm Nagore.
[both moaning]
[Nagore panting]
- [dog barking]
- Oh. Patxaran! Patxaran!
Oh, I love you.
Who loves you? Who loves you?
He loves me so much, right?
Oh, kiss for Mommy.
Kiss for Mommy. Kiss for Mommy.
- Kiss for Mommy.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I think I'm too wasted.
Yeah, me too.
Wanna lie down together? [gags]
[groans softly]
[Nagore exhales, groans]
[groans] Oh, Rafa, Rafa, don't go yet.
Could you
[gags]do me a favor?
[groans, exhales]
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[Daniela groans]
[whispers] God, don't wake up.
- Sir, you've come back!
- Shh!
I'm so happy.
I prayed to heavens for your love.
- No, Patricia, we're not back together.
- Can I make you coffee?
No, I have to go. Bye-bye.
Can I fly the drone in the backyard again?
[scoffs] No.
And don't post any videos about any
of this, because I know how you can be.
Oh, they're back together again.
- [growling]
- Oh, shit!
- Get get off. No, no. Hey! Hey!
- [Patxaran barking, growling]
Raúl! What is this?
Nagore's dog. I took him to piss,
and she wouldn't open the door.
I don't want dogs here.
Where've you been?
Did you sleep with Daniela?
I'm gonna shower.
- Hey!
- [cell phone rings]
Hey, Nagore.
[Nagore] Rafa, you asshole.
You kidnapped my dog.
[scoffs] You wouldn't open up the door.
So, you fuck me then you steal Patxaran?
- I didn't do either of those.
- [Patxaran grunts]
- I'm coming back.
- [Patxaran growls]
No, I've got Zumba. I'll call you after.
[Patxaran whines]
[classical music playing]
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