Alpha Males (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

What Does It Mean to Be a Woman?

[classical music playing]
Turn the wheel.
You gotta turn the wheel, hon.
Thank you, sir. I've got her.
You won't get in there.
- [Esther] Okay.
- [tire squeal]
And you failed.
Álex, please, this is
the 35th time you've tried this.
What's going on? You're getting worse.
- [gasps] I'm just distracted.
- The test is tomorrow.
Yeah, I know.
You can stop it with the pressure.
- Look. I didn't say this to you.
- [exhaling]
But tomorrow, before the exam,
drink just a little beer.
- What?
- To relax.
- What if I get pulled over?
- No, it'll be all right.
Officially, I'm the one driving you.
- [Álex sighs]
- I'll park it.
Oh, go fuck yourself. Piss off.
Come on.
[Esther] Pull out, or do you need my help?
The final edit is my job, Carla.
It's stated in your contract.
- Very well. I don't wanna be credited.
- [Pedro] Yeah, right.
- And what about your taxes?
- I'll use a pseudonym.
Everything okay?
She can fuck off. I'm the director here,
and I'm getting mobbed.
- It's 'cause they're all bitches.
- Roberto, you can't say that.
These ugly chicks are kind of hot,
and I'm horny.
You can't say that either. What is that?
The employees' hour report.
It's incomplete.
If we get inspected,
we'll be really screwed.
Where's the hottest CEO?
- Oh, sorry.
- [Pedro] Why are you here?
[Daniela] I was in the area.
And I thought I'd come and see you
since you're the new boss now.
Roberto, from accounting.
I follow you on Instagram.
I'm a huge fan of the videos
where you do yoga in those tight leggings.
- [Pedro] Thank you, Roberto.
- Those makeup tutorials were so cool.
You know, the ones with the cream that
you rubbed all over your body. Perfect.
[Daniela] Mm.
- I'm not bugging you, am I?
- Uh, no, you're not.
- I'm surprised to see you.
- Oh.
Since it's a team effort,
let's discuss with everyone.
- Oh my God. [exhales]
- Hi.
Uh, Carla, the director.
Ali, Olga, Bea, the scriptwriters.
Daniela, my partner.
All girls. That's great.
Well, except for the one who's in charge.
You're kind of like
a character in our series.
Yeah? Ooh.
- Well, no spoilers, please.
- [chuckling]
Okay, you're busy, so I'll head out.
I can show you out.
- [Daniela] Mm.
- Come on.
Good luck with the series.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- [Bea] Thanks.
- This way, honey.
Hey, I need your help with something.
I'm organizing a party for Pedro.
- But it's a surprise. It's his birthday.
- Oh!
Nice. I'm a party animal.
Wonderful. You're all invited.
Could you ask them?
- Yes.
- At seven at my house tomorrow.
- [chuckles] Wait. At his house. Yes.
- Okay. Uh-huh.
It's like banging your head
against a wall.
- Fucking patriarchy!
- Girls, girls.
- Daniela, tomorrow
- Shh! No.
[whispering] Tomorrow, Daniela
is throwing a surprise party for Pedro.
I know he's been stressed
about the series.
- Uh, I don't think I'm coming.
- Ladies.
- Anyone got a number for Ángela?
- Excuse me.
Um, why?
To invite her. They were friends, right?
- Oh, yes, I have it. Mm-hmm.
- [Daniela] Mm.
- Mm. Great.
- Here.
- Mm-hmm.
- See you tomorrow?
[both] Mm.
And keep it a secret, okay? Shh! Shh!
Now I'm going.
Good morning!
I brought some croissants, hmm?
I got normal ones and some buttery ones
and ones with chocolate.
Should be good.
[Román] Santiago!
I brought some croissants.
I got normal ones and some buttery ones
and ones with chocolate.
Should be good. Hmm?
You have been fired, girl.
[chuckles] No, man, no.
[Román] And don't you dare make a scene.
Or Paula will press charges
for sharing the video.
- Hmm? [chuckles]
- [Santi] That was a computer error, Román.
- I went on the cloud
- You disclosed secret information.
This is a huge offense,
which is punishable by two to five years.
It's an infringement
of the Data Protection Act,
punishable by a fine
of up to 20 million euros.
Tomorrow, you'll sign
your severance agreement.
Eight hundred and forty-seven euros.
And my project?
- So why did they fire you?
- 'Cause he's trans. It's discrimination.
Uh, if he's a woman, then I'm a bishop.
I know they did this to steal
your project. You could press charges.
He did leak an intimate video
of the boss's daughter.
Okay, everyone knows that.
Thank you so much.
And no, I don't want any trouble.
They could press charges against me.
Santi, fight for
your transsexual rights. [laughing]
- Are you joking? Huh?
- Okay, yeah.
And how are you doing, huh? Has your
sperm count increased with abstinence?
I got semen from my brother.
- What?
- His semen? Fede's?
Compared to me, it's the most similar.
And is Daniela okay with all this?
I don't know. I haven't told her yet.
Look, it's just an option
that I'm considering.
Bad, bad option.
What's the name of the place
where you can swap your partner?
You went with Luz.
You wanna go?
With Esther. So she'll stop calling me
boring and gay.
Maybe just pop in
and see what's going on in there.
Genital warts.
- [Pedro laughs]
- So, how does it work? You go. Then what?
Oh, I don't know. I didn't go in.
Your mom is the one
who's into that, right?
- Pili!
- What are you doing? Don't call her over.
Chill. I already did.
Guys, this is new and modern,
made with cod.
Hey, what was the name of that club
you used to go with your husband?
My favorite place was Encounters.
We go there on Thursdays.
- Huh.
- Come with Esther, and I'll introduce you.
- Huh?
- Our group there is super fun. [chuckles]
Who's Rafa?
Ah, some guy
who sucked my dick in a bathroom.
What now?
A swingers club? Why?
Kinky sex, of course. What do you think?
Kinky sex?
- That's gross, Luis. What for?
- Either I have the libido of an artichoke.
Or I'm a degenerate. I don't know anymore.
I love that you come up with these ideas,
but I don't know.
- I'm
- Doesn't it turn you on?
We're in an open relationship.
We can have fun at the same time.
And the kids? Remember
what happened last time with Ulises?
What? I convinced my mom.
I don't think he'll touch his grandma.
It's just short notice.
Plus, it's a school night.
- What's wrong? Don't wanna do it?
- Yeah.
I do. But it's not enough time.
If we went, I'd wanna buy a new outfit.
- I don't think you need any clothes.
- Well, okay.
Come on, girl.
Live a little. Go crazy. [chuckles]
- Are you gonna peel that potato or?
- I will. Yeah, okay.
[Daniela] Patri!
Come help me put all these away.
Seriously. Grocery shopping
is a pain in the ass.
- What happened to you?
- [sniffles, sobs]
Ma'am, I don't think
I can keep working here.
Patri, why do you say that?
Something is wrong.
Did the neighbors
make you an offer? I'll match it.
I really like it here, but I don't think
Pedro will want me around.
And why not?
[gasps] 'Cause I'm pregnant.
[Daniela] Mm.
Yes. [sobbing]
Whoa. It's okay. It's okay. Here.
- [cell phone ringing]
- [groans]
I'm not going, okay?
No paddle. Off the grid. Airplane mode.
How'd it go with the lawyer?
What lawyer?
I mentioned
your little situation to Diego.
He called in the rainbow hotline
to help you out.
No. No. I do not want anyone here
right now, please, okay?
- Tell them to email.
- [doorbell rings]
Uh, no one's home. No one's home!
You fucking motherfucker!
That's patriarchal.
Hi there. Hello. Santiago?
- Hey.
- You're back on Tinder?
Uh, no. I'm Marisa de la Vega,
a lawyer for LGBTQ+.
- We're all set. Thank you.
- Don't be scared.
We have to rebel
against the violence we suffer
for disobeying the norms
of an imposed binary.
They can't fire you just because
of who you are. Do you understand that?
You got fired?
What's going on?
[Marisa] When did you realize
you were a woman?
Well, kind of recently,
to be honest with you.
- Mm-hmm.
- I haven't had time to tell my family.
Okay, well, now is a good time
to be supported by your family.
It's important to talk because talking
helps you to express how you feel.
Yes. Yeah, no, it's one of my flaws.
It's a problem.
- Don't worry. This case is an easy win.
- [sighs] Mm.
It's just I'm a bit worried.
They could press charges
due to a small mistake.
I shared a video of me.
An intimate one with my boss's daughter,
who is also a a coworker.
So you're a lesbian?
- Ah, yeah, of course.
- Well, that's even better.
Because it's not just
double discrimination.
It's triple because you're a woman,
trans, and a lesbian.
- You get it, girl. Hey. [chuckles]
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
- [Santi] Mm.
One thing. I don't wanna make a fuss.
- I will just sign the agreement and
- No.
They're coercing you.
So you go to work like every other day.
Mm. That's a bad idea.
I feel I shouldn't work there anymore.
We won't make it to trial.
We're getting the media involved.
No. The media? We don't need
to get them involved. [chuckles]
Listen to me.
Honey, you can count on me
for anything you need.
- Mm.
- Okay?
Look, I'm gonna leave you my card,
and if you have any questions,
just contact me, okay?
- Hmm, okay.
- You're very brave. Congrats.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, beautiful.
[Santi] Thank you, goodbye.
- Why are you here?
- How about you?
My friend had surgery. I wanna help her.
- How is my bestie? [shouts, laughs]
- Hi! [laughs]
She's doing great
because I'm taking good care of her.
Flowers and a cappuccino.
What'd you bring?
- Some wine.
- Ah.
- [squeals]
- They said no alcohol.
Esther, she can't have alcohol.
Why aren't you at your new restaurant?
And who is watching your kids?
You can go. It's okay.
I'll hang out with Esther.
[Raúl] Mm.
[door opens]
Oh. Hello!
Shh! Come.
What's up?
She's pregnant.
- What?
- [laughs]
With Stefan.
- Shh! Shh!
- What?
I thought they were enemies.
They found peace in bed.
Oh, shit.
Here we are, struggling to conceive,
and these guys, a quickie, and bingo.
Come on, honey.
We've been trying less than two months.
If you relax, it'll happen.
No, I'm relaxed.
Poor thing. She's so stressed about it.
She's so religious and so married.
What are we gonna do?
You wanna fire her?
You're not serious, are you?
- Do we really want a kid around here?
- We do.
Their kid and ours could play together.
We never get a moment
of peace around here, do we?
I don't know
why you're making this a big deal.
Kids bring joy.
Your own kids do.
Not I don't know. It's whatever.
Pedro, you got promoted.
You're with the love of your life,
gonna have a child.
- Why aren't you happy, dear?
- Wait. I am happy.
But more inside.
How is table 12?
On the way.
Careful, Pili.
Ten tuna and ten mixed veg.
This deep fryer is totally amazing.
Can you tell her to stop using my kitchen?
I had to change the oil twice.
- Come out here. It's very busy.
- [Pili] Oh.
The takeaway order.
- Mine.
- Where are you going, sweetie?
I'm leaving a little early today
'cause I have something to do.
Raúl, it's all booked out.
Oh, that's great. So good.
Fucking great. Fucking great. Keep it up.
- You gotta pay for that.
- What? Sorry.
So, let's see.
How does this swingers club work?
Well, you have something to drink.
Check out who's around,
and if you feel like it,
you swap partners.
It sounds like it's a lot of fun.
I don't really see myself doing it
with all of those people watching us.
Mm. Just tell Luis you won't do it.
No, I don't wanna be the basic one.
Esther, you can't swap partners
if you're not into it.
But it's all my fault. He's so offended
and wants to show me he gets around.
[laughs] Honestly, I would go,
have some drinks, and be a whore.
It's an experience.
- Can I wear my sandals?
- [doorbell rings]
Don't you have a restaurant?
Sea bass ceviche,
duck rolls, spider crab ravioli,
and grilled sirloin steak tacos.
- [Luz] Wow.
- And for dessert.
Chocolate coulant without a ring.
- We already ate.
- So you're leaving now.
- Watch out.
- [cell phone rings]
He wants to take advantage
of your defenses being so low.
- Hello.
- [Luis] Where are you?
My mom's already here.
Mm, Luis. Luz isn't feeling well.
Uh, she looks really ill.
So no, I I don't wanna leave.
Relax, Luis, I just got here. [chuckles]
- Right. Come back home so we can go out.
- [line clicks, beeps]
- I have to go now.
- What a pity.
I really need to go to bed.
I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
- No, I can stay.
- You don't have to, honestly.
What if you wake up and feel dizzy?
- She's telling you to go home!
- Was I talking to you?
Just go, please. Good night.
Call me if you need anything,
okay? Tomorrow.
Hey, why is it that you hate me?
Because you cheated on my best friend.
You cheated on Luis, and I don't say
that you're not good for him.
Luz is not getting back
with you, okay? Get over it.
Sorry. Luz left that grandpa
because I'm on her mind.
I'm the love of her life.
Ha! She left him
because she screwed his son.
- And he fucks better than his dad.
- What?
Oh, God! Look what you made me go and say.
What? Luz cheated on that old-timer?
With his son?
[cell phone chimes]
[woman] It's 40 euros per couple.
It's a nice atmosphere today
for your first time.
There are less people than on weekends.
That's good. I don't really like crowds.
- [laughs]
- [woman] Whatever. It's a lot of fun.
You get two free drinks with your entry.
On Tuesdays, we have gang bang parties.
We normally do them on the dance floor.
For what parties?
- Gang bang. Something with cowboys?
- Oh.
- [woman] On Wednesdays, we do cuckolds.
- [Esther] Oh.
And on Fridays,
we have the glory-hole party
in our French hallway.
- [Esther] Mm. Mm-hmm.
- [woman] There's a Jacuzzi, a sauna.
Private suites with peepholes,
suites you can share.
They're communal.
The bukkake chair, the dungeon.
- [Esther] Mm.
- The dungeon?
[woman] You don't have to do anything
you don't want to.
But you can do anything you desire.
[both laugh]
- [mutters]
- [laughs]
Luis, mm, we've walked around four times,
and no one has said anything to us.
It's 'cause we're obviously new here.
I think we need to be more direct.
- Hey, wanna fuck?
- Oh, sorry. We were just leaving.
Oh my God!
What? What's wrong? I was polite.
Come on, let's go. Let's come back
another time for that cowboy night.
Uh, wait, wait, wait.
We could try the Jacuzzi.
Hello. Hey, guys.
- Hey. Uh, wait. Take off your towel.
- Stop it.
Uh, we are Esther and Luis.
- Nice to see you.
- Hey. Nice bubbles tonight. [laughs]
Yes, we always start
our night off with some hot water.
Hey, haven't we met once before?
No, this is
our first time here, actually. [chuckles]
If we'd seen you guys sooner,
we would've fucked you.
Let's go, then.
Come on. Let's go.
- Patricia.
- [chuckles] Good morning, sir.
Hey. Daniela told me about your situation.
- No, no, it's fine, all right?
- [whimpering]
Relax, huh? But you know,
since this is a work environment,
- I need to ask you some questions.
- [Patricia panting]
Has he been harassing you?
'Cause we can fire him immediately.
No, actually, it was my fault.
You two went out for dinner,
and I got the bottle of honey rum.
We had a few drinks.
- Right, so it was consensual.
- Yes, sir.
But you're married, aren't you?
- To Walter Manuel Quispe Morales.
- Mm-hmm.
Does this Walter Manuel know about it?
[sobbing] I'm an adulterer
in the eyes of the church.
Patricia, please. I just want
to say that we really value you,
and we will fully support you
in any decision you make.
I I don't understand.
That we will cover any of your expenses
if you decide you don't wanna have it.
[Raúl] Good morning.
Whoa! What is this? [gasps]
[sighs] Raúl, I don't know
if you're more focused or I'm more lost,
but I think you're more mature.
Mature, no. Deconstructed, yeah.
Was I too harsh on you?
No. Why?
Lately, I've been through some things
in my life that made me think.
Oh, yeah?
We all screw up sometimes, you know.
Can I kiss you now, or is that not okay?
- Wait till I eat this. Mmm!
- [both laugh]
[Álex] Dad, you're a trending topic
on Twitter.
They say you are "a symbol of the fight
for the equality of trans people
and the overcoming of stereotypes
that negatively affect
their integration into society."
[chanting] Transsexuality is legit!
Transsexuality is legit.
- [protester] He's here. He's here!
- [crowd jeering]
[protester] Shame on you!
- [Santi] Oh! Oh!
- [protester] Get him! We have rights too!
[Santi] Oh!
It was just a joke, you know?
I'll call the alliance
and tell them that it was just a joke.
I'm a prankster that made a joke
to his gay boss, but he didn't get it.
Dad, you can't discredit a group that
is fighting so hard for their rights now.
- In the end, you're siding with the TERFs.
- The who?
It'll look like you took advantage
of trans rights so you wouldn't get fired.
That is what I did!
Well, that's fraud.
You can't say
you're a woman if you're not one.
- How do I prove that? Oh, wait.
- [cell phone rings]
Oh, shit.
Shh! Marisa.
[Marisa] Why didn't you go to work today?
Oh, yeah. It's 'cause there were protests
in front of the door.
Oh, God, Santi, that's the whole point.
To make noise.
Hey, listen.
I got you an interview with a very famous
TikToker who's part of the movement.
TikTok. Isn't that thing for dances?
Yes, but it has
a bigger audience than normal TV.
She's super kind.
- Just open up to her. It's at six.
- [huffs]
[sighs] Yeah, yeah, no, it's all good.
Okay, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
[panting] Sweetie, can you help me
download that TikTok app?
Uh, I have to go. I have my exam.
Oh, right. I hope you pass it.
I can't keep paying all these test fees.
Stop it with the pressure.
[Santi] Hey, sweetie.
In case they ask me,
what's it mean to be a woman?
Hey, sweetie. Hey!
But you're telling me none
of them are good, Doctor?
Not one? Aren't there millions?
Yes, but your numbers are still very low.
- But are the numbers better or worse?
- They are slightly better, but
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll be back again real soon.
Bro, you got my cash?
First, let's negotiate,
and then we can order mojitos.
[both laughing]
It was a joke.
- What?
- [both laughing]
What a fucking jerk.
[Pedro laughing]
What do you want?
You don't really want my semen?
As if.
It was an excuse to see you
'cause I really missed you.
I was excited about being a father.
I'll give you 500 euros. You Venmo?
Five thousand. For the insult.
You son of a bitch.
[clears throat]
So how are those nerves?
Fine, fine. Controlled.
Álex, I said have a little beer.
But I'm more about drinking tequila.
Come on, get out.
I'll drive you. Try and get sober.
Oh my God.
Open the window.
Do you have anything to help? A mint?
Shit. We got the strict one. Álex.
- Álex!
- What?
- Come on. Wake up. [clears throat]
- Oh.
Good morning.
How are you, Esperanza?
Pull away slowly, okay?
[seat belt clicks]
I think I passed, don't you?
Hey, look at this. I found something
that I think we'll both enjoy.
- It's dogging.
- What is that?
Well, having sex in secret public places.
And people can come and watch.
- It's supposedly arousing.
- What do you mean by "in public"?
Well, people take their car
to a parking lot,
and if they're gonna do it,
they turn on their hazard lights.
If you turn on the inside light,
then people can get close.
Rolling down the window
is an invitation for people to play too.
And, well, if you leave the door open,
it's 'cause you want them to,
you know, join in with the, uh
Oh my God. We'll like that more?
Well, it's taking off in Europe.
There's a get-together
in the cemetery parking lot tonight.
- In the ceme Luis, okay, you're not gay.
- Huh?
- Enough.
- What's wrong?
Have you forgotten all the good times
we had in my dad's Ford?
But are aren't we going
to that party for Pedro, hmm?
So we'll go for a bit, get tipsy
and then we'll go dogging, okay?
[slaps] Come on. Wear something nice.
Okay, but we have to go in your car.
Santi, what does it mean to be a woman?
Well, hmm, every woman
is a world, Penelope.
- Yeah. Because we're all unique.
- Mm-hmm.
Complex and brave right?
[Penelope] Mm.
What unites us is the oppression from men.
- That's it.
- And what do you want from this society?
A cis-heteropatriarchal society
that judges you so much?
Well, mm, respect, right?
And good health,
both of these for men and women.
I mean, for well, they, them too. Mm-hmm.
That's it. And world peace.
- It's like you're in a pageant.
- [laughing]
[Penelope] Now I'm going
to talk to you about recovery files
And then, all of a sudden,
she launches into advertising.
- [Daniela] He's coming! Shh!
- Everybody ready!
[Daniela] Stefan, the lights.
[door opens]
- [switch clicks]
- [popping]
[all] Surprise!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations, my love.
- Congratulations, you bastard.
- [laughing]
We bought you a little something.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Eau de macho?
- Huh?
- What's up, Peter?
- Pedro.
- I'll open it.
[laughs] Are you happy, sweetie?
Yes, my love, but inviting colleagues
from work to the house?
They're gonna hate me more.
- They really hate you?
- Well, not hate me, but
Oh, it might motivate them.
"Look at what
you can achieve with some effort."
No, in Spain, people think, "Look
how this bastard lives and at our cost?"
- Bro, happy birthday!
- [Daniela laughs]
Why are you here?
Your parents said
they were crazy busy in Estepona,
but they sent you a video. [laughs]
[gasps] Fede, you're kidding me.
Get yourself a nonalcoholic beer
and fuck off.
Dude, think about it.
With my intelligence and her body,
imagine what we could make together.
Oh. You're a sexist motherfucker.
Sure, yeah.
But nature is calling me to reproduce.
It's natural selection.
- Are these gluten-free?
- [Daniela] Uh
- One second. Patri.
- [sobbing]
- What's going on now?
- The boss wants me to kill my baby.
What? What?
[Pedro] You misunderstood, Patri.
I don't wanna kill your baby.
I wanna save your soul and your marriage
because divorce is a sin.
My husband doesn't love me anymore.
I wanna marry Stefan.
- What?
- But we don't have any money.
We'll help you. We can have
the reception in the backyard.
We're paying for their wedding?
Look, I'll introduce you to Luz,
who's an amazing lawyer.
We'll get rid of Walter Manuel.
- Yes, let's get rid of him.
- [Pedro sighs]
- So finally what?
- [cell phone ringing]
Oh, shit!
- "Marisa"? Are you back on Tinder?
- Shh!
Marisa, hello. What's up?
- [Marisa] Honey, I have some news.
- It's his lawyer.
- I keep my job?
- No.
Paula Villar is pressing charges
against you for sharing the video.
These guys want war.
Oh, well, that's good, isn't it?
They're throwing a tantrum,
but don't worry. We're going to win this.
- Do as I say.
- [sighs] Oh.
What did I tell you, Santiaga?
You got yourself into a mess.
This isn't a mess. This is hell on earth.
Fuck, it's all your fault, Raúl.
- Okay? You're playing with my health.
- What's this about?
Well, I have a family history.
My father died of a stroke,
and my mother died of a heart attack.
Give me a tissue, please.
A tissue. A tissue.
- No, no, no, no!
- [shouting]
Sorry, I wanted to help you.
Well, stop trying to help.
Cheer up. It's your birthday.
That fucking asshole Stefan
got Patri pregnant.
He's not gay?
Maybe he's homo-curious.
Is that a thing?
I bet they fucked during working hours.
What about the cameras?
Let's check the videos.
- Hey!
- [Pedro] Shit! 6,187 videos.
- All right, start with last month.
- [exhales]
Luz, getting back with an ex after surgery
is like shopping when you're hungry.
- You buy too much.
- [exhales]
- [Luis] Honey, hurry up.
- Huh?
- The dogging.
- But the hamburgers are almost ready.
[Luis] Come on. See you later.
- Go and have some fun.
- [Daniela] Are you leaving?
- [Esther] We'll be right back.
- Oh. Oh!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Are you Ángela?
- Yes. How you doing?
Oh, now it's a party. Ángela!
Hey! [laughs]
Maybe we got here before it started.
Wait, there. It's happening.
- [Esther] Where did those guys come from?
- [laughing]
They're like zombies.
- This is too weird. [gasps]
- It's like those micro-theaters.
Some on stage, some watch.
Or touch.
This is so odd.
Hey. Look, they got someone.
Huh? [chuckles]
[Esther gasps, grunts]
Luis, but this thing where people
I don't watch us, you know
- Just switch off, huh? Let's have fun.
- [panting]
- Put the seat back more. Wait.
- Hold on, wait.
- The child seats are in the back.
- [grunts]
- [Luis grunts, sighs]
- [chuckles] Oh, let's go. That's it.
[panting] Hold on,
hold on, hold on. That's it.
- [Esther] Lock the doors just in case.
- [Luis] Would you relax?
[Esther gasps] Oh!
- Wait, wait.
- What?
- Well, it's just that [grunting]
- Uh
- Oh, someone's coming!
- What? I'll open the window.
[Esther] We don't have to, right?
This is really hot, huh?
Hi there.
No, don't talk to him.
You're like in a theater.
- Luis! My purse!
- What?
- Huh?
- He's stealing my purse!
- [grunts]
- Run! He's getting away!
Let me get my clothes on.
Hey. Hey!
Look, another video
of the Bulgarian sunbathing naked.
- He has a better life than us.
- Yeah.
- Boss, Ángela's here.
- I know. I see her.
Hey, introduce me to the blonde
she's talking to. She's super hot.
Roberto, that is
my best friend's girlfriend.
What you mean, your best friend?
- [Pedro exhales]
- Let's let her decide.
Pedro! Hey, excuse me. Nice to meet you.
Hey there. Happy birthday.
Ángela, do you have a moment to talk?
What's up? Roberto from accounting.
You're on my payroll.
It was a joke. [snorts]
Excuse me, please.
You going inside? Me too. I'll join you.
I was gonna call you,
but, you know, with all these problems
It's strange, isn't it?
I wanted to fuck you,
but in the end,
you're the one who fucked me over.
It's just, uh, my friends brainwashed me
with all that embracing my vulnerability.
You poor thing.
It must've been so difficult
being harassed by a sexual, horny pervert.
Ángela, honestly, in
in other circumstances,
I did think you were
a very attractive woman. But of course
- Mm-hmm.
- You were my boss.
So, according to you,
are we allowed to fuck now?
It's just I've gotten back
with my girlfriend.
And she doesn't know
about this, so I'm asking you
Relax, Pedro.
I'll just give you your gift
and get going.
- No, hey.
- Yes.
- Look. Ta-da!
- You didn't have to.
- Oh, ho! How nice. What is it?
- [laughing]
It's a pepper spray, anti-rapist.
So you feel safe
walking down the street from now on.
- [Roberto] Daniela.
- Hmm?
Congratulations. Great party.
Yeah. Thank you, Roberto.
Well, inviting Ángela was a brave move.
Thanks to you, they're making up.
Did they not get along?
Well, after Pedro reported her
for harassment
and then took her job,
well, there was some distance.
But you already knew that.
Oh, you didn't know.
Hey, look, don't say anything.
We're all having fun here.
Maintain that appearance,
your elegance, you know.
Please, don't, I beg you.
Pedro, come.
[Raúl] This is impossible.
It's gonna drive us crazy.
- [Santi] Is this to record?
- No, that shows the camera live.
Look, we're here.
[laughing] And the kitchen.
- The bedroom.
- I see we've started with the lies, right?
So, I have to find out
from that ugly baldy from your work
that you reported
your boss for harassment.
[Pedro] I didn't lie.
I omitted information
- Shut it off, please, dude.
- Wait!
[Daniela] You told me
she got another offer.
- Well, nothing huge.
- Nothing?
Pedro, honey, you reported her.
Then you got her job.
[exhales] I don't feel comfortable talking
to you about it.
I bet you told
your asshole friends, didn't you?
[Pedro] I mentioned it.
How do you expect this to work
if you're hiding things from me again?
Well, now you know.
Let's go back to the party,
have some cake. Then kick their asses out.
- [Daniela] Wait a minute.
- [guests gasping]
[Daniela] Is there
anything else I should know?
Oh, God.
[Pedro exhales]
I'm having a small infertility issue
due to stress
because of everything that's happening.
Hold on, but but you told me
everything was perfect with you.
I'm improving, okay? The last results
I got were already better than before.
Oh, no, Lord.
[gasps] And here I am,
planning a birthday party for you.
Hey, you realize
this is very humiliating for me.
I feel like less of a man
you're leaving?
[Daniela] I'm gonna get shitfaced.
But smile, huh? So people don't notice.
Hey. What's up? How's it going?
We were just about to head out.
No, hang on. We haven't had any cake.
Hey, can I hit on your maid?
It would be her lucky day.
Roberto, I'm gonna
recommend someone very amazing.
Oh, fucking great.
- Who is she? Is she Latin or
- Hmm.
What's it mean being a man?
It's becoming unclear.
Traditional masculinity
has always defined itself
by what men do not want to be.
To oppose their mothers,
they don't wanna be a baby.
To oppose women,
they don't wanna be effeminate.
To oppose other men,
they don't wanna be homosexual.
So it's normal that the main reference
- [clicks]
- for masculinity is the cowboy.
[classical music playing]
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