American Dragon: Jake Long (2005) s02e26 Episode Script

A Ghost Story

This is it, Jake.
We're tied
with cabin 7.
But, counselor Jenkins,
my ankle!
The winner of this
cross-country race
wins the mugwomp cup.
Brad: Forget it, loser.
The bradster is gonna
destroy you!
Here they come!
in the lead!
Huh? Fire? Aah!
Whoa, aah,
ooh, stop!
Ha ha! I win!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo!
Sorry, loser,
but the mugwomp cup
is mine, all mine.
Yes! The bradster rules! Ow!
No, no, no
No, no!
Yo. Wake up, jakey.
We're here!
Huh? Wha? Who? Where?
Check it out--
Camp mugwomp.
And we are junior
camp counselors!
How cool is that?
These next two weeks
are gonna rock!
Bow now now now ♪
I haven't bee back here
since I was just
a little kid.
It doesn't look like
it's changed much--
Cabins over there,
mess hall over there,
and the same
mugwomp cup.
Uh, cup of what now?
It's the camp's
official trophy.
At the end
of each session,
Brad: Only Jake
doesn't know anything
about winning it
because he never
actually did.
Ha ha! Surprise!
The bradster's
a junior counselor, too!
Spud: Whoaaa!
Hey, guys.
I think I found
the lake.
He's cool, he's hot
like a frozen sun ♪
He's young and fast ♪
He's the chosen one ♪
People, we're not braggin' ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
He's gonna stop
his enemies ♪
Dragon teeth, dragon tail,
burning dragon fire ♪
A real livewire ♪
American dragon ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
His skills
are getting faster ♪
With grandpa the master ♪
His destiny
walks up streets ♪
It's showtime, baby,
for the legacy ♪
American dragon ♪
I'm a dragon,
I'm not braggin' ♪
It's my destiny ♪
I'm the magical
protector from the NYC ♪
You heard? ♪
Hey ♪
American dragon ♪
Yoww ♪
Will be assigned
to each cabin.
You are responsible
for the well-being
of your campers,
but even more
you will also coach
your campers
in official
mugwomp cup games.
Yo, spud.
Where's your luggage?
Oh, yeah.
I decided to
pack light.
Light? But you don't
have a single bag.
Just the clothes
on my back!
You're gonna be
wearing those same
nasty clothes
every day
for the next two weeks?
Eww! No!
Of course not.
I'm gonna be wearing
someone else's
nasty clothes
every day
for the next two weeks.
Observe. You see,
every camp always
builds up
a vast supply
of lost and found items
over the years.
I figure I could get
through the entire
session here
with nothing but
the contents of this box.
But, spud, you have
no idea what's
even in there!
That's the beauty
of it.
Imagine the mystery,
the danger.
Yes! You see?
Bewitched by the thrill
of the lost and found.
What's crackalatin',
Check me out.
You are now looking
at the official
junior counselor
to the camp nurse.
You're on your way
to becoming.
Dr. Trixie Carter
for sure.
Dr. Trixie Carter!
Whoo! I do like
the sound of that.
Uh, jakey, do I
even want to know
why spud is carrying around
a lost and found box
trust me.
You really don't.
So what about you two?
Did you get
a cabin assignment?
Cabin number 9
is all us.
Come on, spud.
Let's go meet
our campers.
I just hope we have
time to whip these
kids into shape.
Whoa, spud.
Check them out.
Whoa! They're, like,
genetically engineered
supercampers or something.
Hey, kids.
What's up,
my camp-padres?
I'd like you to meet
the junior counselor
who is going to
personally lead
you to victory
in this year's
mugwomp cup competition.
Well, well,
thanks, Jake,
but the boys and I
have already met.
See, I handpicked them
for one purpose--
Look, Brad.
I know you've
been held back,
like, 3 grades
or something,
but even you must
know the difference
between a number 6
and an umber 9.
Spud: Uh, Jake.
So hold up.
If this is cabin 6,
then where's
our cabin.
Boy: Hey, guys.
Can I play, too?
Jake: Say what?
You have got
to be kidding me.
cabin 9 campers.
I'm spud.
This is Jake.
We're your
j.C. Buddies for
the next two weeks.
Now, gather up
and introduce
yourselves, please.
Hi. I'm Benny.
I get picked on a lot,
so I've sealed myself
in this bully-resistant
wonder ball.
Perfect. Just perfect.
[Boy crying]
I'm Eugene!
I'm scared
of everything!
Take me back
to my mommy.
I'll give you
Marky. I have
an IQ of 240
and a crippling
fear of germs.
Uh, can someone pass me
some liquid hand sanitizer?
He's Chris.
He's Craig.
Only I weigh
5 pounds more
than Chris.
Not for long
you don't!
All right. Well, I guess
I'm stuck with you guys,
so let's see
what you got.
I got to change
into something more comfortable.
Ok. Cabin 9,
listen up.
The camp mugwomp cup
is a one-day event that
pits cabin against cabin
in a variety of different
outdoor events.
There's cross-country,
canoeing, archery, water skiing.
So let's hear it.
What are you guys
good at?
Come on. There's
got to be something
you guys can do.
[Belching "camptown races"]
That was in perfect tune!
And with just a hint
of beef jerky.
Spud: Now,
watch closely
while I show you
the gourmet art
of the s'more.
Why are you wearing
a skirt?
Uh, it's actually
a traditional
Scottish kilt
or a tablecloth.
All I can tell
you is that it
once was lost
but now is found.
Ok. Here, gang.
Come on. Feast up.
it's against
my moral code
to eat anything
Oh, man.
It's only day one,
and I've already
treated 6 cases
of poison Ivy,
4 bee stings,
and 2 inner tube
Oh. Look at them.
My cabin doesn't
have a chance
of beating Brad
in the cup competition.
remember, baby,
this is not
about some
stupid cup.
We're here
to have fun,
and even
more important,
they're here
to have fun.
3-time mugwomp winner
junior counselor Brad
will now
entertain everyone
with a frightful
ghost story--
The legend
of shackles Jack.
Ha ha ha!
Shackles Jack?
Pss. It's the same
old story
they used to try
to scare us with
camp mugwomp wasn't always
a summer camp
for you little potty squatters.
Thousands of years ago
during the civil war
between the east coast
and the west coast,
it was a prison camp
for this nation's
most horrible criminals
and outlaws,
and the ghosts of these fiends
still haunt the camp
to this day.
But the worst of them all was
an inmate called shackles Jack.
I'm gonna read to you directly
from his own journal.
"October 31, 1864,
I shackles Jack know
"that I shall never leave
this prison alive,
"but I have cast a spell
of dark magic
"so that my fellow inmates
and I will one day
"escape it in death.
"When all the planets align,
"all of us shall rise
from our graves
and seek our revenge
on the living."
Voices: Ooh!
Ooh! Whoo!
It's a joke.
He's just trying
to scare you.
Good job, guys.
Did you see those losers
from cabin 9?
Cabin 6 rules! Ow-whooh!
Yes, sir,
counselor Brad, sir!
Jake: Guys, I'm telling you,
it's just a stupid ghost story.
Now, go to bed.
But I read
about mugwomp's history.
It really was
a prison camp
during the civil war.
Just because it
was a horrible
prison camp
where inmates
vowed revenge from
beyond the grave
doesn't mean
that it's haunted.
Spud's right.
Look I went to camp here
when I was your age.
Why would they suddenly
shoe up now?
Because marky
checked it out.
Show him!
All the planets
are gonna be in
perfect alignment.
Just like it said
I shackle Jack's
It's the first time
that's happened
since the civil war.
There is no such thing
as ghosts.
Unicorns maybe,
leprechauns sure,
but no ghosts.
You can trust us
on this, ok?
At last!
Solitary Sam,
chain gang Chuck,
peg leg pat,
all the old gang.
The time has come
for us to find
some warm bodies
we can steal
and possess as our own.
[All laughing]
Uh, listen,
Jake and spud.
We're sorry we got
so freaked out
from the ghost story
last night.
Oh. Don't worry
about it, little buddies.
Things always seem
much scarier
in the dark.
It's just--
the whole thing
is kind of--
Don't sweat it, guys.
The whole thing
is forgotten,
like it never
Ahem. Your
attention, please.
Myself and the campers
of cabin 6
would like to present
a little slide show
we're calling
"the fraidy cat
losers of cabin 9."
Notice the look
of sheer frightitude
on the face
of the doofus.
I call this one
"when planets collide."
And talk
about a goofball.
Jake: All right, Brad.
That's enough.
Oh, that reminds me.
For junior counselor
Jake long,
we have a special
golden oldie
going way back
7 summers ago
when he single-handedly
lost the mugwomp cup
for his cabin.
Ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Um, counselor Jake?
Listen. Me
and the guys
have been talking,
we'd understand
if you want to go
to head counselor
Jenkins and get
to a different cabin.
Well, we know
how bad you want
to win
the mugwomp cup
and we just figure
That you got stuck
with a bunch
of losers like us.
You guys are right
about one thing.
I do want to win
that mugwomp cup
and beat Brad,
but I only want to
do it with you guys,
all of us together
as a team!
Wi--with us?
But you saw how
they made fun of us
we can't swim,
we can't run,
we can't sail,
we can't do anything.
Right, which means
I better start
teaching you
starting tomorrow
5 A.M. sharp.
So who's with me?
"Mugwomp cup" on 3.
1, 2, 3
Mugwomp cup!
Hut, hut, hut, hut,
hut, hut, hut
Cabin 6 campers: Hut,
hut, hut, hut, hut
Unh! Aah!
Excuse me.
Coming through.
Look. Just keep this tight
around your ankle,
stay off of it,
and you are good
to go, little man.
Uh, thanks,
counselor Trixie.
Eugene, hit
the obstacle course.
I want you to get in
6 more laps
before sundown.
Yes, sir!
Didn't you just
hear what
I said, boy?
He needs to stay
off that ankle.
And he will
right after
we're finished
whupping on Brad
in the competition
Jakey, I've been
checking my medical
records here,
and guess what cabin
is leading this camp
in injuries.
That's right.
It's cabin 9,
your cabin!
I got
sprained ankles,
I got blisters
on top of blisters.
Yeah. I've been
training them hard.
My point is that
maybe you're pushing
them a little
too hard.
They're here to
have fun, remember?
Those kids have
been laughed at
and humiliated
by guys like Brad
their whole lives.
Now I'm just trying
to give them the chance
to dish out some payback.
What's wrong
with that?
Hmm. Are you really
doing it for them,
or are you doing
it for yourself?
I just want them to know
what it feels like
to be winners,
to hold that cup.
What could possibly
be wrong with that?
I'm tired
of laying low, Jack.
Me, too.
When do we get
our new bodies?
I want to be able
to taste, to touch,
to feel!
The secret to our rebirth
is in this here cup.
Well, I'll be.
It's the very same cup
ah. That's right,
and the first flesh
and blood humans
to touch it, those
are the bodies
we'll steal
and take
for our own.
Ha ha ha!
Let the mugwomp cup
games begin!
Prepare to dine
on defeat, losers!
That cup is ours!
We'll see
about that.
Hmm. Let's see.
Force of projectile
times wind velocity.
Spud: Stroke, stroke.
Come on! "Stroke," I say!
Ha ha! Yeah!
Jenkins: This is it, folks.
Cabin 9 and cabin 6 are tied
for the lead as we move
into the final event--
The cross-country race!
Don't worry, kid.
This chump is yours.
Totally wet, freezing.
M-m-must change. Ohh!
Shackles Jack:
Not long now, boys.
Whatever team
takes that cup,
we grab them and take
them up to those
abandoned caves
over the lake.
Ghosts! Real ghosts!
Then we perform
the ritual, right?
That's right.
This cup is the vessel
that will let us transfer
our ghostly souls
into their bodies.
Ha ha ha!
The winner of this year's
mugwomp cup.
Runners, take your Mark!
I have to do this.
We have to win
this cup for Jake.
Get set.
His ankle is sprained.
He shouldn't be on it.
Jenkins: Can't he
just suck it up?
Your cabin has to
forfeit the event.
You'll lose
the cup!
I just want my campers
to have fun.
Brad: Yes! Did you
hear that?
The bradster wins again!
Cabin 6 rules!
Cabin 6 rules!
[Cabin 6 campers cheering]
I'm sorry, Jake.
What for? I'm proud
of all of you.
And I am proud
of you, dawg.
Come on, guys.
Let's go celebrate.
Trixie: Spud, what is
wrong with you, boy?
It's shackles Jack!
He's real!
The ghosts are real!
We have to stop
Eugene from
winning the cup!
I pulled Eugene
from the race
But the cup!
Who won the cup?!
Shackles Jack has
already taken Brad
and his campers!
Ok, spud.
What exactly did you
hear them say?
The cup has some kind
of spell cast on it.
They're gonna take Brad
and the other campers
to the caves
above the lake
and use the cup
to steal their bodies!
Looks like it's
dragon time.
Brad: Ha ha! Sorry, Jake,
but I know it's just you
and your cabin of losers
trying to scare us, right?
Ha ha! Jake, uh, right?
That's fine, boy.
You just keep telling
yourself that.
I'll be taking
your body
for meself!
Just this one
last ingredient,
and all our souls
will be transferred
into this cup.
And when the sun
rises in the morning
Our souls will go
from the cup
into their bodies.
And we begin
our new lives.
Jake: Is that a fact, Jack?
Hyah! Unh!
Huh? Unh!
Hey! Now that
just ain't fair!
You'll find
it ain't easy
battling a ghost.
Spud: Jake, hurry.
Come on.
I don't want
it happening
in a wedding dress.
And my shoes
don't match!
Jake: Hyah!
Huh? Wha? Wha?
Jake, this last ingredient
will put their souls
into the cup!
No! Stop him!
Now we just got to
make sure they stay
in the cup for good.
Spud: Jake, we got
to get out of here.
Now would be nice,
We're taking
the express train.
Hang on, guys.
Ohh! Wha--what
You just got
served, chump.
That's right.
A little practical joke.
But I--i mean,
I saw--
Anybody need a lift?
Jenkins: I'd like to
thank everyone,
campers and counselors alike,
for another great session.
[All gasp]
Ohh! Spud,
for the love of
chicken legs, boy!
What are you doing?
Well, I returned
all the clothes
I borrowed
from the lost and found.
You know, in case
anyone ever comes back
to claim them.
That's fine, dude,
but what about
your clothes,
heh heh. Yeah.
Funny thing.
I lost them.
Jake, we just
want to say
Thanks for
believing in us.
Thank you!
Don't sweat it. Unh!
Ha ha!
We came here
to have fun, right?
So watch this.
Uh, your attention, please.
We at cabin 9
would like to present
a little good-bye slide show
taken last night
after cabin 9 fished cabin 6
out of the lake.
In this first shot,
you'll see
a completely hysterical
Brad insisting
that he was kidnapped
by shackles Jack,
a real ghost.
Oh. And now here are
some shots taken
after Brad's towel got
snagged on a tree branch.
Mighty fine,
and we'll tell
you all about it
in the key of "g."
We got beat by cabin 6 ♪
Yes, they shamed us
with a slide show of disgrace ♪
They're the ones
scared in the end ♪
And I hope they all get
bee stings in the face ♪
I hope it hurts bad ♪
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