Andi Mack (2017) s03e13 Episode Script

Mount Rushmore Or Less

1 ANDI: Previously on Andi Mack You're the shooting guard for the Monarchs.
We could really use a shooting guard.
Please, join the team? Denied! At least try next time.
You were right.
This team is a hot mess.
- I can't have you on the team.
- What a joke.
- TJ: What were you guys talking about? - I can't do a somersault, okay? You can't do a somersault? I can help you with that.
(CHILDREN CHEERING) I came to congratulate you on your engagement.
- Thank you.
- I just wish my relationship with Morgan's father was more like yours.
I never saw it coming.
For six years, we had a pretty perfect relationship.
- And then? - And then, we got married.
- Are these wedding invitations? - Yeah.
You know, this is my favorite part of the job, when someone's life is gonna change forever.
- Um - Wait! What? I don't think I'm gonna mail these out today after all.
BUFFY: Is that Jonah? I'm really glad he's had Amber to confide in.
I can't believe I thought they were actually back together.
Anyone else feel like their eyes are burning? - Whoa.
- Yeah.
We all saw that? That just happened? He's coming over.
Uh, act natural.
- I don't remember how.
- No, we need answers.
Hey! Jonah! Would it kill her to mind her own business? Hey, guys.
- Jonah! - Joey Bee! - Anything you want to tell us? - Huh? - We just saw you with Amber.
- What happened with Libby? Do you have two girlfriends? Not cool, Beck.
- We thought Amber was your friend.
- Well, she is.
And that she was helping you through a tough time.
- She was.
- With kissing? Okay, okay.
I'm not being a jerk.
- Libby and I broke up.
- When? - A couple days ago.
- Why didn't you tell us? I was embarrassed.
She broke up with me.
And you're already back with Amber? - Amber? - It just happened.
I'll catch you guys later.
Maybe it'll be different for him this time around.
Amber's changed a lot.
You're welcome.
And as the next ex in the lineup, - you're on deck.
- Nope.
Not it.
Mack out.
(THEME SONG PLAYING) I'm standin' on the edge And everything I know-oh-oh Has blown away Life is upside down But any way it goes-oh-ohs I'll work it out Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Here we go One, two, three! I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way I'm ready for tomorrow - Tomorrow starts today - Hey! - There ain't a map to follow - Hey! But I'm with you all the way Hey! All the way! - Is this something? - No.
Turn it around.
What is it supposed to be? (LAUGHS) I'm not sure.
Oh, what about this? Is this something? (PHONE VIBRATES) (SCOFFS) What the? Metcalf just announced Costume Day.
We love Costume Day.
It's this Friday.
No! That's too soon! Two days' notice? I mean, who can plan a costume in two days? We're not wizards, Metcalf.
- I got my costume.
- What is it? Average kid before he finds out he's a superhero.
Basically, what you're wearing? But in two days, I'll call it a costume.
Guys, hello? We know what we're gonna be.
Mount Rushmore.
CYRUS: Eh We have the heads, and the mountain's already made.
Please? We'll definitely get a two-page spread in the yearbook.
It does scream photo op.
- That'd be cool.
- Can I wear this? Yeah, you don't have to do anything.
Except paint your face gray and wear a sheet.
Okay, so two small things, but it'll be epic, okay? And for the rest of your life, when anyone asks, what was your best costume, you can say Mount Rushmore.
Is this something? Yes.
- Hey! - Yo! (LAUGHS) Really? - What? - You talk like that now? (MOCKINGLY): "Yo!" I talk the same way I've always talked.
We just haven't talked in a while.
- Well, who's fault is that? - Yours.
Excuse me, I'm not the one who went underground.
I didn't go underground.
That's what it felt like.
You just disappeared.
Well, I'm glad you called.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Me too.
- Why did you? I missed you.
I don't know if you remember, but we used to spend a lot of time together.
Did we? (LAUGHS): I remember.
(LAUGHS) And it was fun, pretty much the whole time.
I should probably tell you that I have a girlfriend.
I heard.
I'm really happy for you.
I'm really happy for me too.
So, can we be friends again? Now that the pressure's off? Do you still run? You bet.
Mostly long distance now.
With your "girrl-friend"? She's my girlfriend, not my "girrl-friend.
" - Let's go! - KIRA: TJ! - TJ: Hey.
- I'm Kira.
I play, too.
I know.
Any chance I could try out for the boys' team? There's a girls' team now.
Yeah, that didn't really work out.
- Buffy kicked me off.
- Yeah, I heard.
That's too bad.
You're a good player.
- How do you know? - Well, I've seen you play.
I went to a couple of Monarchs games last year.
Oh, did you? CYRUS: Yo! - Cyrus, my man! - Teej, looking good! This is Kira.
Kira, Cyrus.
Hey, I, uh, actually know who you are.
You're Buffy's friend, right? Yeah.
You ready? I'll find you later, yeah? CYRUS: She seems nice.
If the word "nice" had a different meaning.
So, you guys hanging out now? Basketball, you know.
Hey, I wanted to ask you.
What you got going on for Costume Day? Costume Day? You don't strike me as a Costume Day guy.
I have layers.
- Anyway, I have this idea.
- Listening.
Okay, so one person dresses up in board shorts, sunglasses, and flip-flops, and the other, dresses up like a saltshaker.
Oh! Sea salt! That would've been good, but no.
Oh No.
Don't tell me, don't tell me.
" - Bam.
- Bam! - I thought it was funny.
- It is funny.
- So you in? - I call summer.
Or unless you want to be summer.
I Well, I already have the board shorts and the sunglasses and I call salt.
Oh, and I gotta call Andi.
Shivers down my skin Head is in a spin Nerves are stirred and shaken Hearts are made for breakin' Should I even ask? I'm getting a candid picture of myself.
Do you know what a candid picture is? Because it's not this.
Not candid candid.
InstaPic candid.
I want it to look like I'm not trying too hard.
This is really hard.
Well, good luck with it then.
Hey, if you have a minute, could you snap some quick shots of me? Sure.
(CAMERA CLICKING) So, you and Jonah? Did he say something to you? Actually, we saw you guys, you know, yesterday, and so we asked him about it.
And? Well, he didn't say much, because, you know, he's Jonah.
We were spending all this time together, and I guess we realized we might like each other again.
It's okay.
I think it's nice.
You do? Yeah, I mean, you seem happy.
- I am! - (CAMERA CLICKS) And I think we got the shot.
These are amazing! I look so good! Shocker.
BEX: What are you doing? - I need a sheet.
- BEX: Huh? - For a costume.
- BEX: What? Never mind! Wait, let me help you.
Are these your wedding invitations? I can explain.
Go ahead.
I'm gonna mail them.
Well, you certainly put them in a very convenient spot to do that.
I went to the mailbox.
I was all set to mail them.
But? I don't know I didn't.
I couldn't.
These invitations, they're just so with the calligraphy and the wax seal and the vellum.
I can't even believe I'm saying the word "vellum.
" It was too much.
I froze.
Well, we can get different invitations.
It's not that.
Does Bowie know? But you still love him, right? I mean, things are still good between you guys? Yes, of course! Things with Bowie have been perfect really.
Okay? I'll mail them tomorrow.
We will mail them tomorrow.
I'll come home from school, and we'll go to the post office together.
Also, I'm taking this sheet.
I'm gonna cut a hole in it and paint it gray, so it's kind of dead to you.
Okay-thanks-bye! - CYRUS: Quick question.
- That's never true.
Fair point.
Do you think Andi will still be my friend if I bail on Mount Rushmore? Quick answer? No.
TJ wants to do a costume with me.
You know how much Andi's been looking forward to this.
I know, but TJ has a great idea: "somersault.
" It's our thing.
You understand, right? I do.
But Costume Day is tomorrow.
I know.
I wish I could find a replacement, but everyone I would ask is already on her mountain.
I think I know someone.
You have other friends? Since when? Amber, what are you doing here? I posted one of those pictures you took of me on InstaPic, but Jonah didn't heart it.
Okay, maybe he didn't see it.
He was hearting other pictures.
I wouldn't read too much into this.
How could he not know what kind of message that sends? You could just tell him this is important to you.
Or you could.
- Hey! - Hey.
You excited for tomorrow? - What's tomorrow? - Costume Day! Oh, right.
You are going to thank me when we get a big picture in the yearbook.
I've had big pictures in the yearbook.
Oh really? What year? Every year.
(SCOFFS) Okay.
Well, some of us have to work a little harder to get pictures of ourselves out there, like Amber.
You should have seen her trying to get a photo of herself for InstaPic.
She spends a lot of time on InstaPic.
Right, so when she posts a photo of herself, - you have to heart it.
- I do! I mean, most of them.
Okay, well you have to heart all of them.
Even the makeup ones? Even the makeup ones.
(LAUGHING) So, Mount Rushmore? Rock on.
- Hey.
- The one and only Buffy Driscoll.
You know, it's nice when I see you to be like, I can just go over there and talk to him.
You're welcome.
And maybe I could even ask him a favor? Depends.
How big is it? Oh, about this big.
I've been looking for you.
I'm not hiding.
'Sup? I have a great idea for Costume Day.
Basketball related, but it needs two people.
Super simple.
You in? I already have a costume.
What is it? Well, Cyrus and I are doing "somersault.
" It's an inside joke.
Everybody loves an inside joke they don't understand.
My costume idea is really cool.
Nah, I'm set.
So you'd rather do a costume with Cyrus than with me? Okay, have fun with that.
What-oh? The last time I came home to find you two in this ominous tableau, you told me that CeCe and Pops were selling the house.
(CHUCKLING) What is it this time? Let me guess.
We're not mailing out your wedding invitations today.
Or ever? So, you two are not getting married? Andi And you're okay with this? All right, go ahead.
Give me the speech.
I know you've got one.
It's not a speech, it's an explanation.
This wedding, with all the planning and the details, it's a lot.
And what I have with Bowie and what we have as a family, the three of us, you got to admit, it's perfect as it is.
And? And I don't want anything to change.
This huge event with all these huge expectations, I'm worried it will change, and I don't want to risk this for a party.
I just want to be with Bex, and to be your dad and for the three of us to be happy.
I don't really care about anything else.
Okay? Yeah.
I mean, it's your decision.
But it affects you.
Obviously you must be angry or frustrated or sad.
Are you? Well, what I'm feeling is not surprised.
I guess that deep down, I always knew that this was never going to happen.
I'm gonna go work on the costume in AndiShack.
I was gonna make dinner.
I'll just get take-out.
If you see CeCe Don't worry.
I won't say anything.
I'm not breaking CeCe's heart.
You get to do that.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Andi! Hi! If I'd known you were getting take-out, I would have thrown in a free piece of cake.
To thank you.
No thanks or cake necessary.
All right, well, I have to go start my shift.
I'll text you later, J-Bear.
Hold on.
I'll walk out with you.
ANDI: I have a ton to do on the costume before tomorrow.
What's up? I forgot how much work it is being with Amber.
Yeah, well It's not just hearting her InstaPics.
I have to text her all the time and take selfies and hang out with her friends and Amber's not asking that much of you, just regular boyfriend stuff.
It's a lot of stuff.
Jonah, do what you want to do, and don't do what you don't want to do, either way, it's fine.
You just have to decide what you want.
Look, I'm having a day.
I gotta go.
I know you can do this.
Are you okay? - Hey.
- Where's your costume? Without you, this is embarrassingly straight-forward.
- Yeah, I was gonna call - Come on, Kippen.
Let's see it.
"Double dribble.
" Get it? No, actually Come on, let's go show the guys on your team.
Sorry, last-minute decision.
I should have called.
I'm sorry.
ANDI: Where my heads at? Amazing! Of course, not surprised.
Hey, Marty.
Not into Costume Day? He's here to do Mount Rushmore with us.
But all the spots are taken.
Actually, Cyrus can't do it.
Why not? What does it matter? We have enough heads.
Pivoting, pivoting Thanks, Marty.
Now all we need is Jonah.
Oh, here he comes.
Okay, so here's the plan.
Buffy and I are doing makeup, and then we'll all Actually, can I talk to you? Alone? I thought a lot about what you said last night.
About deciding what I want and participating, and not just being there because someone expects me to be.
I'm glad to hear it, but can we talk about Amber later? This isn't about Amber.
Then what? I don't want to be part of your costume.
I'm just not a costume guy.
I was just going along because you wanted me to.
Does no one honor their commitments anymore? ANDI: I was counting on you.
You told me that you would do it, and you knew how much it meant to me.
But you told me I should decide what I want.
About Amber, not the costume.
Wrong lesson.
I'm sorry.
Another Mount Rushmore costume dream dashed.
Jonah bailed? Cyrus? ANDI: Cyrus? Jonah can't do the costume.
Oh, I get it.
Thomas Jefferson.
She's not what she seems But you'll never know 'cause she's Wrapped in mysteries Doesn't glitter, but she's gold and some Angels don't have wings Next on Andi Mack You're not the one running a marathon this weekend.
I wanna run a marathon, too.
Without training? Don't even think about it.
- You'll hurt yourself.
- Or you're afraid I'll beat you.
- Buffy? - Whoa.
Your parents really aren't getting married? You must be heartbroken.
What am I supposed to do with this ball of rage I'm holding? I don't have anywhere to put it.
I do.