Arthur (1996) s01e27 Episode Script

D.W.'s Blankie/Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble

# Every day, walking down the street Everybody that you meet
# Has an original point of view
# Hey! What a wonderful kind of day
# If you learned to work and play And get along with each other
# Listen to your heart beat Listen to the rhythm of the street
# Open your eyes, open your ears Make things better, work together
# A simple message from the heart Belief in yourself is the start
# Hey! What a wonderful kind of day
# If you learned to work and play And get along with each other
# Hey! What a wonderful kind of day. #
- Hey! DW!
- Hey!
DW and her blankie! She takes it everywhere.
To day care the amusement park
..even in the bath. And it never gets washed!
- She always has to have that smelly old blankie.
- C'mon!
- That's why I'm spending Saturday running round town with her.
- Move!
Faster than a speeding bullet - it's Super Sister!
- Hello. Buster?
- 'Are you there?'
- DW!
- My blankie's missing.
Big whoop! Buster? Sorry, I got DW'd.
You rented the Renegade Joe movies? I'm on my way.
- I can't find my blankie.
- It won't be in the washing machine!
- Ask Mom.
- She's at work.
- You took it! Where's my blankie, you pathetic dog?
- Hey!
- He wouldn't take your germy blankie.
- Prove it!
- Help me look.
- I'm going to Buster's.
- I'll ask your friends about it.
- I'm sure I can bring up who sleeps with teddy bears.
- O-o-oh!
OK, where did you have it last?
Mom had some papers for Mrs Tibble.
The Tibble twins! Arthur, they stole my blankie.
When we were leaving, they probably slid down the banister
and grabbed it.
- But you would have seen them.
- Oh, yes.
- Mrs Tibble must have thrown magic dust on us.
- Magic dust?!
- Quick - before they damage it!
- Oh
The twins have been away all weekend. But I'll tell them you want to play.
No, I Great(!)
- Now I'll have to play with those monsters!
- I know where it must be.
At the dry cleaner's, I must have got hypnotised by the spinning rack.
Then the rack demanded my blankie.
Hypnotised? That is so funny! Aren't you the cutest little girl?
- What about my?
- Woojie-boojie-boo.
- She thought YOU were cute!
- I am.
- I'm adorable.
- I have to get to Buster's. Where next?
- Wait.
I remember! It was at the library.
My blankie must have got caught in a book and gone into the slot.
I didn't notice cos I was waving to Ms Turner.
Well, I hope you're right.
I'm sorry, DW. I looked everywhere.
But the catalogue might list a book about blankies.
- Come on.
- I don't want Binky Barnes to know I'm looking for a blankie!
I don't want Arthur to know I read!
Look! I lost it at the car wash.
It felt like being in a dishwasher.
I'd left the window open a bit.
Then the scary vacuum cleaner came and I shut my eyes.
It must have sucked my blankie out.
It only sucks up water, not blankies. But you can have my polishing cloth.
It's not dirty enough for her.
Well, this is the last place we went, for an ice cream.
I guess maybe when we'd finished I left my blankie at the table.
- That's it?!
- I'm too tired to think of anything.
- Oh, no!
I don't want those girls to know I'm looking for a blankie! O-oh!
Arthur! Over here!
- Hi, Arthur.
- Sit with us.
- Ersorry.
I'm getting DW some ice cream. Huh?
- What's she doing?
- Some make-believe game. You know how little kids are.
They can be SO immature.
- Well, gotta go.
- They don't have it.
- Have what?
- My bl
- Her favourite flavour. Let's go. Now!
- What is her favourite?
- Chocolate vanillachipblankie!
OK, bye!
- But my blankie!
- I don't care about it!
- I'm going to Buster's.
- ..Oh, my mom returned them. But they were great!
Renegade Joe takes on these flying gorillas
and he infiltrates them by wearing this flying gorilla suit
and he gets into their hideout I can't believe you missed it!
Well, good night, pumpkin.
How am I supposed to sleep without my blankie?!
I know you miss it. We'll look for it tomorrow.
But now you should go to sleep.
- Give it back! Give it back!
DW ?
I want my blankie. Give me my blankie!
- Hey, wake up! You're dreaming!
- Ohhh Arthur!
Oh, my poor blankie's all alone with no-one to tuck it in!
It'll be OK for one night.
- You're mean! It won't be OK for one night!
- Wait a minute!
I think I have an idea!
- DW, would Stanley help?
- It's not the same thing! Duh!
Get away, Pal! I don't want that! I want my blankie!
MY blankie! Nobody understands.
But, DW, this IS your blankie!
- It's not!
- It smells nothing like my blankie! It smells
- Clean?!
It did use to be red and white, didn't it! It is you!
- You're safe!
- It never went away!
Mom must've washed it! Apologise to Pal.
I guess I'm sorry. Are you, OK, Blankie?! I was so worried!
- Come on, Pal!
- Arthur, Blankie says thank you for looking for her.
OK, good night, DW.
That dumb blankie. I knowyou Agh!
- Stanley?! Oh no!
- Looking for something?
You left this behind. But I'm sure you don't need him!
Bring that back, DW! Dad! Give it back to me! I'm telling you!
Our homework is to read how clouds form.
In Miss Sweetwater's class, they get to just look at clouds!
- It looks like a bunny!
- Yeah, it's so cute.
Our teacher, Mr Ratburn, is the toughest teacher on earth!
Everything has to be school work, even the zoo!
What is the average life span of a Galapagos turtle?
And what is a rhino's horn made of?
At what temperature does ice cream solidify?
Here. I'm suddenly not hungry.
There is no tougher teacher this side of Neptune.
Why can't Mr Ratburn just disappear?!
Now Ahem! Oh, I have a tickle in my throat.
Now, where is Ulan Bator? Ahem!
Everyone, close your eyes. Now find your nose!
Ahem! Do you have a headache?
- Do I?! I mean, no.
After lunch, we review your math homework. Ahem!
- Ahem! Er, Mr Heaney?
- What is it, man?
- Speak up!
- I can't do class, I
- Now, what did you say?
- Ahem!
Ratburn, I think you're losing your voice.
- Ahem!
- Well, it'll have to wait till you feel better.
- Children, I have some bad news.
- We're gonna have school all summer!
Mr Ratburn will be off ill all this week.
Do your work while I get a substitute teacher.
- Will it be Mr Elkin again?
- I hope not!
- Mr Elkin, is this right?
- Woah!
Oh sorry.
'Mr Elkin wasn't as bad as Mrs Bovini.'
CHEW-CHEW! Spell "leather".
L-E-A-T-H Ugh!
'The worst was Miss Tremolo, who mumbled everything!'
- What did she say?
- I don't know. YOUR ears are bigger than mine!
- The best of all was Miss Blank.
- Who?
- Don't you remember her?!
Miss Blank is unable to come in today.
So do some colouring and I'll bring you some snacks.
Ahhh, Miss Blank!
- Who's our substitute?
- Good news! It is Mr Ratburn's sister, Ms Ratburn.
- I'm sure she'll be as much fun as Mr Ratburn.
- Agh
- She might be nothing like him.
- What are the chances of that?
- They grew up together, Arthur!
- Oh yeah.
'I bet they were Ratburns even as babies!'
- Can you spell "antediluvian"?
- Why? Can't you?! And go away!
I'm doing calculus.
'Then they got older.'
You may have got a perfect grade, but I found a mistake they missed.
They're now lowering your grade.
Well, that new star you discovered. I checked it. It's just gas.
The observatory are taking you off their roll.
- Why do you compete? I'm smarter!
- Are not!
- Am too!
- Are not!
- Am too, too, too!
Ha! You sound like a train!
Who invented little sisters anyway?
- One day I'll be the toughest teacher of them all!
- Yeah?!
I'll be even tougher!
ALL: Aw, great(!)
Maybe we can change schools?!
- How will I get all this work done?!
- I'll stay home and help you!
- Er, no.
- Can I stay home tomorrow?
- Are you sick?
- I should help you with work.
- What about Kate's future?
- School isn't so bad.
Oh You have no idea!
If she's like her brother, I'm gonna get a stomach ache.
I could lose my glasses and get sent home!
Good morning. I'm Miss Rodentia Ratburn.
My brother has told me everything.
Get ready to work like dogs.
Let's waste no time. Everyone together.
Let's recite the ones times table. Begin.
One times one is one, one times two is two, one times three is three
- One times table? Does she think we are babies?!
- Who cares? It's easy!
One times seven is seven
- What colour do yellow and blue make?
- Green!
This is the easiest school day ever!
OK, everyone, read this word.
Good! Good! Now for something a bit more difficult.
# I like fudge, I like fudge
# If you ask me what I like, I say I like fudge
- And what season comes after fall?
- Winter
You're right! Hooray!
- For goodness' sake, we're in third grade!
- You mean this is too easy?
- Then let's do the two times table. Everyone. Two times one
- Is two.
Two times two is four. Two times three is six.
Two times four is eight.
This is the longest day of my life. Is it time to go home yet?
It's only ten o'clockAM.
Two times eight is sixteen. Two times nine is eighteen.
Two times ten is twenty. Two times eleven is twenty-two
- My, where has the time gone?!
What a great day! I don't believe in homework. So, rest your brains.
Tomorrow we'll do more counting!
OK, just get home to your computer!
Hurry, hurry!
- I could barely stop from screaming!
- I thought the Brain was gonna cry!
I actually miss Mr Ratburn!
So do I!
- I thought you'd stay home sick!
- Oh, there was nothing wrong with me.
Boys and girls, Ms Ratburn won't be coming to school today.
- Because Mr Ratburn returned early.
- ALL: Hooray!
Quiet. I'm back. The fun and games are over.
We're going to work extra hard today.
- Oh no, he's back.
- Boy!
- I feel sorry for those kids.
- OK, now it's story time with Mr Clown!
Boy, I feel sorry for those kids.
- Hey, this is tough!
- Yeah!
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