Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


Meta-llicana is about to fall.
With just a little more time,
the second seal will be mine.
Not to mention
Master Kall-Su! A crisis, my lord!
What is it now?
The ninja fortress
in Grave Valley was destroyed.
Also, the ninja army
and Ninja Master Gara have
Has Gara defected
from the Four Divine Kings?
Unfortunately, it's true, sir.
I can't believe Gara
would betray us.
Something must have happened
between him and Dark Schneider.
I know Gara's a ninja,
but he's a warrior at heart.
In truth, he's a simple man.
Is it possible that he fell
for Dark Schneider's deceitful tricks?
Deliver this message to the Third Army
as they attack Meta-llicana!
One of the Four Divine Kings
is also an incredible swordsman.
Arshes Nei.
Even her allies tremble in fear
at how merciless she is.
She'd never fall for one
of Dark Schneider's dirty tricks.
If Dark Schneider has chosen
to undermine the Four Divine Kings,
then he has chosen to die!
He is our enemy!
So we'll kill him
before he grows stronger.
Death is all that awaits him!
Let us show the world
our power and honor!
Your Highness, our army
is succeeding at keeping the enemy at bay.
If this keeps up, I believe the enemy
will accept our proposal
to begin peace negotiations.
We're up against Kall-Su
and the Dark Rebel Army here.
A peaceful resolution is a fool's hope.
What a powerful lightning strike.
It's one of the Four Divine Kings.
Empress Nei,
a messenger has arrived from Meta-llicana
bearing a letter
that formally requests a peace talk.
- Kill him and send back his body.
- Yes.
I, Arshes Nei, the leader of
the Third Army of the Four Divine Kings,
will not accept surrender from anyone.
If their people want to live,
they must defeat us.
If they lose, we will kill them all.
Those are the rules of war.
Have they forgotten so easily?
As you wish.
Empress Nei!
A message from Lord Kall-Su!
From Kall-Su?
He has issued an order
for us to kill Dark Schneider!
Dark Schneider?
The whispers of his resurrection are true!
I knew it.
What happened to Gara?
He was assigned to look into the rumor.
Well well, he
What do you mean "he defected"?
The thousand-strong
ninja army led by Master Gara
disappeared into thin air
when the fortress was destroyed.
Their whereabouts are currently unknown.
what the hell are you doing?
Dark Schneider.
The time has finally come
for me to kill you
with my own hands!
What is this?
Is this a dream?
Where am I?
Wait. This place is
You're right.
It's in this very place that we first met.
It's been so long, Arsh.
An Illusion spell.
I should've known.
My, my. You haven't changed in 15 years.
I guess that's 'cause
of your elven blood.
A dark elf's blood.
Way back when.
When I took you in after you got separated
from your tribe in the war.
You were just a kid.
Did you really visit my dreams
just to talk about old times?
Remember, Darsh,
you and I are enemies now.
Tell me. What do you really want?
So your body isn't the only thing
that hasn't changed.
You're still bitchy, aren't you?
In case you've forgotten,
I pretty much raised you.
For 100 years I raised you.
And look, you grew into an adult
with a ridiculously hot body!
I love you, you know?
So, don't go disobedient on me. Okay?
I wouldn't want you
to turn into an enemy. You hear me?
Good girl. Good girl.
You're trying to use my feelings
just to manipulate me again!
Just like you did 15 years ago.
You want me
wrapped around your little finger!
I don't like where this is going.
You beast!
You're nothing more than a pervert!
You and I
were practically always together,
but you built that filthy harem of yours
and kept it secret from me!
Do you think
I'll ever let you forget that?
You can't blame a guy
for wanting a harem!
Oh, don't you even start!
A command has been issued
to kill you, and I'll oblige!
I'll make sure you never come back!
Slayer, slayer! Oh, lightning of Balmor's!
- What's that?
- Empress Nei!
It's Empress Nei!
Sean Ari.
Someone get Sean Ari, now!
I am at your side, Empress Nei.
You're aware of the order
to kill Dark Schneider?
Regretfully, I'm unable
to leave my post at this time.
So, you shall go in my place.
Sean Ari, as one of the Three Sorcerer
Generals serving me, Arshes Nei,
you must use your powers
to kill Dark Schneider at all costs.
Yes! As you wish, Empress Nei!
Using that Illusion spell
to talk to Nei and win here over
didn't really work out for you, did it?
You made her mad.
I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest
if she's laid some traps for you up ahead.
Oh, like I'd really fall
for one of her traps? Give me a break!
The girl was pretty crazy
about you 15 years ago.
So that was likely a giant shock for her.
I mean, can't we admit that a dark elf
and an evil wizard is a funny combination?
Come on!
Shut up!
And while we're at it,
why the hell are you following me, anyway?
You would be better off
following Yoko or Gara.
The rebels have attacked our castle.
The Third Army seems to be leading them,
so we need to get back there right now.
Uh, of course.
I'll go as well.
I couldn't just stand there
when I saw you sneak off
away from the Princess' group.
I thought it best to keep my eye on you.
Damn you. Let's be clear about something.
You being a small and pathetic animal
is the only reason I haven't killed you.
If you'd shown up in your previous form,
I would have
sliced you to pieces on the spot!
So, if you don't mind,
please be grateful to the handsome,
kind, and gentle Dark Schneider, okay?
What's that about?
I don't know. You seem different.
I can't quite put my finger on it.
I am who I am.
The hell? A spider?
Help me! Please help!
Wait! Dark Schneider!
It's fishy to find a spider
in the mountains, right? 'Cause
Oh, don't you dare ruin it for me, Lars!
I am a hero, a handsome one at that,
so there's only one thing to do.
Seek and destroy,
oh spirit of the sinful inferno!
Blood fire,
death into the Void!
Talisman magic!
The sorcerer who used it
to summon the spider must be nearby!
So, High Ancient Magic.
One of the secret arts.
I can't say that I was expecting this.
Begs the question too,
who else, besides me, was capable of this?
Who else could revive the lost art?
Someone strong!
Shut up!
This is nothing.
This magic's no match for me at all!
- Um, excuse me.
- Huh?
Thank you for saving me.
I'd like to repay you if I could.
Mmm, indeed.
Have you been traveling for a while?
Yeah. Sort of, anyway.
You must be tired
from walking all day,
especially in a remote place like this.
Well, conveniently, I live nearby.
So would you like to rest
at my house for a bit?
We're in the middle of the mountains,
so it's not like we really have much here.
But still, come on in.
Um, I'll go ask them to make us some tea.
We have visitors!
She must be
a daughter of one of the local lords.
You're acting cool,
but I know you too well.
You're already thinking dirty,
perverted little thoughts, aren't you?
I know what kind of man you are,
Dark Schneider.
And at the moment, you're thinking
Thanks a lot for all the food.
You've got a huge appetite.
You're a big eater.
Magic uses up a lot of energy,
so I'll take whatever food
I can get my hands on.
Along with any women, for that matter.
What a disgusting perv
Chew your food! It isn't that hard!
B-by the way,
just what brings you to the mountains
during these turbulent times?
I certainly hope
it's not the fierce battle
going on at Meta-llicana Castle.
Well, I've just got
some family business to handle.
You see, one of my family members
pulled a stupid, little prank.
Since someone has to clean up after her,
I figured that I would do it.
You know,
this region is under Nei's control.
But despite that, the people living
in this mansion haven't run away.
They're still living here in peace.
Don't you think that's
Oh, shut up, Lars.
Even if something does happen,
I'm the handsome, young hero here.
So it's not like they're gonna beat me.
Dark Schneider,
are you seeing this!
Excuse me, Dark Schneider.
I don't mean to bother you,
but are you asleep?
Not at all. I'm still wide awake.
M-my family has a tradition.
When someone saves
an unwed daughter of ours,
well, we give him her vir her virginity,
and the family attends to his needs.
Is that okay? Uh
Well, that sounds good to me.
What a noble tradition, huh?
No! It's a trap!
Don't do it, Dark Schneider
That hurt.
Pl-please be gentle with me.
I know. I know.
Oh, not there!
Dark Schneider, please don't hurt me!
Don't worry, now.
She's got marks on her skin
from wearing armor.
Looks like you fell for it,
Dark Schneider!
And unfortunately for you,
that spider never lets go of it's prey.
Too bad that talisman I put on you
neutralizes magic.
You're as helpless as a newborn baby now!
Dark Schneider! Oh no!
You're an assassin?
I'm actually one of
the most powerful sorcerers in the world.
One of the Three Sorcerer Generals,
Sean Ari.
It seems you were unable to resist
the temptations of a willing virgin,
despite being strong enough
to defeat Ninja Master Gara.
Does that sound about right?
You use Talisman Magic?
You don't fool me.
I know you're not powerful enough
to resurrect the High Ancient Magic alone.
So tell me, who helps you?
Hmm. How very perceptive.
I suppose I can tell you.
One of the Four Generals,
known as the Empress of Thunder,
Empress Arshes Nei!
She's powerful enough to do that?
Say goodbye, lady-killer!
Talisman Magic!
Ritual Spider, devour him!
I did it!
Everyone said you were invincible,
but I defeated you all by myself!
Empress Nei will be overjoyed
by this news!
- That's amazing!
- Huh?
That was amazing!
Really hot stuff!
There are few things hotter in this world
than watching a virgin
shake her juicy ass.
D-Dark Schneider?
How could But then who's that over there?
An Illusion spell?
Exactly right.
That spell. It's the same one
he used when fighting before.
Hold it right there.
Wha what the?
Isn't the spell still
The Illusion spell is still going on.
So, come on. Can you tell
where the spell first started?
How did you do it?
When did you cast the spell?
Before you stuck the talisman on me.
I heard Dark Schneider
was just a horny playboy.
I thought my plan was perfect!
How long? How could you have known?
Tough luck, sweet cheeks.
Nothing ever escapes my detection.
I knew about it all along.
Like hell you did!
It was only 'cause of the marks left
by her armor, right?
But why, though? Why didn't you kill me
when you had the chance?
And you had plenty of chances,
Dark Schneider!
Curiosity. You weren't entirely wrong.
I was curious
about what a virgin could do.
And because you're so beautiful.
Me? You think I'm beautiful?
But I've been trying this whole time
to murder you.
I'm your enemy.
Doesn't matter. You're still beautiful.
Empress Nei granted special magical powers
to each of the Three Sorcerer Generals,
so powerful that even our allies fear us.
Because of that,
no one has ever afforded me any kind words
before in my life.
But you you're the first man
who ever told me that I'm beautiful.
Don't worry.
I'll be good to you.
Come on.
This is a shonen manga!
You know, you're really not
like how I imagined you would be.
Not at all.
Oh, really? You said I'm just a horny guy.
Turns out you called it right.
You can't go any further beyond here.
Empress Nei is truly terrifying.
She's absolutely determined to kill you.
And you should know,
there's another assassin
waiting for you up ahead.
One of the Three Sorcerer Generals
to whom Empress Nei granted
the most powerful magic.
I don't even come close
to matching the level of power they have.
Imagine that.
Don't go! You could die!
Please, Dark Schneider!
Don't go! I beg you!
I don't want you to die!
You were my first,
and I want to see you again.
When the marks from your armor are gone,
I'll make you feel even better
than I did last night.
See you later.
This isn't how I wanted
to meet you, Dark Schneider.
Oh, Dark Schneider.
I wish we weren't enemies.
I wish you were the one
who ruled us instead.
Hey! Dark Schneider! So did you do it?
Did you go all the way?
Come on! What happened?
- Shut up!
- Ouch!
If only.
Literally, all I did was bite her ear.
Things just aren't
working out my way.
I was close. Damn!
Empress Nei!
We've received word that Sean Ari
has fallen to Dark Schneider.
I see.
I guess Talisman magic
isn't strong enough to defeat Darsh.
So then, are you saying Sean is dead?
Well, Empress
Out with it!
Uh, well, the the reports say
she let Dark Schneider escape.
and then disappeared herself.
She what?
Darsh seduced her, didn't he?
He was always like that!
Seducing friend and foe alike.
He'd take anyone
he could get his hands on.
You're a curse to women everywhere!
Even sure things
aren't sure things these days.
Looks like we finally arrived.
Dark Schneider, what are you thinking?
You realize Meta-llicana castle
is under attack, even as we speak, right?
I told you already.
I'm trying to clean up after a prank
that a disappointing family member
tried to pull.
- Huh?
- What's wrong?
- Look over there.
- Hmm?
Statues? What are they doing there?
Wait. I know what it is!
Medusa's our next foe!
The snake lady, right?
Dumb ass!
Hey! You!
Who's there?
You're the bastard
Dark Schneider I take it?
I-it's Medusa!
Cover your eyes, Dark Schneider!
She'll turn you to stone!
Out of my way!
Who are you?
I'm an attendant of Empress Nei.
One of the Three Sorcerer Generals,
Kai Harn!
Thus, by the order of the Empress,
I'm going to kill you.
So they're sending a pretty boy this time?
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