Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The Progenitor

[Lucien] Yoko!
Hey, where are you?
[Lucien groaning]
[water sloshing]
[leaves rustling]
[Lucien] Uh
[water running]
Hey, Yoko!
You know, everyone can see your butt!
[Yoko gasping]
Hi, Yoko! I'm glad I found you.
Uh, could it be?
Lucien, it's you!
[Yoko giggling]
[whimsical music playing]
[Yoko] I don't believe it!
Lucien, is it really you?
I'm so happy.
You just disappeared all of a sudden
on the way back from the ninja fortress.
[Lucien grunting]
[sighing] I was so worried.
Miss Yoko! We heard you shouting!
Is everything okay?
[Yoko] Uh
- [Yoko shouting]
- [blows landing]
Seriously, you can't pop out of nowhere
and scare me like that.
[chuckling nervously]
It won't happen again, my lady.
We thought you were in trouble
and ran over. Forgive us.
Well, I guess you are
in charge of protecting me.
So it's not like you had a choice.
Actually, Lucien saw me naked too.
But he's acting like nothing happened.
[Lucien grunting]
[Yoko] Anyway, it looks
like I've accomplished my mission.
So, we can relax for a bit.
Miss Yoko?
This may be a foolish thing to ask,
but is that boy right there really him?
Uh-huh. This is the one and only Lucien.
He's so young, though.
It's hard to imagine
he's the true form of Dark Schneider.
Huh? Who's that little dragon?
- [Lucien] Mm.
- [Lars exclaiming]
Hi there! You're from Gara's place.
Your name is Lars, right?
- [Lars exclaiming]
- [Yoko giggling]
[soldier] Ninja Master Gara?
[ominous music playing]
I knew all of this felt too easy.
This could be a trap.
We can't trust that thing.
Don't jump to conclusions.
Gara may be a weirdo,
but he's actually not a bad guy.
Besides, I don't feel some evil aura
coming from Lars.
I know it sounds strange,
but my gut feeling is hardly ever wrong.
So trust me on this.
I suppose
we have no reason not to trust you.
It's kinda funny that his name is Lars.
That's the prince's name as well.
He's Princess Sheila's
older brother, you know.
Ironic name for a dragon.
[knight] 15 years ago,
during the great war,
Prince Lars Ul Meta-llicana
used a forbidden spell
that would allow him
to defeat Dark Schneider.
The spell transformed him
into the legendary Dragon Knight
that the ancient prophecies speak of.
And in that form,
he fought alongside the four heroes,
including Geo, to save the four kingdoms.
They say the prince and Dark Schneider
killed each other at the same time.
But no one can confirm the prince's death.
It's an amazing story.
[knight 2] Hey. Maybe that little dragon
is the reincarnation of Prince Lars.
[knight 3] That would be pretty hilarious!
[ominous music playing]
[man] Count Di-amon.
I've procured a selection of girls
from the village for you,
as you requested.
[Di-amon] Good.
I've been waiting for this.
And I assume all the girls
you've brought here are virgins
just like I ordered.
Right, Jodoh?
[Jodoh] Uh, that's right!
Uh, exactly as I promised.
Please, uh, go ahead
and see for yourself, Count Di-amon!
[girls moaning]
[Di-amon] Hmm.
[chuckling nervously]
What do you think?
Do you like what you see?
I do hope I've proven my loyalty to you,
and shown
that I am someone you can rely on.
Two out of the Three Sorcerer Generals
have lost to Dark Schneider.
A pathetic display from those
who represent the Dark Rebel Army.
However, I, the great Count Di-amon,
will not lose so easily!
That's because my body is immortal!
And I have acquired eternal life,
so I will outlive everyone on this planet.
My magic is so powerful,
it rivals even Empress Nei's!
In order to make my power
grow even stronger than it already is,
I need to drink the blood
of as many young virgin maidens
as I possibly can.
You understand that, don't you, Jodoh?
Uh, yes. Of course, I do.
Oh, is that so?
If that's the case,
then I want you to explain
why this one's not a virgin!
[Jodoh] Huh?
Uh, no way! That's impossible!
I'm afraid
that this won't do at all, Jodoh.
I can't forgive people
who aren't able to keep their promises.
You will have to be punished
for your transgressions.
[Jodoh shrieking]
No. Please give me another chance.
Surely there's been some kind of mistake.
Hold still so I can suck your blood!
[Jodoh screaming]
[Di-amon scoffing]
[Di-amon] That tasted terrible.
[Di-amon cackling]
[Di-amon] I'm curious as to how the others
I sent out to find virgin maidens
are doing on their hunt.
I can't wait for them to return.
[girls shuddering]
My, what a big catch.
There's no doubt about it.
You three definitely smell like virgins.
Mm. The moon is full
and especially beautiful tonight.
I can feel my blood boil!
[man grunting]
- [werewolf growling]
- [girls shrieking]
- [girl screaming]
- [squelching]
you should really move closer to the fire.
You're going to catch a cold.
[Lucien groaning]
[Yoko gasping]
This evil aura, where is it coming from?
Hey! Get up!
[werewolf howling]
[soldiers panting, grunting]
Who do we have here?
[Yoko gasping]
What is that thing?
It's, it's a werewolf?
I thought I smelled a virgin!
And she's prime stuff too.
What an amazing aroma.
Hurry! Protect Miss Tia!
[wolf] Get out of my way!
[wolf snarling]
You're too good to hand over to the Count.
You're all mine!
- [Dark Schneider] Hey, you!
- Huh?
[Yoko gasping]
Don't you dare touch Yoko
with those filthy ass hands of yours!
Who the hell do you think you are,
you little punk?
If you try to lay even one finger on her,
then I'm gonna kill you!
Wait a sec. That voice isn't Lucien's.
You kill me? Have you lost your mind?
I'm gonna crush you to death
before you can even blink
Stop talking so I don't have
to smell your dog breath.
What did you say?
Just get the hell out of my sight already,
you stupid, smelly, mutt!
What is this aura?
You rotten kid!
There's no way you're an ordinary human.
Not this, again.
The same thing happened
the night I got kidnapped.
The transition is evolving.
[wolfman] Tell me, punk.
Are some kind of wizard?
You idiotic beast.
You have the audacity
to bear your fangs against a human?
Stay right where you are because
I'm going to turn you into mincemeat.
D-did you just call me a beast?
You little shithead.
You're the one
who's gonna get turned into mincemeat!
Wolf Fang Thunder Fist!
- [Yoko] Stop!
- [wolfman cackling]
How's this, you stupid brat?
Who cares if you're a wizard?
If I stop you
before you can finish your spell,
then you're powerless against me.
I'm a skilled martial artist
in my human form!
A frail wizard like you is no match for me
when I've transformed into a werewolf!
No more games.
You're gonna suffer a painful death
for the things you called me!
[Yoko gasping]
[Yoko] He's gonna die!
He has Dark Schneider's spirit,
but his body is still Lucien's!
Say goodbye!
It's time to end this once and for all!
- [Dark Schneider grunting]
- [wolfman grunting]
[rock music playing]
You're just some puny little bit player.
You got no business
taking up so much screen time.
You're gonna confuse the people watching
by doing that,
so you'd better apologize
to them right now.
[Lars] No way. That kid
really is Dark Schneider on the inside!
This is insane. What's going on here?
[wolfman grunting]
He's got so much power.
You're more
than a mere wizard, aren't you?
[Dark Schneider] Hmm? What was that?
You say you want to see a magic trick?
[wolfman yelping] No, I
[Dark Schneider cackling]
Then I'll do a special one just for you.
Wait. Please, no.
[Dark Schneider] Zaazard, Zaazard.
Schrono, Chronossk.
That spell he's using
[Dark Schneider] Oh, flames of hell,
burning in the depths of darkness
You can't be Dark Schneider!
You you can't be!
Be my sword and slay my enemies before me!
[wolfman grunting]
You managed to live?
That's pretty incredible of you, wolfman.
You've got a lot of spunk.
Guess you're cooler than I thought.
[wolfman screaming]
So this must be the power of magic.
It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!
[Dark Schneider] Shut up!
Now then, tell me if you want me
to kill you slowly or quickly.
[wolfman yelping]
Stop torturing me! I can't take it!
- Count! Please save me. I don't wanna die.
- Huh?
Oh, I see. So it was the Count
who sent you here, was it?
If I'm not mistaken, he's the guy
who has werewolves working for him
to find virgins from local villages,
and he's a vampire, right?
Did he say vampire?
But I'm curious about something.
In terms of undead,
it's said Vampires are one
of the strongest creatures among them.
According to what Kai Harn
told me about the Count,
he was able to turn himself
into a vampire using his own magic.
That must mean he's a trueblood, right?
Why is a guy as powerful as he is
even bothering to work
under someone like Arshes, huh?
[Yoko] Kai Harn? Arshes?
[Yoko] Hmm.
[Dark Schneider]
I'm gonna take a wild guess
and say the reason why the Count
needs the blood of virgin girls
is because he wants
to try and overthrow Arshes and Kall-Su.
Is that right?
I'm gonna kill you if you don't tell me.
Okay! I-I'll do it!
Don't kill me. Please!
Well, I guess I don't have to.
But you better talk.
Okay. It's
it's true.
Please, let me g
[soldiers gasping]
A vampire, huh?
This is definitely gonna get messy.
- [Yoko] Hey! Lucien!
- [Dark Schneider groaning]
I know that guy was the enemy,
but that was just cruel.
- And another thing
- Would you shut the hell up already, Yoko?
We haven't seen each other
in a while, and you're already starting
I wanna know why you suddenly disappeared
while we were heading back
from the ninja fortress.
What have you been up to this whole time?
Why did you turn back into Lucien?
Answer me!
Or else I'm never speaking to you again.
[Dark Schneider groaning]
[Yoko sighing]
- [Yoko] Okay. Tell me this.
- [Dark Schneider] I'm listening.
You mentioned Kai Harn
and Arshes earlier.
Just who exactly are they?
You better tell me, or I won't
tell you bedtime stories anymore.
[Dark Schneider groaning]
[Yoko] Oh, come on!
You're such a sweet and innocent boy
when you're Lucien.
Why do you always have
to act like this after the seal breaks?
[Lars] So, basically, Dark Schneider
hasn't been completely resurrected.
And instead
[Di-amon] He has been sealed away deep
inside of that young boy named Lucien,
and can't come out
unless the conditions have been met.
[Di-amon cackling]
This is becoming very interesting.
[ominous music playing]
[Di-amon] There is a legendary wizard
still feared by many to this day,
who once commanded
a huge army of darkness.
His name is Dark Schneider.
Fifteen years ago,
he waged war against the four kingdoms
with his four disciples in tow.
No one has ever been able
to stand up to him.
He's unrivaled in power.
His magic terrorized the lands.
It was so powerful,
he could even change the weather.
He was a wizard
with the physique of a warrior.
He's been reincarnated many times,
and upon being reborn,
his magic grew in power
as he cast away his old body.
That's how he became
as powerful as he is today.
Ordinarily, I would be no match
for someone as mighty
as the legendary wizard, Dark Schneider.
now that it's become quite clear to me
his resurrection
hasn't been completed yet,
That means, I still have a chance
of overpowering him!
Isn't that right, Jodoh?
[chuckling nervously]
Yes, of course, Count.
No one's as magnificent,
or nearly as brilliant,
or as gorgeous as me.
[all gasping]
I am one of the Three Sorcerer Generals,
and the most powerful count on earth.
People tremble at hearing my name.
And that name is Di-amon.
Isn't everything that I said right, Jodoh?
[Jodoh] Uh, yes. It is.
- Who the hell is that?
- Is he a phantom?
Give me a break!
We just beat the other guy.
Oh no. The shock of all this
must be causing Lucien to break through.
Huh? Wait. What did you say?
No. Wait. Not now, you dumbass!
[Dark Schneider yelling]
[Lucien] Mm.
Is it Halloween?
I see. So that's how it works.
Dark Schneider can only exist
while Lucien is in deep slumber.
Otherwise, it appears the boy
has full control over his own body.
Go capture that boy!
[army shouting]
[Lucien] No! Yoko, help me!
[dramatic music playing]
Please let me out of here!
[Yoko] Seriously? You're so unreliable
in situations where it really matters.
- [Lucien] I'm so scared!
- [Di-amon cackling]
Who would have thought
it would be so incredibly easy
to capture
the great legendary wizard Dark Schneider.
And not only did I accomplish that,
but I even managed to acquire
three beautiful virgins as well.
[Yoko] Huh? Three?
[Yoko gasping]
I, the great and marvelous Count Di-amon,
am victorious!
'Tis truly a night
to celebrate my success!
[Di-amon cackling]
[Di-amon] Well, isn't that right, Jodoh?
[Jodoh chuckling nervously]
Sure is.
Wait. Are they who I think they are?
[soldier] Hurry up and move, you traitors!
The Count is waiting for you.
[Di-amon] I thank you
for joining me in my humble abode,
my fellow Sorcerer Generals.
Sean Ari and Kai Harn.
I'm quite disappointed with the results
of your fight against Dark Schneider.
You should have fought to your death
instead of wagging your tails like
good little dogs and begging for mercy.
I see you two as traitors
and not as comrades now.
[Jodoh cackling]
Capturing these two was no easy feat,
but everything clearly worked out
in our favor.
[Di-amon] Hmm.
Nice to see you actually did
a good job for once, Jodoh.
You've both grown
to be such beautiful woman.
Just a few years back,
you were still little girls
who stank of their mother's milk.
[scoffing] And I see
you've grown to be a monster.
Just a few years back,
you used to be a decent human.
[Di-amon cackling]
Oh, your tongue
is still sharp as ever, Kai Harn.
Very well.
I've decided
that I will take the responsibility
of executing the traitors, myself.
Shut up, you monster!
How can you call us that
when it's you who's the real traitor.
[Di-amon] What the?
Do you really think your pathetic lackey
can capture the two of us?
[snorting] How did you?
We only pretended to get caught
so he'd take us to you!
[Jodoh exclaiming]
[Di-amon] Jodoh!
You know what happens
to failures, don't you?
[Jodoh screaming]
No. Please forgive me, Count.
I don't want to lose any more blood.
Have mercy.
It won't happen again, I promise.
But, please don't suck my blood!
I'll die if you do.
Oh well.
[Jodoh screaming, hyperventilating]
[Jodoh] Someone help me!
[Yoko] Ew.
That guy really is a vampire.
[Di-amon chuckling]
But not nearly as good
as your exquisite blood will be.
And once I have it, it will make my magic
grow even more powerful.
I'll be unstoppable!
Even stronger
than Empress Nei and Lord Kall-Su.
You monster!
You won't get anywhere near my blood.
Come at me, Di-amon!
Secret Talisman Magic!
Rasho Red Hot Waltz!
Secret Hariken Sword Style!
Dragon Blast Demon Slash!
[dramatic music playing]
We did it, Kai!
Even a vampire couldn't withstand that.
He's not so strong after all.
[Yoko] W-what's happening?
All the wounds on his body
are healing so quickly.
But he was fully covered in flames!
How does he not have a single burn?
[Di-amon cackling]
[Di-amon] It'll take more than that!
You're both so beautiful, yet so ignorant.
Did you really not know
that vampires are practically immortal?
Now, come on. Don't resist.
Come a little closer.
Allow me to suck
all of the blood out of you.
I was hoping
it wouldn't come down to this,
but things aren't looking good.
There's no other option.
Hey, Di-amon! I got something for you.
Oh no!
It can't be.
You have garlic and a cross?
Not those two things!
They're a vampire's weakness.
How could you do this to me?
Foolish, foolish, foolish.
Such stupid things won't work on me!
No way! That should've worked!
Lucien, please. You have to help her.
He's gonna kill her if you don't!
[Di-amon growling]
[Kai screaming]
[Sean] Kai!
[Di-amon moaning]
This is so good!
This is the taste I was looking for!
This texture!
So thick, and creamy, and sweet,
with a subtle aroma!
Whoa. Your blood
is so much better than Jodoh's.
I could drink this all day
for the rest of my immortal life!
[Kai screaming]
Get your hands off her!
[Sean grunting]
Don't worry. I'll suck you next!
So just wait your turn
like a good little girl, Sean Ari!
[Di-amon cackling]
Your blood
is gonna make me more powerful
than Empress Nei
and Lord Kall-Su ever were!
No one will be able to stop me!
You are crazy
Are you doing all of this
just so you could betray Empress Nei?
[Di-amon cackling]
The world is ruled by those
who are strong enough to reach the top.
This has always been
the natural order of society.
The weak cannot rule over those
who are more powerful than them.
Empress Nei and Lord Kall-Su
are no exception to that.
Once my power exceeds theirs,
I will finally put them in their place!
And I will show the world my power!
[Kai gasping]
Enjoy your fantasies while you still can.
This won't end how you think it will.
How dare you call them fantasies.
[Kai grunting, groaning]
Regardless of how strong your magic gets,
your power will never be enough
to win against Dark Schneider.
Dark Schneider said Empress Nei and
the other Divine Kings are his friends!
I know he would help them out,
no matter what.
He's not going to have any problem
defeating the likes of you.
And he'll do it all for Empress Nei!
[Sean sighing]
I wish he were here right now.
[Yoko] What are they talking about?
Who are these two?
[Di-amon cackling]
[Di-amon] You have no idea, do you?
Your one last hope
has been here the whole time!
- Look up.
- [all] Huh?
There's your so-called savior
trapped in that cage as my prisoner.
What the?
What are you going on about this
Foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish!
So ignorant!
Dark Schneider
will never be enough to stop me.
You see, his reincarnation is incomplete.
That infamous sorcerer is up there
sealed within that boy.
Wait. What?
That's that's impossible.
[Yoko] When Lucien's awake,
Dark Schneider is sealed away.
What am I supposed to do
in a situation where I can't reach him?
Without the spell
and a virgin maiden's kiss,
I won't be able to break the seal!
[Lars] Oh, I get it!
Everything's starting to make sense now!
After the war,
Geo Noto Soto foresaw the future,
and knew Dark Schneider would re-awaken.
Geo eventually found Lucien,
the baby
who Dark Schneider reincarnated into,
and sealed
his spirit and power inside him!
The legendary wizard
was supposed to awaken once more,
but because of the spell, he was forced
to grow up in the form of Lucien Renlen.
So, if I'm understanding this correctly,
this means that Lucien Renlen
and Dark Schneider
are two separate identities that can exist
within a single body and soul.
Wait a minute. And that also means
[Di-amon laughing loudly]
[closing theme music playing]
[music fades]
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