Beelzebub (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Money can buy anything

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a barbaric, ruthless, and defiant, demon-like bastard who thought nothing of his fellow man.
Shit! Why are you so cranky in the middle of the night?! What the hell do you want? Fine, here you go.
Damn that noise is annoying! Ah! If he wants a loud noise, then how 'bout a pair of these? Heavy Metal! Or something like it Then I'll just raise the volume a little Got this in the bag Now while I have the chance Do you have any idea what time it is?! Yeah! But! Baby Beel was You'll wake up the neighbors! This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
But this baby is no ordinary baby.
It is a baby Demon Lord! There is Nothing that Money Can't Buy Oga What're you starin' at me for, huh? Wait, you're not looking W-Which is it, huh? Look here, buddy Don't go thinkin' you're hot stuff just 'cause you beat Kanzaki-san! He's asleep while standing! Shimokawa! This is our chance! Yeah! I'm gonna make him say good-night, once and for all! Sleep-deprived Punch! What the hell does "Da-bu-!" even mean? It's your damn fault I'm sleepy.
H-He's like some hellspawn And damn, they lost fast.
My croquet sandwich! *Munchymunchyswallow* W-Where am I? Crap, I must have dozed off! You big liar! What's this? Did Baby Beel scribble on it? Oh, that must be Yes, it's that.
Quite a fine specimen of that.
Hilda-san! Where the hell did you come from? Don't get excited.
I simply came to deliver milk for my master.
And what the hell is it? This thing is creepin' me out, whatever it is! Let me explain! That is the Zebul Spell.
To put is simply, it's a symbol of your contract with the young master.
Contract? Think of it as an honor! Over the past few millennia, there have only been a handful of humans who have been recognized by a Demon Lord.
That doesn't make me feel better at all.
U-Um Can I ask a question? Sorry if this is a bit late But why does the Demon Lord need a parent anyway? You don't need parents to destroy humanity, so Yeah, what he said! The "parent" is basically a vessel which enables the Demon Lord to use his powers.
Vessel? What is it now? You hungry? The power of the Demon Lord is influenced by the size of the vessel.
In other words, to use great power requires a similarly matched vessel.
And this Zebul Spell mark shows how strong you are? Yes! Lord Strategist Furuichi, I applaud you! How about this? How do you like me now? Then, as congratulations for being correct, I'll give you a big, warm I don't need that from you! Oh, I see how it is What? What's got your goat, man? The mark will grow along with the master's attachment to you.
In other words The power will grow the more you beat the crap out of your opponents.
Coming ever closer to the true power of a Demon Lord! Don't say it like it's a good thing! I wanna know how to get rid of it! Then Just don't punch anybody? Understood.
No more fighting for me.
Listen, Furuichi.
As long as I stop hitting people this mark will get smaller and smaller.
Then, my contract with Baby Beel will be broken.
I've made up my mind! I won't punch people! I won't make them grovel before me! Thus I will be what people call a super nice guy! Uh, no.
You'd be, like, a normal person.
Shut up! You broke the promise you just made! Excellent! Aw, crap! I knew it Maybe it was a mistake to entrust the master to this man.
Himekawa-san These are the pictures of Oga's wife you asked for.
Good work.
Here's your reward.
Take it and go.
This much? All right! Time for a yogurti splurge! A new girl? All right! Time for a yogurti splurge! Ooh, a gothic lolita! And her boobs are huge! You wanna pet cow? Please, can you provide some more intelligent conversation? I hate unsophisticated women Ooh, scary! But that's what makes you so exciting! So you like unsophisticated men, huh? Never thought you'd be attacked, did ya? How much? I asked how much for me to buy your services? What? Begging for your life? Take a look at the situation you're in, huh? Yes, I have already And the situation I see is you're the odd man out.
If you're going to come up with a plan, make sure it's perfect.
I'll give you one chance.
Tomorrow, bring this woman to me.
Got it? Bro, did you hear? Himekawa is starting somethin' for real! That guy's one crafty bastard It's over, even for Oga! He's dead-meat for sure! Oga?! Y-You gonna I am against violence! Coming to visit Kanzaki-san? Yes, exactly.
I've brought yogurti, so I'm sure he'll be pleased.
Oh? I think he'll be ticked off.
Don't say that Kanzaki-kun might not look it, but he's one of those tsundere But I can't believe Oga ran away! It must be Himekawa's doing.
Even the rampaging ogre has his match! Hmm, maybe him beating Kanzaki was mostly a fluke? Sheesh Everyone's a bit fidgety lately.
The Ishiyama TKKH.
I suppose it's only natural with one of its corners, Kanzaki-kun, defeated.
We should also get to Natsume If you want to run, do it.
But I'm staying here.
Listen up, Baby Beel.
When a man makes up his mind, he never ever changes it! You understand? I will no longer fight! That is what I've decided.
So, you promise as well! If I keep that promise, you are not going to cry then, no matter what! It's a promise, man-to-man.
Will you promise? Are you okay with this? I ended up telling him about the Zebul Spell.
I do not care.
If he uses it to distance himself from the master, that would please me greatly.
There you go again Aren't you actually expecting good things from him? I wonder If that's how he ends it, we'll know that he wasn't anything special.
There he is! It's Oga! Oga! I'm going to keep my man's promise! Did he give up? What's the matter, Oga? Is running all you can do today? You can't run any more.
Idiots! You want me, then come and get me! But what a coincidence meeting here! I really don't care.
Why are you following me? Now, now, Hilda-san It's just that our homes are in the same direction.
That's Hey, Oga's wife.
Ooh, wow Just as Himekawa-san predicted.
Himekawa? The one from the TKKH? So now you're gonna be our hostages! Whoa! Ow Where am I? H-Hilda-san? Why has Hilda-san You've got to be kidding me! Eyes open? The girl ain't wakin' up.
What have you done? What have we done? You don't get the position you're in, do you? That's what you get for underestimating us! I'll melt those lips right off! Don't go doing anything stupid.
Himekawa-san?! Himekawa? So he's the mastermind? I see.
This is quite the catch.
And this guy? He's one of Oga's followers! We brought him together with the woman.
What the hell do you think you're doing, messing with my perfect plan? S-orry! Sorry ain't gonna cut it! You worthless trash! Well, this guy has some good points to him after all.
Hilda-san, you're awake? Yes.
But it seems I have been drugged.
I can't move properly.
Now then If you're awake, it's time to call Oga-kun here.
Will you let me borrow your cell phone? Cell phone? What's that? I don't have anything like that.
I see.
Stop it! Service, service! This is fun! But, I told you to cut it out! Hold it! Stay calm there.
It looks like you really don't have a cell phone.
If you need a cell phone, then why not use mine? Yes What trash Listen, Baby Beel You can't break a man's promise! Shimokawa, this is our chance! Oga, you bastard! How dare you win fights and then run away! Oga! It's finally gonna be a great good-night for you! Out of the frying pan and into the fire Hello? Oga! Shut up! I can't hear! Uh hello? Hello, Oga-kun? Who the hell are you? You're not Furuichi.
Now don't react like that I'm making demands here, so listen! We have your wife and your friend.
We'd like to return them to you, but we need you to come here alone.
I-It's over? Oga's takin' his time.
He isn't coming.
He swore not to fight anymore! Furuichi I suggest you pray hard.
Because if he doesn't show up, you ain't leavin' here unharmed.
He'll come.
That's the kind of guy he is.
Himekawa-san Someone is here.
Someone is coming! Okay.
Everyone, hide! See? What's with this big dude? Actually, he was pretty weak.
Sorry, but the time limit is up.
Oga, you idiot! You dolt! You pea-brained prick! Who're you callin' an idiot, huh? You bastards Goin' and getting yourselves kidnapped?! Oga Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Weren't you not fighting any more? What I'm doing now is the Lord's justice! How much? How much to make you my follower? Not a bad deal, I say.
I'll prepare whatever reward you desire.
With the two of us combined, running Ishiyama should be a cinch But, in the first place who are you? Hey, don't play dumb! There's no way you've never heard of Himekawa-san if you go to Ishiyama! He's one of the TKKH! The TKKH! TK Oh! Never heard of 'im.
I'll fight you, punk.
If you beat me, I'll release the hostages.
You sure you want to give up your hostages that easily? It's fine.
Their purpose was only to call you out here.
They have no other value to me.
Angry? Then, come at me! Here! Hit me right here! Bingo! What you just hit was an 8mm ceramic plate over my stomach! Now there's no way you'll be able to use that fist Stand up.
You had something on your stomach, didn't you? The Zebul Spell is reacting Nice You're awesome! Fool! You tried to stop it! That's my special 1.
2 million volt stun-gun! Himekawa-san's broken out his Devil's Shock! He'll be out like a light for half a day! Baby Beel's crying hurts way more.
What?! You've got to be kidding me! Guys, use the hostages! Okay! Don't move! If you move, then your wife is I know what you are capable of now.
Baby Beel A man must follow through on something once he decides it.
I said that, right? Yeah But watching your friends get done in without doing something? That's not being a man at all! Got it? W-Wait Zebul Blast! I cannot believe it He drew out enough power to have killed a normal man.
And yet What? Let's go.
'kay! Hold it, you! Don't you have something to say? It's not me You made Baby Beel worried! The master does not worry for me.
He is just channeling your anger.
You said that, but you're actually happy, yes? Why not simply be happy about the progress between him and the master? It is quite something, yes? Progress? It is quite something Wow.
I did it again.
Don't apologize now, sheesh.
I won't be able to sound all cool! Sorry I said, don't apologize! I'll kill you, damn it! What the hell is this? What, you only noticed now? W-W-What?! This is your fault! This is all your fault for gettin' captured! That hurts, damn it! Amazing, Oga! You defeated Himekawa from Ishiyama's TKKH! Whatever! What'll I do with this Celeb Pistol? Uh, Zebul Spell.
Anyway, the master is bored.
Play with him.
On the next Beelzebub: Toys Have Arrived from the Demon World.
We Played Doctor.
It's a double header.
What kind of toys come from the Demon World? I have a bad feeling about