Beelzebub (2011) Episode Scripts

Season 1

1. I Picked Up the Demon King
2. I Became a Gang Leader with a Child
3. Are There Any Strong, Ruthless Bastards Around?
4. There Is One Second Before the Demon Lord's Floods Burst Forth
5. Money can buy anything
6. Toys Have Arrived from the Demon World/We Played Doctor
7. The Demon Lord makes his Park Debut
8. We Meet Again
9. Love is a Hurricane
10. A Disciple was Gained
11. There was Something Money Could not Buy
12. I Won't Let You Sleep Tonight
13. Baby Beel's Assessment Test / Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord
14. Is there a Special Move?
15. The Delinquents have Changed into Swimsuits
16. You're Not a Bad Specimen of a Man
17. How About Some Demon World Homework?
18. I Quit being the Baby on Back Brawler
19. The Doctor has Arrived
20. Everyone Assemble
21. Who Do You Think Is Ishiyama's Strongest?
22. Secluded Mountain Training
23. You Kidding Me? The Demon World.
24. Welcome Back, Demon World!
25. New Semester Started
26. May I Call You Brother
27. Called the Magical Girl
28. Let's All Get Physicals
29. What Are the 6 Holy Knights?
30. Who Could the 6 Holy Knights Be?
31. No Conclusion Was Reached
32. What has the Transfer Girl Done?
33. There Are Wounds in the Past
34. Maids Run Amok
35. Time for the Game to Begin
36. The Victory has Finally Arrived
37. This Man is a Teacher
38. The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun
39. His Brother was a Crybaby
40. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins
41. On the Brink! What'll We Do?
42. It's Time to Train
43. Where Did the Older Brother Disappear To?
44. I Have to Get Stronger
45. There's One Day and 1 Hour Left Until the Game
46. Burn, Super Combination!
47. Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting
48. I'm His Parent
49. Beelzebub's New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!
50. Today I'm Different On The Inside
51. Komainu-sama is Watching You
52. And Then There Were No Delinquents
53. Baby Beel's First Conquest/Furuichi Falls In Love
54. Black Baby Beel Grows Up
55. I Have Lost My Pompadour/The Great Demon Lord Has Come
56. Are You A Traitor?/Is This A Job For Men?
57. Won't You Eat a Manju?/Won't You Get In A Mixed Bath?
58. Akumano Academy is Open
59. We`re the Strongest
60. I Won`t Say Goodbye