Beelzebub (2011) s01e29 Episode Script

What Are the 6 Holy Knights?

Is that so? You had a scary dream of a rhinoceros beetle, and are still half asleep, aren't you? Please, rest easy.
Everything will be okay, Master.
Okay my butt! See what I mean?! What Are the 6 Holy Knights? Ew What's with that? Ishiyama sure is scary Shh! Don't look Give us a break I wished they'd get lost, seriously.
Yeah, definitely gotta pawn him off onto someone.
Sure, but even the TKKH couldn't cut it.
You really think there's someone strong enough for Baby Beel at this school? No kidding I had a bit higher expectations for people from a top-class delinquent school.
But you were surprisingly trivial to defeat.
What a disappointment! They're just the small fry.
Are you saying I should expect better from this Oga-kun fellow? Yes I'm looking forward to meeting him myself.
Isn't that right, Oga? Self Study Uh, are we missing people? Really? Look The MK5 and Good Night aren't here.
Aren't they just cutting class? I've heard some odd rumors Some so-called shadowy guardians of this school have started making their move Shadowy guardians? The 6 Holy Knights.
I heard the rumor, too They're trying to drive out all the Ishiyama students.
Yeah, but I can't imagine this school havin' anyone stronger than you, Madame Aoi.
I wouldn't say that.
Seriously?! The extracurricular activities thrive at this school, yes? Experts in all kinds of physical competition, with superior grades to match.
They enforce the traditions and public morals of the school.
Then, were the MK5 and the others done in by them? What're you so scared of? Even if that's true, the MK5 and Good Morning are just chumps.
And you're now suddenly afraid? What was that? When did I give you permission to butt in? Or are you just begging for a little attention, huh? Hands off me, you stupid bitch.
Who're you callin' a stupid bitch?! Enough, you two! I-I apologize, Madame Hmm, yeah, I guess so What're you muttering about? I see An idiot won't do.
What're you talking about? Forgetting something, are we? I'm talking about dumping Baby Beel off on someone.
Idiots aren't going to cut it! Him! And him! Me? Yeah! Not even close! I'm sorry He's kind of like, on edge right now Which means my goal is set! I'm gonna find these 6 Holy Knight people who're smarter than me! Smarter than him? I think we're all smarter than him Kunieda and Oga from Ishiyama High's Special Class Please come immediately to the Counselor's Office.
Huh? That voice If I'm not mistaken, you promised the other day Huh? Promised what again? You know, that the Ishiyama Reformation Project.
But as usual, all you people do is cause trouble in the school.
Just look at Sadohara-sensei He's turned into a basket case.
M-My beloved ride 10-year loan And this I've been wondering from the start, but that baby Because you've been walking around with a naked baby, many of the girl students are upset.
Could you at least put some clothes on him? U-Um, if I may, is there some school rule regarding? Sorry, but there is.
School Rule You Cannot Be Fully Naked W-Well, anyway At this rate we are going to have to take more extreme measures.
Extreme measures? I'm saying there are people in this school who have the power to completely dominate you.
Oh yeah Those 6 Holy Knight folks? H-How do you know that name? Perfect! I wanted to meet them.
Where are they? Wait You want to meet them? So frightful! The 6 Holy Knights! The 6 Holy Knights The Plus, my 10-year loan!! Sadohara-sensei, please get a hold of yourself.
Honestly, what's with these Maybe Kazu knows? I'll go ask him.
Go ask him? H-Hey, wait! Oga and the Queen got called out I can't stand being in that classroom Nowhere for me to go Furuichi-kun.
How's it been? Do you remember me? You're Miki! Alone? I thought Oga-kun would be with you Oh, Miki! It's you, Miki! Long time no see! I see So, you went to this high school? You seem like a different person, I didn't recognize you at first.
Last time we met was in middle school, right? I see that you people haven't changed.
I hear you destroyed the school building? Yeah, well That wasn't me.
Man, just being with them gets me treated like a criminal.
Well, you two are always together.
But You've sure changed.
I have? You were a lot more sheepish back then.
I bet you're popular now.
Not at all.
Oh, come on now.
I bet you're a hit with the ladies.
Introduce me to some cuties, would ya? And you haven't changed one bit.
Well, I'm just glad I know someone here.
Honestly the cold shoulder I'm getting at this school damn harsh.
We're allergic to delinquents.
Yeah, but I'm not a delinquent, see That's true! But, I'll warn you Their sights are now firmly set on you people.
Huh? It's not about who's stronger You'll lose the moment you actually start to fight.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
H-Hey, what? What're you Who do you mean, "they"? The 6 Holy Knights.
You must not fight them, no matter what.
Man, it's so suffocating in the school recently.
It's all 'cause that bunch transferred in from Ishiyama High.
Seriously, it's more like they're from Oh, shit!-yama than Ishiyama Huh? But they're nice people! Azusa, don't tell me Yup! I'm pretty good friends with them! We went and ate cake together, for example.
You seriously need to get some sense of danger! If you don't, you'll be on the road to disaster! That's right! Men are wolves! Especially the ones from O-shi-yama! Remember what happened with the physicals? I heard the guy with the baby peeped at the girls when they were changing! Oh, that's Oga-san! Oga-san? Is he the one that has a naked baby on his back for some reason, like this? They're here! O-shi-yama! Oh, it's Oga-san! Wazzap! Wazzap.
The strongest from O-shi-yama Don't make eye-contact.
Kazu around? He's in the bathroom right now! He's taking a while, so he's probably Azusa, don't say it! You want to get pregnant?! Come on The teachers told us not to come over here.
Let's go.
You're here too, Kunieda-senpai? Hello! On a date? D-D-D-Date?! N-No way! I-I mean, we're at school! Come on, let's go already! Actually, I wanted to ask him something.
See, this guy I have a feeling he'd take a liking to someone that's stronger and smarter than me.
I was hoping they could look after him instead.
So I'm looking for them.
Looking for them? For who? These 6 Holy Knight people.
It's all over Just by saying their name He's dead meat! Holy shit, indeed! I do hope you put up more of a fight than those others.
What do you mean by that? Don't fight with the 6 Holy Knights? It means exactly what it means.
Tell Oga for me.
W-Wait a sec! Who are these 6 Holy Knight people anyway? Do they have some special feature or something? The Emblem.
On the collar of their uniform, they wear an Emblem in the shape of a lion.
You mean, like that school badge you wear? Oh, this? You might not be able to tell, since it's usually worn on the underside.
Y-You're Anyway, I've warned you.
Hey, Miki! Man, what a load off! Delinquents like me gotta take dumps at school, yup! Perhaps I shall start again and introduce myself.
How do you do? I am St.
Ishiyama's Captains' Union Boxing Club Captain, and one of the 6 Holy Knights, Shinjo Alex.
Sakaki-kun, don't you have any sense of cooperation here? Now I look like an idiot, being the only one to give his name! Come on, tell them your name! Who are you?! Moe.
Huh?! What did you just say?! And open your damn eyes! Thanks to you, they totally think I'm a weakling! You'd better get with the program! Shijo from the Boxing Club and Sakaki from the Kendo Club! The rumors that those two were part of the 6 Holy Knights were true! Huh? What? So you people are two of the 6 Holy Knights? Don't let down your guard.
The both of them are very skilled.
Especially the one with the long hair.
Crap He's not someone you could easily escape from.
And if we lay hands on them, the both of us are expelled.
How about them, Baby Beel? Yeah I guess they have to show you how strong and smart they are, don't they? No He doesn't understand at all.
I have to do something.
What do you want? We just came to see some acquaintances.
You might be some 6 Holy Knights or whatever, but it's not like you'd be violent with people unprovoked, right? On the contrary, Miss.
I'm afraid you are mistaken.
What we are about to do is not violence.
It is sanctioning.
With a wooden sword? Oh? She dodged it? Did something just happen? I-I can't tell K-Kunieda-senpai! Azusa-chan, do you have a ruler or something? Wait, seriously? With that? She's fighting one of the 6 Holy Knights! She's gonna get killed! Impossible.
The sword strike of a master is faster than 250 km/h.
If you use something like that to parry a blow from the kendo captain, Sakaki, it won't be pretty.
Get on with it.
Incredibly moe This woman sure is something And so incredibly fast! You're amazing, Kunieda-senpai! I see.
Perhaps I underestimated you.
Let's be serious about this.
Oh? Finally my turn, huh? What are you doing? Put down that baby on your back.
Even though I am a genius, it would be difficult for me to defeat you without traumatizing that baby.
Don't worry 'bout him.
He might not look it, but he's pretty gutsy.
No wonder they call you the BoB Brawler.
Then I will proceed without hesitation! Show me everything you've got! You'd better prove that you're smarter than me! Hold it! If you fight, you'll be expelled! Question number 1! A grandma and grandpa are in a certain place! Answer me this: Which one is stronger? It's over.
Oga? Why did he quiz him? I don't get how O-shi-yama does things I don't know the answer, either.
Brother! Brother, what are you doing? Taking a direct blow from Shinjo-senpai? How self-destructive could you be?! Hold it there.
He hasn't lost yet.
No, it's over, Miss.
Definitely Shinjo-senpai has ended every boxing match he's ever had with a one-punch KO.
And he has the second-best record in the entire country.
I don't care who you are, if you take a direct hit Well then Oga! Brother! What did you just Idiots who can't answer my questions get 0 points, you bastard.
I'm somewhat shocked.
Don't worry.
I'll give you another chance.
Answer it carefully Once upon a time there was a Oga! Sorry Can you hold him a second? I can't dodge his punches very well.
You think it's the baby's fault you can't dodge them? Fool.
It is impossible for an amateur like you to dodge a boxer's punches.
He's right! And besides, if you fight back I ain't going to.
Anyway Do not get any farther than 15 meters from me.
"Don't go away from me?" In other words "Stay by my side?" "Will you stay by my side?" "Together, forever?" "Be with me the rest of my life?!" No way! I'm not emotionally prepared for Roger.
Okay, Captain! It's your final chance! Don't disappoint me now! That's my line! The final question: When is a door not a door? W-When it's ajar? What?! H-How did he know?! Are you a genius?! Look, Baby Beel! He really is smart! He's pretty strong, too! He wouldn't be a problem, right? He's friggin' asleep! Why?! What does he lack? Hey, keep it down! You're going to wake him after he finally went to sleep! I give up.
I have lost interest.
My fists will hurt if I continue on.
And besides, we were just supposed to test the waters today.
Until the next time With Miki-kun.
Miki? Oga-san! Kunieda-senpai! I'm so glad you're okay! I didn't know what was gonna happen for a bit there! But you sure were impressive, Brother! You must have sealed your secret 800 volt attack because it was too dangerous, right? To sympathize with your opponent like that I respect you more and more! Those are the 6 Holy Knights Usually they would be suspended from entering competitions for something like this.
Attacking us out in the open like that? I guess they really are sanctioned by the school Doesn't it worry you too, Oga? Yeah, it's just as I thought Indeed.
He really does like you.
Come on already, why don't you be his mother? Now is not the time! Only 3 of the 6 Holy Knights have shown themselves.
Where are the other 4? What's black and white and red all over? Are you still going on with that? What can you put on, but never take off? Demon World Briefs! What can you only see with your eyes closed? Hilda-san's swimsuit that I can only see in my dreams! On the next Beelzebub: Who Could the 6 Holy Knights Be? I will become the Riddle King! I suck at impressions!