Beelzebub (2011) s01e28 Episode Script

Let's All Get Physicals

Sewing Room Okay, let's get changed and get this over with.
Sewing Room Sewing Room Man, I just can't let my guard down with them around.
You know, Madam Aoi? True, true This sucks.
How'd we end up like this? Oga This I swear I feel like my entire life has led up to this moment If my life ends here, so be it! What the hell are you saying stuck under a desk?! This is all your damn fault! Do something! Mother, thank you for giving birth to me! Hey! Are you even listening to me? Furuichi here.
What exactly led up to this situation, you ask? It all started about one hour ago Physicals? Yes.
Instead of class this afternoon.
And what does that have to do with us? Usually the measurements are taken by the assigned student health representative, but we can't waste the time of one of our serious students on you future dropouts.
I'm busy with a lot of things myself.
You two class reps handle your class's measurements yourselves.
You'll do it in the room next to the teachers' office Stop pulling on that, Baby Beel! Are you listening to me?! Oh, sure I am This guy He thinks I'm a pushover! Whatever There's no way they'll be able to do a proper physical.
Run a little bit amok, and your asses are mine.
A one-way ticket to expulsion! Let's All Get Physicals! Give it a rest! Madam Aoi, what did you call us out here for? We've been told to do physical exams.
Physicals? Yeah And we class reps were told to do everyone's physicals ourselves.
But Isn't he squirming a little more than usual? He's bored! Since we transferred, we haven't been allowed to make trouble.
He's agitated and pisses himself all day.
I said not to pull that! I'd rather not But wouldn't it be better if we helped? The guy's measurements Yeah.
Go on ahead and get ready.
I'll go call the rest of the class.
One warning: Whatever you do, don't make a scene.
Sadohara's acting like he'll make a big deal out of any trouble.
Good night, little kitty.
How'd you like to have a nice dream together with me? Um I don't know what you're saying actually.
And why do you use such half-assed English? Y-You total idiots! Move that over there Sewing Room Move that over there Sewing Room That's the way, Baby Beel! Close in! Watch out for his punches! Baby Beel! Straighten up! Straighten up, Baby Beel! You mean stand up, right? Use your legs, get set, and then, all at once Just tell him to, "stand up"! Are you doing this on purpose? What're you givin' me that look for? You wanna go, buddy? He did a pretty sweet re-enacting of my fight with Tojo, don't you think? So then, that's Lamia Above is Furcas Beside him is Hilda-san Alaindelon, and then, what? Is that thing supposed to be me? What's with that horrible face? Why's it riding a car? Like, totally hardcore! Why're there so many stuffed animals here, Nene-san? Yeah Looks like this room is usually used for the arts and crafts club.
Chiaki, carry that.
Oga I'm so happy right now.
The girls are gonna do the boys' physicals.
This is what I'm talking about! I've been missing these kinds of school-year events! There've been so few! Hey, boys! Stop gawking and start helping.
Yeah, Oga-chi! This is your job in the first place! Sure! I'll help! But before that W-What's Could you take that, "Hey, boys!" from before, raise your pitch a little, and go, "Hey, boys~" for me? Hey, you dickheads! Each and every one of you! M-Madam Aoi We're getting this over with! Get ready.
Queen, no mercy as always.
Man, what a pain.
W-What are you doing? If we're doing physicals, we gotta change out of our clothes, yeah? If you're gonna change, go do it in the corner! About 1.
8 meters.
G-Good night How about it, Furuichi? This making you happy? It's not quite what I'd hoped for.
You sure it's okay like this? I said it's fine.
Hurry up and do it.
Okay Uh One meter and O-One meter and You jerks! Hey, keep it down.
The teachers' office is next door, you know.
Hey, back off! What? I guess you're one of those where the clothes make you lose a few What was that noise? Whatever If they cause any problems, then Okay, finished! When you two are done changing, get out! The girls are next.
It's over already? We're going to get changed.
So since the girls helped the guys, that means the guys'll help the Shut up! You okay there? Get out of here, freak! Come on, Baby Beel.
Let's go.
Hey! Baby Beel, what's wrong? Hey, Baby Beel! What're you doing? Hey, Furuichi! Stop being unconscious and help me! Baby Beel's shut himself in a locker! Huh? What? What'd you do? I didn't do anything! Hey, Baby Beel, open up! Hey! What the hell T-They've come back! Man, I just can't let my guard down with them around.
You idiot! Why are we hiding? Shouldn't we explain what's going on? Seriously Let's get this over with.
Yeah This sucks.
How'd we end up like this? Hey Baby Beel! It's lunchtime! Damn it Hey, Furuichi.
How about you do something? Furuichi here.
And that's how we got into this situation.
H-Hey! Madam Aoi, you have such a slender body as always Stop touching me, okay? Why not? Just a little Oga Why not? Just a little What? I want your opinion.
In this context, what do you think slender refers to? Take this seriously, you dunce! You idiot! We'll be found out! Did you say something? Uh, about your slender body No, not that And stop touching me! Okay, okay! Anyway, we have to continue to coax him out without them noticing! That's the only choice we have! Hey, Baby Beel! Come out! I'll give you a piggyback ride or whatever! Piggyback Oh, Chiaki Did you grow a little bigger? Really? And wait, didn't you get bigger, Nene-san? Me? No, I haven't changed.
That's right, Baby Beel! Come on out! What are you doing, Oga? And what the hell do you think you are doing? He was so close to coming out! Screw you, asshole! N-No! I didn't do it on purpose! You're up next, Madame Aoi.
Madame Aoi? Oh, sorry Crap He ain't coming out Crap I can't see squat That's not the problem! Okay, let's put the desks back.
Where did this desk go? W-What'll we do? It's sink or swim It was basically like this.
All that's left is to take the records to the teacher.
H-Hey! Don't come out now! Go back! Phew I-I thought I was dead meat God damn it! All that's left is Hey, Baby Beel! How long are you gonna be in there? Come on out already! Come on, Baby Beel! Hey, Oga Isn't this? What are you two doing? A-And, why are you in the classroom?! Don't tell me, that sound from before was Wait! Hold it Calm down.
You expect me to stay calm?! Looks like they finally went and did it.
I can't believe this! What the hell were you doing?! Where were you peeping from? N-No, we didn't see anything! I didn't see any slender bodies at all! H-Hey! You needn't worry.
I'll make sure it's painless.
What was that noise? A fight? S-Sensei! I'm saved What? What are you talking about? What the hell is this?! Oh, it's nothing The desks seem to have become brittle.
What? That's not See? That's why I was about to clean up.
Isn't that right, Furuichi-kun? Yes! But These are the results for the class physical.
Please check them over.
You're leaving already? What? You need me for something? Nope! Thanks for your hard work Sheesh.
Now then I'm telling you to listen to me! Baby Beel is still Where'd he go? What the hell does he think he's doing? Hey! You trying to escape? I told you, you've got it wrong! I'll explain to you later.
H-Hey! Hold it! What is the matter with him? Now then, I'll just Oh? Where do you think you're going? U-Um Damn! I just can't catch them out! Hey, Baby Beel! Oh, yeah Why does that bastard Oga have a kid with him anyway? Look at him! Loitering around buck naked! Hey, he's messing with someone's car! That car looks just like the car I worked so hard to buy Ah He opened the door and went inside! And now here comes Oga, too Now he's messing with the car? Well, sucks to be that guy, but at least it's not my car.
Maybe I'll head to the roof and cool my head.
Yeah, a man's car is like his shining jewel It's an extension of himself.
Hey! Come out of there, Baby Beel! Nothing is worse than having your car soiled by some random person after you've polished it to a shine.
And besides, my car is really valuable! Only a few in all of Japan! It's already a treasure on earth I mean, seriously So, I wonder how my mom's doing? She was always telling me when I was a kid "Watch out, 'cause you have times you avoid facing harsh realities" Open the damn door! Yeah, my mom wasn't lying, was she? Thank you, Mom.
I've been running away.
That's my car, isn't it?! Hey, Baby Beel! What are you doing? What the hell kind of smug look is that? Get out here now! What're you doing? Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing? Uh, the door won't open.
I-It's broken! What have you done? I ain't done anything! Do you have any idea how expensive this car is? It's a 10-year loan! Not my problem.
Damn it! Well, if you do anything else to this car, you're What the Now's not the time to spring a leak! A leak?! What are you Sensei, when a baby springs a leak, it's you know You know, pi Don't say it! I don't want to know! Whatever.
I'll have to split it Like Momotaro's peach.
What? Split it? Did you just say split it? Don't worry, Sensei.
I'll split it nice and clean.
Oh That's a load off of crap! Stop it! I told you I have a 10-year loan! And if you do any more harm to a teacher's car, you're expelled! Expelled? Sensei I told you not to worry.
I'll split it cleanly.
Are you listening? Are you an idiot? I am an idiot! Oh, that's why hell no! Oga, Peach Splittin' Chop! My loan! Silly me! I should have just opened it this way.
Come here.
You're drenched in pee! That's gross.
Sheesh Let's go back.
Uh, first You didn't open the door! Listen, I'm gonna make this a problem for you! You're gonna be expelled for sure! Do you understand this, Oga? What do you mean it's not a problem? Principal's Office After all, Sadohara-sensei, one punch could never demolish an entire car.
Nobody would believe that.
He's a normal high-school student yes? Well, yeah But it's the truth! He actually! You said it was a very high-priced car He actually! You said it was a very high-priced car I can understand your frustration, at least.
That's not the problem! Special Class That's what it was? Special Class You should have just explained the situation to me.
Wasn't it you who attacked me before I had a chance to explain? I'm sorry I'm sorry Don't go too crazy now, Baby Beel.
It's all because you locked yourself up like that.
That's why it happened.
By the way You didn't actually see anything, right? I didn't see a thing.
Sheesh Here.
You dropped this yesterday Is it his? Never seen the thing Baby Beel? Baby Beel! What's wrong, Baby Beel? He's crying to let him join in the preview this time.
Okay, got it! You try doing the preview this time! Crap, this isn't previewing anything.
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