Beelzebub (2011) s01e27 Episode Script

Called the Magical Girl

A-A-Angelica-san is c-coming to my house?! Yes Her birthday the other day passed by in a haze before I realized it.
Angelica said she wished to see the Human World once, as well I've asked Mother and Father for permission.
Furuichi-dono, is it all right with you? Angelica-san is staying over at my house! Bathwater previously used by Angelica Pervert Angelica-san is staying over at my house! Plunging in bathwater that Angelica-san used! Pervert Bathwater previously used by Angelica Plunging in bathwater that Angelica-san used! If only a nice girl like you would marry Takayuki Oh, stop it, Mother! Whatever are you saying? Mother, aren't you getting ahead of yourself? Or wait, could it be? Etc! Furuichi-sama, I can't sleep If you'd like, can we talk? Of course! We can talk all night long! Etc! A wonderful tale of two people under one roof, begins! In other words, spring is in the air! Father! Yes? I, the humble Furuichi Takayui, shall go to meet your daughter! Angelica-san! Uh She's coming I know that she'll come! Just like that day Furuichi waited Furuichi waited, and waited He continued to wait, forever! Until Angelica came floating down the river! I know she'll come! Father! Did you find your way here all right? Yes! She took the bullet train?! Called a Magical Girl! Everyone, thank you so much for gathering here on the occasion of my daughter Angelica's birthday.
Welcome Angelica! Angelica! Angelica! Why are you two here? She's a great woman who helped you out, right Brother? Therefore, as your sworn brother, I must also give thanks! I came 'cause it sounded fun! Thank you for caring all the time for my father.
I never would have thought Alaindelon-san would have had such a grown daughter And so well-mannered On the other hand, our son Dad! Good for you, Taka-chin! Bein' under the same roof as a cutie like that Why you little You're such a tease, Misaki-san! Angelica-san Your cuteness blossoms! Oh, yes! It's nothing much, but I brought gifts for everyone from my homeland! Now, I'll split my father, and take the present out Split your father? W-Wait a second, Angelica-san! Yes? Um, if you're going to give a present Well, uh W-Wouldn't it be more fun to make it a surprise? S-So do it over there, i-in the shed, okay? My, I can always count on you, Furuichi-sama! That is a wonderful idea! See what I mean, Angelica? He's quite a caring fellow.
Oh, right Angelica-san is oblivious But even her obliviousness is blooming bright! What's that? W-What happened? Oh? That's That's definitely a Yople.
I was thinking of taking the presents out from my father once I got here So I packed them in the Demon World.
And for some reason a Yople popped out.
This is bad.
A Yople Alien, of all things Father! Angelica You are safe? Father, I apologize Because of me, you What? It's okay.
I'm simply glad that you were unharmed, my dear.
Father But I apologize It looks like Dad won't be able to accompany you on your tour of the Human World.
Even though it's your birthday and all Father, it is fine.
I'll come again! So, please don't worry, and concentrate on getting well.
We have to find that Yople Alien quickly for my father's sake! Easy to say It's run off.
Um Brother.
If there's anything I can do, just ask.
I'll do anything! Azu'll help, too! Well, we appreciate the sentiment, but What kind of thing is that to say, Furuichi the Strategist? Pararira Pararira Horicouru! Tokarefu, Chakarefu Patrol! Magical Detective Charmy Chaka-chan! Slammer Sausage! Now on sale! That! With that wand I got from Father Uh, Angelica That's Father rests now.
Oblivious right? Wand? A magic wand that my father gave me when I was little.
When I was lonely, or sad, or in trouble He said if I waved that wand, my wishes would come true! So that's why I always carry it with me! Father, now is the time to use it! U-Uh, wait a minute Isn't that nothing more than Don't you dare, Oga! Don't ruin Angelica-san's lovely memories! Even so That's a toy, any way you look at it! No, that's not all it is.
If that is a Demon Sparkling Transformation Wand, then it can make you transform.
It can, however Here I go, Father! Yople Piple Pampoppin! Piple Yople Pampoppin! Fairy of Light, Angelica! In the name of my father I will punish you! She actually transformed! Wait Was that just Super cute! Your quick outfit change is amazing every time I see it, Angelica-san! As expected of the North American Quick Change Champion! Isn't the right, Oga? Huh? Oh sure.
Brother, that's really not She's the champion, damn it! Now, Hilda-sama, you too! Me? Yes.
Without 5 Fairies of Light gathered together, we can't display our powers.
Now, you too, Hilda-sama! Y-Yople Piple Pampoppin! Piple Yople Pampoppin! Hilda-sama, do the pose! F-Fairy of Light, Hildegarde! Oh, I forgot! Hilda's the North American Quick Change Champion Runner Up! They're nearly a match for each other, right Oga? Who knew you had such taste Then, I'll transform too! Transform! Fairy of Light, Fujisaki Azusa! Ooh, how cute! As expected from the North American Quick Change Champion! Only two more Now, now, Angelica-san You can't be serious Heck yeah! I suppose I must! They wanna! Miracle Transformation! Fairy of Light, Misaki! Fairy of Light, Mom! I forgot! You have to be 18 or younger to be a Fairy of Light.
Don't act disappointed! But, what'll we do? We need two more I don't want to! I'm in middle school now! Why should I have to take that kind of punishment? True It's for Angelica-san's sake! Couldn't you boast about how an exchange student came to your house in class? Angelica-san, did she really come from Macao? She's extremely fluent at Japanese Macao, totally Macao! She was born and raised in Macao, but she came to Japan to train her Quick Change skills.
Look, if you do this for me, I'll do whatever you say, okay? Then What is it? From now on, don't show your face to my friends.
I don't want them finding out how icky you are.
'Kay Yople Piple Pampoppin! Piple Yople Pampoppin! Fairy of Light, Honoka! It's so embarrassing! What, you want to transform, too? Come on, that's impossible It is fine! Beelze-sama can transform as well! Now! One more I know the perfect person! Really?! We're the strongest in South Kanto, the Blue Ears! By South Kanto we mean South of the Tone river! Kunieda Aoi! If we defeat you, the 3rd leader of the Red Tails, The entire Kanto region will belong to us! So you're coming at me with a bunch of people? They do say that weak dogs howl a lot Shut up! Get her! Miss Kunieda! She looks kinda busy.
Yople Piple Pampoppin! Piple Yople Pampoppin! W-What the hell? You think this is a game?! N-No! I-I don't know what just happened either! What's going on? I see.
Angelica-san came from Macao, and her pet ran away.
And in order to catch it, the North American Quick Change Champion quick changed me.
So that's how it is.
I so totally don't think she believes us.
In that case, I can understand why you had to.
She believes it?! And, my clothes? U-Um Until we find the Yople Alien You won't give them back? Then I have to stay like this? Yes Serves you right.
You're in the same boat.
Then let's find this pet right away.
And I'm not doing this for Oga or because I don't want to feel left out or something like that! It's 'cause you look like you need help and because of Macao! What the hell reason is that? Thank you very much! With that, all 5 are assembled! Just you wait, Yople Alien! Fairies of Light, 5! Electronics Ishiyama Shopping Street Maid Café Saki Yople Here.
Yople Here.
Yople! Why, thank you.
My pleasure.
Why, thank you.
My pleasure.
Yop? Yople! We haven't found it at all.
I wanna go home If my friends see me like this, my life is over.
It's like I wish I could use something with more "bang"! Don't be silly.
It's not like you're some magical girl.
But it's really cute when I step! But that's about it.
Here! "God Has Descended on Ishiyama Land" "An Incredible Costumed Character Is Here" Some people just posted these cheeps.
Maybe they're talking about the Yople? Ishiyama Land, is it? It does seem to be a place the Yople would enjoy.
Let's go! Off we go! Fairies of Light, 5! Hey, new guy! You're pretty buff.
Yeah! Let's get out there! Hold it, hold it! You're here, damn you, Count Poo! Today of all days I am not going to let you get away! You won't be able to say that for long! Namul! Take a look at this! You're Moyashi-kun! That's right! Your friend, Moyashi-kun, has joined our side! Gohan-kun, can you fight your friend? How dare you play so dirty! Oh, no! Gohan-kun is in a real pickle! All you little ones out there, save Gohan-kun! All you friends, lend him your power! Yople.
Oh! Then that friend, there.
Hurry up and do it! Right.
8 adults will be 14400.
W-Why me? Yople Moyashi Namul! Nam! Go, go! This is getting out of hand! You wanna ride that, Baby Beel? Pay attention, would you? Oga and I on a roller coaster Or in a haunted house Or a ferris wheel! W-Why am I such an idiot?! Kunieda-senpai! I'm so embarrassed! Angelica-san, look! The Yople Alien! So it was here! That's your pet? Ooh, how cute! We've found you, Yople Alien! The show today is intense! Dad, who are those people? Who knows? That can't be Magical Rangers Pretty? Or wait, Is that Cutie Bodhisattva after they've transformed after powering up? Er, no! To think there are magical girls I still haven't heard of! Huh? Was this on the schedule today? Okay, all you good boys and girls! We've got a powerful friend to help Gohan-kun out of this jam! Give Count Poo a real whooping! Hold it! We can't just turn tail and run after getting hit like that! We will take the position of the strongest in Kanto, no matter what! So that's why we brought some big girls in to help us! Don't blame us! Somethin' ain't right! They're big girlies! Get 'em! Azusa! No! That'll be a pain Okay, okay! Oga? Oga saved me Everyone, go for it! Hey! I didn't sign up for this! You stupid, perverted brother! Namul Good Children Should Not Copy Punch! Namul! What the Isn't that Ishiyama's Rampaging Ogre? And that other guy's pretty nuts, too! Angelica-san! Furuichi-sama! Hurry! Don't worry about me, and transfer us together! But Whatever, just do it! Understood.
Thank you, Furuichi-sama! Ah Inside Angelica-san So warm Thank you all for coming today! What a big mess this became.
It's me.
Oh, it's you.
I don't know what happened, but it was fun.
I suppose so.
Oga! Huh? Huh? So that warm, comfortable place that's a little cramped is T-The old man! Furuichi-dono you're always so rough But I like it that way.
Okay Father, until next time.
Be careful on your way home, Angelica.
Next time, let's go to a lot more places.
It's okay, father.
It was very fun.
Thank you.
Stay well.
I will.
Take care of your health, Father.
Furuichi-sama, everyone, thanks for everything.
And that you too, Beelze-sama.
Furuichi-sama, I leave my father in your hands Angelica-san, may I ask you one final question? Yes? Um, um Angelica-san, your The train is about to depart.
Those people seeing others off should stay behind the yellow line.
Farewell, everyone! H-Hey, w-wait! Inside of you, Angelica-san W-What happened? What we've all been waiting for, finally it's time for physical examinations! I don't think anyone's been waiting It's only natural! And I hear that Kunieda-senpai will be gently performing the examination on the boys.
D-Don't get the wrong idea! It's just because the class-rep should help.
On the next Beelzebub: Let's all get physicals! And with this, Kunieda's well-hidden three sizes will finally be revealed! Hell no they won't!