Beelzebub (2011) s01e26 Episode Script

May I Call You Brother

My name is Yamamura Kazuya.
Right now, I am violently nervous! Yes! And it's because I am finally able to meet with the one I idolize! Please, wait! Oga-san, please listen! Please accept me as your sworn little brother! Please! Whatcha lookin' at?! I'll bust you up! Something's off Like this? No Or maybe like this?! My name is Yamamura Kazuya.
I attend St.
Ishiyama Academy as a first-year student.
I am currently training to be a delinquent.
The guys in class laughed at me when I came out during summer break.
They can talk all they want.
Because I've decided to change myself! That's right! I'll make myself stronger! This is Oga-san's house.
It's a lot more normal than I thought.
Oga Honestly, I thought it'd be more like this.
Oga Honestly, I thought it'd be more like this.
Maybe his family is actually pretty normal? No-no I shouldn't let down my guard.
Who knows what monsters might show up! Yeah Looks like I need to mentally prepare myself.
Yes, coming! She cometh! She cometh! She cometh! Now this was unexpected! She cometh! She cometh! She cometh! And who might you be? G-Good morning May I Call You Brother? It is a pleasure to meet you, Sister.
My name is Yamamura Kazuya and starting today, I shall take the role of Oga-san's sworn little brother! You are Oga-san's wife, are you not? I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
Sworn little brother? You seriously came here? Oga-san, I have come to walk you to school! Sworn little brother You serve him then, yes? It looks like you've moved up in the world! That ain't it.
Have a lovely day! Thank you! What the heck Brother, you are so incredible! To think your wife would be a foreigner! And she's an incredibly busty beauty! Oh! Let me carry your bag.
Now, see here I've been telling you since yesterday.
I ain't your brother or whatever, so stop following me! Don't be like that.
Please wait, Brother! Man, what's with him? He's taken a pretty creepy liking to me I don't need any less freedom! Look here, uh Oh, call me Kazu! What year are you, Kazu? I'm a first year.
First year, class 6, #15! See? You're the same age as me.
And therefore we can conclude I am not your older brother! Well, uh But I really do look up to your strength, Oga-san! You're already legendary among delinquents! You're the strongest first year ever! The top of the notorious Ishiyama High! I want to become stronger just like you, Oga-san! It is only natural that I call you Brother out of respect! No, I beg you for the privilege! Ah, I suppose if you insist So in the end you brought him with you.
I'm going say this straight.
Are you an idiot? I no idiot.
I honorary brother! Honorary brother idiot! Those words go together not! Look he ain't Kanzaki or Himekawa Your sworn little brother? You're Furuichi-san, yes? Y-Yes, and? Amazing! The rumors are true! Rumors? Oga-san's one faithful companion The only man who can talk back to him! Furuichi the Strategist! Handsome and with a sharp mind! You're super cool! He's a great guy! See? Oh? So you're Oga-san's sworn little brother? Good for you, Kazu-kun! Yeah, guess so! But the difficult part begins now.
Just being his sworn little brother isn't going to make me stronger.
From now on, it's harsh training every day! My goal is definitely that special attack the 800 volt shock! But wait, Kazu-kun Why do you want to get so strong? Huh? Cause being a guy, you gotta be strong, right? Travel the world using only your fists, and stuff like that.
Now look here, Kazu-kun.
There's all different kinds of strength.
That's what last week's Gohan-kun anime said! Strength is love! And sometimes croquettes! What's that supposed to mean? Crap, I don't have time for this! I gotta go see my brother! Strength really is croquettes? Now that I think about it, wasn't Mito Mitsukuni the first Japanese to eat a croquette? Mito Koumon was a Vice-Shogun during the Edo Period Also know as Mito Koumon.
Mito Koumon was a Vice-Shogun during the Edo Period Perhaps there really is a mysterious power in croquettes that makes people grovel before you Mito Koumon was a Vice-Shogun during the Edo Period Perhaps there really is a mysterious power in croquettes that makes people grovel before you Or wait Wasn't it ramen that he ate? Um, are you okay over there? I'm sorry! In order to become strong like you, Brother, I thought I should mimic exactly what you do! They say, "learn by doing", yes? Learn by pooing? No by doing! Whatever, just let me eat in peace! O-Oga C-Could you go out with me.
The Queen asked Oga out! Her confession of love is finally here! Madame, you mustn't be too hasty! Is everyone here in elementary school?! T-That's not what I meant! I've been summoned by the guidance counselor.
And so have you! Hey! Pardon us.
I am Kido, the guidance counselor.
I suspect you know why I've called you here today.
No, not you.
I was afraid of this.
The second you transferred in, we have a violent incident.
I hear that you two did a real number on some students from Teimo Tech.
But they were the ones that It would be trivial to expel you.
But then there would be no reason for you to be here now.
And there it is.
I have heard you are like Ishiyama's leaders or something, yes? What do you mean? I call it The Ishiyama Reformation Project.
Listening in on people isn't right! Azusa? Or are you re-enacting a scene from "Ms.
Maid saw you"? This maid shall tell you before you perish! I've seen through everything you people are plotting! B-Be quiet.
In other words, it's our job to keep everyone in line.
It is? I don't like that guy, threatening us with expulsion It's like Oga and I are on the Student Council together! After school, the two of us in the classroom writing the daily journal Just the two of us making the rounds in the school building! N-No! T-That's not what I intend Man, what a pain.
Well, I'll let you handle the rest! What are you saying? Hold it! This sucks You're the one from yesterday.
Thank you for saving me yesterday.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Thank you for always assisting my brother! I apologize for not introducing myself.
I am Yamamura Kazuya.
Please call me Kazu.
This is my childhood friend, Fujisaki Azusa Not again Aren't you embarrassed saying "childhood friend" at this point? It's fine, jeez! Anyway, we have to get back or lunch break will be over! You've got day duty today, right? How can she do it? How can I talk to a boy all cute like that? I've never had anyone like her around me before I might be able to learn something from her! Hey.
You got a minute? Count Poo, today you aren't getting away! Impertinent fool! You seriously think some white rice can defeat me? Stop it, the both of you! Brother, what shall I do next? Uh, that's enough.
You're damn loud.
Oh, don't be like that! Oh! Why don't I take care of the little guy? Seems like he don't want you taking care of him.
I see Then, how about I help make dinner, Ma'am? Let's make croquettes! Enough! Go home already.
You're a pest.
What is so wrong with it? He's your sworn little brother, yes? Who are you? You're my brother's father, yes? It is a pleasure to meet you! Brother? Tatsumi's little brother?! When did this happen?! WHO IS THE FATHER?! Oh? So this is where you live, Senpai? Sorry for asking you out here like this Naw Kazu-kun's over at Oga-san's house, so Do you always walk home together? It's not "always", but 'Cause he lives in the neighborhood, you know? Oh, right He did say you were childhood friends.
No! This isn't what I called her to talk about! I need to ask her how she can talk with boys in such a naturally cute manner! I've got to learn this from her So anyway, are you two like d-d-dating, right? Um Could it be that you have a crush on Kazu-kun? N-N-No! I Yeah I figured it couldn't be that.
You've got Oga-san, after all.
I know! Since I'm here and all, I'll pray to God for Kazu-kun! I pray that Kazu-kun gets stronger.
It's no use She's naturally this way I can't hold a candle to her.
I'll never be able to act like that.
Matching lunches? So that's how it is with you two! You okay with this, Furuichi? You really are like elementary schoolers Your mother taught me the menu, and I made it myself! Kazu Isn't it about time to give it a rest? But I want to become stronger! Just like you! If I can't learn by imitating, then please teach me how to train! Train me to unleash that special attack! Train me! Okay, got it! Meet me behind the gymnasium after school.
I'll train you! You will? Oh jeez, Oga Azusa, you're alone today? Yeah.
Kazu-kun's got some kind of training, he said.
Now, cross your arms and yell out "Jowa!" Jowa! Damn, that was close.
Put more spirit into it.
Jowa! Maybe your arms are at a slightly wrong angle? Are you sure about this, Oga? Pretty soon Baby Beel'll get hungry and peeved And when that happens Jowa! Wait You don't mean Jowa! Now, put more energy into it! Jowa!! All right! I finally learned the secret shock attack! Yes, excellent work! I have now taught you everything I know! Kazu! We've got trouble! Fujisaki's been carried off by a rugged-looking man with a shaved head! Shaved head? Don't tell me Those Teimo bastards are back for revenge?! Hey, what'll we do? W-What'll we do? Uh I have to save her But, alone? Should I ask my brother to help? It would be simple to expel you two If I get him wrapped up in this, he'll be expelled this time! Hey, Kazu! There's only one thing to do! I'm going to rescue her! I can handle this all by myself.
Huh? It'll be okay.
Now I have that special attack! Get away from Azusa! Kazu-kun? Jowa!! C-Crap Hey, Oga Just watch.
I can't turn-tail now I have to save Azusa! Azusa, run for it! Kazu-kun? Kazu-kun, are you feeling all right? What a pain.
Don't do it, Brother! This I will handle By myself I have to do this alone! I'll beat this guy! Hey, pipe down out here! What the hell are you doing? Don't come too close! This guy is He's an acquaintance of my grandfather, and? As I figured Huh? What was that? You know him? This is where you live? Uosu! During my training, I found this giant wild potato and brought it here, uosu! Uh, thanks And can you speak more quietly? You'll disturb the neighbors.
Uoisu! That's what I mean! O-Oga? What? What's going on?! Actually I got lost! This girl showed me here! Uoisu! Hand the potato over.
Shut up! Aza~su! Sorry about the misunderstanding.
Oh, don't worry about it.
But I guess her shrine didn't grant my prayer.
That was so uncool Oh yeah? You might not have gotten stronger But you were really cool, Kazu-kun! Wow! Who knew this shrine would be the Queen's home? Maybe I'll come and pray here every day! Whatever! Now then, if you'll excuse me! That chrome-top's got one hell of a nasty look to him, that's for sure.
My grandfather isn't your normal person either, so By the way, Madame, you have become quite pretty since I saw you last! And I hear you have a boyfriend? T-That's not true! It's not like that! The young lady~ has got a boyfriend~ Stop it! The young lady~ has got a boyfriend~ Shut up already! What the heck? Watch out, Oga! Angelica-san is coming to the Human World! Angelica-san? Who was that again? Alaindelon's daughter! Why is she coming here? Could it be she's going to live in my house instead of Alaindelon? Yople.
And the shocking return of the Yople Aliens?! On the next Beelzebub: Called a Magical Girl! Plus Hilda-san and Kunieda-senpai transform into magical girls? I have no clue what the plot is going to be about.