Beelzebub (2011) s01e25 Episode Script

New Semester Started

Our long, long summer vacation is over! And And And!!! Oga, you're awake, right?! You're not awake.
What's with you, so bright and early? What's with me?! Today's the start of the new term! New term? But the school's still busted up.
Why, you Didn't you even read it? Here! "Notice of transfer"? Attention all Students Notice of Transfer Please go to here, okay? "Notice of transfer"? The New Term Has Started But man, what a pain Why do we have to go all the way to a different school? Because you destroyed ours! Yeah, you! Oh I kinda remember something like that.
Well, it's just temporary until they repair the school building though.
But don't we have, like, a ton of students? How's this work? That's why they've split us up into groups that go to different schools.
Now allow me to introduce the school which we will be going to! St.
Ishiyama Academy St.
Ishiyama Academy has the highest college acceptance rates in the area.
Ishiyama Academy The students there are allowed a great deal of independence, St.
Ishiyama Academy The students there are allowed a great deal of independence, and the academy is known for its free and open atmosphere! The student population is about evenly split between boys and girls, and there is a cafeteria and recreation facilities on campus! With an abundance of club activities, everyone celebrates their never-to-be-forgotten youth! The End.
And there you have it.
Ishiyama Academy We're here at St.
Ishiyama Academy! St.
Ishiyama Academy We're here! We're here! Aren't you a little too hyped up for this early in the morning? And how could I not be hyped up?! Flown free from those foul delinquents, when I think of how we'll finally experience the oh-so-normal and sweet days of youth Oga, check that out! I'm so glad I'm alive! What's wrong? Um, I think that's a pervert You've gotta be kidding me! Ew, stay away I just transferred here, so I'd better make a good impression.
Hi! Are you students here at St.
Ishiyama Uh Hey, hurry up and go to the classroom.
Oh, right.
Today marks the start of our new school lives.
We had better break the ice with our new classmates without delay Ishiyama High - Special Class Here? Ishiyama High - Special Class Looks like it.
Ishiyama High - Special Class Ishiyama High - Special Class Good mor~nin U-Um W-What is this? This is odd.
And by that you mean? Hm.
I do not know much about these institutions known as schools, but they usually separate the classes based on year, yes? Exactly as you say.
If I recall, Tojo is a third year, and Kunieda should be a second year.
Then, is it not strange that they are in the same class as Oga, a first year? Indeed! Hey What's the meaning of this, frosh? Uh, don't ask me! Huh? Look at me, damn it! Why do I have to get stuck in a class with all of you? That's my line.
Now, now Is it really such a problem? I don't think this class is so bad at all.
I especially like the seating assignment.
Don't you, Aoi-chan? It's not something that's "good" or "bad" The teacher decided it, so there's nothing we can do about it It's But wait The TKKH Good Night Shimokawa Abe the Killing Machine Even all the members of the MK5 are here! This is like, a full set, totally! Asswipes! Enough of this It's about time for my part-time job, actually That's Tojo-senpai for you! Even in a situation like this, he's not shaken a bit! Totally awesome! You know it's gonna be that Our school's full of idiots, so they don't think it'll be a problem to stick us all together.
Ain't that right, kid? Well, I suppose this might spark some interesting chaos Don't you think so too, lil' buddy? Oh Everyone's doing that.
They don't know how to talk to each other without making waves, so they talk to harmless-looking Baby Beel I'm sleepy from getting woken up early this morning Oh, my! Look at him He sleeps with such a innocent face There she goes again You brats, take your seats and stay quiet.
I'm going to be the homeroom teacher for this class Sadohara Takumi I'm going to be the homeroom teacher for this class Sadohara Takumi Sadohara.
Sadohara Takumi Sadohara.
I heard you folks are the top-class trash at your dump of a high school.
If you think you can carry on here at St.
Ishiyama the way you did before, you're seriously mistaken.
What's with this guy? Well then, today, we're going Let's use him.
In the end these guys are just a bunch of worthless brutes! If I whack down the strongest one right from the start Hey, you there.
Why don't we have a friendly arm wrestling match as a way of getting to know each other? Do you think you can win? Too bad for you I might not look it, but when I was in school I was undefeated in the arm wrestling club! People called me Golden Arm Sadohara! Now then Ready Go! Crap, overdid it.
You You have some skill there! Well, my bad then I guess I wasn't feeling so well today M-My Golden Arm! It hurts! It really, seriously hurts! But if I show weakness here I found me a pushover! For now, I'll make an example out of this weakling Hey, you over there.
What the heck do you think you're doing sleeping during class? Um, Sensei, he's You, be quiet! You didn't hear me? What the hell is that baby? This ain't nursery school! Yeah Don't give me "yeah"! Why don't you come with me to the teacher's office? Now, hurry and wake up! My name is Yamamura Kazuya.
Right now, I am violently nervous! That's right Because finally, I can meet the ones I idolize! Ishiyama High Special Class Here? Warning: Normal Students, Stay Away! Finally over That guy's the pits.
That's Those are the strongest ladies in the Kantou region, the Red Tails! Incredible! The big fish, right off the bat! What're you doing, Madam Aoi? Everyone's like, totally leaving! Even watching from over here, I can sense their killer spirit! Should I get up the courage and head over there? No, not yet.
Huh? Wait a sec I haven't seen the most crucial person yet! Hurry up and get out here! What's up? Azusa! What, what? What's going to show up? Azusa, what are you doing following me?! Do you understand what kind of a place this is? You shouldn't be here either, Kazu-kun.
The teacher at morning assembly told us it was a bunch of delinquents, and we should not go near for any reason.
Ah, man! Come with me for a bit! Hey, wait! We haven't held hands since pre-school, Kazu-kun! Whatever! Listen up, Azusa.
Yes-yes? I'll tell you the truth since we're childhood friends Yes-yes Um Isn't it embarrassing saying "childhood friends" at this point? Whatever, enough about that! Uh, so, basically Honestly speaking, I look up to delinquents.
Oh, I know that.
Kazu-kun, you suddenly died your hair and got your ear pieced, right? Everyone was talking about your summer vacation debut! Hey! You idiot, stop followin' me everywhere.
I was thinkin' of observing the girls' tennis club.
And where might you be headed? I found me a vending machine that sells Yogurty, so I'm going to buy some! Got a problem with that? No, no Whoa If I'm not mistaken, that's Kanzaki Hajime and Himekawa Tatsuya! Getting to see two members of the legendary TKKH like this is a real treat! I can sense they're some seriously bad dudes.
Is that what they call a killer's aura?! They're definitely some pretty scary people.
You wanna be like that, Kazu-kun? Don't be silly.
The only one in my sights is Oga-san.
It's gotta be someone more amazing! Oga-san? This ain't good.
A cold? I thought idiots like you can't catch colds.
But they say that only idiots catch summer colds.
So you agree about the idiot part? Oh, are you getting hungry? Then let's hurry home.
Look That's the legendary Oga-san.
He doesn't seem that scary at all! Is that really him? I think.
He looks like a nice daddy! And the baby on his back is the cutest! Indeed Is that really the legendary Oga Tatsumi-san? Compared to Kanzaki-san and Himekawa-san, he's lacking that sort of No, that can't be! That rumor should be true! He defeated delinquent after delinquent that came at him A violent kid who enjoys making others grovel before him! Nicknamed "The Rampaging Ogre" and "The BoB Brawler"! And he's the only first-year to ever rise to the top of the fierce battlefield that is Ishiyama High! Yeah That's right.
If the Baby-on-Board Brawler thing is right, so should the rest.
Should be, anyway Right! Anyway, we'll follow them! Okay, here we go! It's like we're gumshoes on TV! How fun! Why don't you try being a little nervous?! But The one said to be the strongest of the TKKH, Tojo Hidetora! I can't! At this rate, Azusa would get involved Hey, you there.
Yes?! Is there a hamburger shop around here called Japdonalds? I'm starting a part-time job there today.
Oh, it's a little closer to the station.
I see.
Thanks for your help.
I thought I was dead meat! That guy really seemed strong.
Well, duh! That's Tojo Hidetora, the strongest of the TKKH! But you know, Oga-san even beat that Crap, I lost sight of him! Let's hurry after him! Agreed! I was just thinking this But your hands have gotten bigger, haven't they? Who cares about that? I've got to figure out if he's the real Oga-san! Where'd he go, damn it? Here? Crap! We heard the rumors You're Ishiyama trash! And here I went thinking we'd finally be able to have peaceful school days You're starting to go to that St.
Ishiyama Academy, right? Sorry, buddy.
He's getting hungry.
Let us through.
Don't go runnin' away all scared! Listen up! This here's the turf of Teimo Tech! You start somethin' around here, and you're gonna get hurt! Owwy Sharaku-san! You okay? Yeah, it's a cold I feel like crap.
You do? No need to double check! He's the real-deal! I've never seen something like that before You bastards! How dare you do that to Sharaku-san! But I told you I was in a hurry.
Let us go! Be good and stay quiet! What's that? Can't you see these? Uh Don't ring a bell.
Idiots! These are students from St.
Ishiyama! Great going! Now just try somethin'! Get normal students mixed up in this, and you'll pay for it! We will? Sure, I guess? I knew it This isn't a world where we can set foot in so easily! Kazu-kun! Plus, I ended up getting Azusa involved At this rate, Azusa will be at the mercy of those delinquents Damn it I gotta stop being a failure as a man before I even try to be a brawler! What's wrong, eh? Let them go! Huh? What the And you people need to understand, yes? From now on, we won't just stand by when you lay hands on students from St.
Ishiyama, got it? Kunieda Aoi from the TKKH! Sheesh Now then Sorry to have kept you waiting Uh We Bu-Bu-Burying Punch! Looks like my cold's better! Hey, uh, wait! Hey! Finally calmed down? This really isn't something you can get used to What was that? Electricity? But, humans can't do No, wait.
They say electric eels in the Amazon can produce as much as an 800 volt shock instantly.
Maybe if a human trains hard enough But, how much training would that take?! Man, you really saved us, Kunieda-senpai.
I'd thought you'd already gone home.
I-It's just that I was doing some work as the class representative, that's all! I wasn't thinking about going home together or anything! Well, anyway Feeding time for Baby Beel.
Hey, at least thank her.
Sure Sorry, thanks for that.
It's fine! I didn't help because I wanted your thanks! He's really cool! All shocking and stuff! Please wait! Oga-san, please listen! Please accept me as your sworn little brother! Please! It's started right after we transferred What'll you do? Those guys from Teimo are totally gonna come for revenge.
In that case we'll just beat 'em up again.
That's no different than when we were at Ishiyama! I thought that with a new school could finally come a chance for a real change, to a pleasant school life full of bittersweetness Furuichi-dono, if you want pleasant bittersweetness, leave that to me! Stay back, you oppressing, salty old man! On the next Beelzebub: May I Call You Brother? You may call me as often as you wish! Old fart.