Beelzebub (2011) s01e24 Episode Script

Welcome Back, Demon World!

Wazzap! Furuichi here! This is the Demon World! We're here, in the Demon World! Seriously! Oh? Why am I so high strung? I'm not that high strung, really! Totally normal! A perfectly normal recap of what happened last time! Alaindelon's daughter is cute! She's damn cute! We're Back, Demon World! You're creeping me out.
What was that picture just now? Um, would you stop shying away from me like that? I'd even prefer cold stares to that.
Cause you're creepy.
Yeah, creepy.
Hey! Wait! Wait, wait! Look at this! That old guy's daughter is more beautiful than you'd think! Look at her! You too, Baby Beel! I get it, so down boy! You don't get it! This amazing beauty Stop it, people.
Drop the subject.
You're in a battle against time.
You do not have time to engage in pointless chatter.
Hilda-san! And besides Furuichi has always been creepy.
Is that so? Lead you to our base? Come on now! Don't underestimate us.
You really think we'd sell out our buddies? That's how it is.
Get eaten by a Demon Beast and die, scum! Royal power doesn't matter here.
Now matter what torture you try, our mouths'll stay shut, pinheads! That's how it is.
Get eaten by a Demon Beast and die, scum! Over there? This is the place, right? R-Right! So can you She should be kept locked up in that highest tower! What did he do to them? Oh, I've seen this happen before A city? Yes, I've heard of it.
Vlad's Den of Thieves.
They live in the remains of an ancient city, and poach the Demon Beasts in the Haunt.
Hilda-san! Anyway, can I ask you something? What is it? U-Um What's the name of the big guy's daughter? Her name? Oh, yes Alaindelon's daughter's name is Her name is Ang It cut off! Why? Hilda-san, wait! Ang-what? That's really important! No Service?! She'd be Angie-san, right? And anyway, what'll we do now?! *silence* Come on! Laugh! You're the best, Boss! How about that? Are you reconsidering helping us now, Angelica-kun? My answer is the same, no matter what you say.
I have no intention of aiding thieves.
Release the Demon Beasts you have captured! Eh, those? They ain't worth much anyway.
If you say that you'll help us, whenever you like Shut up! Stop! Listen well, Angelica-kun.
You people are dimensional transfer demons, yes? A thief's dream Sneak in anywhere and leave before anyone notices.
No matter how impregnable the treasure room, cracking it open would be a cinch! A true phantom thief.
That's right! If it weren't for these cuffs, I would disappear this instant! Boss! Gallé and Edda sent a message! Royalty? Right! Our location here is blown? Fine, no matter.
What do you think you're doing? Stiffen the guard! Yes, sir! Dad said he'd come home today I wonder if he's worried This is the worst birthday ever I'm sure he's forgotten though.
That's not true! He said that he bought you a dress.
You're Wait for a moment.
I'll head there now.
Are you a friend of my father's? Yes! Well, I'm a human though.
Human?! Hey! Why do I have to do this? Furuichi-sama? Could you be Furuichi-sama? Furuichi-sama? My father always speaks of you! Yes.
I have come to rescue you.
I am Furuichi.
I knew it! Please, escape! A Demon Beast A Demon Beast is coming! A really, really big one! Demon Beast? The people here have done too much damage to the Haunt.
Vlad's Guardian is angry.
I can hear its voice.
What the heck is that? Um Please help.
Vlad's Guardian? Right.
A Demon Beast bigger than even the mountains! The people here have killed too many Demon Beasts The Guardian is angry! You've got to be kidding me! That monster! Boss! Where are you going, Boss? I'm taking Angelica with me and getting out of here! She's the only one I won't let out of my grasp! Please escape, Furuichi-sama! Their boss is coming back! Escape? You're saying to run and leave you behind? But you see I can no longer escape from here.
You think that's cool? Furuichi, you idiot! Your damn head's just stuck, you jerk! If we don't get out of here we'll be stomped flat! It's okay.
It's okay! It's not "okay" in the slightest! You idiot! You can't get your head out? Wait just a moment! Um, what are you Here I go! Wai You are quite stuck.
What shall we do? At this rate, you will suffer greatly! She's oblivious! I'm gonna get killed Angelica! What are you doing? We're getting out of here! This place has gone to hell! A crazy monster has shown up! So you're that human with a contract with the royal family Guess you came to rescue her, but it's too bad for you.
Circle around and get him! Don't let your guard down! He should have friends with him! Yes, sir! You bastards! Hey, hey, hey This is what they call one of those "do-or-die" moments, right? Why do you seem so happy about it? I'm all excited! Well, I'm not! Are you some kind of warrior race?! It'll be fun.
A man, see The harder the situation, the more a man laughs! And when he does, power comes flowing up naturally.
Well I'm a woman! Isn't that right, Baby Beel? Baby Beel? Beelze-sama? What're you standin' there for? Master Zanga! Stand aside! I'll do it! Royal stooges, you now face the fearsome Zanga! Fight me fair and W-What?! Baby Beel What exactly are you Power is overflowing from him! What's that? B-Baby Beel?! Baby got big! I'm free! Lamia, what's wrong?! Where's Oga? Oga's on him! There are two monsters! What's going on?! Go, Giant Beelbo! What the heck.
Here it comes! Run for it! Do a Giant Beelbo Kick! Giant Beelbo Kick! Gimme a You're kidding me.
That hurt, you giant monster? Scary He's nuts.
That was close.
Things have really gotten fun! Ready, Baby Beel? Next up, do a Giant Beelbo Clothesline! Baby Beel? Giant Beelbo Clothesline! Giant Beelbo Elbow! Now the final blow! Giant Beelbo Boston Crab! He did it! That big baby-looking thing beat the monster! Wow! Was it protecting us? Amazing! I mean, most of the city is destroyed, but hey What is it trying to do?! I can't believe this My city Hold it.
That's as far as you go.
Would you do me a favor and let her go my fine-bearded friend? Or maybe you'd like to dance with me? Furuichi-sama! You little brat! Idiot! You're actually a complete idiot! I know you're totally weak.
A dagger, is it? Don't even try it.
He pulled a knife! Someone's gonna get hurt like me! Huh? What do you mean? Crap! I thought he looked weak! What? Well, you know that.
What? You see, there's this death move passed down through the generations Between the eldest and third to eldest son What are you talking about?! Um In other words.
This happens! As if you caused that coincidence! I mean, whoa, that was close, Oga! I was in the crack between his toes! I'm glad I sounded kind of cool, but Are you even listening to me? Whoa there! This guy's worse than the Guardian! Hey now, hey now What's going on? Beelze-sama's out of control! What are you doing, Oga? Yo.
And why are you here in front of us? He threw me off.
You're damn lucky you survived! He's overly excited! We have to calm him somehow! Sure, but how? Lamia! Stop, Baby Beel! I-It's no use! It's dinner time! He turned back.
What is he, a dog? What a pain you are And like that, our adventure headed to its conclusion.
Without their boss, the poachers left gradually a few at a time.
And with no one there, the Demon Beasts imprisoned in the hideout all escaped.
But most surprising was Angelica-san.
She explained the situation to that giant, Vlad's Guardian, who went back to the Haunt And so the time has come to say goodbye.
Beelze-sama! Hey, don't cry But! Man, you're such a little kid.
Are you really so upset we have to leave? Who said anything about you? I'm sad and depressed about having to leave Beelze-sama! Who'd give a lick about you, huh? So rude! This again? Well You did try to save me back there I'll give you my thanks for that.
I guess.
Anyway, you'd better take damn good care of Beelze-sama! If you let him get sick again, I'll never forgive you! Yeah.
If that happens again, I'll call you.
Hurry up and go.
It doesn't really matter, but transferring in Angelica-san would be I wonder if she splits, too? And then inside her That's kind of hot Well then, shall we go? Here I go! Actually, my father will Hello! Sorry about not saying anything He just came a moment ago.
There wasn't really a time to tell you Everyone looks like they are safe and sound.
And if you have your health Alaindelon! Yes? You're still alive?! I wouldn't die from something like that.
Screw you! Where have you been? I went to a health resort to heal my wounds.
Demon World Health Resort The Destopia Bloodpools Leaving that aside.
No!! I wanted to be transferred by Angelica-san! Here we go, Furuichi-dono! I will say this for now.
Welcome home.
We're back.
And, like this, our long, long summer vacation was over.
Summer vacation's over, and it's a new term! But wait, Ishiyama's still destroyed, right? Looks like we're transferring to St.
Ishiyama Academy.
So why are you laughing like a creep and spreading butter on toast? First day, new transfer; "I'm late, I'm late"; toast in mouth; round the corner; bam; fall in love! On the next Beelzebub: The New Term Has Started! Oh, I'm late! I'm late! Furuichi-dono I knew it'd turn out like this