Beelzebub (2011) s01e30 Episode Script

Who Could the 6 Holy Knights Be?

I see So these people are the 6 Holy Knights.
So who won? Nobody's won yet.
Well, it's not like they're much to worry about.
Baby Beel lost interest halfway in and fell asleep.
Oh, that's rare.
Are you really so curious about these 6 Holy Knights? Didn't you search for the rest of them? Well, about that No, I can't! I don't dare say! Not even to you, Brother! They know how strong you are now from that last fight, and if you defeat the 6 Holy Knights, you'll be expelled for sure! is what he said.
Kazu wouldn't tell me, the jerk.
Therefore, you don't know who the 6 Holy Knights are.
On the contrary! There is one way we can tell! That's the emblem in the shape of a lion! So you have absolutely no issues with making that sort of entrance now? Who Are the 6 Holy Knights? In other words, the people who are the 6 Holy Knights hide an emblem of a lion underneath their collars.
On the front, it's a normal pin badge, so you can't just tell at a glance.
Who did you hear this from? You're gonna be shocked It's Miki! Remember him? Miki Who was that again? Who? You forgot? Back in middle school Anyway, we're gonna use those emblems as clues and find the rest of the 6 Holy Knights! Looking around, I don't see anyone wearing a pin badge.
There's one! But he doesn't look like one of the 6 Holy Knights to me Are you even really searching? Oga-san and Furuichi-san! Azusa, what are you doing? Don't talk to them! Get back here! 'Kay! I'm coming! See you later! Did you see? Yeah, it was Moyashi-kun.
Has she always worn that? I don't remember.
Is she in some kind of club that does power-training? No I'm pretty sure she said she was in the arts and crafts club.
Arts and crafts? What kind of knitting is that?! I suppose you could call her the most powerful at being oblivious, but Seriously, that can't be it.
Just in case, I will go verify the truth myself.
How? During gym class, I will sneak into the girls' locker room.
Um, that's clearly a criminal act.
What is it, Baby Beel? What? Leave it to me, you say? I see! It might be a crime for us, but an innocent baby can get away with it! We can just let Baby Beel find out! Um, can I have a sec? What is it? Will you try holding him? W-What is he doing? And right after he tells me.
"Hey, why don't you just be his mother?" What he really wants is a young, cute girl? He has no use for a strong woman? Now it has to be some woman who you instinctively want to protect?! Calm down.
After all, I've never seen that baby get along with any other girls.
He totally likes her! Queen? What are you doing? N-Nothing! Anyway, what are you guys doing here? We're searching for the 6 Holy Knights.
What about the 6 Holy Knights? Nothing! It's nothing The jig's up.
We're gonna get it! Oh, you want this badge that much? Want it? You sure? Yeah! It's just a freebie from a magazine.
Oh! You're searching for the 6 Holy Knights' emblems.
There's no way she's one of them.
Well, she is in the Arts and Crafts Club.
Anyway, do you know who the 6 Holy Knights are? Kazu, the jerk, won't tell me.
I'm not really into that sort of thing.
Oh, yeah! A person in the Amateur Radio Club wears a badge Amateur Radio Club? Does that make him strong? No It's about as unbelievable as the Arts and Crafts Club.
We've got trouble, Madam Aoi! Kanzaki's Madam Aoi, I'm sorry.
We tried to stop him, but Why'd this happen? They did in Shiroyama.
Surprisingly Kanzaki blew a fuse and headed out.
That guy just does whatever he damn well pleases.
Even though you treated him the shittiest of all.
It's the first time I've ever seen him look like that.
Not gonna stop him now.
It's war.
Tell us exactly what happened.
You see, we They knew we couldn't fight back.
Hey look, it's the gang ladies! Whoa, I've never seen one before! Not bad, I say! I like it, kind of refreshing.
Did you make those lunches yourself? Hey.
You have some business with our class? Not really.
We were just talking with them! Somethin' wrong with that? Get going you two.
Hey, wait up! What's with that? Yeah! We were totally serious.
You call yourself a man getting in the way of people's path to love? Sorry about that.
To apologize, you can each punch me once.
That way we're even.
Is this guy serious? People say that in real life?! So lame! O-shi-yama indeed! Okay, I'll go first.
Not even a reaction Okay, then I'll use this! Ooh, good! Go with that! Ready, set Then, Shiroyama We called an ambulance He's flat on his back in the hospital.
Man, feels nice after you do a good deed! Let's do another 2 or 3 just like that.
I've come to kill you all.
What are you doing? Hurry! Well, I think it's too late.
I see? So it was you two who did it.
Do you understand what they're gonna do to you now? You're totally expelled! Like I care! So what? Don't underestimate Ishiyama! Kanzaki, wait! Stay outta this! I'm gonna pay them back for what they did to Shiroyama.
This won't do, Senpai.
Miki! At this rate, it looks like I'm going to have to stop you.
Miki, help me! What did you say, punk? Kanzaki! Miki! Baby Beel, how about it? This guy seems like one of the 6 Holy Knights.
He says "Anybody but you.
" It's been a long time, Oga.
I'm surprised that we'd meet again like this.
They know each other? Yeah We were in the same grade in middle school.
But he wasn't like this back then.
Anyway, let's carry Kanzaki out of here.
Oga, lend a hand! So that was Kanzaki-kun of the TKKH? Is that what Ishiyama calls top-level? He's provoking you.
You can't fight with him.
I won't.
What do you take me for? That's how you talk, but you're flashy with your fists.
You ignore the trouble you cause everyone, and puff yourself up with mindless violence.
All delinquents are the same.
Yeah, yeah! Go away! You're causin' us trouble, you punks! Go away! Go away! Go away! Go away! Go away! It was you idiots who started it! If we win here, we lose.
Oh? You stopped her? Too bad.
I thought I could get another one expelled.
We're leaving.
Oh, yes Guests from Ishiyama, please come to the roof of the old school building after school.
We 6 Holy Knights will be awaiting you.
You'll be sure to come, Oga-kun, won't you? It's weird.
You're acting like you know me Who are you, again? And you came back just like that? Pitiful.
Kanzaki is one thing, but the rest of you're damaging Ishiyama's reputation.
Them's fightin' words, Himekawa.
Is that something you say to person who fought for his friend?! Stop this! No fighting among allies! Allies? Don't be ridiculous, Queen.
When did we become allies exactly? Are you going to the roof? Of course I'm going! You can't! You'll be falling right into their hands! Everyone's at odds How can I get everyone to work together? Hey Oga, you too Where's Oga? He ain't here.
He went home? Could he have gone alone, that crazy fool? Wait, Oga! This is clearly a trap! Why are you going? Furuichi, don't jump to conclusions.
I'm just going to take a look at the 6 Holy Knights.
Oga-chan's gone home.
Then, I guess I'll go home too.
Natsume Hold it! Hey now, what're you actin' all cool for? I'm gonna go home way before all of you.
What kind of joke is this? You're gonna fight us alone? I don't see 6 Holy Knights Two are missing, fool.
But four-on-four is just about right, don't you think? Which one was it that did in Kanzaki-kun and Shiro-chan? Not like I really care, but I have to repay you for underestimating my Ishiyama.
Just so you know, I only came here to stop them.
Nice So, which one of you is the strongest? Furuichi-san! Oh, Yamamura-kun You show up at just the right times.
This war is seriously starting! And wait, shouldn't you be out there, Furuichi-san? W-What are you saying, Azusa? Furuichi-san is The Strategist! R-Right! I've got a great plan! I knew you would! What kind of plan? I can't say yet.
By the way, Yamamura-kun There's a scary looking one that's not wearing a uniform Is he also one of the 6 Holy Knights? That's Go-senpai from the Amateur Radio Club.
Amateur Radio Club? Seriously? And he's strong? Seriously strong.
He's been in world-class ARDF orienteering tournaments that are said to require mental and physical stamina! World-class? Well putting it that way, it seems pretty amazing.
What's wrong? Let's get started already.
And don't say wimpy crap like, "If I fight back, I'll be expelled"! This'll just take a few seconds.
I can't let you fight the big boss right away, can I? Moe, once again.
Oh, you noticed? If that wasn't a wooden sword, you'd be dead on the spot.
Note: Nae means "to wither", the opposite of moe (literally) Nae.
Note: Nae means "to wither", the opposite of moe (literally) Himekawa Note: Nae means "to wither", the opposite of moe (literally) Don't stop me, Queen.
I've got to teach this guy the difference between fighting and sports.
What's wrong? Going to give me one of your idiotic quizzes? Now, come at me! I was planning that from the start.
Awesome, Brother! He flew back! H-He's standing! Seriously? I cannot lose.
Not to some delinquents like you You are students at our school, yes? Stand back, these people are dangerous.
You can never tell when more delinquents will come to attack Alex! Get distracted, and you'll end up like him.
One man down! You're up next.
A one-hit KO on Shinjo-senpai, eh? As crazy as ever I see, Oga Sorry about this Watch Baby Beel for me.
I'll fight him.
Can you win? He's crazy strong.
I can't tell what style it is, Perhaps he's studied Chinese techniques and can use fa jin.
You think I'll lose? No, I do not.
The two of them together might have been able to beat me You want to fight me, right? In that case you didn't have to go around punching Kanzaki.
I'd fight you whenever and wherever you want! Yeah, that's it That's the Oga I looked up to Now, prove to me that I've already far surpassed you! I've told you before I don't know who the heck you are! Be careful Oga If he lands one punch, you'll need an ambulance! Oh, crap, Furuichi-san! Hurry and start the plan! N-Not yet! Okay, let's get this party started! You're just watching, so shut up.
Look at the fun you're having.
Cut me in on it! Let's fight.
As you can see, Tojo enters the fray next time! All the 6 Holy Knights gather for a grand climax! Who in the world will grab victory? Will it be Oga? Or Tojo? Or could it be the 6 Holy Knights? On the next Beelzebub: No Conclusion Was Reached! Oops, guess we just spoiled it.
Don't worry.
We might not finish things, but afterwards there's a shocking development!