Beelzebub (2011) s01e31 Episode Script

No Conclusion Was Reached

Now, come at me! I'll take you on any time.
That's the you I idolized.
Hey, Shoji What's up? What? Come to school? Oh! There's a fight? Well, let's see what the 6 Holy Knights are made of.
No Conclusion Was Reached! At first I simply looked up to you.
All of you, grovel before me.
Wait! Oga Tatsumi: At the time 13 years old, a first year at Katata Middle School.
The nasty looks he gave kept getting him tangled up with the upperclassmen.
And he returned the favor two-fold The nickname they gave him: The Rampaging Ogre.
At the time, his unbending will was so brilliant, it blinded me.
You wanna get stronger? Yes! Don't even try, man! You ain't gonna get stronger by hangin' around this guy! Why, you ask? Just look at me! Don't brag about that.
It's true that being together with him didn't make you stronger.
Because no matter what fight you might get into, Oga Tatsumi would settle it by himself.
Even so, I idolized him.
Hoping for the day I could become strong enough to stand beside him.
Until that incident Oga! As I thought You're using that technique.
Move aside.
That was merely a taste of my power.
This is a fight between me and him! That stance, and the blow from before There's no mistaking it, he's using Hakkyokuken! It's a super-close-range martial art form that originated in China.
It uses a special foot-planting power called "keiryoku", in order to push each punch to its utmost limit of power.
It's even said to be used by the Chinese military.
But, why is it? I feel like there's something more H-Hey! It'll be fine.
Believe in him.
That's right.
It doesn't matter what martial arts he's facing.
He isn't going to lose.
Sorry about getting in the way.
Please continue.
Seems you're pretty trusted.
I'm jealous.
Well, I'll continue, but all that's left is the finishing blow.
Perhaps it's really those two over there who you should worry about.
What's wrong? Can't keep it up, can you? Lol.
But, that's Oga, this fight has been unsatisfying.
It's over! You're What?! You didn't mean this school? Give me a heads up or something! Yo Looks like you people are livin' it up.
Kanzaki! Kanzaki-san He's alive? Don't go killing him off! Tenacious bastard Stand up, you.
Our fight ain't over yet.
Hey, your grip is loose.
My, my Although it's not my style to fight for real Hey, what's wrong? You scared? Get on with it and come at me! I'll punch you all the way out to Saturn! Outta the way! He punched him! O-Oga-chan? How cruel Is he a demon? That was cruel of him.
Sorry, but this is my fight now.
Oga! It was the right decision.
He is no longer in any shape to fight.
If he went any further, I wouldn't be able to guarantee he would live.
Isn't that right? Oga, could that be the reason you punched him out? In order to prevent Kanzaki and Miki from fighting No, not at all.
He was just in the way.
People sure go flying a lot Don't tell me You're laughing? N-No The way you talk really pisses me off.
Is it just you being contrary, or is that really who you are? Either way.
That's the way you push away your friends.
You step on people's trust like it was nothing! I've got a special move I've been saving up too, you know.
Special move? Furuichi-san, we're in trouble! Brother might be thinking of using his 800 volt attack! Trying to provoke me? Foolishness I can see through you, Oga! He's coming in with a real attack! Special attack Burying Punch! It's his usual punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Burying Kick! Is that his secret move? Let me explain.
The "Burying Punch" unquestionably buries whoever is hit by it into a wall! Burying Punch!! The "Burying Punch" unquestionably buries whoever is hit by it into a wall! It's an incredibly violent Demon technique! Burying Punch!! That's my Brother! Burying Punch!! The Burying Kick is just the same! Burying Punch!! Burying Punch!! Burying Kick!! Smashing Upper! Bite the Dust Head Butt! This Ain't Funny Anymore Chop! That doesn't count as a chop! Foolishness.
You call those special moves? I tire of your silly sideshow.
I'll show you what a real special attack is.
What?! The atmosphere's totally changed.
I'll tell you this ahead of time I can't hold back with this technique.
If it hits, even you won't escape unhurt.
So you'd better make sure to dodge it! Oga, watch out! Run for it! That's far enough.
You mustn't, remember? That technique is banned by Izuma-kun.
N-Nanami-senpai! When did she? I didn't feel her presence.
And the rest of you, stop this foolish fighting.
Going off on your own Did you think by keeping quiet we wouldn't notice? He's quite angry.
Don't worry! I ain't angry.
Izuma-san! Okay then, just let me through here Is he one of the 6 Holy Knights,Yamamura-kun? It's over.
Now that he's here, the fight can't go on.
That's Izuma Kaname, Miki's master and the strongest of the 6 Holy Knights! I-I'm sorry, Izuma-san I Even Miki here is cowering Not just Miki, but all the 6 Holy Knights are acting like little children who've been caught playing pranks.
I told you though, I ain't mad.
There's no mistaking it, he's the strongest at St.
Ishiyama! What'll you do? We're at a clear disadvantage here Now would be the time to escape Hey now, Kunieda! Don't be makin' such a pitiful face! Looks like you guys are havin' a fun time.
Cut me in.
Tojo! So which will be the one to play with me? You? Or you? Or maybe you? Uh What's the point of fighting Oga-chan? Oh, right.
Well, there's also just beating up the whole lot of you.
Hold it.
Sorry, but that's enough children's games for now.
Can't have this, now.
This won't do at all! So you're the boss? Here I come! Izuma-san! Ooh, you're scary.
He stopped Tojo's punch! Why, you Hey, wait Crushing Fist! That's what Oga got hit with before! Tojo! That hurt.
It didn't work at all You've gotta be kidding me Sheesh Everyone's out for blood today.
I'm shocked.
Taking a blow from Hisaya like it's nothing? You're one of those natural fighters, aren't you? Finally deciding to put up a fight? Well, you see If you want a fight, I'll have a match (shiai) with you any time.
But "shi" in shiai as in "shi" in shinin (dead man).
What? Just for a second, I felt like there was a strong wind centered around him.
Oh, oops! Looks like I'm getting carried away here.
Shizuka-san, please clean up here.
Yes Okay everyone, call it quits.
Go-kun, Sakaki-kun, carry Alex-kun for us.
Miki-kun, stop standing at the ready and let's go.
Right! Yamamura-kun, just wondering, but who is the beautiful lady? The third year, Nanami Shizuka.
Who's that? Her nickname is Lady Shizuka.
The only female in the 6 Holy Knights, and the captain of the Archery Club! Archery? That's nice Pretty sexy Hold it! Don't just end it.
You runnin' away? We haven't finished here.
No, it's quite over.
Well, the police can keep you company, if you'd like.
Of course, we have no intention of leaving things like this.
I will carefully consider some way to resolve our conflict without leaving grudges.
Oga Next time.
Next time I'll crush you.
Get lost, idiot.
And like that, the day ended with no resolution.
"Due to delinquent behavior and destruction of property, the following students are expelled: Oga Tatsumi.
Kunieda Aoi.
Tojo Hidetora.
Kanzaki Hajime.
Himekawa Tatsuya.
Natsume Shintaro Furuichi Takayuki *shock* Furuichi Takayuki *shock* Counselor's Office Of course, our school's students are also in the wrong.
I recognize that.
But you committed these crimes even after considerable warning.
Do you have something to say? I don't want to hear what you have to say.
Nor could I understand it.
Um But I didn't do anything? Playing dumb isn't going to help.
You, the Strategist, must have helped with your intelligence, yes? No! Wait! He's really not involved! Kunieda-senpai! Or rather, all responsibility lies with me since I was unable to stop them.
If I must be expelled, so be it.
But the rest of the people here should receive the same punishment as the St.
Ishiyama students! So you know, the students of ours that are being punished are the two who hurt Shiroyama, Each of them are suspended for 2 weeks.
The 6 Holy Knights are not being punished.
Hey now What's with that? Too bad for you, their position and yours are completely different.
They are allowed to carry out limited disciplinary actions in order to uphold school order.
The incident this time falls under that category.
They are not in error.
I cannot accept that! Looks like talking isn't getting anywhere.
So you're saying we should shut up and take it lying down? You two, say something here! Anyway, I came to fight the guy with glasses.
And I gotta give that guy a good beating Are you even listening? You're going to be expelled! Do you understand? Well, what can we do? It's already been decided, right? What can you do? You can fight back a little! No, they actually have a point.
If we're gonna be expelled anyway, I'd rather it be after finishing those guys off.
Everyone! Hold it.
Then, let's do this.
In one month, we will hold a school festival.
There, you seven and the 6 Holy Knights can finish things.
But through sports, not fighting.
"School festival"-like.
Sports? Yes.
As one of the School Festival events.
I'll make sure that the contest doesn't favor any of the 6 Holy Knights.
And if you happen to win, I'll reconsider your punishment.
Your expulsion will be postponed until then.
So? I think it's quite a nice offer.
No, not yet.
There's no risk to them otherwise.
If we win, the 6 Holy Knights should lose their authority! Fine, then.
But regardless of the outcome, you must swear never to cause trouble again.
Of course! And that's how it's done.
Excellent, Hime-chan.
You're great at negotiations.
Got away by the skin of our teeth So Can we go beat them up now? No, you can't! Did you even hear a damn thing?! My head hurts So, will that do? Yes, thank you.
This way they'll be serious, and it'll provide a fitting stage for Hisaya and the others.
Sorry about putting your authority on the line like that.
Oh, no I don't mind.
Since I won't lose.
Well we escaped expulsion for now, but what'll we do? Deciding things with sports? What's that supposed to mean? Looks like the event's been decided.
I can't believe it It's that Judo? Karate? Or the always unexpected synchronized swimming?! And a new development coming in like a storm! A ringer transfer student comes into our class! On the next Beelzebub: What Has the Transfer Girl Done? No matter what it is, it'll be fine as long as I'm here Worry not.
Shut up.
Worry not.