Beelzebub (2011) s01e32 Episode Script

What has the Transfer Girl Done?

Burying Punch! Here are Oga and the gang having entered into St.
Ishiyama Academy.
Their showdown with the 6 Holy Knights who secretly protect the school remains unfinished.
The arena has been postponed to another place and time.
Hold it! You runnin' away? I'll crush you.
Get lost.
In one month, we will hold a school festival.
There, you seven and the 6 Holy Knights can finish things.
But through sports, not fighting.
Sports? I wonder what they're gonna make us do? Don't worry.
Whatever it is, we just need to win.
Right, Queen? Just be quiet.
Soccer or maybe baseball? I ain't never done that crap.
U-Um Please be quiet.
I know this is a bit sudden, but I'd like to introduce to you a new transfer student.
Come on in.
She's a transfer student to St.
Ishiyama, but due to her strong insistence, she's come to this class.
H-Her name is Hil Hildegarde.
Is that your real name? Please call me "Hilda".
It's my pleasure.
Madame Aoi! What Has the Transfer Girl Done? Sensei, where shall I be seated? Sit wherever you'd like.
There're plenty of empty seats, yes? I see.
Hey, trash.
Move it.
We got another weirdo here! Hey, you! What are you doing coming here like this? There's plenty of other open seats, you know! Go sit over there! Kunieda? Always the brave one, I see.
However, I must care for that one.
However, I must care for that one.
It is best to have a seat nearby.
And just like that, a catfight breaks out! The wife vs.
the lover! Madame, we'll back you up! Get to it! Hold it right there! What? Stop this whole Oga harem thing! It displeases me! And Hilda-san is not Oga's wife! Then what is she? Say it, Furuichi! She's his little sister! No one's gonna buy that! Sometimes this "school" thing is not so bad.
Hey Although this "school uniform" is a little tight Why the hell did you come here? And how'd you transfer in anyway? Curious? Do not worry.
I completed all the necessary paperwork personally.
Right now I am posing as your cousin who has transferred in from a respected private school.
Furuichi was not entirely incorrect.
I have my reasons Plus, it's not just me.
Alaindelon is also here.
Alaindelon? The big guy, too? I am a pen.
As an English teacher or something? He'll be a member of our class starting today I'm Alaindelon! It's a pleasure meeting you all.
There's no way he's in high school! Everyone, the competition during the school festival has been decided! Oh? And? Right It's volleyball.
Vol Volleyball Volleyball? Halley's Comet Volleyball Volleyball Black Hole Volleyball Volleyball! Big Bang Volleyball Volleyball! Volleyball Volleyball What do you mean, compete at volleyball, Izuma-san? It's perfect, don't you think? No one has any experience at it, and it's teams of 6.
This'll be fun.
Don't be ridiculous! The fight I want to finish isn't a volleyball match! I don't think anyone will be satisfied with that if we win! What, gonna pick a fight again? Next time I won't be able to cover for you.
Then why? Don't worry about it! Relax.
This doesn't leave the room, but I've made sure there's a place for you to finish things.
The teachers don't know about it though.
R-Really? This is gonna be fun! Fight! Fight! Fight! Is he really in a place like this? I don't know.
The reports from the palace are hit-and-miss.
But if it's the truth, it's a big problem.
We can't have an unrelated Demon hiding here at this school Anyway, don't let your guard down.
Until we catch him, keep your eyes peeled.
Yes, ma'am.
Everyone, assemble! Here! This is everyone? Oga is sleeping over there.
Hey! What'll we do? There's no point for just us to practice.
Not without the whole group up for expulsion.
And I went through the trouble to reserve the gym after school too Who isn't here? Kanzaki, Himekawa, Tojo And Natsume.
Don't they care if they're expelled? Madame Aoi! You should bribe them with your body! W-W-With my body? That's right! We should say you'll show them your boobs if they come practice! That'd totally motivate those idiots! And why should Madame Aoi have to give that kind of fan service, huh?! I-I give, Nene-san Why don't you show 'em yours instead, huh? It looks like you're having issues.
Hey, cow-tits! This ain't the time for butting in! Are you sayin' that we ain't gonna cut it? Don't underestimate that slender body of hers! Please stop it.
Hold it, everyone! If I may presume, I'd like to say something about this situation! Please do! If you're going to use sex appeal Everyone, please switch into bloomers! Now then, I believe I know the basic situation.
You'll play volleyball or something with the 6 Holy Knights, and if you lose you're expelled.
The Master also wishes to defeat Miki.
I'll handle that part.
Hey, Oga's wife! You ain't our boss! In fact, who are you? What makes you think you can just decide these things? Play along? You don't mean All I need to do is motivate them, yes? Hey.
Huh? Where are we? And why the hell are we tied up?! I was just at home eatin' dinner! Right? How should I know? I was watchin' TV, and then suddenly this big dude appeared Before I realized it, I was here like this.
You too? And he had a mustache? Yeah And it might be me imagining it, but I think he split open It seems we have been abducted.
Natsume! What the hell are you wearing? I was in the bath All he let me take was a towel He said it was a special consideration I'm feeling chilled If only that were me! I was taken while I was on the toilet! There's nothing left of my dignity! Please, don't put my entire body in frame Furuichi Tojo-san is over there, too.
He's sleeping though.
And he's supposed to be the big boss So basically, all the people being expelled are here.
What about Oga, huh? Oh, Oga's over there.
What in the world It looks like everyone's here.
Now then, let's get on with the main affair.
Oga's wife, did you do this?! Oh, yeah! I seen that big guy before! What the hell's the meaning of this? Please let me put on some pants Let us go home this instant, you hag! Hush.
I am simply assisting.
Helping a certain master of mine who has gathered you all.
A certain master? Wait, don't tell me The Great Demon King? This person has left a message for you on this disk.
First, have a look.
Oh That was a projector W-Wait, no way He's on film?! The Great Demon King finally shows up! And for this completely stupid plot point?! Welcome, comrades.
My name is My name is My name is! Uh Bathim de Emuna Alaindelon Uh Bathim de Emuna Alaindelon Welcome, comrades.
My name is Mister Volleyball.
You're the old dude from before! Why are you talking through a monitor? You think you could hide from us? And something's seriously wrong with that mascot by your side! You even went for full blown HD! Just talk to us in person, damn it! What's with this farce?! Mr.
Volleyball worked to spread volleyball far and wide during the war and We don't give a crap about the back story! I'm really getting chilled here, so get to the point already! Your left hand is only for support! That's basketball! Is this some sort of prank! I'll kill you! I like that youth, that fierce spirit There can be no other reason I've gathered you all.
It was to show you this certain video.
Video? The V for Volleyball is the V for Victory! Now, start! Where is this? This is the place where the 6 Holy Knights are practicing in secret.
Well, just have a look.
They're playing the university volleyball team.
It seems like they were no match for the St.
Ishiyama volleyball team.
So? Does that motivate you a little bit? Hey, hold it Weren't they beginners? Did you see those boobs? The boobs? They were really jiggling Not that We're in trouble, aren't we? Don't you think the duck's ass on specs is way too long? Hey, hold it, old man! Up the volume and play that video again! Sure, I don't mind.
What? Stay quiet and listen.
And like, yeah That duck's ass is totally gross! Totally And he's so lame too I bet he slips his opponents laxatives Yeah, totally! Cowardly or like, bush league! There's no way they'll seriously practice.
Yeah, but if that one with long hair gets serious, he'll be real annoying.
There was an idiot named Kanzaki, but I forgot what he looks like.
Wait, wait You may say that, but the Tojo guy smells like gutter trash! Still, Oga and that baby smell like shit! That's so obviously dubbed over There's no way they'll buy They're buying it big time! This just got interesting Take this! Furuichi, set up the receive! Leave it to me! Over here, Furuichi! Oh, no! Over here! Yo, it's me! Yeah! You're late, Kunieda! No way Louder, you pieces of crap! Well as long as everyone's excited about it Yeah Anyway, your duck's ass is gettin' in the way! Huh? This is my policy! You got a problem with it? Yeah I got a problem! That damn chikuwa tube just got stuck in the net when you went to block! It's just amusing! Cut it off, dolt! C-Come on, you two Kunieda, you tell him too! Tell 'em like "how do you expect to receive like that, heh"? Die! I'm gonna friggin' kill you! And what the hell you mean, chikuwa tube?! Late! Your reaction to "chikuwa tube" is way too late! Well, true It's not a very appropriate outfit for sports Take a look! Hold it! Where do you think you're going? Let him go.
We just need 6 people And he was obviously just holding us back Kanzaki! And I thought we'd finally gotten everyone to take it seriously Himekawa-senpai! Oh? What do you two want? Let's let down your hair.
You've gotta be kiddin' me, you We're not kiddin'.
We're like, totally for reals.
We ain't gonna let anyone drag Madame Aoi down What are you staring at? Let's get practice started.
No, uh Who might you be? It's me, Himekawa.
I'm the Himekawa-san you know and love! Can't you tell by looking at me?! No, we think you look like a completely different person.
Um While we have everyone together, let's decide on the positions.
We need to take best advantage of everyone's strengths to win.
Like, see, there's a position whose main job is receiving.
Did you know? Huh, what's that? I don't like that sort of position.
The libero, yes? There's many restrictions, but they can sub for the back-row players anytime they want A defensive specialist.
The color of their uniform is also slightly different.
Something similar to the team's pivot Team's pivot? Hey, isn't that like a team captain or something? Then I'll do it.
No, I'll do it.
No, I will No But the libero isn't the captain.
Me! I'll be the libero.
You people don't understand anything, right? Come on, Kunieda.
I didn't think you'd be so picky.
You really wanna be captain that bad? That's not it, idiot.
I'm trying to tell you, the libero isn't Furuichi.
I will decide.
There's no going back now.
Come play with me.
That serve could kill! Whoa, the ball exploded! Whoever can return my serve is the libero.
How about that? Fine.
Madame Aoi! Get on with it.
Oh? You'll do it? Interesting.
A jump serve! Over already? That wasn't just fast I couldn't see it at all! That serve was nuts! It buried itself into the wall! There's no way a human could do that! Well, she ain't a human Could you see her panties just now? There's no way to return that! You could see her panties, right? Go to sleep.
One more! Please, serve to me again.
As you wish.
Seeing the ball's path with my eyes will be too late.
The crucial thing is the timing and predicting its path the instant she shoots! Nene! Yes? Let me borrow your hair tie.
Thank you.
Moe Next is sound, presence, the flow of the air Here I go.
Sense them with my skin Look at that! Oga's wife jumped twice as high this time! I do this all the time! S-She returned it! And she did it right up against the net! Chills up my spine, Madame Aoi! You did it! Now then, shall we restart practice? What're you doing? Let's get started.
Guess we'll let you be captain.
Well, I was always more suited for spiking.
By the way, Kunieda-senpai Are your arms okay? I've gotten tired of waiting.
There you have it.
You are the libero and captain.
All in one person.
She Did she plan on this from the start? Here we go! This is lookin' pretty good, actually Wait! You weren't the only ones beaten by the 6 Holy Knights! MK-5 + 1! They show up, now? Look at 'em! They've got matching uniforms! They're experts at pissin' me off! We heard it's a volleyball match.
In that case, we'd be far more suited! Let's have a game! The winner gets to play the 6 Holy Knights.
Do you really think we'll end up today like the usual gag? Yes! Actually! We! Do! MK-5 + Shimokawa = Instant Loss Well, at least they're all athletic.
We can do this! Just a little longer For a man, sometimes you may know you will lose, but still you must fight! What are you saying that all cool like for, Furuichi? And sometimes you have to set up the jokes, even though you know they'll bomb! Don't go making rationalizations! Anyway, make sure not to bomb there.
On the next Beelzebub: There Are Wounds in the Past.
Okay then, set me up for one! Did you say that a friend had wounds in his past? Do you think a kick would heel him? And the joke is? Uh