Beelzebub (2011) s01e33 Episode Script

There Are Wounds in the Past

Miki It's been a long time, Oga.
I'm surprised that we'd meet again like this.
You'll be sure to come, Oga-kun, won't you? It's weird.
You're acting like you know me Who are you, again? Oga! The way you talk really pisses me off.
Is it just you being contrary, or is that really who you are? Either way.
That's the way you push away your friends.
You step on people's trust like it was nothing! Burying Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Burying Kick! I'll show you what a real special attack is.
I'll tell you this ahead of time I can't hold back with this technique.
If it hits, even you won't escape unhurt.
So you'd better make sure to dodge it! That's far enough.
Oga Next time.
Next time I'll crush you.
Get lost, idiot.
Just a little longer Everyone, the competition during the school festival's been decided on! Oh? And? Right It's volleyball.
Volleyball? Volleyball Volleyball! There Are Wounds in the Past.
Not bad, I suppose.
Stop foolin' around, you bastard! What the hell's with the flowing locks, eh? Himekawa's more like, poofy, or silky! It's this way 'cause you assholes complained! Yeah?! Don't "yeah" me! Yer pissin' me off in all kinds o' ways! Say that again, punk! No arguing! Get back in your positions! 'Kay Furuichi, may I have a sec? What is it? Whatever, get over here! What am I doing? Okay, we're going to try this again! 'Kay "What", you ask? Stop to think about it! This isn't right! I just wanna beat the crap outta that shrimp! So why the hell am I playing volleyball? It's not really strange If you lose the volleyball match, you'll be expelled.
You idiot! Why? Open your eyes, Furuichi! They're open! Or more like half closed now! I wanna fight! Who gives a crap about being expelled?! You should! Open your eyes! No, no, no, no, no! I wanna fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Cut the tantrum! You there! What's that sound? Hey.
Was that the special move you were talking about? Let me test it out for ya.
Oga? An afterimage What is? Come on now If you fight or something now What's this? Put this on.
It's no problem if we're sparring instead of fighting, yes? I've gotten bored with volleyball practice myself.
I'll show you, just as you wish The Secret Technique of the Izuma Eight Gods Style! It looks like Miku-kun is practicing in secret You sure about leaving him alone? Yeah I showed it to him.
Maybe I shouldn't have Honestly, it's a technique he's not ready for yet.
But there was no way I could have stopped him from practicing The guy's obsessed with becoming stronger.
Acting like a fool Okay! Begin! Are you ready? Begin! Are you ready? Yeah! Anytime Give me your best shot with this secret technique.
Begin! You never change, do you? Begin! You never change, do you? You'll regret it.
Begin! Why did you betray me back then? Begin! Why did you betray me back then? Don't play dumb.
Three years ago.
At the end of our first year of middle school.
Calm down, Baby Beel! I wanted to ask you, before I defeat you.
Transfer? Really? When? Yeah I'm going to my mother's house in the spring.
In Nara.
Nara? Really? That's really far away Oh, I know that place.
With the Big Buddha! Why are you acting proud to know that? Hey, don't just eat other people's food! The two of us were in different classes, and it was only a few months we'd known each other But the time we spent together was really fun.
So I thought we'd continue to be friends, even if we moved apart.
Huh? What's yer problem? Please give that charm back! You little punk! Oh, this? Here Oopsie, it slipped out of my hand Oopsie, my foot slipped too Stop it! You're makin' me sick, you wimp.
Now play nice! Hey Are these guys your pals? Oga?! It's the Rampaging Ogre from Kata Middle! I was thinking of helping to look for something you dropped, You need help with that? No I'll be fine by myself.
Give it back! What's this? Are you trying to make me laugh? Get your foot off my charm! So, you're Oga? Come on.
You'll fall prey to this hand as well.
Where are you looking? Huh? Why, you I told you to give it back! Um I got that charm from my dad.
My parents are divorced, see, and I'm going to live with my mother.
Oh, so that's why you're transferring.
Anyway, is that wound okay? It's nothing much You got guts.
Weirdo That's the first time I felt you accepted me But it was just my imagination Did you hear? Oga-kun went and did a number on those guys from Mano Middle I heard! That Kiriya guy vowed revenge or something, right? He's as persistent as a snake! Oga-kun! You're all beat up! Why didn't you tell me? It's my fault, right? So we should go together! So, yeah Who are you, again? Are you covering for me? Pretending like we don't know each other, so I don't get involved? It's okay! You don't have to do that! I mean, I'm moving far away in a week anyway! So at least, until the end Oga! Get out here! So, you're Oga! Sure, I may get in your way, but whatever happens I I I'm going to be together with you! Wait, Oga-kun! You act like you know me.
Who are you? W-Why? Get lost! You're a weakling! Get outta my sight! Annoyed Annoyed Annoyed You don't intend to say anything, do you? Annoyed Annoyed Annoyed You don't intend to say anything, do you? Well, fine.
To each his own, I suppose.
That's your answer.
Be Here I come! Begin! Here I come! Begin! B-Baby Beel You were close! So, don't cry What's wrong? Weren't you going to show me your secret technique? Izuma Eight Spirits Style Whirlwind Ax Kick! That was close! Um, you took a direct hit.
Not even close! A tiny tap like that don't phase me, asswipe! Special Move Burying Kick! Your feet Izuma Eight Spirits Style Twin Palm Strike! After that, I vowed to become stronger, no matter what! I'd do anything no matter how hard Izuma Eight Spirits Style Twin Bind Fist! W-Whoa Oga is actually being pushed back! Miki really did get strong! I didn't feel it.
You really didn't think that was gonna end it, did you? Man, that Tojo person and all you delinquents are damn tough Don't worry.
The main event's about to start.
I'm not gonna tell you to dodge it this time.
Is this it? Izuma Eight Spirits Style Secret Technique! Dark Death Warbler! This technique is not yet perfected.
Currently about 70% Yeah, I held back some, but the main problem was that my hands were already injured.
I can't use them again for a little while.
It's harder than I thought to hit a person of flesh and blood Man I can't really call this a victory.
There're two weeks until the school festival.
According to what Izuma told me, after the volleyball, there'll be a place for us to fight.
Before then, I'm going to perfect this technique.
And I'll show you once and for all that I'm stronger than you! Oga and Furuichi never came back, did they? Seriously Get 'em together and they split right back up.
We should deal with those idiots But, I wonder where they went? They left with their gym clothes on, right? Maybe they fought with one of the 6 Holy Knights Got the crap beat out of them Don't kid about that.
I know they're stupid, but they aren't that stupid They're all beat up.
Hold it, you people! Don't tell me you actually got in a fight! Sorry We'll make sure to come to practice tomorrow Please forgive us for today! Wait, Oga! Oga! Miki's gotten crazy strong He must have worked super hard It's okay There's no reason not to talk about what happened three years ago, right? Why?! It don't matter.
Thank you! Sure, come again! Oga! How many jobs do you have? Now here's a rare customer What'll I do you for? Let's fight.
That's a pricey one Oh, yeah The first time we fought was around here So, what happened? You were fine and dandy after taking that shrimp's attack Why, you Crushing Fist! That hurt.
Wait, you're kidding me Did that shrimp give you those wounds? O-Of course not, jerk! These came from You know, a toothache! Really? Yeah, really.
I see.
I said it was a toothache! Well, no choice then! Hey, whoa I'll give you another 2 or 3 cavities! If I got a special move good enough to take you down I can beat that guy! Huh? It didn't hurt at all.
Did you get weaker? Who gives a crap about special moves or whatever All that matters is how strong a guy's arm is! Oga! Looks like yours ain't hurtin' either Liar.
I'm not made for their world They're laughing while punching each other out Wait, Beel! Don't call it! Just look! Oga's clearly way more beat up! You came close Don't pretend like you've won! Let's go, Baby Beel.
Sorry for worrying you But I can see clearly now.
My ultimate special move Well, have a look.
Basically, it's about fighting spirit.
Next time I'll beat that shrimp 'til he's on his knees Volleyball, fighting I'll win them all! Sorry about always asking you for this, Oshizu-san Ooh, that's the spot.
You're too tense.
Go to a real chiropractor! Aren't you jealous? I mean, isn't that hot? What do you think, everyone? It's finally the school festival everyone's been waiting for! It's time to finish things with the 6 Holy Knights! But before that, there's something we must do.
Strategist, please help us with our class's café! Leave it to me! For this day, I gathered data in Akihabara and have taken pictures together with the maids! A maid café?! On the next Beelzebub: Maids Run Amok.
Now then, about next week, Azusa-kun Come again! (We've got maids!)