Beelzebub (2011) s01e34 Episode Script

Maids Run Amok

Oh! St.
Ishiyama School Festival Tasty Yakisoba right here! Here's Dance Heaven! Thanks for waiting! Come shop here! See the Cosplay show! Test your courage in the Haunted House! It sure is different from our middle school festivals! Amazing! Just amazing! Hello everyone.
You probably don't remember me, but I am Oga-san's disciple, Yamamura Kazuya.
And as you can see, our school festival has already begun.
Kazu-kun! I, Azusa, shall be a maid! Welcome back, Master! Maid Café Iced Coffee is ready for Table 5! Maid Café Iced Coffee is ready for Table 5! Okay! Come to our Maid Café! Hey, don't you think business is slower than we expected? You think so? Well, we only just opened.
The crowds will come! You're right.
What's the matter, Kazu-kun? Where's your spirit? It's the school festival! We gotta prance and romp and romp and prance! Right now, I'm a man with worries.
What about? You know that I am Oga's sworn little brother more or less.
But yesterday after school, when I went to the gym to help him practice for volleyball Huh? What're you staring at here?! You're a St.
Ishiyama brat, right? This place is off limits to you! You're an enemy spy? You are gonna get so creamed! Those Red Tail girls just scare me! So you came running back with your tail between your legs? Show some tact! Then you're a beaten dog? That's even worse! Hey, Mister.
Shove off! Huh? If you're not going to help, then take it elsewhere! Shoo! Shoo! Oh, he ran off.
He really did run like a doggy! He seriously is a beaten dog! Maids Run Amok Morning Schedule: 10:00 K-on Club Concert Afternoon Schedule: 1:30 Volleyball Match Finals They're late! Maybe, but the game's not until the afternoon, and Annoyed Annoyed Maybe, but the game's not until the afternoon, and Maybe, but the game's not until the afternoon, and That's no excuse! We have pre-game strategy meetings and such! I mean, if we lose this game, we're all expelled! Nobody's the least bit anxious! That isn't true Madam Aoi! Ishiyama Sports The uniforms are like all made! Ishiyama Sports The uniforms are like all made! Somehow they came in under the wire.
Nice going.
So what do they look like? Madam, this one's yours! Isn't that just a swim suit? Yes! Um Whatever.
What about the guys? Ah.
We just passed Kanzaki-sempai and Himekawa-sempai.
They say they're going to hang out until game time.
Huh? Then what about Oga and Tojo? Haven't seen anything of either one of them.
Then what about Furuichi-kun?! Madam! Oh? He's here? It shouldn't go to waste, so I'm trying it on! There are times when I respect you.
Nice! Enough of all that! Get out there and at least find Furuichi-kun! Here I am! Master Strategist is here! Well, when I heard the cute girls from my graduating year were doing a Maid café, I couldn't stay away! But don't you have a volleyball game? Should you be here? Sure! They already have my brilliant game plan! Have no fear! Cool! Just like a strategist! And thus, perhaps you can show me the pleasures of a maid café! Agreed! I hurt! What the I bid you welcome to our shop.
Our pleasure.
I would have thought that the Six Holy Knights would be scarier! They're so elegant and wonderful! And oh-so handsome! Shizuka is just too beautiful like Shizuka Gozen! Almost unbearable! The Six Holy Knights are running a coffee shop? Is Azusa here? Oh! The doggy is back! Hey, I'm not a dog! But enough about that! You've got trouble, Azusa! You're not getting customers, because the Six Holy Knights have opened a gorgeous, trendy coffee shop, and everybody's there! What?! Of course! But even so That is not all.
Furuichi-san, you're here too? But when you say, "That is not all," what do you mean? I have experienced this shop's welcoming atmosphere, interior design, menu, all aspects and find it wanting! Wait a sec.
What's the deal with this jerk? You two! Yes, Sir? This is your only school festival all year! Do you want it to end as an impoverished, customer-less maid café failure? Huh?! N-No, I I wouldn't, but Yes, Sir! I know all the ins and outs of maid cafés! Therefore do precisely as I say! Furuichi the Strategist is deadly serious! This is great! He's going to spar with the Six Holy Knights even before the volleyball game! Lesson 1: Greetings And so first, we start with how you greet your customers.
Lesson 1: Greetings Lesson 1: Greetings We can't do it just like that! All right, then give us a sample.
Right? Hm.
A sample Welcome back, Master! Yes! That's exactly right, Miss What are you doing there?! Well, I heard that my beloved Master Furuichi was in the market for a sweet little maid! And this was the only place for me! What's that supposed t' be?! Who are you guys?! The takoyaki from your stand is runny and undercooked! But Kyoto-style takoyaki is always chewy and juicy! Never heard of no Komodo-style! And look! It's got seaweed sprinkles stuck to my teeth! This is how my teeth look now! Ahh! I'm so sorry! So our takoyaki is free today, right? Yes, Sir.
As we thought! A school of spoiled rich brats! They're pushovers! So What are we going to get for free next? Would you like to try a maid café? We have a maid café open today! Hey, Missy! Hand over one of them fliers! "Cute Maid Café"? Sounds like fun to me! Right! First we get maids to serve us snacks, then they're our main course! And so Have we cooked our Maid Café Specialty: omelet-rice with the customer's name in ketchup? I don't get it! What's the reason for doing this? I mean, the only reason we're doing this is because we wanted to cosplay as maids a bit.
Mine is finished! How do you like mine, Master Furuichi-sama? Oh! A perfectly written, "Strategist"! ("Chishou") Yes! Yes! This is exactly it! May I thank you for your words of praise? Master Furuichi-sama! Twinkle! This is terrible! The only one with skills is this old man! Azusa made one too! Disgrace ("Chishou") Banzai! Banzai! Strategist! Azusa, You're Airheads can be scary! Yes, well, um Let's leave the omelet-rice there.
Next Yes, what do we have next? You keep me waiting, and here is where I find you! You have it wrong, Queen! I have my reasons! Y-Yes, the volleyball match hasn't started, but the battle with the Six Holy Knights has already begun! Sure, it's just a preliminary bout, but we mustn't back down here! And Oga He's very serious about it! Oga's serious? Could it be that the entire reason Oga was all beat up was due to his strenuous special training?! If so, then I mustn't back down from this fight here! You see my point, Queen? Count me in! So what do we have to do to defeat the Six Holy Knights?! You will need This! Yes! Simply put this on! And now Finally! I hunger for action! And I hunger for food! I just went overboard yesterday.
Before we do any volleyball, we need to fortify ourselves with good eats! Yo! Fire up an okonomiyaki for me! Welcome t' the shop! Maid Café Right Here! See? It's right here! A maid café? Yeah, I'd expect to find him here! We already know you're in here, so you'd better W-Welcome back, Master! Madam Oh, no! Please don't look, Master! What are you doing? I know, but He said it was a preliminary bout with the Six Holy Knights Cute! I get it! You didn't want the swim suit because you wanted a maid uniform instead! Not even close! Yo, ladies.
I knew he'd be here.
Are you ladies interested in battling the Six Holy Knights as well? Shall we? Executive Café Now then It's about time to prepare for the match.
I see no reason to hurry.
After all, our win is assured.
Yes, that's true.
What is the trouble? The students from Teimo Tech broke up my takoyaki stand! They even ran off without paying for their food! What was that?! Please, come save me! Teimo Tech again? What'll we do with them? It seems our time has come.
Strategist, is this I said, what the hell are you here for?! Um, the two of us What about the two of you?! Nothing Just that we were hoping for you to say, "Welcome back, Master.
" When did I ever rank lower than you two creeps?! We're so sorry! So what is it ya want?! Hurry up and decide! Um Um How about your, "100% Love Infused Hand-Squeezed Orange Juice? Here.
Drink! Drink it! B-But S-Sure! I'm drinking it down now! Wait up! Stop! Wait for me! Oh, Master! Oh, please, Master! Wait for me! Yes, as I thought, my true one-and-only Master must be Furuichi-dono! Oh, wait! This is one of the worst mistakes in my career! If this goes on And yet another Master has arrived! Yes! Welcome back, Master? Ah, yes Uhh I shall eat this, "Cute Patissiere's Hand-Made Yumeiro Panna Cotta.
" Yes! With pleasure! One Panna, coming up! One Panna, all ready! Hilde-san! If it isn't Annoyichi? Please rescue me! "Rescue," you say? Yes! I'm begging you to wear this and help out the café! There is no position higher in the world of maids than that of the Lady's Maid! Otherwise known as the "Lady in Waiting"! Huh? A bit of trivia? Fine! You want to know what, "service to one's Master," truly means? This Demon in Waiting shall beat that lesson into you! Eh? Ah Um Hey.
Well? What do you think? Think about what? Next, I want the Pork & Extra Egg Special.
I'm asking if we're predicted to win! Next, I want the Mixed Special.
All I can say is just you wait for our afternoon match.
Ah! Next a Squid Spe Here! Amazing! He's gone 12 plates so far! H-How can a human eat 12 okonomiyaki in three minutes?! Is he a monster? Next, one with pollock roe! Here! So? Where's this Maid Café supposed to be? It'd be in a classroom right in this area What is with that maid café?! Nothing should be that scary! Yes! Come on in! Come on in! Over there, huh? We'll go let the cute maids treat us like kings! Count me in! Eight Masters, weary from their journey, are in the house! Welcome back, Master.
Is this really a maid café?! Looks way too pricey Y-Yeah, but what the hell? We'll just make sure we have fun our way! Hey, you maid over there! Huh? Ya mean me? Right! We're takin' pictures! But we don't mean just any kinda picture! We mean the kinda picture that makes guys say, "Mu ha ha"! Yeah, why not? Now that's a gal who knows what I want! Let's get that shot! Okay! You're free to take any picture from any angle that your heart desires! Don't give us that kinda crap! What kind of creepy maid café is this?! Do your worst! Take this place apart! Worthless trash! It seems you are just like all of the other customers.
You are not masters fit for our service! What kind of talk is that to say to your Master?! Fine! Then I shall gift you with the world's greatest present! Oh? You're finally going to give us the service we deserve?! But be aware! This present is made in the underworld! All right, get 'em! Who were those people?! You bastard, watch where you're Just who is this? Now who were those rude words directed at? It's you! Ishiyama's TKKH! Do you want a Double Heel Kick? It may be the perfect way to warm up just before a match.
This is bad! Damn it! You ass! You're in my way! Oh? More of 'em! But why?! Damn it! I don't care anymore! D-Don't hurt me! What was with them?! Treating us like we're monsters or something.
Oga? Yo.
And Tojo too? What're you all wearing that getup for? Uh, you know! It's a really long story.
But you guys! Where have you been all this time? I had food.
I made food.
Kanzaki? Himekawa and Natsume are over there too.
Something wrong with bein' here? Yo.
Just you wait! I got dozens of mates right here! If we all ganged up and By, "mates," could you mean these? We don't allow willful violence at this school.
E-Even the 6 Holy Knights? My last resort! I'll call It hurts! Please spare me! Oh, the pain! Now, it seems we're all here.
The time for our match is fast approaching.
You're late.
I'm lookin' forward to this! So much that I came up with an ultimate, never-fail attack.
Hey, Furuichi-san! What is it, Yamamura-kun? Wasn't that amazing? Nobody would've thought the TKKH and the 6 Holy Knights would both muster before the game! True, I suppose.
Now, I too must be off to the game I know who you are.
You're old man Alaindelon, right? I see you every day in my own house Huh? Oh? What can this be?! Are you here to give me a cheer before my big game? Our whole café is broken to pieces, and it's all your fault! What'll you do to make up for it?! Nooo! Um Can we Master? Hang in there! Oh? It can be hard! It can be sad! But in this coat, how can I cry? Don't cry! (Attack!) Your singing doesn't help either! On the next Beelzebub: Time for the Game to Begin! But I can't hold back the tears! Yes, you are moved to tears! After all, he's just a ghoul! I told you not to cry, didn't I?! (Attack!) On this court, there's a demon living inside!