Beelzebub (2011) s01e35 Episode Script

Time for the Game to Begin

Time for the Game to Begin! Hurry! Hurry up! And now, St.
Ishiyama Festival presents, an exhibition match between Ishiyama and St.
Ishiyama representatives.
Let us begin! Both teams, line up! Thank you for your patience! Presenting the Ishiyama festival's main event! A volleyball match between the Six Holy Knights and Ishiyama's JD Squad! Broadcaster I have been requested by the committee to do play-by-play.
Furuna Taeko of the Broadcast Club.
An our color commentator is former volleyball club member, Hatakeyama-sempai! Hold up a sec, 'kay? I'm getting in character! Um Right.
The origins of this match drew from a conflict between students.
The Six Holy Knights risk their authorization! And for Ishiyama, a loss means no less than expulsion! So each cannot afford to lose! Meow! Eh? That's your character? Meow! Meow! Meow! Oh! Both teams are glaring at the other! Mr.
Club President, we're all behind you! They're just delinquents! Run up the score for us! Izuma-sempai! Shi-zu-ka! Shi-zu-ka! We really must thank you.
Thanks to you people, this year's St.
Ishiyama festival has been a smashing success.
What'cha talkin' about? We didn't do nothin'! No, seriously.
With you playing the part of the bad guys, the student body is supporting us for a change.
Up until now, they were more afraid of us than anything else.
So thanks for today.
Let's give them the best game they've ever seen.
You may be right.
But I think you're counting this as a "smashing success" a little too early.
And we have the handshake between captains! I never expected the delinquent team to accept a sporting gesture! Nooo! Not Izuma-san! Don't touch them, Ishiyama! Now jeers from the crowd! Well, Hataykeama-san, do you think those delinquents possess a trace of sportsmanship? I was a fool to even ask.
And with pre-game formalities done, each team takes their positions! Hey, Ref! Let's get this thing started.
Um You intend to play the game like that? The Ref brings up a very pertinent question.
Well said, sir! To tell the truth, I was wondering whether to make sarcastic comments myself! It's against the rules? "Against the rules"? What I'm asking is are you sure you want to? Such a silly question, sir.
He's the Baby on Board Brawler who won't even put down the child for a fight.
I'm impressed.
But why is he nude? Unexpectedly, they aren't objecting! W-Well If neither team has an objection, then I'll allow it.
Now it's legal! Master! So, everything is settled between the two sides.
Let the Six Holy Knights vs.
Ishiyama, three-set exhibition volleyball match begin! First serve goes to the Six Holy Knights.
Star of the boxing club, Shinjo serving! Shinjo is amazing! The "spike serve" is rare even among volleyball club members, but he did it with ease! If you take my lines, why am I here? Your character can talk?! Is it too much serve for Ishiyama to return? Th-They blocked it! The Six Holy Knights take the initiative, but Ishiyama proves to be no pushover! Tojo.
Now Shinjo does another jump serve! And somehow Kunieda managed to dig it out! It goes to Oga! Husssh Foul.
Why?! What else did you expect?! This isn't basketball! Now the crowd is really revved up! We're nearing the mid-point of the first set, and a slight lead has opened up! With the ones in the lead being the Six Holy Knights! Those jerks got some skills.
Suddenly I'm all fired up! Yeah, but You two are the reason we're losing.
You're not making sense.
Explain using simple words! Don't cover the ball, hold the ball, hide the ball, or jump the net.
Simple enough? Busting the ball? No! What'd you expect? Cut the crap, you creeps! What was that?! You wanna take me on? Any time, pal! What good is it to commit a foul when you're doing it so obviously? You utter fools! No That isn't the point Ishiyama Team, let's get the game going.
Yes, sir! We need a time-out, Ref.
Whoa! Ishiyama team takes a time out here! Here you go, Sempai! We've got towels too.
Izuma-kun, I have a question for you.
What now? You can be scary, Shizuka-san.
You've made provisions for what happens afterwards, right? That boy won't accept any half-baked excuses.
Oh, you mean that! Now, whatever shall I do? Come on, Izuma-kun! Well, whatever happens.
As long as we're having fun now, right? Besides, I'm sure they'll do our work for us! Ow! I can never match up to you, Shizuka-san.
No violence, right? I love it when we play amateurs.
They'll self-destruct for us.
After all, they don't even know the rules.
What's the deal? Now they're opening up a lead! Yeah, that's only natural when you're playing delinquents.
They got no stamina! Now, the time out has come to an end! And both teams take their positions! So what new plan has the Ishiyama team come up with? What? Never mind.
Just go and serve! Yeah, come on! What are they plotting? Not another foul? A foul is only a foul if it breaks the rules.
But we have a special rule that was made especially for us.
Kunieda! It's mine! Receiver! It's yours! Right! Here we go! A combination attack? Whoa! What's this?! Hey, they can't be using that advanced an attack! Oga dashes in front of Natsume to hide the set! Which one? From behind! It'll be Oga! Wha? It seems Oga was set up from behind and is going on the attack! Fail.
That's not the ball! It's in bounds! What a dirty er smart play! Ishiyama used their seventh player, the baby, a decoy! Th-That's a foul, Ref! There's no way that play can be allowed! Hey, quit it with the false accusations.
At the very start, you accepted Oga and the kid both as a single player.
So there isn't a rule in the world preventing that.
I'm pretty sure there is Father/Son Time Delay! Baby Block! And the Golden Pacifier of Mystery! Amazing! Far too amazing! That is truly a super baby! This isn't volleyball anymore! Who could have predicted a twist such as this! It's gone beyond "cheating" and into "refreshing" territory! That kid is so cute! It's gone beyond "cheating" and into "refreshing" territory! It's gone beyond "cheating" and into "refreshing" territory! Go little sweetie! It's set point for Ishiyama! Yes! We can do this! That's right! This could be bad.
Come on! Is this the very final rally of the first set? Can't have that.
No, we certainly can't.
I was going to give you a normal volleyball game for the first set.
So what happens now is your fault.
The Izuma Eight-God School.
They say it was a fighting sword technique from the Warring States Period.
But when it incorporated elements of Baji Quan, it evolved into a unique school of martial arts.
It has a wide variety of attacks that make use of Hakkei to heighten the power to its upper limits.
Of course, it was never intended to be used in volleyball.
Look at that! Heavy! And another serve too powerful to dig out! That brings the first set to an end! And the winners are the Six Holy Knights! Your arms have really gotten red.
Are you all right? Yes.
That four-eyed cretin.
What is with that serve? You really should give those arms some time off.
Madam Aoi, bet you can't even lift your arms.
She's right.
Furuichi! Fill in for a while.
No, no, no, no! Impossible! I'd die! There's no way I could return a serve like that! That was a serve that even Kunieda-sempai couldn't dig out! You think I could Don't you want to see the really amazing cheer I came up with for you? Furuichi! Furuichi! Furuichi! Yes, amazing! Of course I'll stand in.
We're beginning Set 2! It's do or die for Ishiyama! But can they turn this around?! Look, the Ishiyama team has made a substitution! Substituting for Kunieda is Furuichi! What's with the "how do you like me now" face?! I've figured out how to manipulate him! In any case, until we find a way to return that serve, we can't win! Just hold out until the numbness in my arms goes away! Everybody! Here I go! There's Furuichi with a weak underhand serve! The Six Holy Knights follow up with a set and spike! Hey! Kunieda, I shall ask a question of you.
What do you think of that man? All of a sudden Furuichi, idiot! "That man.
" W-Well, what do you think of him? Are you really that concerned a-about him? Yes.
Of course, that man is not my only concern.
That man Izuma has a power that ordinary men do not possess.
However, is it the power of demons? Presently I sense no demonic power.
I-I have to say that I am concerned.
But it isn't You know! Like I mean, like any good classmate! It isn't like I'm in l-l-l-l-l-love or anything like that! I admit it's fun being with him B-But I just mean in a sense of like, being with everybody, you know? I see.
This is the first time we've ever done something like play volleyball all together like this.
But if we lose expulsion? I don't want to see this class come to an end.
Incredible! Just too incredible! No one can stop Izuma! He's a monster! Just what a student-body president should be! Their lead has gone from big to one-sided! Is Ishiyama on their last legs? It seems our match is drawing to a close.
It's been a while since we heard from you.
But how about saying something original.
You all are just apes! Says the worst of us all! Ya wanna go, punk? What was that? Stop it! It seems the libero is putting herself back in! Kunieda? Are you healed up? Everyone, listen up! I'm going to dig out every ball from now on.
Every one.
Every one! So you guys We're going to win this! Oh! What just happened?! Suddenly the Ishiyama team looks set and determined! I admit it.
Your serve is incredible.
Its power, once felt, is enough to make me tremble! But But you don't hold a candle to Hilde-san! Sh-She dug it out! This is the first time anyone has manged to field Azuma's serve! Right! Come on! Are you trying to decoy us again with that kid?! To hell with complicated strategy! Wha--? And Ishiyama's attack shows no let-up! From Natsume to Tojo! Kunieda digs out another! Then to Kanzaki to Himekawa! Wait! Who?! Way to go! Is it just my imagination, Hatakeyama-san? Or is the Ishiyama team suddenly looking much better than before? I think you've finally gotten your character.
Once you get into the fight, you get stronger! Isn't that the essence of street punks? Maybe that's what happened.
If so, then get meow-tivated from the start! They have finally combined to become one.
Wait a minute? Isn't Ishiyama, like, a good team? I just dismissed them as delinquents, but That long-hair looks kinda cool! Go, go! Ishiyama! You're pretty good! I'll root for you! Hang in there, both teams! BoB Brawler! You can work as a team! Kunieda-san! Ladies and gentlemen, just listen to this crowd! I can't help it! I'm moved to tears! Now with the points differential reversed, it's Ishiyama's set point! Not an inch of wriggle room for either team! Our score: 27 to 28! It is now Ishiyama's fifth match point! Oh, no! Himekawa's serve got away from him! It looks like an opportunity for the Six Holy Knights! Go! Decide this thing now! Izuma with a full-body spike! And it's blocked! Kunieda is going after it, but she'll never make it! Yes! Wh-What?! It's Oga! He left his position and is trying to field the ball! Burying Attack! It It's in bounds! It counts! An unbelievable return shot left the Six Holy Knights frozen in place! Final Score: 27 to 29! The winners of this volleyball exhibition match are, none other than the Ishiyama team! All right! They did it, Nene-san! And with this, the Ishiyama students' expulsion is rescinded! The Master And with this, the Ishiyama students' expulsion is rescinded! And with this, the Ishiyama students' expulsion is rescinded! Yes! Dammit! Miki Forgive me! It's It's my fault! If I had watched his movements Dummy! We play as a team, right? Can you stand? You always seem to surprise me.
Both teams, come to the center! That was terrific! Ishiyama, congratulations! And the Six Holy Knights made a good showing too! Well, well It seems we lost.
You're Kunieda? I'll remember you.
It's you I lost to.
It was a good game.
Let's do it again sometime.
No way! I can see why Hisaya is so anxious to get revenge on you.
Well, your turn is coming up soon Wait! What do you think you're doing?! Give me back my mic! Hey! All are equals on the sports field.
All drench themselves in sweat.
All overflow with passion! What's with him?! And when one's desperate efforts have been left on the field, Enmity is left there as well.
And all that's left is the mutual respect of Ishiyama and St.
Is that the deal? That crap don't suit you, so don't do it, Oga! It's him! This is bad, Oga! Kiriya's back and he's coming after you! Don't he ever learn? You gotta just take it, Oga! You won the match, so if you fight here, it's expulsion again! Now is when Oga's secret past is revealed! And the truth about Miki too! Oh?! Oga's secret past, you say?! Next time on Beelzebub: Finally, the Deciding Battle! And what of the forbidden love between Oga and Miki?! "F-Forbidden love"?! Nothing like that in the story.