Beelzebub (2011) s01e36 Episode Script

The Victory has Finally Arrived

It's in bounds! An unbelievable return shot left the Six Holy Knights frozen in place! And with this, the Ishiyama students' expulsion is rescinded! Yes! It was a good game.
Let's do it again sometime.
You're still going Wait! What do you think you're doing?! All are equals on the sports field.
All drench themselves in sweat.
All overflow with passion! That crap don't suit you, so don't do it, Oga! Finally, the Deciding Battle! That's Kiriya! You surprise me, Oga.
Never thought you'd end up at a school like this And the top members of the Ishiyama gang playin' volleyball?! Why are you wastin' your time with this crap?! Huh? What was that?! Would you mind leaving? This is no place for someone like you.
I'm sorry to hear that, Mr.
6 Holy Knight Alla' ya's pipe down! You've got nothin' to do here.
Everybody in this gym is our hostage.
You wanna get your ass kicked?! If you see my point, be a good little boy.
Who the hell is he? Kiriya, the Viper He was a notorious thug back in Mano Middle School.
But he moved away a long time ago Did something happen between him and Oga? What the hell do you want, Kiriya?! Have I met you somewhere before, punk? What?! Hey! You got business with me? "Business"? What, you talk like a wuss now, Oga? I came here to demolish your life Is that right? Hey! Listen to me! You know how long I've waited for this day?! To pay you back for these scars and the humiliation Get that out of the way! Shut up! It's been a while since I thought I found a real evil bastard But you disappoint me! Hey, girly! Yes? balls?! That's ridiculous! I'll pay you 800 for 'em.
I-I'm sorry, but Mikagami We got the word.
Sounds like Kiriya's gettin' started.
Let's go.
At least let me have a snack first Somebody, let me borrow some money.
Please, drop it.
How poor are you? I'll make you grilled rice balls later on.
You never change, Oga.
But that's what makes gettin' revenge on you worth it.
For starters, let's see I think I'll have you get expelled.
That's what was ridin' on your volleyball game, wasn't it? You won, you breathed a sigh of relief But too bad.
I showed up.
All your efforts just went out the window.
You just clocked me in front of everybody.
Hey! What do you think about that, teach?! It was an act of violence, wasn't it? I wouldn't go that far.
Hah?! What are you, blind?! But if I hear any more threats, there certainly will be consequences.
Of course, that goes for you too, Teimou.
Storming into another school and fighting will be reported to the police.
Sure, right? Man, I'm so scared to get expelled, maybe I'll go home As if Like I'd say that?! Oga! I don't give a crap about that! Expulsion, the cops If I can bring you down with me, I don't care where I go.
Hit me.
You will hit me Bring me down with you? Go by yourself, dumbass.
Hold it.
If you go out there, you'll make Oga-chan's self-restraint meaningless.
The volleyball victory, too But If Oga-chan can keep himself in check, we can't afford to flip out.
Oga What's wrong, Oga? You're not makin' a peep.
Well, guess it wouldn't be so bad to just beat you senseless Don't worry, Beel.
Attacks from a jackass like this aren't even as bad as mosquito bites.
Hey! Now we're talkin'.
Let's see how long you can keep toughin' it out.
That's enough outta you! Hey, what the hell'd you do to my bat? You were listenin' before, right? You don't care what happens to all these students? Fight me, Kiriya! Why are you getting revenge now? It was If you're getting revenge for three years ago, you should be fighting me, too! Idiot Were you there with Oga back then? Oh yeah, that's right.
Sure of it.
I gave you those wounds, didn't I? You were such a small fry I forgot about you.
What?! Why now, you ask? Didn't have much choice.
Family matters, you see.
I moved away right afterwards.
To Nara.
Nara? That's the same as me But I don't forget the humiliation I received.
I don't care how long it takes to chase you down, I'll make you pay.
So, that's why I'm back like this.
If Oga knew about that If he knew Kiriya would come for revenge in a place he couldn't reach You guys are late! Sorry, our bad.
It was our first school wide festival, so we were having fun! What? You aren't fighting yet? That's Oga, but But there's got to be some mistake.
He's tiny.
Who are they? Teimo's Shadow Group.
As I figured, they're working for the Viper now.
I was a fool! So yeah Who are you, again? Stop acting like you know me Who are you? And I never found out the truth I hated Oga?! Get outta here, weakling! Yer an eyesore! But he was always just protecting me! Now, die! You're the one's who're gonna get it Ah well, guess we'll have to fight some other time.
Let's clean these guys out already, Miki.
My name Ah well, guess we'll have to fight some other time.
Let's clean these guys out already, Miki.
He I want to get stronger! I want to be someone that people can look up to! Hisaya If that's the reason you seek strength I think that's the first time you've called me by my name.
But Could you call me "Hisaya", instead? No way.
Why not?! 'cause that's gross, dude.
Gross? Sorry to interrupt, but you don't have time to be getting distracted.
My glasses are ruined.
They're not intimidated at all! They're the Shadow Group.
They're the warring faction that ruled Teimo before I showed up.
They're like, the Four Kings of Teimo.
The Baldy Group? Hey, you! We get that all the time, but don't misunderstand! This is a skinhead! It's fashion! Yeah, but I'm bald.
Yeah, so am I.
You traitors! These guys are strong.
Now you two have a nice little fight with them and get yourselves expelled.
Hold it! I'll help you out! No can do, Shizuka-san.
This is Hisaya's fight.
That's right, Kunieda-senpai.
Plus, did you forget about the hostage? That's right.
If you guys make one wrong move, the entire student body's gonna be wrapped up in it.
If you want to, just stay put, watch, and learn.
One wrong move, eh? Izuma-kun When they start at it, people are gonna watch, for sure.
You sure? I couldn't handle them all myself.
I'll handle that big guy and the lightweight.
You take the two over there.
After the attack we head toward Kiriya.
You up for it? Yeah! Sheesh Looks like they're underestimating us.
If does seem like you know some fighting techniques, however Couldn't you tell the difference in our strength just from that 1 previous attack? You sure you wanna look away? Death Trigger! Finished yet? Special attack! Super Burying Punch! True Dark Death Warbler! Don't tell me Was that your new special move? Yeah.
I call it my Super Burying Punch.
Didn't all you do is add super to the name? Not bad Didn't think it'd come to this But playtime is over.
I still have my hostage- Sorry.
We already finished.
Disgusting pigs! Impossible! How did they, in such a short time? You said something about chasing you down and making you pay, right? Interesting.
Go ahead and try.
But I'll have you know Just try and hang around near me and act like a pain.
You're the one who'll regret it! A demon! Let's go all out, for a change, Baby Beel! Don't! Zebel Blast! What was that? Don't tell me Wake up.
I just grazed you.
Don't go playin' possum on me.
What's with him? I can't believe this, not at all! I've gotten myself in real Wait, I know! I'll get up, it's just I've gotten myself in real Wait, I know! I'll get up, it's just Okay! I'm awake! Take everyone and get outta here, all of you.
Demon And if you don't, then I'll turn everyone into mincemeat! The Demon King! K-Kiriya-san! Dad! Dad! The Demon King is coming! Save me, Mommy! I feel sorry for the guy.
What was that just now? The floor's burnt That guy's got facepaint on? Now, this is trouble.
We can't go making excuses to get out of this one I've had a feeling about this for a while But that kid really isn't normal! Okay you all, a round of applause.
Wow, that was amazing.
Our special program, "Fighting Illusion"! What're you all doing standing there slack jawed, people? You all thought it was a real fight? Nope, not at all.
I figured you would have caught on with the special effects from that last attack.
S-Special effects? Y-You mean you were putting us on? Yeah, Shizuka-san.
This trick sure took a lot of work to set up, isn't that right? Right.
But it was a great success! Everyone, let's give a great big round of applause to the people from Teimo High for helping, too! What's this? We were totally fooled! And the star of today's event, The Oga family! Another big round of applause! It was amazing! Baby, look at me! Is that so? When did he You okay, Miki? Yeah You owe me for today.
You can't go showing your demon power that much You're We managed to avoid getting expelled, at least.
You know, it's always so lonely after the end of school festivals Madam Aoi is late.
I wonder where she went? Maybe she finally went to Oga's place to confess! She couldn't have! Hey, I was just kidding.
Don't joke about something like that It's strange, you know? What is? It's strange, you know? What is? It's Oga.
He brings a baby and his wife to school, fights like a demon, and somehow had time to plot with the glasses boss guy? I can't think that scuffle before was all an act.
Demon's power? You sure that's what he said? What is he? Is he a friend of yours? Ooh, a school festival! This brings back memories.
I wonder if that problem-child of mine is having a good time goin' wild Finally, that man comes around! The man with the same Zebel Spell as Oga! The guy that once looked after Tojo? Zen-san, I've been hoping to see you.
The carpenter? That's Gen-san.
That jack of all trades? That's Gin-san.
On the next Beelzebub: That Man was a Teacher! I know! It's the awkward person! That's Ken-san! Plus this joke is too old, kids won't get it! For those kids who don't get it, ask your parents.