Beelzebub (2011) s01e37 Episode Script

This Man is a Teacher

Just try and hang around near me and act like a pain.
You're the one who'll regret it! Let's go all out, for a change, Baby Beel! Zebel Blast! This brings back memories.
I wonder if that problem-child of mine is having a good time goin' wild What's up, Baby Beel? You're on cloud nine today You want me to sing, too? "Whee!!" my butt! I ain't singing, dork! Man Damn you, Hilda You can't go showing your demon power that much Who the hell is that four-eyes, anyway? He split out of there without explaining anything.
And what about her job as Demon Maidservant?! I had to do everything for Baby Beel this morning all on my own! Did the bitch abandon him or what? I told you I ain't singin'! Something's definitely odd Madame Aoi Whatcha doing, huh? You're actin' crazy strange! Nothing! Don't tell me you're finally gonna confess to Oga-chi, right? No, you can't! I don't accept him yet! That's not it! That Man Was a Teacher! Oh, my I've been around in my day, but you just can't beat Japanese schools.
Who is that? An acquaintance of the Principal.
A-A teacher, right? Especially the uniforms I can't get enough of them.
It's the Baby on Board Brawler! Those magic tricks were really something! Beel-chan, want a candy? Well, I wasn't sure how things'd go for a bit, but Baby Beel's identity seems to be safe.
All's well that ends well.
Come on, wave those hands! Shut up.
I ain't in the mood.
I gotta ask what that four-eyes was up to.
Um We have a little favor to ask It's true that Oga helped a lot during the volleyball match, but that's not enough for me to accept I told you! It's not like that, okay? I just don't think all that fuss yesterday was some trick is all! Hey, seems like the BoB Brawler is doing more magic tricks! Seriously? Another illusion? Don't tell me Like what happened yesterday I can't do any damn magic tricks! Just tell 'em that! Tell 'em that yesterday wasn't some trick.
Idiot! If you admit your Demon powers or whatnot in front of all these people, you'll create another scene, and then what? And anyway, they wouldn't believe you! Then how about we ignore them? You wanna turn down the request of a young lady?! Look here, you Anyway! Just do something.
Illusion! He flew! He flew farther than I could even imagine! Wow! Illusion! Except it's just his usual violence Um, excuse me Kunieda-san, is it? What's up? I have something I need to ask.
It's about what happened yesterday.
What was that? I told you, it was an illusion.
Just a trick, that's all.
Oga-kun helped me out with it.
I don't think that's what it was at all.
You know something about Oga-kun and that baby, don't you Senpai? What's this, Kunieda-san? Are you that interested in Oga-kun? No, that's not it, see I just want to know who he really is, and Madame Aoi I think Oga-chi would say yes even without all the prep-work, you know.
I'm telling you that's not how it is! That girl has good instincts.
But what will he do himself? Shizuka I never thought you'd seek me out, Tora.
I thought we would continue to act like we didn't know each other at school.
Tell me what classroom he's in, Shizuka.
He? The one with the glasses.
Our fight ain't over yet.
Teachers' Office We've got trouble! Those Ishiyama kids are at it again on the roof! Again? And right after yesterday Should we call the police? The roof? You mean, above where we are? I figured that you'd come.
But I didn't think you'd join in Good timing, you have.
Tojo Stand the hell back.
Me and him got things to talk about.
Do it later, Oga.
Get in my way, and I'll beat you first.
Don't go arguing about stupid things.
Both o' you can come at me at once.
Fine by me! Hey, people.
It's time for homeroom! You're There you have it.
Saotome Zenjuro I'm gonna be your homeroom teacher starting today.
Name's Saotome.
R-Really? Principal's Office R-Really? You're saying I'm not assigned to Ishiyama any more? Yes Actually this is how I always planned it.
You were just a stopgap until he came.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that.
Oh, no! Not a problem at all! You seem happy about this.
W-Well B-By the way, what is he like, this new teacher? A bit of a drifter, but really something.
Saotome Zenjuro.
A legendary teacher who graduated from Ishiyama High School.
What the matter? You guys seem down in the dumps! You pieces of crap! Um We didn't hear anything about having a new teacher What's your name? Kunieda.
I see.
You're a cute piece of crap.
Got a boyfriend? Hold it there, bub! Yer actin' pretty damn familiar with Madame Aoi there, punk! You wanna get sued for sexual harassment, Teach? Gang clothes, huh? That sure brings back memories Hands off! Why, you Looks like you've got some spunk after all! Look, if anyone else has something to say, don't just sit there, come at me swingin'! You're in high school! Nothing good'll come from just sittin' there quietly! You pieces of crap! Is this guy really a teacher? Saotome-sensei! It's about Oga-kun Did something happen? Well, he's kind of all beat up.
Romantic comedy, is it? You interested in Oga? T-That's not it, see Enough! Madame, where are you going? I'll do my own investigating! Where am I? What's yer name?! I see.
Now that you mention it, I was punched by some crazy old dude.
As we figured.
What the hell was with that guy? I'd never taken a punch that powerful Plus, that guy's our homeroom teacher now.
Teacher? Right.
You were unconscious.
When he brought you and Tojo in, it shocked everyone.
And where is Tojo? He left when he came to.
Guess he couldn't take it.
Shit, he ain't here! Tora! I heard.
Izuma-kun and Oga-kun were both beaten, too? Yeah Then could it be It's Zen-san.
Can't be anyone else.
He's come back! The pieces of crap did a really number here As I thought It really is singed This is way too big a scale for some trick.
They even opened up a dimensional hole.
Without this, the whole school would've been blown away.
Not sure they knew or not, but it's a counter-reaction that minimized the extent of the physical damage.
He's messed up, but he's still a demon lord.
I guess 10%'ll do.
Strong humans might be able to sense it, but I got no choice.
Whether it's a Demon or a serpent, when I open up this box, all comers What's with you, old man? I told ya not to move! Oh, pardon me.
I really don't like this model We told you not to move! What's that? Above there? Looks like I got a cute Demon Maidservant coming for me again Fiend Are you an agent of Behemoth? Hey, now! What do you think you're doing all of a sud- Don't dodge the question.
No one would do something like this just for fun.
Just to warn you If you intend harm to the young Master, I will strike you down right here! Really, Miss? White? You damn piece of crap I just fixed that.
I think you're misunderstanding something, Miss.
I didn't come here to pick a fight with you.
So be it.
Whoa, there! You're going to do a Demonword Summon right here? What's that? Begone.
That hurt, you piece of crap! Whoa, there Fool, you want to blow away the entire gymnasium? It's up there.
You curious too, Baby Beel? Impossible Spellmaster Plus that's the Royal Crest! Sorry, but you won't be able to move for a while.
Don't feel so down on yourself! I think you were pretty strong for a Demon Maidservant not under contract.
Oh, right Let me give you a warning.
The young Master and that bad-boy, Oga was his name? They need to be careful.
If they don't get stronger, and soon, they're gonna die.
Piece of crap My best duds are all dirty now! Wait.
Who the hell are you? Isn't it obvious? Your teacher.
Come to school tomorrow, you piece of crap.
That's not what I asked! What do you think of the Lord of Flies youngest child? He's totally no good.
That's asking for trouble, isn't it? Well, I did give them a warning.
You think he'll come? Yeah, he probably will.
You can never tell with that guy.
Sounds like we've got a new character next week! And this time it's someone from the Demon World! Like, Angelica-san's big sister? Lamia's older sister who happens to be a beautiful nurse?! Neither seems right.
Then who in the world is coming? On the next Beelzebub: The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun! Sibling rivalry? Don't tell me Alaindelon has an older brother? You'd want that? No, not at all.