Beelzebub (2011) s01e38 Episode Script

The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun

"Mukashi, otoko, uwikauburishite, nara no miyako, Note: The first lines of the Ise Monogatari, a set of classical Japanese poems "Mukashi, otoko, uwikauburishite, nara no miyako, kasuga no sato ni, shiruyoshi shite, kari ni inikeri.
" Note: The first lines of the Ise Monogatari, a set of classical Japanese poems Hey, one of you guys try translating that.
Um, Sensei? It's time for world history right now Whoops, my mistake.
Well, who cares? What a pain.
You there, Oga.
Translate it.
Huh?! You're forcing me? Just translate it! A man like, you know He got on the back of a wild boar piglet And headed to Nara, I think? Oh? Shut it, idiot! Try speaking Japanese! The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun Huh? Wha Crap, I left my cellphone! What the heck are you doing, stupid-ichi? Oh, shut up People who say "stupid" are the stupid ones! I'll go get it on the double, so you just wait right there! Wait there! Sure, whatever.
You'd better wait for me! Baby Beel, hold out a bit for that croquette.
I have something I want to ask you.
Answer me.
Who is that kid, exactly? Who is he? Um Where should I start? I guess from his name Yup.
The name is definitely important.
Okay! If I remember right, his name is super long Um, like "something something" Beel "something something"? Come on, remember! Beel, Beel Berlin? Um, Oga? Wait a sec, just a little bit Beel, Bela, Belo I know that he's not Oga's kid.
And neither is he Hilda-san's She calls him "Young Master" Then who is he, actually? Why are you taking care of him? What was that power? Zebel Blast! Plus, Hilda-san What was that? That's not normal, no way.
Now, out with the truth, Oga! B-Beel Belmark! Wait, that's not it.
This is I've stumbled on a real scene here! Is this a confession? Could she be confessing? Is this what they mean by take Furuichi Ear! What's the problem? He's no normal baby, right? She's asking him about Baby Beel? Well he did do a real number back then Guess it's only obvious she'd get suspicious.
Which means Hey, what're you gonna do, Oga? Is the jig finally up? You gonna blab about the Demons or Demon Lords and whatnot? And besides Can you even explain properly? God, what a pain! Baby Beel, answer her yourself! He totally bailed to the Beel! Da? Da.
Da? Da not! Oh, Furuichi.
Are you an idiot? Are you a total idiot? Da ain't gonna cut it! Why're you acting like you actually explained anything, blockhead?! Kunieda-senpai, don't let them get away with that! You let that slide, and god knows what chaos they'll devolve into! Uh, okay? Great timing! What was his name again? That was the sticking point? There's no way you believe it, right? Your mistake was asking those guys in the first place! You know? But of course! His name is Kaiser Kaibeel ze huh? Kaibeelzebub the 4th? No, that's not it I know Bellbottom the 3rd! The Prince of the Denim Kingdom? Then, Bellboy the 3rd? Is that a high position or not? Belgian waffles sure are tasty! That is definitely true, but we're just brainstorming now, aren't we? Great! Then putting it all together How about Belmark Kaibeelzebub Bellbottom & Bellboy plus Belgian Waffle the 35th?! What? I don't get You just make it up as you go along, huh? Get off your high horse! You forgot it, too! Kaibeel my ass! Well, excuse me! We've only heard his full name like, twice! Let's just call him Waffle! Oga, 15 meters! Oh, crap! Yeah, that'd make him angry.
Kaiser Emperana Beelzebub the 4th, yes? There there You mustn't go making the Great Demon Lord's son cry.
Hilda-san? You are such a rude man.
Please don't place me on par with that wench.
Furuichi? So you are Oga Tatsumi-kun? I'm sorry Oga! Would you please die? How horrid Now I've gotten all dusty.
Always with the unsexy entrances, you are.
Hilda Yolda.
Why are you here? What, you hadn't heard? Poor thing.
Or wait, you're already quite beat up.
Yolda? Hilda, what the hell? Take the Master and stand back.
She's after me.
Oh? That's such a shame It's been so many years since our last reunion, and we have to part so soon? Stop this at once! Refrain from any personal actions, Yolda.
I am aware of your history with Hildegarde.
But now is not the time.
But, but Isabella Have some sense, Yolda! Satura, you be quiet! Say, what? Enough! The three of you, stand back! Oh Hilda, what are you standing there for? Get down on your knees.
Lord En, we have found him.
This is Beelze-sama.
Man, that person he's contracted with looks weak! You're Long time no see, little brother.
Long time no see, little brother.
Little brother? Don't tell me You were a guy all along? And for an older brother he's quite dinky.
You wretched imbecile This is Lord En The Master's older brother.
Baby Beel's? Don't remember him having one Isabella! Yes, Master Demonword Summon Trick Art! W-What? A piece of paper turned into a big chair? What are you here to do? Here Here Here come de judge! Yolda, I would like to be cooled.
As you wish, Master.
Ah, that hits the spot.
Satura, the usual.
Righto! Here's your melon soda! So you see I'm Lord En, the brother of this baby.
We already got that! What's with you? Was this whole deal just for that line? Going a bit overboard, aren't we? Of course! I am a very important person.
I cannot be drawn into the same pace as some commoners.
You bet your sweet bippy! Oga Wait a second What the heck was that just now? How the hell should I know? Magic or something They're all demons.
Magic? Demons? I've told you before He's a demon, and so is Hilda.
Hold it there, you.
You can't go telling humans that aren't involved.
You're the one my brother has the contract with, right? That makes you a human that'll wipe out the humans.
Or do you have feelings for that female? That's not it, Master.
It's the girl who has feelings for him.
Oh! You're so perceptive about these things, Yolda.
She got all serious when I went to try and kiss him earlier.
A kiss, huh? But he seems totally innocent Perhaps she hasn't properly told him yet? H-Hey you! What the heck are you saying?! That's not how it is! You're cute.
All upset because I hit the mark? Kunieda! Don't worry, I just knocked her unconscious like that man.
For now, at any rate.
You bastards What the hell have you come for? Don't go makin' such a scary face.
Today I just came to introduce myself.
Introduce yourself? What's the meaning of this? Yes, let me see Hmm, maybe we could talk in a place that's a bit more cozy? I don't like this place.
I can punch him, right? Um, no.
Fine, I get it.
Follow me.
Human, let me tell you just one thing! When it comes to potato chips, I go for nori salt flavor! Please can I blast him? No.
So Why is it my house again? Tell me why! Sorry, I didn't have a choice.
Oga I can't have my own house get blown up again, right? You damn well had a choice! You think you can do whatever the hell you want when someone is unconscious? Cool, I found a porno mag! Satura, put that down at once.
Your fingers will be sullied.
Hey, don't touch that! Brother? Now's not the time Take the tea already.
What's with these people? T-They're like, exchange students from Macao! Again? You there.
What is this? Barley tea Master only drinks 100% juice.
And not from concentrate, either, but freshly squeezed! Ooh, barley tea! Got any sugar? Please bring sugar! Girl there.
Still haven't brought me more potato chips? Nori salt flavor, got it? Go get some yourself! He's a really important person! He might not look like it But he's a really important guy, so get him some potato chips, 'kay? Sheesh! Right then.
Let's get down to business.
Longwinded Why did I come to the Human World? And why am I just so cool? Goddamn he's annoying.
I bet you're asking yourself those questions.
To explain these things, we should tell you about what's going on with the Great Demon Lord now.
You can't mean Something has happened to the Great Demon Lord? You see Great Demon Tomorrow I'm gonna destroy the humans! 'Cause you know they're like all, I'm thinkin', man they're annoying and stuff.
Like, spreadin' and breedin' Exterminating them would be so kick-ass, you know? Yes, Great Demon Lord But you have already dispatched your youngest son to the Human World for that purpose.
Oh, did I? Maybe I did.
But-but-but, like he's sure taking a while.
Definitely taking too long, for sure! However he is just a baby, so Whatever, I've made up my mind! Make his older brother do it! Lord En! Him! Isabella Take him and get to destroyin', you dig? Yes, my Lord.
So there you go! This Great Demon Lord is such a flake Basically I've come here to destroy humanity under my father's orders.
Thanks for having me! Actually, no thanks.
You little brat.
How dare you, ruffian! This Great Demon Lord is what, an idiot? The Great Idiot Idiot Lord? He totally forgot about Baby Beel! And letting a baby go destroy humanity? This little pisser? Hilda, what is with this horribly rude thing? Let us kill him at once! You deserved that.
Stop that, Yolda.
I believe he stated we just came today to introduce ourselves.
Furthermore, we can kill him any time.
Yes, ma'am In other words, we're being dismissed? Ooh, that'd be great! You goin' home? When? Tomorrow? You deserved that, too.
That's not like you, Hildegarde.
Why are you being so weak? Born to one of the foremost families in the Demon World, you should be an elite among we Demon Maidservants Aren't you supposed to stand up resolutely faced with any situation? Do not worry, the Great Demon Lord did not say anything about that.
I bet my father didn't think it through at all.
This is the time for we brothers to work together and destroy! Oh? I think we should get rid of them! So let's work well together, brother of mine! Master! What are you doing? Master! Hot! What the Master, Yolda is going to fan while she dances! Hilda, you help, too! Isabella is now going to sing a song praising her Master! La~la~ You're so grand, Master! So big! Far more important than a potato chip! What is this? Why is he on fire? Yes When Lord En throws a tantrum, he plunges the area around him into a sea of fire.
And, Baby Beel just made his older brother cry? When Lord En had a big tantrum in the Demon World, the sea boiled off for 7 days and 7 nights Now's not the time! W-What'll we do? Anyway, console him! You all, sing! Master, you're so grand! So big! Look, Master! I bet you'd love these sneakers! M-My limited edition sneakers! The ones I waited for 8 hours in line to buy because I heard they'd make me cool if I wore them! Then how about this?! Now it's the stuff I use when I do that! Gross.
Disgusting, indeed.
You should just die.
Why me? This is no time for randomness! Baby Beel, apologize! Get down on your knees and apologize! Master, what a perfect somersault! Impeccable! That's not it! That's it! Games! You there, creeper guy! Yes, creeper guy here.
Do you have some Human World games? The Master loves games more than anything! If he sees a Human World game his attitude is sure to improve! S-Sure, but Yes! Master, he said he has Human World games! Behold the skills of our Master! I'll play! Yesss! I should warn you, I'm quite the gamer.
What system do you have? A Gigadrive? Super Lolicon? I'll let you power my PC Edison if you want.
Well, we don't have the newest model Oh, but I'm a wiz at retro-games.
I'll make you squeal good before I destroy humanity.
W-What kind of system is this? I've never seen it before! There's all kinds of buttons! The controller is really thick! It's a Playstephanie 2.
Playstephanie, got it.
So, here King of Fridays! Whoa, what's with these realistic graphics?! I'll be the King of Fridays! Here comes Hathena! Fight! W-W-What should I do? Master, good luck! Fight, Master! You'll be fine! You're a genius at games, Master! Um, this button is light kick.
This is to block.
If you spin this and press this button, you'll do a special move.
I'm so awesome! What? You wanna play, too? Master! So gallant! Can you play? I'm not going to hold back just 'cause you're my little brother.
I'll be the King of Fridays! Here I gowasu! Fight! How 'bout this? Can't get close now! Then how about this? He's becoming one with the pixels! Master, how incredible! Yeah, wow KO! No damage! Lord En! Yeah, but That's right! It's not the Master's fault! He's just super talented at games and strong, and cool! Whatever, just do something! Isabella, Yolda, Satura! Y-Yes?! We're going to destroy the Human World, right? Let's do it, Master! I-I had no idea! Eh? To think the games in the Human World had progressed so much! A revolution! This is a revolution! Tomorrow, we're heading to a game shop! We'll destroy the Human World later! Yes, Master.
What, you challenging me, Baby Beel? Master, you're so cool! Wait! I'll be your opponent! I'll get you back for before! Lord En, you can do it! Will you people go home already? What's with Baby Beel's brother? His references are so old! Who would get "Here come de judge" in this day and age? No kidding.
Next episode, that brother of Beel's is heading to Ishiyama Land! The screamer coaster, and the fearful haunted house! Ishiyama will be covered in a sea of fire! On the next Beelzebub: His Brother was a Crybaby! If that's how it is, we'll have to lighten his mood with a light joke! What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence? Oops, out of time.