Beelzebub (2011) s01e39 Episode Script

His Brother was a Crybaby

Are you sure about this, Lord En? About what? You finally reunited with your little brother.
There is the option of living together with him, yes? Foolishness.
Living in the house of some commoner is not fit for the likes of me.
And anyway, Isabella, I'd like to try out all the things in the human world thoroughly! First off, let's go to one of those "arcade" things! But things sure have gone bigtime Baby Beel's older brother? Basically I've come here to destroy humanity under my father's orders.
I'd pretty much forgotten by now, but Hilda-san and Baby Beel came for the same reason Kunieda-senpai! She was just sleeping in my bed, wasn't she? No! You mustn't, Takayuki! What the hell are you thinking?! But, it's sure to be left Kunieda-senpai's body warmth! And anyway, it's my bed, and I am a little tired and want to sleep! It's totally normal! I am normally tired! His Brother Was a Crybaby What's with this tension? This is bad This is real bad.
Hey, Hilda Say something.
K-Kunieda-san? Baby Beel, sing.
Whatever, just make it silly.
It seems the situation in the Demon World has changed a little while I was unaware.
But if Lord En has come, that means Behemoth, as well Oga.
Here is fine.
Thanks for taking me home.
You sure? You're still lightheaded, right? Later.
What's with her, suddenly being so quiet? It's not unexpected.
There are few humans that would accept Again?! I was so close, why couldn't I get it?! Again! I wanna play again! Lord En Games are nice, but you must think of how to go about destroying humanity.
It's not just the Great Demon Lord, but Behemoth-sama who will get angry.
Definitely If he gets involved things'll really get annoying.
I can't handle that guy.
Master, I found something amazing! What? That, Master! What's that? It's pretty and sparkling and looks like so ever much fun! This yakisoba bread is wicked good! They've just started sellin' it! A child of a Demon Lord If the child isn't his, then that means Hilda-san really isn't his wife.
Hold it! That's not the problem! We're up against Demon Lords here! A baby Demon Lord that's come here to destroy humanity! What's up with Madame Aoi? Now that I think about it, she called out Oga after school yesterday because she had something she wanted to ask him Which means she confessed, right? But did something happen with her and Oga-cchi? Don't tell me Oga! You make her cry and I'll make you pay, you bastard! Kunieda-senpai, I knew that's how it is! Is it? Yeah! It's gotta be! And for times like these: Double dates are recommended! Double dates? 'Cause, you know, if you're nervous about being along together, do a double date and you're A.
K! But, who would they do a double date with? Um You, Kazu-kun? I can't stand idly by while you speak of double dates! It's the big guy! For double dates, leave everything to me! So Why is it us doing the double date? Couldn't help myself.
You damn well could! What the hell is the point of us going on a double date? It's not a double, or even a date! I do apologize, Takayuki-dono.
Don't call me by my first name! Those two have that kind of relationship? But it'll work out as long as you love each other, right? Nothing is working out! And furthermore, it is not a double but a triple.
Wait just a moment.
I have returned! Hold it, don't do that here! The warmth of your hands Forbidden love! Oh! Over there the people inside Gohan-kuna and Okazu-chan are taking Seaweed Topping and Ready, set What the hell are you doing? Wait a What is this? Oh, Kunieda-senpai! And Oga-san, too! When did you And now we have a triple date.
That's not how it is with us! Huh? Date? What are you talking about? Rub a dub-dub thanks for the grub! Did you just hear Beelze-sama? Naw, that couldn't be him.
Just your imagination.
Anyway, next I want to eat one of those triple scoop ice cream cones! He seems quite cheerful.
I can't imagine him being a baby Demon Lord looking at him now.
Yeah, pretty much.
I guess I never really explained everything from the start.
Yeah Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a handsome, grand, and popular young man who everyone respected and looked up to.
This is when you're supposed to go "As if!" Don't just sit there listening intently.
Basically, I picked him up out of the river.
They're having a moment, damn them.
Double date success! Anyway, I've been caught up in all kinds of trouble thanks to him.
And now Baby Beel's brother has even shown up Ooh, what's that? I wanna ride that next! Hold on a moment, Master! We must get change first Oh, it's you people.
We meet again.
We apologize for bothering you on your little friendly date, but will you move? I-It's not a date! I'm just Whatever it is, don't stand in Lord En's way.
We won't But what are you doing here? Brother, I will be riding that.
You dare to defy your elder brother? Move, now! Master, there's something amazing over that way! Why don't you challenge a 10 scoop next? I've got melon soda and potato chips! This is a problem, isn't it? Yeah If he cries here, Ishiyama Land will be covered in a sea of fire.
Sea of fire? You were unconscious, so you probably don't remember.
But when he cries, it's seriously bad.
Thanks to that, my precious this and that are gone! Do you know these people? Oh, I know! People from your favorite maid cafe, Strategist? No! They're Baby Beel's older brother and his caretakers! Older brother? Which means he's your stepson? I told you, it's not like that.
If that's not it, how old were you? Brother, are you saying you became a parent while in elementary school? Awwwesooome! Okay, I get it.
Whatever then.
Okay! Next we'll do that! I wanna ride that! What is that? Super tall! Whoa there, hold it a second.
You're totally gonna cry if you get on that! Let's go! Isabella, Yolda, Satura! Yes, Master.
Sounds fun! Let's go too, Kazu-kun! Hey! What, you wanna ride? Hey, hold up! Takayuki-dono I pray for your safe return.
So, what's the point of riding with them? It's started! Ooh, this is fast! Go! Go faster! W-Will this be okay? Hot! Lord En?! Master! Melon soda! Potato chips! Sing the Praise the Master song! Master S-Save us! Takayuki! Come on! Are you okay? When did we? Anyway, we're saved Well, it wasn't much.
Compared to riding through the valley of Vlad's Forest on the back of an Akbaba It was a bore! Totally, Master.
Will you cut it out already? Oh? Who exactly were you addressing with that mouth of yours? What was that? He's exactly right.
I heard from Alaindelon and came running to find this sorry sight.
Not a single word of thanks to someone who saved you? You have a point How exactly would you like me to pay you back? Why don't I take that body of yours and clean its clock? Yolda, stop this.
It's unseemly in front of Lord En.
Now, Master, don't worry about them.
Let's go next on those spinning coffee cups! M-Master?! Lord En! A ten year old boy with green hair "Master".
"Master" has gotten lost Has been led astray.
Has been led astray If anyone sees him If any foolish human lays eyes on him.
If any foolish human lays eyes on him, please inform the lost-child center! We will forgive you for informing us.
Tell us! He's lost? That's bad! If he cries somewhere, this story's over! You think you'll be forgiven by saying "I just took my eyes off him for a second"? And you call yourselves Demon Maidservants Say that again.
Stop this, you two! This isn't time to be fighting.
Let's all split up and search! Ooh, what's this Demon World looking building? There he is! Good job, Baby Beel! A haunted house? That's gotta be bad news! He's gonna get scared and cry, for sure! But he's a Demon Lord, so wouldn't he be okay with ghosts and stuff? Well, sure he'd be fine with ghosts and monsters But if you surprise him Gotta do it We'll circle around to the exit, and make the ghosts and whatever pipe down.
What the devil is this?! What's this? All of you get out of here, right now.
If you don't What's all the fuss? Oh, it's you, Oga.
What's up? Tojo? You're working here? And who would buy such a umbrella monster anyway Shut up! If you came to fight, let's get this started! Great, we've got another oblivious one Ready whenever you are! Oga, this isn't the time! If we don't hurry, Ishiyama Land will be a sea of fire! It's getting kind of hot in here, isn't it? We have no choice.
It's a somewhat violent method, but Shingetsu sword school.
Mountain Shatter, Chrysanthemum Cut! Master! That's where you were! I've got melon soda and potato chips! I don't really get it, but this attraction had a real kick to it! It didn't turn into much of a double date, but it sure was fun! It wasn't fun in the slightest.
Sounds like the Master enjoyed himself.
And I was also satisfied! Pretty fun, if I say so myself! You're one to talk! Hilda, in lieu of thanks, let me give you a warning.
It is true that the Great Demon Lord wishes the brothers to work together.
We are fully supportive of that.
But the Master's retainers surely think differently.
Will it be Lord En or Beelze-sama who takes the greatest glory? They think this is a test to see who would be better suited to inherit the throne.
Some might appear who would go to extreme measures to cause harm to Beelze-sama Behemoth The 34 Pillars Division.
Yeah He's strong, but he's a little in the head.
So anyway, Oga, it was? My servants might be coming to destroy you pretty soon.
Well, do your best! Master I hear word of an incredible amusement park in the direction of Chiba.
Is there? But I'm tired of amusement parks.
Games are definitely the best.
Aren't there any more games that are totally "in" with kids of today? What's Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division? Alaindelon's Demon World Lectures! Lord En Pillar Division Hey, hey, Alaindelon? Yes? Lord En Pillar Division What's the 34 Pillar Division? Lord En Pillar Division I will now explain! Lord En Pillar Division This is how you write the word.
Lord En Pillar Division And then you have this super scary silhouette.
It's a division of the royal guard, Lord En's personal army.
They're really that incredible? I don't really get it.
Then perhaps you'd like to take a special peek? Oh, you're such a little devil.
The End They're finally coming! Who are they? Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division! Kunieda-senpai was attacked, and even Hilda-san! This is bad Oga! What'll we do? Isn't it obvious? First, we'll train! Let's go, Furuichi! On the next Beelzebub: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Assassins The assassin next door is an assassin that often eats persimmons.
Blue paper scroll, red paper scroll, yellow paper scroll! Tokyo Special Approvals Department! We're training in tongue twisters?!