Beelzebub (2011) s01e40 Episode Script

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins

Hilda, in lieu of thanks, let me give you a warning.
It is true that the Great Demon Lord wishes the brothers to work together.
We are fully supportive of that.
But the Master's retainers surely think differently.
Will it be Lord En or Beelze-sama who takes the greatest glory? They think this is a test to see who would be better suited to inherit the throne.
Some might appear who would go to extreme measures to cause harm to Beelze-sama Behemoth The 34 Pillar Division.
Yeah They're strong, but a little in the head.
So anyway, Oga, it was? My servants might be coming to destroy you pretty soon.
Well, do your best! Man, what a pain Hey, hey! This is a new product! Steamed strawberry chocolate natto rolls! Sounds like it'd go well with punch! My steamed strawberry chocolate natto roll! No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins.
Madame Aoi, you're like super ennui and stuff! Is that one of those "sighs of a girl in love" things? Hey! Don't be ridiculous! Demons, huh? Tora! I've given Izuma-kun the message.
Yeah, thanks for that.
But you know how he is I can't tell if he'll really come or not.
He'll come.
For sure.
You still think the same way you did when we were kids.
Take this! It's all about the fighting with you What the heck is this? Who the hell chucked this thing? Tora, you stink! Hey! Shizuka! God damn it! Go! Do it, do it Total defeat once again! Satura, give me money! We're all out! We're what?! You little brat! Stop bein' so damn loud! And who do you think you are? I'm the guy who kicked your butt You suck, big time! I am a gaming genius! If I don't win, that's because there's something wrong with the game! I can't let that stand, can I? Himekawa, you bastard! What're you doin' showin' up everywhere? Think you're a cockroach or somethin'? Oh? Although this happens to be an arcade my family owns So isn't it you coming on my turf to play games? What's that, punk? Who're you callin' a punk, punk? Oh? Eh? There is no game in the world that I cannot win! Yeah, but you majorly suck.
Missy here said you ain't got no money left, remember? Just go home to mommy already! Missy? Kids like you should practice at home.
I don't wanna.
A true ruler goes forth to perfect his skills! I am royalty who invites friendly tête-à-têtes with the lowly commoners! What? Is he right in the head? There sure are a lot of weirdos in this town Hey, brat.
Then why don't you play online games at home? Online games? Dialog box.
Access point.
Access time.
Hard disk password.
Got all that? Stop wastin' our time! What a revolution! Humans may be lowly bugs not worthy of being squashed under our feet, but I'll give 'em credit for their games! Okay! Satura, Isabella, Yolda! Let's go right now to Akihabara or wherever! But I told you, we're out of money! H-H-Hey, Lord En! Lord En! What's with that guy? Kids these days.
Japanese ramen really is good.
Whoopsie You'll pay dearly for that.
I'm home.
Welcome home! Beel-chan, today's dinner is going to be a real treat! It's Hilda-chan's special croquettes! Mom's going to roll up her sleeves and teach her! I was thinking that it'd be good for the Master to have some Human World croquettes once in a while.
I will roll up my sleeves and be taught! I'm not following in the slightest.
Fine, whatever! Try helping once in a while! Here, put this on.
Don't go joking.
Why should I wear that? Even though Tatsumi brought back a wife and kid out of the blue, Mother tried her best to just accept it and make the best of things, but He doesn't have any concept of how hard Mother yearns to form the bonds of family! Okay! I get it! Right! Now, take this That's good, Hilda-chan.
Now, continuing from before First, please check if the potatoes are boiled yet.
H-Hilda-chan, what?! Why is it red?! Unless you boil them in the lifeblood of a Demon Pleated Blowfish, you can't kill off the potatoes, yes? They're tough little suckers.
We're not doing Macao-style tonight! We'll start over.
Oh, we don't have any more potatoes.
Tatsumi, go buy some for me.
Me? You should make Hilda go! Then the both of you go, if you please! What's her problem? Come on, Hilda Let's go.
I really just don't get it.
Demons, huh? What are they? If it isn't Kunieda-san Izuma-senpai Still studying this late? No wonder you're Ishiyama's Class Representative.
You're a serious scholar.
That's not it exactly But be careful.
There are some things in this world it's best not to know.
Oh, look at the time.
Be careful on your way home.
What's gotten into you all of a sudden, trying to learn how to cook? I thought it would please the Master.
And Because I owe your mother for her hospitality.
I thought it would be good to help her sometimes.
Human World croquettes aren't so bad.
Demons, huh? I wonder what Demons eat? Well, compared to Demon World croquettes ours don't bite, or run away, or fly I'd say they win on those points.
You think? But the enjoyment is in rounding them up, and cutting them down The next time we meet, I'll just ask him straight out.
What do they eat? Croquettes.
It's cold The nights have definitely gotten chilly.
You still going to wait, Tora? I told you I gave him the invitation but don't know if he'll come! And I told you, you don't have to wait with me.
This is my fight.
Put it on.
It's always fighting with you.
You're such a little kid.
I should warn you.
He's already the current master of the Izuma I know.
Stop yakking about it.
This is the deciding match.
Hey there, you're late! Let's fight! U-Um, Oga Huh? Demons They can eat croquettes? Yeah.
They're Baby Beel's favorite.
Then, natto and stuff too? You can eat it.
Right, Baby Beel? Wow.
There are a lot of foreigners who can't stand the stuff Well, he's not really a foreigner, after all.
O-Oh, I see your point.
I'm heading this way, so Oh, I see.
Hey, Kunieda.
Will you come and try some croquettes I make sometime? Sure.
I'll look forward to that.
Kunieda? Get down! What's this? Hey there.
So this fool is the Youngest's Contract Holder? Who the hell are you? Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division.
One of the best fighting tribes in the Demon World This is the worst case.
I never expected them to come this fast.
You are called Hildegarde, yes? You are mistaken.
We are not one of the best We are the best in the Demon World.
Kunieda! My name is Hecados! The 8th Pillar of Behemoth's Like I care! Let her down, jerk! She keeps getting knocked out recently And wait, how are you doing that? That's creepy! I'll make this woman be my Contract Holder.
You already know this.
For we demons to wield our true power in the Human World, we must form a contract with a human.
Of course, it can't be with just anyone It must be someone strong and compatible This woman seems to be quite the catch.
This is excellent I can get a head start on everyone else.
Other Demons are coming? Or wait They're already waiting in ambush?! Honestly, your toughness is going to give me nightmares.
This is the first time you've gotten me to go all out.
All out? That's BS! You're still holdin' back! I can tell that much! Bring it on! I'm seriously gettin' riled up.
What's he saying? He's already a wreck! You're a strange man.
The more I fight you, the more I fall into your pace This is gettin' a little fun Let's make things even more entertaining! Shall we? Izuma-kun It might be okay, since it's you Here I go, Tojo Hidetora! What the hell is that?! Izuma-kun? This is my full power! You there Do you know what's required for a Demon and a human to form a contract? What's with this guy? Something needed for a contract between Demon and human? If I can't impress him here, I'm screwed! Hey, come on I've had a Demon Lord on my back for 6 months now You seriously think I don't know that? Oh? A smile! Blood.
A blood contract.
Since long ago, Demons have taken human blood into their bodies and followed human orders.
I knew that! When I said "smile," I meant "blood"! Don't think me a fool! Fool.
Wait, blood?! You must have presented your blood to the Youngest somehow.
Did I do that? He's been splattered with the blood of my victims quite a lot, but Oga.
If we let him form a contract, we're through.
Will you draw his attention for me? I will take Kunieda back during that chance.
Oh? What's that supposed to mean, Demon Maidservant? You mean that we'd be evenly matched prior to my forming a contract? Fascinating.
Let's test that.
I'll show you the difference between us.
This is our chance.
He's still underestimating us.
Or more succinctly, this is our only chance Here we go! Uh, don't wanna.
I don't wanna just draw his attention.
He's come all this way, so let's fight him for real and pay him back! Agree, Baby Beel? Simpleton! I am telling you he is not an opponent you can fight at your level! Um, I wasn't trying to say it was your fault, Master Is your strategy session over yet? Anyway, keep a fixed distance from him.
And hold his attention on you! I don't care if you die, but the Master's safety is foremost! Got it?! I got it.
I'll be a decoy or whatever.
But you'd better rescue Kunieda in return.
Don't go dying on me either.
Make up your mind! Oh, yeah This is the first time I've fought alongside you.
And what about it? You'll pay if you hold me back.
Just so you know I heard your entire plan.
Seems like it.
Here we go, Baby Beel! Zebel Blast! You surprise me, human! You can control the Youngest's power? It's not something I do on purpose, though! But y'never know 'til you try! Right, Baby Beel? Now just up and die! But, I hate to say You won't be killing me with something like that.
You're kiddin' me No, it was plenty.
Too late.
Oga! Right! Right then.
Good going, Hilda.
I misjudged y- You planned this from the start? You can have that woman.
The biggest obstacle is the Demon Maidservant.
Hilda! Everything is for Lord En.
Spinning, spinning, spinning yogurty Kanzaki-senpai, this is no time for leisurely singing yogurty jingles! Oga's wife's done for, and Madame Aoi's in serious trouble! Oh, sounds fun.
Which school did it? They're as strong as demons! It's life or death! SOS to the max! On the next Beelzebub: On the Brink! What'll We Do?! There's no need to worry! I, Kanzaki Hajime, will beat the crap out of them! Whoa, Kanzaki-senpai, that's awesome! You're like, a manly man!