Beelzebub (2011) s01e41 Episode Script

On the Brink! What'll We Do?

Hey there.
So this fool is the Youngest's Contract Holder? My name is Hecadoth! The 8th Pillar of Behemoth's Anyway, keep a fixed distance from him.
And hold his attention on you! I don't care if you die, but the Master's safety is foremost! Got it?! Here we go, Baby Beel! Zebel Blast! You surprise me, human! You can control the Youngest's power? Now just up and die! But, I hate to say You won't be killing me with something like that.
You're kiddin' me No, it was plenty.
Too late.
Oga! Right then.
Good going, Hilda.
I misjudged y- You planned this from the start? You can have that woman.
The biggest obstacle is the Demon Maidservant.
Hilda! Everything is for Lord En.
What's with all these Demon Maidservants?! Which Demon do they serve? I-I have no idea Master! Isabella, are you sure we have time for this? Behemoth's servants are probably already making their move.
It may be harsh for Beelze-sama, yet we have no choice but to leave him on his own.
Our mission is to watch over and protect Lord En.
Can I have a picture? Whoa! Hot girls! Which café are you from? What's wrong with you people? This is Street King of Fighters! And 4?! You can fight other people online?! This'll be my online-game debut! Satura, hand me money! Satura, Isabella Yolda? Hold it, people! What the Move aside! Master, whatever is the matter? You left me alone and went off somewhere We're sorry, Master! Here, have a potato chip! You think I You think I'm just cramping your style?! M-Master?! You think I'm just cramping your style?! M-Master?! They've come.
On the Brink! What'll We Do?! You're next.
Why, you Don't cry, Baby Beel.
Hilda's watching.
Master Please, escape.
You're still worried about Baby Beel after what happened to you? Fine then.
H-Hey, Oga, what are you- Hilda-san Kunieda.
Take care of Hilda.
I'll explain everything afterwards.
Watch over Hilda for me.
Spinning, spinning, spinning yogurty Kanzaki Hajime is spinning What's this? Tojo and that 4-eyed Pres? Oh? Fighting here? This should be interesting.
I think I'll watch for a bit.
Don't you think droppin' a heel on a lady's head is kind of, like, rude? Shut up! What the hell are you doing here? Peeping? Same to you, Kanzaki-senpai! I was just on my way home from the supermarket nearby! Same for me! Then, I just happened to hear those two It looks like two guys're fightin' over a woman! It's so totally like a love-triangle, yeah! So, who'll win? That's what's strange.
I mean, it's crazy.
Don't you think 4-eyed Pres there's kinda dark? The crazier that black stuff gets the more crazy strong he gets! Tojo-senpai's pretty crazy too, so which crazy's more crazy, Kanzaki-senpai? I don't get what the hell you're sayin'! You're the crazy bitch, crazy! Who're you callin' a crazy bitch?! Is that also part of the Izuma 8 Spirits School? Let's finish this.
It was fun.
Let's do it again, Tojo Hidetora! Tora This is it! Too slow! Pointless.
This guy's not worth the effort.
We felt his power, so came just in case But it was a waste of time.
He ain't up to Demon level.
Just a reject.
Perhaps a descendant of some lower Demon that was banished to the Human World? Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division Pillar Master: Naga Perhaps a descendant of some lower Demon that was banished to the Human World? Perhaps a descendant of some lower Demon that was banished to the Human World? Behemoth's 34 Pillar Divison Pillar Master: Graphel I guess we should have gone where Hecadoth went.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Divison Pillar Master: Graphel Behemoth's 34 Pillar Divison Pillar Master: Graphel I've brought your beverage! Oh? That's not a good sign.
Um, what the hell are you doing? How would you like a refreshing, cool beverage? Get out! Can't even talk anymore, Contract Holder? I have nothing against you.
But as long as you remain Lord En's enemy, I will eliminate you.
That weapon he's got is making this rough! It's harder to close the distance than I figured it would be.
Oga! Stay back! This is my fight.
Stay quiet and watch over Hilda! That's right, woman.
Watch, helplessly, as he dies Behemoth's orders! This man must die! Too late! Got you.
Oga! Actually I'm the one who got you! Let's see how you handle one at point blank range! What's with those guys? They barged in just when things were getting good.
Hey! I don't think this is a good time! Huh? What's it matter? A little longer! Let's wait a little longer! Tap out! What the hell are they? These guys are real Demons? Yes.
Unlike you, they're real ones born in the Demon World.
And they're coming to this town? I suspect as much.
Listen well, Izuma-kun.
I need to warn you.
Do not fight them even if they confront you.
I'm sorry, Principal.
I owe you a lot.
You're the one who took me in when I had no where to go after using my Demon powers at my last school.
When I came to St.
Ishiyama, it was the first time I knew there were others in my situation.
But that's exactly why I can't follow your advice.
Because these guys have come to eliminate Oga-kun.
Hold it! You're going to break up our fight and not even introduce yourselves? I can't allow that.
Let it go.
You're no match for us.
I wonder about that.
I thought I said you're no match! Peons like you should know their place! Yeah?! Rude, aren't you? What power Is this what a real Demon is like? You want me to start with you, huh? Unhand me, Human.
You wanna get beat, too? Tojo Don't! Don't go takin' my mark! Go, go, Gohan-kun Perhaps a harbinger of bad things to come? What are you doing? I was just thinking of changing into my pajamas I've already finished making the bed! Now is not the time, or the place Or anything else! You really did have me scared there.
He stopped it with one hand? That was close, Contract Holder.
Begone! Okay, that's enough.
Man, you're goin' nuts around town Who the hell are you? Can't you tell, you piece of crap? I'm his teacher.
I said let go! Tora! You think some better-than-average human could win against a Demon? Let's go, Graphel.
I know.
You runnin' away? This ain't over yet.
You really should have just stayed down.
Don't get any closer! Oh, no! Woman.
You get in our way, and we'll eliminate you first.
This is bad, Kanzaki-senpai! Why are you passed out?! Tora! Don't you lay a hand on her! Move it.
I told you not to overdo it! Quiet.
You're pissin' me off.
I hate guys who always talk about "guts" and crap A fluke? Isn't he already unconscious? He's fighting on pure instinct? Tora! That's enough! You're really gonna die like this! Hold it right there! You didn't have to kick me twice You did well, Tojo.
Leave the rest to me.
Who the hell are you? And I'll say the exact same thing to you.
Huh? Which school are you from, punk?! I ain't never seen a uniform like that before! You guys on a field trip or somethin'? Idiot You're about to tangle with the boss of Ishiyama, Kanzaki Hajime! Kanzaki-senpai, that's crazy! Stealin' the spotlight, all hyena-like! Yeah! And the next time you say hyena I'll kick your ass.
Now we got a bunch of idiots who think they're hot stuff.
I'll turn you all into mincemeat! What? That's not a good sign.
Honoka? What is it? Um, it's not The big guy was wearing this for me! I mean it's not like Hey! You're Saotome-sensei? I don't know who you are, but if you get in my way, I won't hold back.
That's pretty clichéd of you.
Try thinking a little more before you speak.
What? And it looks like you've done a real number on my students here.
Right, you piece of crap? I'm gonna punish you good.
What is this overwhelming pressure? My gut tells me to proceed with caution.
This man is dangerous.
I have to get rid of him immediately, or I'll ask you once more.
Who are you? Whoa there Didn't your granny teach you to put down your spear when you're talking to people? Unfortunately she was dead before I was born! Oh, pardon me! Fine, then I'll teach you.
What's this incredible Demon power?! It's in Hecadoth's direction.
I can't believe this! Is there anyone in the Human World with such Demon power? I think Hecadoth might be in over his head.
Enough playing around.
We'll meet up there.
Hold it, you! Turnin' tail? We'll finish with you later.
Be glad you're still alive, Humans.
All talk.
They got scared of my aura and ran off.
Seriously? That's crazy! Hayena-senpai, you're crazy! Who the hell're you callin' a hyena?! Demons, huh? I've got a lot to ask you, but treating your wounds comes first.
Sorry And you take things way too far.
You might've gotten big, but you haven't changed one bit on the inside.
Same with you.
What's that? A Zebel Spell? No way A Spellmaster? A contract with a Demon not on equal terms where he's in control! They still exist? I thought they had all long perished as relics from the old days! I'm still here! Don't make me sound like a dinosaur.
And wait That mark Right from one to the next You people are disturbing the neighborhood! You stirred up the hornet's nest, Hecadoth.
And out came the queen.
A Spellmaster, huh? The three of us will take you on.
Whoa Watch closely, Oga.
This is a special lesson.
I'll show you the right way to use this.
Here we go! For Demons #1: Keep your arms tucked in, feet at shoulder width Go tell Behemoth Wait a little longer! They went back? Now then, the real problem begins.
Hey, Oga Don't just stand there! Help out.
If we don't do something about Miss Boobs here, she'll be in real danger.
Don't worry.
We will definitely save her.
Huh? Alaindelon? Honestly You can't even protect Miss Hilda? You blockhead.
A black cat crossed my path! My shoelaces snapped! And even the stalks in my tea split in two! So many bad omens! What's your problem? Anyway, what'll we do, Oga? Those guys are sure to come back again.
Isn't it obvious? There's only one thing to do when you want to get stronger! If a black cat's about to cross your path, quickly turn around! On the next Beelzebub: It's Time for Training! Training at my shrine? Could it be Secret special training, just you and me?