Beelzebub (2011) s01e42 Episode Script

It's Time to Train

Oww! Hey, don't move! You should be thankful I'm treating you at all! My neck! You're choking me! Jeez! I came after Alaindelon told me.
And just look at how bad Hilda's injury is, you good-for-nothing! Um, maybe I should take over? Huh? Who are you? Get the hell out, Ugly! Now, now It's also somewhat my fault that this happened, so Okay? Yeah, and you are? I should ask you the same thing! A Demon? Some Demon, right? Let go, you! M-My neck! Sheesh Sorry for all the ruckus.
We'll be heading back soon.
Thank you.
Doctor! Honestly Doctor! Is Hilda-san okay? How is Miss Hilda? Well, about that It's Time for Training Hilda's condition is far from good, but I do not feel it is life threatening.
Still, even a little later, and we might have lost her.
It's thanks to the first-aid of this lady here.
Thank goodness.
So you're just accepting all this? But Hilda-san got injured because she was saving me! And besides, I can't go getting shocked each time I see a Demon So Kunieda, I understand how you feel, but it's gotten late.
You know the prognosis of the Demon Maidservant, so it's about time to leave.
And besides Basically it's all because this guy's weak.
Hey, you.
Get your butt to school tomorrow.
I'll teach you the right way to use that power! This is a problem, Saotome-dono.
If you support Beelze-sama too much on your own Yeah, I know, you piece of crap.
The Principal asked me.
I had to do it.
Oh, heading home already? Yes.
Sorry to bother you.
What a shame.
What if you stay the night? Oh, I couldn't You're the head of the Red Tails, I hear? Oh, but That's all in the past.
Ah, don't worry about it Man, brings back memories! Come back any time! *squirm* Sorry for the interruption, but Oga's older sister, Misaki-sama, seems to be a former leader of the Red Tails.
*wiggle* Tatsumi! You take her home right, now! Oh, shut up! At least let me change clothes.
Man, what a day.
What are you staring at? You're awake? Your bed stinks.
It's keeping me from sleeping.
Oh? Glad to see you're still kickin'.
Did that man leave? Oh, the guy with the bandana? Yeah, a little while ago.
I see.
I'm sorry.
What did you? I won't say it again.
It was I who held you back.
It's nearly a miracle that the Master escaped unharmed from that.
Though it pains me to say it.
Well, there is more I should say But the words aren't coming to me.
I'm tired.
I'll rest a while.
Damn it! Pisses me off! I'm sorry! Should I get off? Not you! Each and every one of 'em doin' whatever the hell they want! They think they know everything! Give me a break! I'm caught up in one thing and then another! You really just picked the little guy up? Yeah, that's right.
I picked him up by the river.
I picked him up, he took a liking to me, and then Hilda came to my place talkin' about wiping out humanity and Demon Lords or whatever! And to top it off, his older brother's minions are coming to kill me?! I don't get this one bit! is how I thought.
But what really pisses me off now is that I couldn't protect everyone.
Your weakness, Hilda being meek That bigshot lookin' like he's all that And that bearded bandana guy, Saotome, thinkin' he's some kind of teacher They all piss me off! I've gotta get stronger Strong enough to shut them all up! You think so too, Baby Beel? Scream louder! Hey! You're going to disturb the neighborhood! Quiet down! So what are you going to do? Get stronger? Then you're going to Saotome-sensei's place? That one's a no.
There's a certain pride that men cannot ignore.
Oh, I suppose Hey, Aoi! You trouble-making girl! What are you doing wandering around so late at night? Oh, you see I've seen you before, you mischievous scamp.
What have you come here for? What for? Wait If I train at this old man's place instead of Mr.
Beard Bandanna Hey there, Oga-kyun! I'm gonna teach you a special move today! Shut up, Beard-brain! I don't need to get taught by you! Take this! Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossom Fist! So strong! I lose.
As long as you understand! Why else? I've come here to receive your training.
Wait, Oga That's Tojo and Izuma were fighting? Yeah, and like some punks from another school showed up, and everyone was in big trouble Kanzaki came runnin' and finished 'em all off! It was crazy, man! You shoulda seen it.
You don't believe me, do ya? Oh, sure Enough with that Hanazawa.
It's not cool to talk about it too much.
The truly strong need few words.
Whoa! So cool! Awesome! As if.
Tojo-senpai actually is absent, though.
Well, that's usual for him.
But Madame Aoi absent as well? What's going on? So is Oga.
The two of them went home together before, so Yeah It couldn't be! It's finally time.
Just you watch me, Beard-bandanna! I'm going to be born anew! This is the place where the Great New Me makes his debut! Pipe down, it's early.
You actually came here to train? I think you must be confused about things And you, get to school already! How can I do that? Are you sure about this, Oga? You'll let my grandpa train you? Grandpa? What's up? Oh, crap! Now that I think about it, I was in disguise that time at the mountain shrine! Right! Kunie! I'm Aoi Kunie! W-What'll I do? Don't tell me, you're N-N-N-N-No, I'm not! I mean, I am, but I wasn't trying to hide it, or anything Isn't that Kouta? There's no doubt now! I knew it.
Kunieda You're Oh, no! He's angry! He's going to hate me now! Aoi Kunie's cousin?! I could tell somehow you two were related.
Tell her for me to keep up the good fight! Spot on! Yup, I'm Kunie's cousin! There I go again Faculty Office Crap.
What the hell is that idiot doing skipping school? Man Is that him? It's open! We finally meet again, Saotome Zenjurou.
Oh? A different idiot showed up.
I mean Zen-san.
Long time no see, Tora.
This is the first step in my training?! It's definitely harsh! Really harsh! However! If I overcome it, I'll be born anew! The Great New Me will make his appearance! As if! This is just a damn dust cloth! Would you do it without complaining? Before you polish yourself, you must polish the dojo! The basics, the basics.
Oh, and when that's done, then you clean the grounds! See what I mean? You'd definitely do better learning from Saotome-sensei than my grandpa.
Just suck it up and ask for his help.
What are you talking about? I finally understand! It's that, right? At a glance the movement seems pointless, but it'll end up being the basics of some martial arts move, right? One of those, right? I totally saw that in the movies! So I'll shine it till I can see my face in it! No, it's just a daily chore.
You want to get stronger too? He does resemble Oga, doesn't he? So cute Hey, what's wrong? You okay? What? What's wrong, Baby Beel?! He's cute, but definitely a Demon.
Yeah, I guess you had it rough too, Tora.
I don't really get it, but you know this guy from yesterday, Zen-san? How many times do I have to explain it? I'm telling you, he was a real Demon! Right! He was as strong as a Demon! Not "as strong"! An actual Demon! You know him, Zen-san? I don't know him! You don't? That doesn't matter, okay?! Don't you understand? One mistake and you'd be dead meat! No need to get so upset, Sensei.
I don't really know what happened to me yet.
Could you explain it to me again, from the start? I fought with this crazy strong guy But I was beat bad Real bad.
Put ashes in the ashtray! And be quiet! I guess you had it rough too.
Put ashes in the ashtray! And be quiet! Yeah, he was as strong as a Demon.
Put ashes in the ashtray! And be quiet! No, he was a real Demon! Put ashes in the ashtray! And be quiet! You know him? Put ashes in the ashtray! And be quiet! No, I don't! Put ashes in the ashtray! And be quiet! No, I don't! But I know about him.
The details don't matter! What matters is that you weren't fighting a human! He was a real Demon (akuma)! A! Ku! Ma! Understand? Then don't tangle with them again! Ah! Kuma (bear)? Not even close! He was as strong as a bear, it's true.
So, where can I go to fight him again? Zen-san I've got the feeling like I could understand if you explained once more.
Please! Explain it to me once again, from the start! Come with me, you! We'll talk over there! I fought with this crazy strong guy But I was beat bad Real bad.
I guess you had it rough too! I get it! I get it now! Something is trying to awaken from inside of me! Oh, god of fighting! Is this what they call enlightenment? Our goal: The birth of a Great New Me! As if! These grounds are huge! There's an infinite number of fallen leaves! This doesn't have anything to do with the dojo! Stop screwing with me! No matter how deep down the stains Hey, old man! I'm gonna beat the crap out of you and end this training! Oh? Giving up already? I thought you'd have more guts.
I want you to teach me techniques 'n stuff! These are just chores! What's the point?! You'll understand if you complete them.
I won't stop you if you want to quit though.
Interesting, you old bastard.
Damn it! I'm gonna collect every last leaf! The same joke exactly?! Is this it? So this is the dojo of the Shingetsu School, once heralded as the gateway to controlling the country.
Wait, are we really going to do this? Of course! We all decided to get stronger, remember? That's right! Don't go having second thoughts now.
Teimo Tech's Shadow Group lives and dies together.
Yeah, sure Definitely gotta get revenge on those guys from Ishiyama.
Excuse us! Anyone there? You there, lad! May we have a moment? The four of us here would like to join this dojo, you see Join? Give it up.
You'll just have to clean the grounds for the rest of your lives.
Damn you, it's Oga! Why are you here? Huh? And who might you be? That's our cue! We're Teimo's Shadow Group! If you forgot, then we'll make you remember! Um, we just set ourselves up to lose, didn't we? I don't know who the hell you are but you went and scattered all the leaves I gathered! We're very sorry! What? It was like the broom was a part of my own body What's this? I really have gotten stronger! Is it finally time for a Great New Me?! As if.
Ow! You've got no respect.
Fighting on the sacred grounds! What? Weren't you teaching me how to use a wooden sword with the broom? If that was all it took to learn, we'd all be masters.
Then it's that?! All that work I did was pointless?! Here.
I roasted these potatoes in the leaves.
See? There was a point to it.
Yeah, but That's not what I meant! I can't say I'm 100%, but thanks to you, I'm doing okay.
Sorry for all the trouble, Furcas, Lamia Miss Hilda! I'm so glad I can hear your voice again, Miss Hilda! Thank goodness But we cannot breathe easy.
Hecadoth's spear has the power to dispel the power of Demons.
You must rest for a time.
Yes, but They will come again shortly.
But the dimensional transfer they used It's likely a Royal treasure In that case, it will take time to gather the magic power to transfer again.
About one week.
We must think of a plan before then.
Yes? Will you do me a favor? For you, I'll do anything! In the week before they come, I'd like you to find Lord En.
Hey! You're going to disturb the neighborhood! Quiet down! And after that What the hell are you people thinking? Two on a bike, screaming at the top of your lungs?! We're sorry Come on, Oga, apologize! My bad.
You mustn't ride two to a bike, understand? Here we go, Furuichi! We have to find Lord En, and quick! Why am I coming? Don't get the wrong idea Miss Hilda can't move, Oga's off training, so I don't have anyone else to ask, got it? Tsundere Did my heart just do a little No way! I have zero interest in this little bed-wetter! On the next Beelzebub: "Where Might My Brother Have Disappeared To?" In the end, Hilda-san's meaty thighs are the best! Ickichi, you disgust me.