Beelzebub (2011) s01e43 Episode Script

Where Did the Older Brother Disappear To?

You're riding high today, Baby Beel.
What, Baby Beel? What's with you? There he is! It's Oga! What's with them? Policemen? Don't move! Oga, you're under arrest.
What's the crime? The crime of you know, that.
Right, Kanzaki? You know damn well your crime! How's dem apples? You tell 'em, Kanzaki-san! Shut up.
Let's go, you guys! I'll blow all of you a Don't get in my way, Baby Beel! Wait, why? You, too? Courthouse What-what-what-what?! Courthouse? Whaddaya mean courthouse?! Courthouse Objection! Silence in the court.
Now without further ado, we will now start the "Isn't it about time that we stop callin' Oga the strongest? I mean, he just got beat like chump" trial.
Defendant, Weak "Piece of Shit" Oga, to the front! I didn't do it! I'm innocent! Your Honor, if I may Victim, Hildegarde-kun The defendant, Weak POS Oga, just testified, "I didn't do it!" But more accurately it is that he, "couldn't do anything.
" Therefore, instead of calling the defendant Weak POS Oga, I petition that he now be called Weak POS Poopy Coward Oga.
Your Honor! Counsel Alaindelon-kun Can I go take a crap? No.
No objections! If you don't have an objection, don't say anything.
Is this a dream? Gotta be a dream This dream packs a punch! Then would the police read the indictment? Yes! Indictment: The defendant, Weak POS Poopy Coward Oga was once known as the strongest, the Rampaging Ogre But lately he's been losing left and right! Totally worthless.
Isn't it absurd to even call him the main character these days? So I recommend a sentence of the chupachupachupacabrus penalty! What's the chupachupachu brus penalty?! Hold it right there! Ultra-policeman Tojo-kun! What the hell's an ultra-policeman? The chupachupachupacabrus penalty is You couldn't say it! Ain't you gettin' ahead of yourself? If you keep losin', how about you give up being Ishiyama's strongest? That's what it means.
That's just your demands! Your Honor My stomach No objections! Shut up you people! Counsel! Counsel, object! Not happening You?! Go to the bathroom! Damn it Isn't there anyone else to defend me? Anyone'll do! Look at me in the face, people! What are you saying? You've had someone to defend you right by your side this whole time.
Counsel Baby Beel-kun! I'm screwed At least someone that can talk! Please, someone that can talk! No! I don't wanna face the chupachupachupacabrus penalty! I'm innocent! Get to the opening already.
Damn it all What the hell is the chupachupachupacabrus penalty anyway? Sure.
No more than 500 yen for snacks.
And what was with my defense counsel? He didn't seem to want to defend me at all! Sure, go for some bananas.
Señorita bananas are fine, too.
What the heck?! Where Did Brother Disappear to? Why, hello there.
My name is Furuichi Takayuki.
I'm a self-styled high-school heartthrob.
Oh? Calling myself a heartthrob is just sad, you say? Fine by me, I can call myself anything Anything you want Wait, I'm sorry! I'll get to the point, just keep listening! Lately, aren't I a little out of the loop? Did I just say that? I totally said that! Just threw that out there.
Just li'l ol' me feelin' sorry for m'sel', 'tis.
I-I'm not lonely.
Wake up! Furuichi! You're even creepy when you're asleep.
Buwahaha? What's that for? Get up and get ready this instant! Because you and I are going to go search for Lord En, right now! A dream, huh? Please, let me dream of Hilda-san instead I told you to wake up, creeper! Look for Baby Beel's brother? Why me? Because I can't handle it by myself, duh! Yeah, but why me? And why are we searching for him? You don't know anything, do you? Man, that hurts! The way you said it Ouch.
Did something happen? Hey, did something happen without me realizing it? Hey, don't pull that! You are such a creep! Let go! How long are you going to sleep? I know it's Sunday, but if I don't clean up breakfast Lolicon Pervert! N-No! This isn't what you I've gotta tell Mom Come on, stop with the realistic reaction! T-That's right First, call the police.
That's an even more real reaction! Get off me, Furuichi! This is gonna be a pain Let's erase her memories! What the hell are you trying to shoot into my little sister?! And that's how it is.
You must have had it rough, getting involved with those Demons.
I don't really get it.
You know him, Zen-san? How many times are you going to make me explain this? I'm telling you that they were Demons! Yeah, he was as strong as a Demon.
No, he was a real Demon (akuma)! Zen-san, you know him? No, I don't know him! You don't? Who cares one way or the other? Understand? If you had made one wrong move you'd be dead.
Don't just go fighting indiscriminately! What are you talking about, Zen-san? He's human just like the rest of us.
I won't lose next time.
I told you, he's a Demon (akuma)! Are you Are you an idiot? Oh.
You are an idiot.
Sorry Anyway, you were up against a Demon.
A Demon (akuma)! If you get that, then don't tangle with them again! Ah Kuma (bear).
So, where can I go to fight him again? Tora.
I guess you gotta be involved now.
Fine then, I get it.
I'll teach you how to fight Demons.
So don't do anything crazy.
Seriously? Lord En's servants came to crush Oga, and Hilda-san got stabbed? Man I can't believe this serious turn of events happened without me knowing.
Anyway, is Hilda-san okay? The Doctor and I came for her, so yeah, duh! Anyway, look for Lord En! You met him, right? Do you have any idea where he might be? Yeah, I guess I met him Like, an arcade? Arcade? What's that? Anyway, why me? I asked you earlier I don't have any choice! You're the only person who knows this place! Stop complaining and come with me! Huh? What's this? Tsundere? So basically, she's helpless.
Well, I guess I could help her out a little.
The only person? Hold it.
I'm not the only person.
What about Oga himself? You really are out of the loop, aren't you? Hey! Stop talking like that! I'm very sensitive! On a date with Kunieda-senpai?! No, I said they're training.
I refuse to accept this! Why does he get Kunieda and I get Get what, huh?! What's that supposed to mean?! But.
You've got way too much stuff.
You're late! My bad.
Stuff happened.
We're not heading to play around, so keep sharp! Okay And what's with you and those flashy clothes? I-I'm no different than usual! Mapputatsu? It's been a training grounds since long ago, I hear.
That's where we're headed? Yes.
It's a bit far, but a good place to temper the body.
Why are these people here too? Kunieda-chan, can I have one of those onigiri? Delish! Super delish! Mikagami, that's not fair! Let me have one, too! And one for me.
Hey, Oga, listen up! We might be training together but we're still enemies, got it? Man, you guys are loud.
Whoa, these are crazy good.
You'll make someone a great bride, Kunieda-chan! For sure! T-Thanks What's with that woman?! She's makin' googly eyes at my Ko-chan! Don't go gettin' ideas from a single onigiri! This is gonna be a slog.
Just a little more A little more A little more There! Okay, here it comes! Got it! Got it, got it, got it, got it! We got it! All right! what did I just spend 1500 yen on? I thought we were searching for Lord En.
Did you forget? Man, get a grip already.
We're not here to play around.
Let's go.
What is with that attitude? Seriously, what? A date? Is it a date? I know I told her I'd help, but You can't! This is bad, Takayuki! You look just like a lolicon! That's really bad in this day and age! No! This isn't that at all! I I love Hilda-san's ample thighs! Um, um, um Hilda-san Oh, silly Takayuki-san What am I to do with you? No! Try again Hilda-san, Hilda-san Don't forget We're not here to play around.
Yeah That's the stuff Ew.
It's cows! Look at this place Quiet Nice place.
I should tell you that a kid like him wouldn't be in this place in the middle of the day.
Really? Yeah.
The only people who'd come this early to an arcade are the dregs of society and lazy-ass high school kids with nothin' to do.
Just my opinion, but these places are the hangouts of losers.
Oh, it's Furuichi.
Playin' for tokens like me? And looks like we've got loser #1.
A brat with green hair? Sure, I've seen him.
No way! After all, this is my castle.
I totally remember anyone who stands out.
So where was he? Come with me.
He's come here a lot recently.
Over there.
Over there at the fighting games I lost again?! What's with this guy? He's crazy!! Kanzaki-senpai? Why are you in my castle, crazy bitch?! What, you a fan? A fan of mine now? No, no, no Just by accident.
And I ain't a crazy bitch! A brat with green hair? Naw, ain't seen him.
Is he an earthling? Fill me in more.
Green haired kid? What the hell, that's scary! Ishiyama's just full of people with free time It's a pair of losers! Is he good at games? What if he's the guy I was fighting against?! Green hair, right? Who're you callin' green-haired, huh? It's a full house of losers! Rock, paper, scissors! Tied! Tied again! Tied again! An arcade Is that where Lord En is? No.
They don't seem to have found him yet.
But Miss Lamia is really trying.
It seems like she's using Takayuki and the other Ishiyama people to search.
This way they might really find Lord En in the next few days.
Yes So Furuichi's first name is Takayuki? Oh, my! It was slip! I just called him like I usually How embarrassing! I-It's not like I'm against her, or jealous or anything The bond between Takayuki and myself is already so thick, there's no room for Miss Lamia! Yes.
You're making the pain worse.
Shut up.
So I see.
Lamia is doing well then? So we have 5 days until Behemoth's minions come to attack again? We're counting on you Hey, four-eyed freak! Why do I keep meetin' you here every time?! You wanna get beat?! Sure, let's do this.
Now that I think about it, we never finished things from the last time.
I think it's just about time we settled which one of us is on top.
Sounds like fun.
So they meant at this game.
Who are these people? Fine then, leave this to me.
No, not leaving it to you! Don't worry, I'm just going to shoot them with this drug.
It'll make them feel a bit better, and make them obey my every command.
That's totally not okay! It sounds extremely dangerous! That's rude of you.
There's nothing dangerous about it almost nothing.
They'll be released after half a day from this mortal coil, that is You mean they'll die? They'll be slaves, and then they'll die? Crap, she's serious.
Hanasawa-san! Hanasawa-san! Huh? Me? What? Search for a kid? There's no time for that! I'm looking for Madam Aoi! What's up? She ain't at home, her cellphone's in an area with no service, and we haven't seen her in two whole days! What the hell happened? You know where she is? Hey, what's going on? Why do you know that? Anyway, will you come over so I can explain? So let's start.
The reason I've gathered you all here today It's to split up and search for a certain individual.
Sheesh, Furuichi.
Are you asking for a beating? That's your reason for getting in the way of our battle and asking us here? Agreed.
Furuichi-kun, you really shouldn't start thinking you're in charge now.
You're basically trying to use us? Who cares! I want to know where Madam Aoi is! Now! Of course, this does affect everyone.
To be precise, this is a problem facing Ishiyama's reputation.
Not that reputation! Hey, are you sure you should just be winging this? What else can we do? We've gotta make this a problem for all of Ishiyama! Don't worry, this can work.
These people really hate being looked down on.
The other day Oga and Kunieda-senpai were attacked by an unknown group.
Thankfully, the two of them were safe, but the person they fought was incredibly strong.
Even Oga wasn't able to win.
And when it was over they said "Ishiyama ain't so tough after all!" They will be coming in full force next time to attack Ishiyama.
And soon.
Wait a sec.
Where's Madam Aoi? The two of them, knowing there's little time, seem to have started training in a certain place.
Training? Yes.
I'm sure they will grow stronger and return.
That's why I'm asking you, not for me, but for Ishiyama! I need you all to find their ringleader! So? Maybe it's a little much Were they wearing some weird uniform with a coat? In that case I fought with 'em too.
Right, crazy bitch? Y-Yeah! Yuka I totally saw 'em by accident! They were crazy, all right.
Even Tojo-senpai got beat to a pulp! It's a miracle! The guys you mentioned before? Tojo was beat up, that's true.
Yes, yes, yes! Which school was it? Yes, here we go! They weren't from around here.
Probably here on a trip or something.
They said something about being "akuma"? Akuma? Yeah, they were totally as strong as a demon! Either way, we can't have people looking down on us.
Nice going.
They are from Akumano Academy! Akumano Academy? Hey, you're gettin' carried away! That's seriously not gonna I've never heard a school whose name sounded so evil! We'll crush them! I so totally didn't come up this way before! Take the long road, I say.
What are you doing, Oga? While we're desperately searching for Lord En, you're doing special "muhuhu" training with Kunieda-senpai! What kind of training is "muhuhu" training? Well, obviously: "No, Oga.
It goes like this.
Do it stronger.
Yes, like that.
Very good Ah!" like that.
And then things get all excited when your elbow touches her boob! Ew.
On the next Beelzebub: I Must Become Stronger.
Then, their two faces get close, and Cut it out already!