Beelzebub (2011) s01e44 Episode Script

I Have to Get Stronger

This is Mapputatsu.
Mapputatsu: Literally "Demon Twin Peaks" This is Mapputatsu.
It's known as a place used for training since long ago.
Mapputatsu: Literally "Demon Twin Peaks" A waterfall, huh? I see.
See what? What, are you dense? When you talk training with a waterfall, you Being fast is part of being strong, you know! Bastard For some reason you look really suited for that.
Um, Master? About the training? Right.
I figured we'd start with the basics.
Right! Please go gather a stone.
I Must Become Stronger Damn that old bastard He tricked me! Except it was you who jumped to conclusions.
But man Gathering stones? What kind of training is this? He wants a stone, so anything'll do, right? Oh, it's on! Why are you fighting? This one is mine! W-What?! I can handle this much before breakfast You're shaking like crazy.
Hey! Don't start fighting over each and every thing! And what are you two doing?! Why just me?! Well, I said stone, not boulder, but no matter.
T-This is really part of our training? Now then, next I want you to split the stone you brought with your bare hands.
And no meals until you manage it! No, not a chance Hey You old fart! There's no way that's possible! Seriously Is he an idiot? But Master This is impossible, yes? This is far more difficult than splitting roof tiles.
Ah Is that what you think? Aoi! Yes.
Whoa there Don't tell me That girl is going to split it with her bare hands? You've gotta be kiddin' me! She's winded just from carrying it Now watch closely! What's necessary isn't power! Nadesico Seriously?! Nadesico.
The very basis of the Shingetsu School's techniques.
Attack focusing all your energy on a single point instead of spreading out.
Once you master it, you can even break only the stone on the bottom.
The important thing is how you use your power.
Breath, posture, and concentration.
How about that? Starting to get motivated? They're not listening at all, are they? Wow, it's seriously split right in two! Mapputatsu can also mean "split in two" Wow, it's seriously split right in two! That girl did this with her bare hands? Mapputatsu can also mean "split in two" Mapputatsu can also mean "split in two" Mapputatsu Split in two That's it! So that's why this place is called "Mapputatsu"! No, I don't think so.
A kid with green hair? Never heard of 'em.
This ain't a place for brats.
I'm sure you heard of the Skullheads, right? We're the strongest team about here.
Ain't that right, Bro? Great.
More easy-to-read punks.
Huh?! Oh, nothing.
You just barged into our territory, buddy! You'd better be prepared for the consequences! Furuichi! Oh, so this is where you are.
Nene-san Look, I told you not to bother with this place.
He ain't gonna be here.
But I thought we should cover all the arcades Nene? That's Omori Nene, of the Red Tails! Why the hell is she with this guy? Huh? Who was that who just said my name disrespectfully?! The 4th leader of the Red Tails, huh? But even you are getting cocky if you think you can come in here all by yourself Do I look alone to you? You bastards! You wanna do this? Let him go, you! What the heck? Is it always like this? Well, things like this happen in the summer a lot But wait Aren't we kind of outnumbered here? Wow, I'm so happy Two pretty ladies by my side Do you really wanna go to war with me, huh? Hey! How long are you gonna take? He wasn't in the arcade across the street either.
Huh? Oh.
The Skullheads.
What? You have a problem? Well, kind a I-Isn't that Kanzaki and Himekawa?! Why is the TKKH here?! Crap! Don't make eye contact! W-We're so sorry! Yeah.
Let's move on to the next one, people.
How about that, huh?! Ko-chan, you're amazing! Just one more step, I suppose.
You need to swallow your pride and try a small stone first.
First things first, you know.
Frankly, I think even I couldn't split that stone.
At this rate you're the only one that'll be skipping supper.
What's a man without his pride? I've made my choice, and I'm gonna follow through.
Honestly Is what I said But what should I do? This thing ain't splitting, not even close.
It'd be a cinch if I used Baby Beel's power, though.
But that's not going to help.
Seriously, what are you two trying to accomplish? Well look at this You're still trying to split that stone? You seriously don't know when to quit.
How about I teach you the trick to it, huh? The one who mastered it first, me! That's it Would you help me out a sec? Super Burying Punch! I split it! Um, that doesn't count.
I've got word from my people I sent to investigate.
There's someone with green hair making a scene in an arcade.
Making a scene? You don't mean W-We've got to hurry! Found ourselves a green haired kid Come on.
I said jump! Stop being confused for other people! What's wrong with you people?! Look! Green hair! MK5 Defeated Instantly Good night! MK5 Defeated Instantly Don't jump in! MK5 Defeated Instantly Good night! MK5 Defeated Instantly MK5+1 Defeated Instantly Good night! MK5+1 Defeated Instantly Now we've all completed it, right? Okay, everyone help out! The curry is almost ready! Yes! Time for food! "Time for food!" my butt! If this wasn't a gag anime I'd be dead! That's quite honest of you.
It's your own damn fault.
Oga! Oh Let Baby Beel eat.
But It's fine.
I think I'll get the hang of it soon.
Beel-chan, let's go and eat first, okay? Beel-chan? Oga, hey! What is Beel-chan doing? What? He's doing a blessing before his meal.
Don't go teaching babies stupid crap! I didn't teach it to him, baldy.
Don't you know? Rituals are very important to Demon royalty Hilda does it sometimes, too.
Sorry, but I haven't a clue what you're talking about.
That's enough for today.
Go to the temple near here and spend the night.
You heard the man! Hey, Oga! Oga! That's enough for today, got it? Oga! That hurt! What's the big deal? Look, you're a mess! Start again tomorrow! I don't wanna! Enough! That's enough for now! No! Come on, let's go.
I bet Kunieda-chan could split that stone.
Wow Wait We can really stay here? The head priest here is an old friend of mine.
Make yourselves at home.
Welcome, Kunieda-san.
We've been expecting you.
Thank you very much.
We're in your care, Head Priest.
Isafuyu! Please lead our guests.
Isafuyu-chan, Isafuyu-chan! What kanji is your name spelled with? It's so cute! Are you in middle school? You are such a flake.
U-Uh Stop it, you're scaring her! You can stay here in the main hall.
Wait, you're not staying with us, Kunieda-chan? Sorry, but I'm staying with Grandpa! Ooh, this is cool, Baby Beel.
Check it out.
The Great Demon Lord! N-No What's wrong? She hates your guts, Oga.
Aoi-chan! Isa-chan, it's been so long.
Sorry about today.
It's okay Seriously, this really helps out.
I have to thank you properly later.
Um, Father said you could use the bath.
Really? Thanks a lot! I'm all sweaty What about you, Grandpa? I'll go last.
Let those delinquents use it first.
'Kay! Hey, Isa-chan! Let's go together! Okay! Service cut! Destroyer! Destroyer Demon Rock Headlong Dash But seriously, this bath is amazing.
It's like a bath in a hot springs vacation hotel.
Isa-chan, your bath is so wide open It feels great! Kuroki You just thought of peeking, didn't you? No, I wouldn't Guess I gotta do it, huh? What? Peek? No, no, no! That's very wrong! Kuroki! Men act first and deal with the consequences later! Mikagami We can hear you.
Um About the man who is raising the baby I-Is there something up with Oga? Yeah He's a demon, isn't he? That baby Isa-chan, you can tell? Yeah.
I've seen people haunted with Demons a number of times.
I see You've always been sensitive to the paranormal, Isa-chan.
You can sense Demons and stuff like that.
But that's the first time I've seen one that incredible.
How can I put it There's something fundamentally different than the ones I've seen before.
'Cause he's a Demon Lord, I guess.
But wait You can do exorcisms and stuff too, right Isa-chan? Yeah, I guess Wait Do you know a way to beat Demons, too? If you do, then teach it to me! Aoi-chan? In the end, you couldn't even put a crack in it.
Why don't you swallow your pride and start with something you can handle? Shut it.
Unless you develop your own strength gradually, you'll never be able to use the Demon's power How did you know? I can tell just from looking.
Have you ever seen a baby as crazy at that? Seriously? You've accepted that you lack strength.
But being in a hurry isn't going to get you anywhere.
So? We've searched everywhere I think we need to change strategies or we're screwed.
Change how we search? Don't you have any clues other than he likes games? So? But the only other thing In a mail to Miss Hilda, he said "Online games are the greatest!" Now that you mention it, that brat Yeah He said something about heading to Akiba and buying an online game That's it! What? I don't get it.
Unless you develop your own strength gradually, you'll never be able to use the Demon's power You've accepted that you lack strength.
But being in a hurry isn't going to get you anywhere.
I know.
I know, damn it! But time isn't a luxury I have! Hurrying is the only choice I got! It's morning! Up and at 'em! Oga? Don't tell me Damn it, that fool! That giant stone isn't something you can split in one day of training! No way Oga? Look here, you What'll we do if you get yourself hurt? This ain't gonna be enough to beat those guys.
Don't worry, you'll get stronger.
As long as you have the will For sure! Now then, let's have breakfast! Damn that old man Splittin' stones, and now some "special course"? Makin' me climb all these stairs It's you Why are you here? Hey, is that any way to talk? And I'm skippin' school for this.
Welcome, you piece of crap.
Time for the second half of your training.
Ooh, you did it, Baby Beel! Our training's going well! How about you, Furuichi? We're going fine, too! Lord En is hooked on online games.
Next time is the long awaited gaming showdown! My special moves are gonna explode off the screen! On the next Beelzebub: Play Games at Most One Hour a Day! What? An hour isn't long enough? We don't have time for games! Everyone, watch anime! And when you do, make sure it's Beelzebub, yo!