Beelzebub (2011) s01e45 Episode Script

There's One Day and 1 Hour Left Until the Game

Hey, Furuichi What is this? Weren't we supposed to be searching for Lord En? Um, that's why We're searching for that brat online, right? I'm quite reluctant to invite you bastards But I happen to have everything we need at my place.
Come on, here.
Which room? The game rooms are 2501 to 2505.
Wait, don't tell me This whole damn floor is yours? Don't be an idiot.
I also have every floor above this, asswipe.
Dang Play Games at Most One Hour a Day There was a time I was really into online games with someone I know.
I prepared 5 rooms, 6 people to a room, so that 30 people could play together at once.
Although I don't use them much lately.
W-Wait a second! I've never played an online game before! I have no idea how to search for him.
Me, too.
Same for me! And me.
Somebody tell me what an online game is! What? Then what the hell are you people here for? Come on, Hime-chan This is going to be difficult.
It's basically impossible to narrow a person down in online games which are based on player's anonymity.
And besides, we don't even know what kind of games he plays.
It'd be a different story if we at least knew his account.
What's an account? Red poop?! That's aka unko! That's not it.
Your name online is like a pen name.
Can I play this? SKF IV? You play fighting games? It's quite my specialty.
What's this? SKF IV? Chiaki, you play video games? I play them a lot with my little brother.
That's it! Himekawa-senpai, that kid was always sitting at a fighting game cabinet! And it's only been a little while since he's started playing them.
It's quite possible that he'd be playing the same title! And about his online handle If there's someone with a name that can be read "Enoh" please let me know.
Enoh? What's that? Kanji, katakana, roman letters Any of the above.
I think that might be the person I'm fighting right now.
Seriously? Let's see But Right off the bat? Well, that's "Enoh" all right.
What's this? Is that him? Try saying something at him.
Like what? Try provoking him.
Oh, we got a message from him.
Um "Don't get cocky now, peon! Rematch!! I wanna rematch! I'll show you just how fearsome I can be!" It's totally him! It's him! It's him or it's no one! Calm down.
Really? For real? Crazy What should I do? For now, try replying.
Type in exactly what I say "Master En? How has it been? This is Furuichi.
How was that game I lent you earlier? I'd like to meet you again in person to play games together.
By the way, where are you right now?" Send it off, and Master? He ain't respondin'.
Maybe he went offline? Ooh, I found me a sausage! Stop sticking your hands in other people's fridges, Kanzaki.
FYI, that's from 3 months ago.
Wait, that message was totally suspicious! You should be more careful! "Let's have a rematch!" Sure.
The bastard! Anyway, beat him! Beat the crap out of him and make him start to cry! Wait, he sent another message.
"If you beat me, I might deem to inform you.
" Here we go! This is our chance! Chiaki, do it! Akichi, fight! Fight, fight! And what's with the "deem"? Akichi, fight! Fight, fight! Who does this guy think he is, some prince? Akichi, fight! Fight, fight! Who does this guy think he is, some prince? A prince A Demon prince.
Don't worry.
I will win.
Ooh, looks like she's fired up! Go for it! Okay! One more round! Piece of cake! You can do this! And wait What the hell is this game? Or SKF IV for short.
As the player takes damage, their clothes tear off.
The more they are torn off, the bigger special moves you can do, allowing you to make a big comeback.
It's a pretty high-level fighting game, but you're not bad at all, Tanimura.
You're pretty good.
That's A 0-Frame Juggling Strip! Nicknamed the "Ghost Strip"! What? She lost? I can't believe it.
It's basically a desperation ultra-tech.
I can't believe there's actually someone that can use it.
The player has changed.
We can't have you playing such pranks on my master You bearded bastard! How dare you chase me all the way up here! Got nothin' better to do? You got a problem? Because I got a mountain of crap to teach you.
Yeah, well too bad! I don't wanna learn shit from you! And stop treatin' me like a smoker's bench! Get off, jerk! 'Cause you'd run off, otherwise.
Fine, fine! I won't run off, alright! So get the hell offa me! Sheesh, you're a noisy one.
Psych! Neener, neener! Stand there and puff away all day long! You shitting beard brain! You really are a pain.
You think I'll let you catch me again? Take this, taught to me by the old man! Nadesico! Neener, neener! Then, I'll go as well.
Damn you I'm not done yet! Nadesico and then a Tulip! How about that? I don't need your help, idiot! Wow, look at that.
Now's my chance You're still not gettin' away, though.
No way! Okay! Everyone take your seats.
Special Class Okay! Everyone take your seats.
Saotome-sensei is off today.
So I'll be handling your homeroom today.
Sorry 'bout this Is school closed? Sensei Kanzaki-kun, Himekawa-kun, Natsume-kun, Shiroyama-kun, Furuichi-kun, Oga-kun, Kunieda-san, Omori-san, Tanimura-san, and Hanazawa-san are absent today because they have a stomach ache.
I dunno anything else.
Am I hated that much? I ain't gonna deny that.
Himekawa-kun! Let's play! You did that on purpose, right? Get up here already! Whoa, I'm all nervous! That was a career woman! Don't be so impressed, Crazy.
We ain't here to play, either.
We're here to take revenge for yesterday! Although we did come to play games.
It really pissed you off.
I borrowed the game yesterday and practiced all night long.
I will not lose today.
You're like a whole different person when it comes to games I see that everyone is here.
Give me a break! Did you do all this overnight? This is how you use people and money.
It's to our advantage to have everyone in the same room, after all.
For your information, I can check everyone's movements on the submonitors over there.
Is this a secret base? Yeah This is like Wow.
Crazy We're gettin' all psyched up! We're gonna practice our butts off before starting the actual match! Okay! Everyone, boot up! What's "boot up"? Where do I press? I'm worried It's on! Chiaki, it's on! Don't get so excited, Omori.
The End of War 4, a popular Long story short, basically it's 9 of us against The rules of this game are simple.
The team that gets wiped out first loses.
First, we need to make our characters.
Each of you, create an avatar.
Ava-Ava-Avatar? A-grade butter? Um, no.
It's a representation of yourself that acts within the game.
Is this okay? Nene-san, that's not it Argh! I don't get it! Finished! I'm already tired Okay.
Everyone, put up the character you made.
Who made that avatar? It's crazy! That's me.
And how about yours?! Yours is no different! Look more carefully! I totallys gotta flower on my head! They're totally the same.
Ooh, that looks just like him! Natsume-senpai, that's yours? And check this out Dark Creepichi? No, it's not! And don't just call me that like it's normal! This one's me.
Yeah, it's creepy.
And you, Lamia-chan? This one is me.
Then It was mine.
Come on, people Don't just make whatever you want! Make it so it's easy to tell everyone apart.
What about yours, Himekawa-senpai? Easy to recognize Fine by me.
Make what you want.
What about yours, Kanzaki-senpai? What the heck? It's yogurty, duh! You dolts! Is he an idiot? Akichi, you're the only one we can count on! Akichi, what's your character? Mine is normal.
It's so out-there we're speechless.
So? Ready to do this, yet? This little bit? It ain't shit! Well, I'm impressed with your stubbornness.
But you seem to be the only one who thinks that way.
Baby Beel? Baby Beel! You traitor! You wanna get stronger? Looks like the baby knows better than you! So, Oga? You have to grow together from now on, or there's no point.
I'm sure you understand this, too.
Throw away your foolish pride! I know.
But I ain't throwin' it away.
I'm gonna get stronger than you, pride or not So we'll do it.
Fine by me.
Seems we finally made some avatars we can use.
Damn We ate up a lot of time just getting this far.
Please, let me go home now! Idiot, it's time.
We weren't able to practice the commands at all, so just figure it out on the battlefield.
Already!? But I haven't even read the manual! Is everybody ready? Okay! Connect online! Let's Online! This is Kanzaki! What's the situation? Everyone, report! Yes, yes Kanzaki-kun Natsume, is that you? This is the second attack squad.
Natsume and Shiroyama are still kickin'! Although Shiro-chan's been spinnin' around grinning for a while.
I can't stop it! What's happening?! We're on standby in area B, and nothing seems amiss.
O-Okay After you're done laughing, please teach him how to stop.
This is the engineering corps, Hanazawa and Omori.
How's it going? Nene-san's spinnin', too! I can't! Nene-san, this one! Press this! This? You idiot! That's a hand grenade! Nene-san, what the heck was that for?! Y-You idiots! You can kill friendlies in this game! I can't, I can't! Someone switch with me! Why a chainsaw?! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! I mean seriously, you're doing this on purpose Soul of a murderer! Damn, we don't have a choice.
Tanimura, switch and partner with Hanazawa.
Heading there now.
And where the hell is that jerk Himekawa? That bastard Is he like "I can handle reconnaissance all by myself" or something Kanzaki-senpai, behind you! Kanzaki-senpai! Here I am, idiot.
I'm in a place where I can check all of you out.
Who the hell are you? What? Not a word of thanks? I'll blow your head off, too.
Who is that guy? A killing head-shot from that distance? Yeah This isn't what we signed up for Aren't they supposed to be a bunch of n00bs? This is gonna be annoying.
Silence, you spineless NEETs! Do you realize why I chose trash like you for our team? Each of you, concentrate on the job you've been given! And die for our master's sake! Isabella-sama Nice Even her voice alone is beautiful I want to be stepped on by those boots I like Yolda-san, myself.
Satura-san, moe! This is good, Isabella! Master? Don't go expecting anything from a squad you just put together.
Having a few stragglers is all part of the game! That's our Master for you! The words of a commander are something, all right! Hey there, General! Big man! Praise me more! Right! Let's get a move on! I'll show them how unmatched I am! Master, I think you've got the wrong game! That's right! You can be killed really easily! I mean, it's boring if you kill them all so quickly! The supreme commander can't just head straight to the front of the battle.
I suppose so.
That's correct, Master.
And the team will not be a hindrance.
They're all veterans with over 2000 hours of playtime.
All for Isabella-sama! And for Yolda-san and Satura-san! Then everyone attack! Wait a sec, Chiaki! You're going so fast! Please hurry, Nene-san.
According to Himekawa-senpai, the enemy has already obtained a tank.
We need to get some large weapon to counter it, or else Please stop.
There it is A tank.
What? You're not going to take it? Look carefully.
I can see the enemy hidden behind the rubble.
They intend to attack us when we foolishly go to take the tank.
But What'll we do? Himekawa-senpai Yeah, I heard you.
This is definitely time to get ourselves a tank.
But it's in a blind spot from here.
It'll be tricky to attack.
Natsume, Shiroyama Head over there.
From where you are, you should be able to hit them from both sides.
W-Wait, Natsume! I'm stuck on crawl mode, and I can't get up! Whoa there N-Natsume I'm done for! What are you talking about? Shiro-chan, you're only lightly wounded.
But this is bad.
We can't provide backup like this.
Kanzaki-kun, would you go instead of us? Idiot! We're in the middle of a fight! There you go Sorry 'bout this.
What'll we do? We have to handle it ourselves, somehow.
Wait! Tanimura, behind you! Crap! Chiaki! Get them! Nene-san Nene-san! What's the matter? Over already? I thought I mentioned that I'd tell you where I was if you won.
But you guys suck! God damn this guy is stuck up.
I bet that he's a total pansy in real life, though.
He's exactly the same in reality.
If I win, I'll be so overjoyed I might cry a ton! Let's Online! Space Century Alpha 58823.
Humanity continues its never-ending battle over Kleen 4649 Wait, Furuichi You're still playing games? Even though I'm having some nutty training with that Saotome jerk! The ground shakes, and it comes.
It, with the incredible body of steel.
It strikes down the Demons in the online game The strategist- On the next Beelzebub: Super Burning Combination! What anime is this again?! Let's do this!