Beelzebub (2011) s01e60 Episode Script

I Won`t Say Goodbye

Oga Tatsumi disappeared.
Together with Beel-chan, he protected Hilda-san and us all.
He fought Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division.
All of you, get back.
Stop this, fool! Don't worry.
Oga Tatsumi is the only parent Baby Beel's got in the Human World, right? Then, believe! I'll take 'em all and blow 'em away! It's been 1 week since then, and no matter how we've searched, they're nowhere to be found.
Oga's Desk "Let's Fight!!" "Kanzaki-san 4 Life" "I'll give you money - Himekawa" Oga Have you really vanished from this world after that battle? Oga's Desk "Let's Fight!!" "Kanzaki-san 4 Life" "I'll give you money - Himekawa" Oga Have you really vanished from this world after that battle? Um, Saotome-sensei I'd like to pass through here Can I really do this?! Don't cry, Kunieda.
Just f-forget about that big idiot You're crying too, you know.
No, I'm not! I just got some yogurty in my eyes, is all! Why?! Why did that bastard Oga leave this world before us? Oga! Get the hell back here! Our battle isn't over yet! How much?! How much do I have to pay for you to come back, huh?! Oga! Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a strong, violent bastard Now that I think about it, he said this was the river where he met Beel-chan One day, the bastard was cleaning up by the river, and a big guy came floating, floating downstream Transfer! Landing! Floating, floating Floating and then Thought I was a goner back there.
What's wrong with you guys? You're alive! Give me back my tears! Sheesh.
You had us worried, Oga.
Where were you? When I came to, I was in the Demon World.
The Demon World? Shuttle Bus Loading Area Then Baby Beel and me got on a Demon Bus Shuttle Bus Loading Area Then Baby Beel and me got on a Demon Bus It was crawling with people from the Demon World, and we took off our shoes.
We put them in a shoe box and handed the key to the counter Then we got a key to a locker and took off our clothes.
We got in about 10 different types of baths We even got a massage It was frightful, indeed That's a damn health spa! Do you have any idea how worried we all were? Um We've got a bit of a problem with a new special class.
I didn't know what would happen there for a bit, but thankfully I found another position.
Ishiyama is a very well respected school.
And it's a special class! I got to pull myself together.
Hi, everyone! Nice to meet you! Oh, it's you again! With Akumano Academy destroyed, we're going to hang here for a while.
I'm countin' on you! Why me, Mother?! Look at how far that Human flew! Amazing! Why is he here? Didn't you drive them back to the Demon World? I just punched 'em with all I got! Don't ask me about afterwards.
Take responsibility, damn it! Oh, good timing Humans! Time for a game! I'm gonna play a game with you that's totally "IN" right now! It's called the King Game! How about that name, huh? This is like, a game that's made for me! You guys heard of this game? Nope.
First, prepare enough sticks for all the players.
Then write "King" on one of them.
The ones who draw the other sticks must listen to what the "King" says.
It's a wonderful, wonderful game that excites you deep inside! I'll win the King Game 100 times in a row! This is my time to shine! When I become King, see I'll give some orders that maybe I can't say aloud Oh, maybe I'll tell you one All the girls can snuggle up to the King, and How about that? Not the fist Hey, Lord En Why'd you come back? Don't ask me stupid questions.
It's an order from my father, the Great Demon Lord.
He said this: How dare you disobey my orders! I believe I told you not to come back until the Humans were destroyed! You all will return to the Human World at once, and I will lead the Great Demon World Army, and we will crush the Humans in one fell blow! Humans The Great Demon World Army is coming! Badaboom, babdabing! I Won't Say Goodbye Lord En's back again? That guy never gives up, does he? You sure he isn't here to see you? Don't even! What's wrong? We need to talk.
You're not going to destroy humanity anymore? That's correct.
The Great Demon Lord said this: Soon we, the Great Demon World Army, shall march forth! We're gonna do it! We'll bust up the Human World! Great Demon Lord! Great Demon Lord! Great Demon Lord! The time has comb! The time has crumb! The chime Argh! I quit destroying the Humans! I'm goin' to karaoke.
And there you have it.
The Great Demon Lord sure is a flake.
But that means What? Baby Beel Won't you go back to the Demon World? I must return to the Demon World, as well! But, I don't want to leave you, Takayuki! Because I love you, Takayuki! Then, I have to go back, too? Yes, but I want to stay a little bit longer! Can't you do something, Miss Hilda? Can't you? Can't you? I want to be with you forever! You do too, right, Takayuki? Right?! Well, that's how it is.
I know it must be sad, but Great! Now I'm finally free of Baby Beel! You bastard! Miss Hilda, let me stay! Let me stay! Calm yourselves! We're not leaving this instant! Master? Master! We still have 2-3 days! Master! Ma Don't worry! We can take back all the toys you like with us! So Yes, yes No problem! I'll make sure the Demon World bookstores carry Jump.
So Master! The Gohan-kun anime has its final episode next week! You won't go back until you've seen it, you say? Well, you needn't worry about that, either! If we use this tuner, we can watch Gohan-kun even from the Demon World! And with this I can continue watching my soaps as well! I haven't heard anything about this! Hilda-chan, you're going back to Macao?! S-S-She's groveling! Tatsumi! How dare you make Hilda-san grovel?! I'm the groveler in this family, damn it! Miss Hilda! Please let me stay! I'm going to transfer with Takayuki to someplace they'll never find us! That's what Takayuki says, too! Go away! That's what Takayuki says, too! Go away! Don't cry.
And you people shut the hell up! If you're a man, stop sulking like this.
It's something your dad decided, so deal with it.
Are you okay with this, Hilda-sama? Do not worry.
This way Lord En and Behemoth will have to return to the Demon World.
You are the only parent he has in this Human World.
What's the matter, Miss Hilda? Nothing.
This is for the best.
What's the matter, Beel buddy? Not in a good mood, are we? Want some? Hey! Accept Kanzaki-san's kind offer! This is a special, limited time only sakura flavored yogurty.
Would you leave him alone? He's whining.
Are you now? Is that why you're going "whine whine whine"? Ooh, that was a funny joke, Kanzaki-san! Definitely.
What? Going back to the Demon World? Yeah.
He had something he wants to tell you.
I see.
Well, you have to say goodbye sometime, I suppose.
If he's going back, make sure to take this guy with you.
He's still here?! Well then, how 'bout we throw a big farewell party? You piece of crap.
No thanks! Don't tell the others, got it? Fine.
It's just between you and me, then.
Madame Aoi! You sure about just leaving those guys from Akumano Academy be? We should show 'em what for, that's what I say! Don't make any moves, people.
They're very strong.
Don't be scared.
I'll come in last and blow 'em away.
Of course, Kanzaki-san! Yeah, but then I'll land the final, super blow.
Except I'm the super one! Then how about you super get going? Idiot! I'll go super last! 'Cause you're super scared? Who cares?! Just go! S-Shiroyama! Yes, Kanzaki-san! You, go check out the situation.
You want me to beat 'em up, right? Understood! Hey, wait! I got the crap beat out of me, Kanzaki-san Figures.
Are they here?! Himekawa, we're on! Yeah, I super have to pee Are any Kuma-chans here? Tojo! Where have you been? I'm back from training! Are those guys from Kuma-chan Academy here? Kuma? If you want the ones from Akumano Academy, they're on the first floor.
What?! Oga went and fought 'em by himself while I was out training?! Let me fight, too! I can't just sit back and watch You'll get beat.
No choice, then.
We'll help out.
Let's go, four-eyed richy-rich! Yeah, lip-chain! Hey, wait up, Tojo! We're going first! We'll go, too! Hold it! You really shouldn't get involved.
What are you saying, Madame Aoi?! Scared? Don't worry, listen to what your heart tells you My heart it doesn't want to lose! Now, try putting it in words.
I I Those bastards from Akumano Academy Those bastards from Akumano Academy Specifically Specifically That Agiel-chan I wanna tear off her clothes! I wanna tear off her Pardon me for a sec.
Nadesico! Oww! Kuma! I'll fight you, Kuma! What? They're not here? Everyone left already.
In a hurry, too.
What? They must have been scared of me and run off.
Idiot, it was me.
Why, all of a sudden? Shall I tell you? Please.
Then, write this on the blackboard.
A big W, a small x, and then a normal y.
Now, call everyone.
Everyone, look at this! Agiel-chan's measurements are Sorry, never mind me.
Come here, you! What's wrong, Aoi-chan? This is when you're supposed to laugh Shingetsu Sword School Second Style Reformed Countless Scattering Sakura Blossoms Demon Clad Dazzling Flower Blizzard Fist! You damn woman don't know how to take a joke! Oga-san, heading home? We brought the strongest guys we had today, so will you kindly get the crap beaten out of you? Baby Beel, don't do a thing.
Here we go, bastard! Flying Uppercut! Followed by a Burying Punch! How about that, Baby Beel? Kunieda I knew it.
Is something the matter? It's nothing.
Oh I guess I have to tell you.
It's been decided that Baby Beel is going back to the Demon World.
Back to the Demon World? Will you bring Kota and come to my place? He and Baby Beel are friends, so What have you done, Tatsumi?! She said she was going back! Takayuki said he's coming with us, too! No, I didn't! You can come back any time! Pardon me This will always be your home, understand?! Dear, grovel more! Yes, Ma'am! Giga Hyper Last Grovel! Stop it, Hilda-san Stop saying this will be our last night! Huh? What's wrong? Can't sleep? Oga, why are you awake? Ack, Hilda-san! What? It's our final night Why not? Or, do I not satisfy you? They better not be doing something like that! Argh, I can't stop thinking about it! Alaindelon, transfer me! I'm going to see what they're up to! Please, not tonight.
Huh? What are you saying? Just open up, you! Brother, what are you doing? I-It's not! You see, this big guy, he opens up Come on, open! I'm embarrassed in front of others It's okay! It's your final night, right? Love takes all kinds of forms, right? I'll keep it a secret from Mom! No, you've got it wrong! I'm just a normal high school student! Wake up, sewer rat! What are you doing? The Master has gone missing! I bet he didn't want to go back to the Demon World and ran away from home! I'm sure he's around somewhere He cut his link with you! We have to find him before they come to pick him up from the Demon World! What? The Beel-man's gone missing? Himekawa Was it you again? Not me.
Tojo, wasn't there a time He ain't come to me.
Would you guys do me a favor and look for him? Yes.
I'm counting on you.
Don't ask people for favors like that! Oga can be awkward at times.
So, I will ask for him! Right! Here you go.
Fist croquettes, fresh out of the oven.
What? You can't find him? Then, he's gotta be there.
Baby Beel! Don't worry me like that.
Don't run away.
If you like it here so much, fight.
Don't run away.
Punch the lights outta that Great Demon Lord and come back here yourself.
Eat up.
You're hungry, right? As long as you remember the taste of these croquettes, you're not Kaizer Uh Kazel Kaibal? You're not Something-Or-Other the IVth! You're my Baby Beel! Idiot! I told you not to cry so easily, damn it! Idiot Fine, but just for today.
Cry, Baby Beel! Never seen you cry without being shocked before Well done, sewer rat! Now, we're going home! Um, how are you planning to? I can't handle everyone Hurry already! Transfer us all! I'll burst! Oga! Hold it right there! What's with you people? It's not just Kota who wanted to say goodbye to Baby Beel! Nice of you not to tell us about your wife leaving, Oga She's going back to Macao? And I hear that those Kuma-chans are there! Take me with you! Let's fight! I explained to everyone.
Um, I She'll be here soon.
Sorry about this, Yolda.
Oh, it's Yolda-san! I owe you one.
Later, Ickichi.
Furuichi-dono! When you can't stand me no longer being there Take this hugging pillow of me! It opens up like a sleeping bag! I don't want it! Yolda-san! Later, Baby Beel.
Will you hurry up already? This takes a lot of energy, you know.
Now then, Master Here.
Don't be so sad! The time will come when we shall meet again.
And when it does That's when you damn Humans will be destroyed! Transfer! Hilda-san, Yolda-san, Hilda-san, Yolda-san, Hilda-san! Don't disappear! Big guy, disappear.
Steal a kiss.
See ya, Baby Beel.
And so the strong, violent bastard said goodbye to the baby Demon Lord, which saved the human race.
Yopple Punch! Kuma-chan Kick! Hyper Devil's Shock! Demon Heel Drop! Kanzaki-san! Yes.
This is how it should be.
Ishiyama is the strongest! Floating! Floating, and then Baby Beel? The Great Demon Lord came to this unwavering conclusion yet again: Naw, I think I'll destroy the Humans after all.
Hilda, handle this.
There you have it.
Great Demon Lord: What a flake.
Listen up, sewer rat! Raise the Master well, and destroy the Humans! Don't wanna.
As if I could.
This time I'm definitely not raising him!