Beelzebub (2011) s01e59 Episode Script

We`re the Strongest

I'm Agiel-chan! A Pillar General of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division! And I am also a Pillar General, Odonel.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar General (Once Again) Odonel And I am also a Pillar General, Odonel.
Pillar General, Zela.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar General Zela Pillar General, Zela.
Well, look what the cat dragged in! Maybe I forgot to mention this but trespassing is forbidden.
Shigetsu Sword School Style Eighth Style Kannagi Kannagi.
Shigetsu Sword School Style Eighth Style Kannagi In other words, you're here for a declaration of war, aren't you, Behemoth? But I'm sure it won't matter if I kill one or two! In the nick of time I made it.
Madame Aoi! Who are you? Let me double check something You definitely can't be seen by normal people, right? Exactly! You couldn't see me at first either, remember? Got it.
We're going all out from the start! We're the Strongest! What? I can sense there's something around Kunieda-senpai Looks like you've got quite the rare pet, Missy.
Feels almost like Demon Power there Is that guy a Demon? The Shikalion A race of Demons that went to live in the Human World long ago.
Now they are said to be beast gods used for exorcisms, or something.
You know your stuff, Odonel! In the end they were defeated in the harsh battle for survival that is the Demon World, and let themselves become the dogs of humans.
A race of weaklings.
Therefore, allow me.
This is my prey.
Don't even think about it.
What an incredible murderous aura So this is Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division Aoi-chan That glasses girl there sure is a cutie I wonder what her measurements are? Sure.
But enough about that.
You said you are from Akumano Academy? What in the world are you people plotting? This is our school! You're the ones who should leave! Just so you know, we're only the lookouts.
We're just holding down the fort until the rest of the division shows up.
The rest of the division? Right! In other words, Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division, all 394 members Baby Beel Be quiet, would you? Master You must be hungry.
Therefore Your school will become an academy for Demons, just like the name says! Oga Tatsumi So you're Behemoth? An academy for Demons? What's the point of doing something like that? I like the look in your eyes.
I don't get why you're so hung up about this school thing, though.
But it's just as our leader said Come here, and there'll be plenty of fun people! Here she comes.
Good reaction! But I'm not done yet! Agiel! An exorcism beast, huh? Gotta watch out for that.
I'm kinda gettin' fired up! Hey, Kunieda! We're gonna join in.
Yeah! Wait! You guys don't have to He's right! I don't care 'bout weaklings.
I'm not gonna let that slide.
There's not a single person in our class that's weak! Koma-chan.
Sure, we doing it? What's this? Some kinda secret move? Cool, cool! Then, I'll join in the fun! What are we doing creating a school, you ask? Isn't it obvious? It's war! Darkness Sword Bloody Grave! Shingetsu sword school, second style.
Countless Petals, Scattering Sakura Blossoms.
Demon Clad Dazzling Flower Blizzard! This is kamaitachi? You said something about a war, didn't you? We're on! Don't underestimate Ishiyama! No wardrobe malfunction? Not a chance.
What is it now? Who the hell are these guys? So you're Behemoth In other words, I'm up against the big boss right off the bat! No.
But you just said you're Behemoth! You are completely wrong.
But you just said! You're Behemoth! You have the wrong person.
Why, you It's the truth.
It's true that I am the one who created Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division.
But at my age I've retired, and I've place him in command.
Well, this has gotten quite troublesome.
Never would have thought Ishiyama's school building would be occupied.
All out war I guess this is what it's like! Yeah but There's no end to 'em! Is this some zombie movie? Koma-chan, we'll clean them out all at once.
Wait, Kunieda-senpai! They're Ishiyama's students! The ones that transferred to schools other than St.
Ishiyama! It's true! These guys were once your "comrades".
But now they are completely my servants! That voice! Lord En! It's been a while, Furuichi! Pops, it's about time.
That brat Lord En's gonna lose his temper.
Hey! Don't call our master a brat, Jabberwock.
He's Jabberwock the Mad Dragon! Woman, what are you doing? Sodom.
Oh, no! Hilda!! The brat said not to chomp her, and to bring her back alive.
Hold it, you! Jabberwock You're more nuts than the rumors said.
What're you planning to do by capturing her? Saotome Zenjuro.
Champion of the great war? I won't kill the woman.
I'm just taking her for a bit.
Let me go! Stop it.
You cannot win fighting here.
Although, I do wish to go a round with you sometime.
No need to worry.
My pupil will come calling before long! You mean the little brat whining over there? I'll wait, but I ain't expectin' much! Let me go.
I said let me go! Hey, you little shit! What the hell's the meaning of this? Yeah, yeah! This is our school! Now get out! Yeah, yeah! And why the hell are our students your servants? How much?! How much did you pay 'em off?! Yeah, yeah! Coatl There, there.
Um, pardon the tardiness.
I am Quetzalcoatl, a Pillar Master of Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division.
First thing, your former comrades were not bought off.
Rather, I am controlling them with a special technique.
Currently, they only follow our orders.
And Master says this: I have taken your school and your friends.
If you want them back, you will fight me.
Fight? Stages have been prepared inside the school.
And there, members of our Pillars Division will be waiting for you.
In other words this is a game! My Master's favorite.
The game that went unfinished the last time Put your love, pride, bonds, friends, and your lives on the line! What did you think about that contract holder, Oga Tatsumi? Not even worth my time.
I suspected he'd come leaping at me, but I suppose that hope was 'cause he's that Zenjuro's pupil.
How about you shut the hell up? You think I'll let you get away?! That's surprising! Never thought you'd actually chase after me.
Is this woman really that important to you, Oga Tatsumi? Is that what I should say? Here we go, Baby Beel! We'll show him the fruits of our training! Super Milk Time Pops, stay outta this.
Suit yourself.
Take this! Zebel Emblem! Triple Hit! What? What happened? Looks like you really are Zenjuro's pupil.
This bastard took the explosions face on and repelled them? Baby Beel! I see The more you drink, the more your Demon Power rises Drink more! Let me have some fun here! My vision it's getting cloudy If I drink any more, I really will lose consciousness Fool! Don't drink it! You have no way of knowing you'll win this time! Don't worry about me! Don't think about beating this man! Take Master and get away from here! She has a point.
I'll fight you another time.
Sorry, but I'm gonna have to high-tail it today.
Let Hilda go, you shitty dragon! Zebel Emblem Sextuple Hit! All right! Idiot He's pissed off Sodom.
Don't let yourself get captured like that.
I'm only saying this once, so listen well.
Take care of the Master.
You are the only parent he has in this Human World.
This is all the milk I have left? Croquettes? Be grateful.
I even put in some dessert for you.
Dessert? She meant croquettes? Baby Beel! What are you doing? I see! Super Milk Time is when I drink Demon World milk.
A technique to blur the boundaries of Human and Demon and increase our synchronization rate! So if Baby Beel eats Human World food, like my favorite croquettes, the same thing should happen, right? In other words It's Super Croquette Time! Super Croquette Time Master Hurry up already.
What a pain.
Enough! Eat them, Sodom! I hate things like "effort", "friendship", "triumph"! I'm gonna tell you something.
This ain't effort.
We were the strongest from the start! Right hand on violet! Left leg on purplish red! Nice Nice, Aoi-chan.
So, wait This is the game we're risking our lives with? Jabberwock! What the hell have you done?! I finally had a good game going! Oga? All of you, get back.
Stop this, fool! If you continue to use such power, you and the Master will Don't worry.
Oga Tatsumi is the only parent Baby Beel's got in the Human World, right? Then, believe! I'll take 'em all and blow 'em away! Oga? Oga! Where did Oga and Baby Beel go? He's such an idiot, making us worry like this! Kunieda-senpai, are you crying? N-No, I'm not! I was just cutting some onions, is all! Why are you cutting onions at a time like this? On the next Beelzebub: I Won't Say Goodbye.
It's finally the last episode, Baby Beel! Oga Tatsumi, Beel-chan We won't forget you! And, our battle starts now!