Beelzebub (2011) s01e58 Episode Script

Akumano Academy is Open

Baby Beel ain't gonna destroy the Human World How do I know, you ask? Because I'm the parent! Baby Beel! Peek a boo! It's Daddy! Baby Beel Who do you like better, Dad or this blond? Yeah! Definitely.
When you think about it, some maid who can't do anything more than punch isn't fit to raise a child.
Okay! Let's head to an amusement park as father and son, without anyone else butting it! M-Master! Master! Master! Master! A-A dream? This couldn't be a premonition There's no way the Master would love that sewer-rat more than Stop it, Baby Beel! You two sure get along.
Don't stand there laughing! Stop him! I wouldn't want to butt in between father and son.
Oh, perfect Would you please stop– You bastard! Don't get such a big head! You plan on having the Master all to yourself?! His name hasn't shown up in a while, so maybe you've forgotten But you're being targeted by Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division! You think you can oppose them without me, do you?! What are you blabbing about? And why did you punch me all of a sudden? Are you Are you saying that's all I'm good at?! What do you know about raising a child?! Hey! What are you Tatsumi, you're going to be late.
What's wrong with you, idiot?! I'm in a hurry today, so we'll settle this later! You stupid idiot! He forgot the Master's milk again Honestly That's exactly why that man has no business being a parent.
Oh? Did Tatsumi leave already? Is something the matter? I forgot to ask him before I've heard that Ishiyama's new school building was almost finished being built.
Ishiyama High School Ishiyama's new school building? Ishiyama High School Akumano Academy is Open Oh, yeah! Ishiyama is baaaack! It's finally time! Our paradise has returned! Man, our students are all idiots.
You say that, but I bet you wanna join in.
I'm not some little kid.
Okay! Let's play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to graffiti first! Huh?! Me, obviously! Idiots! That's obviously a job for the head-honcho of Ishiyama Me, Kanzaki-san! Aw, that's not fair, Kanzaki-san! Each of you can write 8 letters at a time, max! And obey proper manners by only breaking one window, each! Does a picture of poop count as a letter? Not allowed! That's too immature! Brats But, aren't you looking forward to it? Well, sure, but it's only been 3 months since Ishiyama was destroyed Can they really rebuild it that fast? And it's strangely big.
Did Himekawa-senpai have a hand in it? Don't ask me.
If I'm gonna pay that kind of money I'd build an apartment building.
There's definitely something fishy going on.
Who's that old man? Who knows? Maybe a new teacher? Pardon me for asking, but do you know where Ishiyama's classroom is? I-Ishiyama?! You're better off not bothering them Will you answer me, or not? I am searching for a man named Oga Tatsumi.
Where is he? Ah, with a baby on his back Seems like you're the one.
Uh, no.
Not at all.
You're Oga Tatsumi, right? Hey, wait! Definitely not me! Hey! Okay, punks! Let's go check out the new school building! Yes, well, Kanzaki-kun It's time to start homeroom And, that's my desk! However, we can't neglect proper etiquette! Everyone, look at Sadohara! Thank you for everything until now! Thank you very much! They didn't even call me "sensei" And I'm supposed to start homeroom now You're not going? Huh? Don't be stupid.
Master Tatsuya! I've come to pick you up! I'm going by helicopter! Suit yourselves! Why did he say that back then in the first place? Making an enemy of the entire Demon World As a parent he still has so much left to learn, and yet Fujino Meats Fist Croquette!! Here, Baby Beel.
But, what was with that old man before? Chasing after me all of a sudden like that Gotta eat myself.
Crap, I forgot it at home! Hey.
Hilda! What are you doing here? Oh, sorry about that That's strange You brought me my lunch? Be grateful.
I even put in some dessert for you.
Dessert? My, oh my I lost site of him.
He's a more slippery brat than I'd heard.
What the hell are you doing?! That's I figured someone'd be coming sooner or later By I never thought it'd be you.
Saotome-dono, is that you? So, you're involved I see now.
Maybe I'm in a little bit of trouble? Get off it After waltzing in here at ease to spy on the enemy Now, now I just came today to greet you.
Me and those two go way back, you see.
You've aged a bit, Isurugi Genma, Kunieda Ittousai.
I don't want to hear that from you.
Ishiyama Headmaster - Isurugi Genma Shingetsu School Master - Kunieda Ittousai How many decades has it been? Shingetsu School Master - Kunieda Ittousai You said you came to greet us? Then, I'll go first! What kind of manga character is this? Seeing it up close, it's totally crazy! Are we sure that Hime-chan didn't have a hand in this? It's just way too much Like it matters.
No matter who made it, it's mine starting now! With a spritz! That's not fair, Kanzaki-san! We decided on who got to graffiti first with that card game before! No fair, Kanzaki-san! Shut up, let me go! I'm going to write "Property of Kanzaki-san"! Hey, pardon us! Can you move aside for a bit? Can we take it off? It's stuck on pretty good.
Um, what are you We're replacing the sign, and? Replacing it? Why? This is Ishiyama High School's new building, right? Huh? You didn't hear? This place is changing to a different school.
See? This is the new sign.
Shigetsu Sword School Style Eighth Style: Kannagi.
Hasty old men.
I thought I told you I was just here for a greeting! Dodged it, did he? Greeting? In other words In other words, you're here for a declaration of war, aren't you, Behemoth? He finally came Hey! What's come? Stay quiet! Can't you feel that incredible Demon power? Declaration of war? That's not what I said at all! I've come to greet you! As a good neighbor.
I made a school.
A school for Lord En.
There's quite a lot that the Master needs to learn, see.
Well, I'm sure we'll be dealing with each other a lot from now on.
Akumano Academy W-What?! Akumano Academy Huh? What's everyone doing here? Oh, Furuichi They're finally here.
They? Akumano Academy.
What are you saying? That's just something I came up wi It's freakin' huge! I told you to wait.
I can smell a seriously powerful Demon! You've been saying that since this morning.
But we haven't seen head or tail of it! I'm tellin' you it's the truth this time! It hid its scent or something and disappeared.
Aoi-chan, stay on guard.
This ain't the smell of your average Demon.
Stand, bow, take your seats.
Um, how do you do everyone? My name is Takahashi, and I am going to be your teacher here at this school What's with this class? This is a high school, right? U-Um, let's take attendance.
Basilisk-kun Are you here? Yes! Basilisk-kun?! He's a grown man! He's smoking a cigar! And he's got gills! Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar Master Basilisk Teacher, I don't know a thing about the Human World.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar Master Basilisk I look forward to your guidance and instruction.
Before destroying the Humans, we must learn all we can about them, after all! Oh, is that so? I don't know what in the world he's talking about.
You're going to destroy what? Hey pops, don't stand there laughing and take a seat.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar General Agiel Hey pops, don't stand there laughing and take a seat.
I wanna get this over with.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar General Agiel Agiel Just as uppity a little girl as ever.
Know your place as a Pillar General.
Oh, what was that? You wanna go, gorilla? Now, now you two Agiel-chan, you should do that.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar Master Salamander Agiel-chan, you should do that.
You mustn't talk to your superiors like that.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar Master Salamander Um, excuse me? Oh, pardon me.
Please continue, Teacher.
Does this class have a lot of problem children? That Agiel girl She's wearing a bikini under her coat.
I think it's best I don't say too much Um Quetzalcoatl-kun! H-Here! Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar Master Quetzalcoatl H-Here! Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar Master Quetzalcoatl He's a clown! Q-Quetzalcoatl-kun It says here you're a "Pillar Master"? Oh, yes.
What's that? A Pillar Master.
And what is that?! It seems the teacher does not know what a Pillar Master is.
Someone should explain it to him.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar Master Yato Someone should explain it to him.
Someone should explain it to him.
First, explain why you have a katana on your back! Idiot! Then, shall I? First, Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division is Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar General Odonel First, Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division is Why are you all tied up?! Mommy! organized into 24 Pillar Generals and 10 Pillar Masters.
The Pillar Masters are each given the names of famous dragons.
What's with this class? There's not a normal student in the bunch! What's wrong with kids these days? Each Pillar Master has 2 or 3 Pillar Generals that serve them.
No, no I've finally found a new job, so I've got to make my stand here, or Mother will Thank you! I understand.
Well, let me continue.
Right Lord En-kun! Huh? Lord En-kun! Hey, specs! Did you just say Lord En-kun?! That's Lord En-sama to you, buddy! The next time you address him like that, we'll kill you! Lord En-sama! Here! A kid What's with this class? He's fainted.
Huh? What a wimp.
Have some rats snuck in? W-What'll we do? We can't just go home now.
Should we sneak in?! No, no, Hanazawa-san That's really not a good idea.
You've gotta be kidding me! If we encounter some Demons with this group, we'll be dead-meat for real! Hey, people.
This way.
The entrance over here is unlocked.
Take a look.
This place is decked out beyond belief.
Akumano Academy That brat What is he, seriously? This is way beyond some ringleader Maybe he plans on being a god or something.
I researched online but nothing showed up.
I've got no idea who's behind this school.
I thought I would check out the inside while there wasn't anyone here.
This is it.
Let's not! They might get angry if we just barge in Hey, what are you saying? This was our school building to begin with! Yeah, that's right! No holding back! This is kinda like a haunted house! I'm all excited! The inside's amazing, too.
High ceiling! Did that door just close on its own? Huh? It was just the wind, right? Yuka, cut it out! Sheesh Why aren't there any lights on? Nene-san, you scared? N-Not at all! Hey, this is strange.
We've walked a while but haven't seen any stairs leading up.
Now that you mention it I knew this was dangerous! Let's go home! Right now! On the double! Actually, I've been worried about something as well.
What? Ignoring me? Completely? Don't we have a couple extra people? Oh, you noticed? I'm Agiel-chan! A Pillar General of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division! And I am also a Pillar General, Odonel.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar General (Once Again) Odonel And I am also a Pillar General, Odonel.
And I am also a Pillar General, Odonel.
Pillar General, Zela.
Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division - Pillar General Zela Pillar General, Zela.
W-What are these guy's saying? And whoa, what a crazy getup! You're the guys on Beelze-sama's side who beat up Heca-chan and Gra-chan Man, you look weak.
We've been with you this whole time and you never noticed.
And you, with that outfit! You're a student of Akumano Academy, aren't you? What's the meaning of this? Yup, Akumano Academy! Can't help the Master's naming sense, I'm afraid Who are these guys? Hey, girly! You lookin' down on us? What's with the freaky getup? Well, look what the cat dragged in! Maybe I forgot to mention this but trespassing is forbidden.
Why, you! Nene-san, awesome! I was ready! I'm matching Odonel! Get on with it.
All right, all right The Division is still halted But I'm sure it won't matter if I kill one or two! In the nick of time I made it.
Madame Aoi! Who are you? I thought we made it so no one else could get in.
Let me double check something You definitely can't be seen by normal people, right? Exactly! You couldn't see me at first either, remember? Got it.
Nene! Yes? Stand back.
Far enough not to get in the way.
What's this? You plan on taking me on yourself? Aoi-chan That glasses girl in the middle's pretty sexy, huh? Yeah.
I thought you'd say that, so shut up.
After we attack maybe her boobs'll pop out! I said shut up, you pervy dog.
There's something here Are you ready? We're going all out from the start! Calm down, Baby Beel! Next up, we're gonna finish this with our cool Super Milk Time! You okay, Oga? It looks like they've even got a giant dragon with them! On the next Beelzebub: We're the Strongest! Strongest? You mean, me? Baby Beel When this battle is over, let's eat fist croquettes together! Sorry about trying to lighten things up