Beelzebub (2011) s01e57 Episode Script

Won't You Eat a Manju?/Won't You Get In A Mixed Bath?

How depressing, there are pretty meager offerings lately Like this? Then How about this? What was it again? "Super Milk Time"? Strange, but amusing, that's for sure.
And the best part is the swapping bodies afterward Super Milk Time Swapping bodies! Swapping bodies! Swapping bodies! Won't You Eat a Manju? Aoi-chan! A-Aoi-chan? W-What? Would you eat this? A manju? Isn't that a bean-paste bun treat for little kids? Why? Who needs a reason?! Don't think about why, eat it! That's youth! That's what being young is all about! Youth That's what being young is all about! See, Aoi-chan Aren't you tired lately? I though I could be of use to you as your mascot character and let you eat something sweet to get your energy back! If Oga switches bodies with Baby Beel after drinking his milk, then if Aoi-chan eats these manju that were offered to me Then I can do this and that and everything in Aoi-chan's body! So! So how about eating this?! Ah! (Note: The eyes of innocent children can see Koma-chan) And there you have it.
After that she's been really on guard.
Aoi-chan Ow! Aoi-chan Aoi-chan Aoi-chan Aoi, Aoi Have one? Ah! I just want her to eat a manju I can't drink any more I know! Stick one in her mouth when she's brushing her teeth! Beel-han, that's impossible.
Then No way.
That's just crazy! I'll end up wrapped in bamboo and thrown in the river! I know! There's a perfect way A perfect way? But it is forbidden.
But for you, Koma-chan, today, I will unlock the seal! What is it?! Cut it up into small pieces! Cut it up into small pieces?! You can make someone eat even carrots or peppers without them even realizing it! In other words, it's an incredibly forbidden act for babies like yourselves! What a fearsome technique! Kota-han, to think you would sacrifice yourself for me like that! I'm not worthy! Don't worry about it.
We're buddies, right? Pray for Koma-chan's success! I'm gonna do it! With the support of Kota-han and Beel-han, I'm going to do this! Let's do it! For mixing in small pieces the usual plan is to use chicken or curry and rice But I can't use manju for chicken or curry I need something that's okay if it's a little sweet.
Hmm, anything good? This is it! Perfect! The King of Home Cooking! This way the texture of the manju will mix in with the meat, and the sweetness will be concealed as well! This! I can win with this! Koma-chan's Delicious Meat and Potatoes Cooking Classroom Beef Now it's time for some trivia! Beef In Kansai people use beef! Beef Pork In Kansai people use beef! And in Kanto people use pork! Pork Since I speak with a Kansai accent, I'll be using beef! Pork Beef Since I speak with a Kansai accent, I'll be using beef! You can't have Meat and Potatoes without the potatoes, can you? But you can go with the soft and flaky Irish Cobblers or the more hardy May Queen variety to your taste! Today I'm going for the Irish Cobblers! For the rest, it's up to you.
But I cook like a man No need to be refined: I'm going with meat and potatoes and that's it! Peel the potatoes and cut them into bite-sized pieces, rounding off the corners.
Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces as well.
Add sesame oil into a pot, and fry the meat.
When the meat changes color It's time to season.
Soy sauce, sake, and sugar That's all we'll use today.
It's important to thoroughly flavor the meat.
Next, add in the potatoes.
Keep up the heat until steam starts to rise Like this.
Add enough water to almost cover And here is today's crucial point! Cut this up And sneak it into the Meat and Potatoes! Then, just boil it down Aoi-chan will eat my my my manju! When I get in Aoi-chan's body, first I'll go there And then I've gotta do that Yeah, that's cliché, but you can't beat it! I'm home W-Welcome home, Aoi-sama.
I-I'm home In order to refresh you after your hard day, I, Koma, have done my utmost to make you dinner! And, as today's main dish Here! There's something in it, isn't there? Why?! A shooting star? Make a wish, Baby Beel.
But wait Why is that shooting star going up? The Meat and Potatoes with added manju the staff made was unexpectedly delicious.
Looking a beautiful as ever, Hilda-chan! I've got some good mackerel today.
How about it? I'll throw in a little extra! Oh? Mackerel? What is a good way to prepare it? Well, you can fry it.
But these are real fresh today, so they're good chopped up raw as well! I'll take it.
Thanks! Oh, Hilda-chan Take these.
Try your luck.
Ichiyama Shopping Street Lottery You win third prize! Ichiyama Shopping Street Lottery Won't You Get in a Mixed Bath? And, you won? Amazing, Hilda-chan! You are so lucky! Go buy a national lottery ticket next time! I wonder what I should wear? We're home.
Oh, they're back! Hey, Tatsumi! It's amazing! Hilda-chan, you see She got an onsen! First it was mackerel, and Ishiyama Shopping Street Lottery First prize: A 5 person onsen trip? That's right! Round trip on the shinkansen, plus one night at a high-class Japanese inn! And children come free! Basically Mom, Dad, me, you, Hilda-chan, and Beel-chan all get to go to the onsen! You must be happy having such a capable wife.
When Tatsumi suddenly brought in his wife and child, honestly I thought it would spell doom for the family! Down, down, the blocks would tumble! A home wrecker, indeed! Oh, Dad But Tatsumi! Good job! Good job! Good job! Okay! Time to celebrate before we head to the onsen! Tonight we're all bathing together! Dad, you're so cool! No complaints?! Nice, nice! Hey, this is quite a nice place! Good job! Um, right.
Thank you very much for coming to our inn, Shippori.
My name is Wakaokami! W-Wakaokami?! Waka okami.
Note: Waka Okami = "Young" + "Proprietor of a Japanese Inn" Waka okami.
Now then, follow me.
Note: Waka Okami = "Young" + "Proprietor of a Japanese Inn" You sure she's not a Demon? Oga-sama You will be using this room marked with a sea hare Three people in this room, and two people in this room.
Then me, Dad, and Misaki And the other for Tatsumi, Hilda-chan, and Beel-chan.
No way! Sis and Hilda should share Wait.
Then I'd be stuck in a room with my parents.
That's bad? That's bad?! Then, I could be alone Listen to me! Dinner will be served at 7 PM.
If you'll excuse me With a Shippori That thing is definitely a Demon Before dinner, maybe we should head to the onsen.
Hilda-chan, can you put on a yukata? No, I don't really know how.
I wonder if the size will fit? Looks about right to me.
A nicely worn-in tatami This flattened cushion The smoke-stained ceiling! What the heck are you doing? Yes, perfect Master! You are a man that stands above men! So full of majesty! Hey, sewer-rat! Make something exactly like this in your room right away! Don't count on it! Heaven! I have finally come to heaven! He's not here? Good, good! Target lock on! Furuichi is on the move! Maybe I wasn't like my usual self? Have you come to take me to heaven? Sorry, but Figures So, you'll split? Maybe Come on, split already.
Come on Takayuki! Huh? Did something just shine? You think? Tatsumi, I'll look after him here, so head to the bath.
Come on, let's go.
Sure is nice being young Well, I'm still only 19.
Pour me another one! Come on, Dad Drink some water.
What's going on?! Mixed bath? Mixed Bath Women's Bath Mixed bath? Women's Bath Men's Bath Later.
Go in slowly so the Master doesn't catch cold.
S-So cold G-Gonna die Mixed Bath Baby Beel Feels good? Don't splash around You'll get light headed.
Over there Is that you, Master? How do you like the water? Hey, sewer-rat! Don't let the Master get water in his ears! I know! Hilda-san's voice? Don't tell me Hilda-san is here? H-Hilda-san? Weren't there onsens in the Demon World, too? Yes.
I knew it! It's Hilda-san! The Demon World onsens have a lot more attractions to them.
The blood pools that change blood-type with the cycles of the moon The attacks of the Demon World Doctor Fish.
The 100 meter sure to be death defying falls! The fearsome water slides known as the "express post to death" Brings back memories I prefer onsens like this.
This Human World onsen is not bad.
It's nice being able to come with family.
Now that you mention it, I've never heard you talk about your family.
My family? For Demon Maidservants, we do not have "family" like you do in the Human World.
However, I have a mother and father.
But my family is part of a great lineage of Demon Maidservants that has continued for generations.
My father and mother both serve different Demon houses, so it is rare they return home.
A Master to serve For a Demon Maidservant, that is most important.
More important than family, or even yourself.
Before the Master was even born, it was decided that I would serve him.
Ensuring he is raised safely is everything to me.
Yeah, but it'll be a problem if he grows up just to destroy the Human World.
Baby Beel ain't gonna destroy the Human World.
Because I'm the parent! Oh, it's snowing.
I'm getting a bit light headed I'm leaving.
Take care of the Master.
H-Hilda-san! Hilda-san! Furuichi? Dad's back! Tatsumi! Work out the knots in my back! Actually, I'm just leaving.
You are?! Why was I even in the episode today? Takayuki Not there Stop dreaming weird things! Be happy, Furuichi! It looks like Ishiyama's school building is finally back! Ishiyama High, which was destroyed when you had that fight with Tojo over summer? Anyway, this means farewell to St.
Ishiyama Academy.
Is what we thought, but What's this? Akumano Academy?! On the next Beelzebub: Akumano Academy is Open! Does this mean that Lord En's army, Behemoth's You bet it does! Let's go, Baby Beel! It's time for the final battle!